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    1. understanding the ways of God causes ministers or any

    2. Without understanding, the stipulations stated in the

    3. understanding of what you now have? If they knew how time management

    4. Now, here is my realistic and simple way of understanding what you should reduce in your diet

    5. Proverb: 4:7: Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding

    6. understanding we need to walk with Him effectively

    7. The Invisible Gardener says: “You can avoid many problems associated with high nitrogen use imply by understanding the organic system of providing nitrogen as the plant needs it

    8. Our understanding of the human stress response has been based on the "fight-or-flight" model, which states that when confronted with a stressful situation, humans either will respond with aggressive behavior or will withdraw

    9. Deut: 4:6: Keep therefore and do them; for this is your wisdom and your understanding in the sight of the nations,

    10. Deer, Rabbits and most wild life can be controlled by first understanding that they are living beings and have rights too

    11. There was a new understanding between them

    12. Now we are closer to understanding God's will

    13. Understanding the components of the lawn’s ecosystem and providing a more suitable environment for the types of grasses and microorganisms that grow best there while decreasing the conditions for pests and harmful bacteria’s, is the “ideal” and more natural, less toxic method of providing yourself with a beautiful lawn

    14. Listening means not just hearing but also understanding what students are saying and how they are saying it

    15. A detailed understanding of this hard fact is essential for all men but all the more for senior citizens as they spend time in each other’s company most of the time

    16. People "find" themselves; they discover hidden capacities and an understanding never used before; they develop an awareness, even of the phenomenal world, which is, to them, miraculous; they suddenly register the fact of the mind, and that they can use it, and the distinction between the knower and the instrument of knowledge becomes steadily and revealingly apparent

    17. The information which is available to you in this book, is passed along with the understanding that we are always responsible for our actions, we must not upset the balance of our delicate ecosystem, nor endanger ourselves

    18. How can your heart not break when you lose a loved one, or when a child suffers, or even when somebody's beloved pet gets hit by a car? But broken hearts are what give us strength and understanding and compassion

    19. It also produces a constantly updated compendium of current environmental reports providing an essential tool toward understanding the battle against -and alternatives to - polluting chemicals, which is available for free to ClubIG members on his website

    20. Is there a thing today that falls beyond your understanding? Cancer

    21. It gave the understanding of her power over the body of her husband

    22. That is why the understanding came: she

    23. ‘Yes,’ he said grinning at me obviously understanding my confusion

    24. " Glenelle trailed off, understanding without being told

    25. ’ I said, understanding his need for comfort

    26. I used cheron code, but added another layer of understanding of other's motivations, and another layer of self awareness and more degrees of learning ability

    27. If we have an understanding this authority we will not set our

    28. ‘Is that all?’ Stephen’s mother replied, her eyes soft and understanding

    29. impotence inherent in not quite understanding the concept of the scratch, Smith

    30. “I have more understanding than all my teachers: for thy testimonies are my meditation

    31. George managed to win my confidence very soon, as he appeared to be a thoughtful and understanding person

    32. A little later, as we were chatting on, I complained about the awful noise made by cars at the outdoor garage below my window every night; he expressed his understanding and then he asked smiling: “Outdoor garage? What's does ''outdoor'' mean?”

    33. Without understanding any of it, I suddenly felt that I might one day see the sunlight and not be ashamed of pale skin

    34. "The movement was founded on the understanding that there are no 'innocent civilians' in a population," Bin-Martis said

    35. More than one life depended on the safe delivery of this flesh and blood consignment from Lebanon, and in that I found a new strength, a new serenity, a new understanding

    36. It was a wonderful moment, a surreal phase in my recent procession towards solitary understanding

    37. I watched him for a moment or two, not understanding what all this was about, but then I too heard a low and distant rumble

    38. The dim light of understanding shone a little more brightly in my head

    39. Her understanding was more practical than scientific, but it was clear that it was practical knowledge in agreement with scientific observation

    40. Is the description being given to draw us to understanding the first statement by antonyms? This can’t be

    41. And what is it that is represented at the cross that so exposes them? Nothing more grants us access into an understanding of how they operate like the cross of Jesus Christ

    42. Alfred was encouraged by the way the hearing was going and began wrapping up his speech, "…And God had so made his Universe that when mankind attained full understanding we were resurrected and freed from death itself

    43. Their landers would do great things in understanding the biology of the planet

    44. What about wisdom is so desirable that it is worth such a sacrifice? Wisdom is what God Himself gives out of His own mind and will in the appropriateness that only He can recognize and answer for a situation that has not previously come and cannot be answered by any past experience but needs the present now understanding of God to resolve

    45. All that Smith was aware of was the equivalent of a cosmic itch, and he endured the madness of the itch because he was impotence personified, that impotence inherent in not quite understanding the concept of the scratch, Smith unwittingly agreed with the future earthly Buddha in that He found the unformulated conjecture of eternal peace to be vexatious and maddening

    46. understanding, but I choose not to invest myself in another

    47. This kind of understanding helps us in the prophetic texts

    48. Understanding this view of everything being fallen helps us to understand the significance of humanity

    49. I think instead of understanding that God the Father turned away, we need to understand that there was no other moment in the life of Jesus that He obeyed more fully

    50. Our first step in understanding is to see the Kingdom of King David

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