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    1. – tip-offs, really – from the Watchers through a number of channels

    2. fact received a tip-off from the Watchers

    3. The tip-off was inadvertent on Raul’s part as it was just mentioned in conversation

    4. Artie’s silence was the tip-off to the puzzle

    5. obvious tip-off that whatever it is rolling around in my head is not a

    6. He normally worked alone but the mystic tip-off had saved him a lot of time

    7. “And, finally, following an anonymous tip-off to police, the body of an unidentified male has been discovered in a shallow grave on a disused carrot farm

    8. The tip-off phone-call

    9. Van Zyl quoted the case of a Nigerian national they had arrested at the airport after a tip-off, who had secreted 114kg of pure cocaine (R88-million) within a cargo of steel gears

    10. Usually, this is a tip-off to me that something was amiss

    11. 'We got a tip-off said the Sergeant who was holding our leader

    12. would have been a tip-off, because they indicated a level of risk that only a few investors

    13. “But as I understand it, you were called away by a tip-off of Mr

    14. “And obviously not a tip-off either, else they’d have torn the ship apart,” said another

    15. The group were arrested at a Chartwell Drive house on Monday after metro police acted on a tip-off and raided the property

    16. Another tip-off came from the shelf along the opposite wall, lined with a neat display of small animal skulls, whose wide and empty eye sockets reflected the table lantern’s light with a pearlescent shine

    17. to protect my son and had requested no mention of the tip-off be made if there were any

    18. build up credibility with the tip-off letters and, when the time

    19. for a few years, tip-offs concerning disasters about to happen,

    20. He knew exactly what was coming – the whole hurt-face thing was the tip-off – and he hitched up his backpack

    21. We should put out Salander’s name and picture and then look carefully at all the tip-offs that come in,” Holmberg said with authority

    22. Looking at a threat is a sure tip-off

    23. The only tip-off was the endless computers, at least one internal and two outside machines at every desk

    24. These two British diplomats fled to Moscow when they got a tip-off that they were about to be arrested for passing intelligence secrets to the Russians

    25. This is typically a good tip-off that you are on the right track

    26. Open Interest Can Be a Tip-Off to the Opinions of the General Public

    27. If high ticks of over +600 can’t move the markets higher, then that is a tip-off that the selling pressure is predominant

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