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    1. "Good seeing you again, brief as it was," Ava said, and took him in a hug

    2. Nichols has filed a patent application for a line of equipment that uses a brief exposure to extreme heat and hot water for the control of whitefly, aphids, mealybug, scale and mite infestations

    3. Nichols has found a brief hot water treatment of 150160 F

    4. There was a brief silence

    5. taverna entrance and exchanged a brief word with the proprietor

    6. ‘Sorry, Mum, I’ll keep it as brief as I can

    7. In the brief moment

    8. This is just the brief storm

    9. brief reflection from within the hood, a pale white howling light cast back at her from

    10. “Life is a brief and ugly thing”, he whispered to himself, grimacing

    11. For a brief moment we believed you, but we can’t have freedom, none of us

    12. I forget exactly who we met, with whom we shared our brief but intense reminiscences, and to whom we said our goodbyes

    13. The brief glimpses of my new home in this subterranean world that I had stored away as I watched and listened through the sacking started to coalesce and form a broader landscape

    14. A brief opening revealed the mechs already spinning on their puffers and maneuvering to get what they’d come for

    15. I was the star in the unseen acts of a brief life beneath the crust of the world

    16. This was the sum total of my life for four days: mute acceptance punctuated by brief moments of dumb, brute defiance

    17. The brief euphoria that came with a new voice and a soft hand was as fragile as my cracked ribs

    18. From my own brief life, growing up in the security of a loving family and a stable and prosperous society, I had few further points of reference by which I could really measure the guards

    19. The Kid kept up with the pleasantries and, although he was clearly my captor, I started to look forward to our brief interludes

    20. What's going on? The sonic war against me is getting more and more unbearable day by day and I just can't stand it any more! For some strange reason, I am surrounded by all kinds of noise pollution: Every morning, at 7:30 am, my father gets out to the yard and keeps himself busy with meaningless tinkering and hammering at pieces of wood or metal for hours! When I return from work at 4:00 in the afternoon and lie in bed so as to have a brief nap, dad goes upstairs, to Alice's half-built penthouse, and starts hammering at stuff again till 5:30 that I leave for the gym! He doesn't really repair anything, he just enjoys the noise! The yard and the penthouse are full of rusty tools, old dilapidated furniture and all kinds of junk dad finds on the road and carries home! I often complain about the noise and the piggery but he never listens; on the contrary, he swears like a trooper!

    21. One benefit of it all was that I started to see one or two faces clearly again, if only in those brief moments before the jostling thoughts and memories got too rough

    22. For a brief moment I thought that we were all saved, that government forces had smashed into the apartment and would, in a few seconds, lead us hostages out through tear gas and back into the wintery sun of cold and forbidding England

    23. Byram expected him back in fourteen local weeks, three quarters of the brief local year

    24. A brief flash of red brake light in the gloom and then the snake back onto the straight and true

    25. She caught a brief reflection from within the hood, a pale white howling light cast back at her from his eyes, a reflection of the moon and his ice cold soul

    26. Already there was a fair bit of activity in the streets – people wandering around in what she could only assume was special holiday attire for men of brightly coloured shorts and tops, some women in absurdly brief skirts, others in long muslin affairs that wouldn’t look out of place on Errd, most of them carrying bags of towels and dragging small noisy children laden with buckets and spades

    27. patched and flat nailed to offer brief rest

    28. through the short days of brief lives

    29. (opens a brief case and takes out a folder, puts on his reading glasses

    30. While I told you in stage 4 not to attempt anything beyond getting your toes to leave the ground for a brief instant, in this stage I would like you to increase the effort which you put into the whole movement until very gradually your body becomes less likely to drop back immediately

    31. Jeffery then began to give them a brief history of the dragons and their time in early earth history

    32. The driver is monosyllabic, uttering brief, curt instructions to the animal and barely using the reins

    33. Several times he caught a brief glimpse of the White in his peripheral vision

    34. Berndt dismounts and hands Adamant over to him with a brief word of instruction, and then comes over to where Sefir is standing waiting

    35. Their only indirect contact was when they exchanged thanks and some brief sound bites via a television link

    36. Berndt catapults himself onto Adamant’s back and, with a brief glance at me to check I am ready, leads off back to the track

    37. Daniel gave him a brief history of what had taken place during the last couple of years

    38. She smiled and thanked him and then their eyes locked for a brief moment

    39. Following a brief introduction by the Speaker, the great politician rose from his seat on the front bench and the wild chatter that had filled the great hall subsided and was replaced by a hum of nervous excitement

    40. Terry also noticed that his heart wasn't racing like it usually did after even a brief run

    41. ‘child’ and made eye contact for a brief moment

    42. How did it go?’ Katie asked taking her eyes off the screen for a brief moment – they’re watching a re-run of Friends by the look of it

    43. Basking in the glow cast by his brief but perfect musical accomplishments the young man grew older living a quiet life in the countryside with his darling mother

    44. The house was stripped of the appropriate electronic devices and following a brief forensic examination of hard drives, flash disks and sundry other items of magnetic storage, the Detective Superintendent in command of the vice squad charged the young man with a number of crimes related to the storage and distribution of banned materials

    45. Anyway, this chapter will teach you all about the Soul Slayer and I will try to cover all your bases while keeping it brief and to the point

    46. The struggle was brief

    47. He tried to respond to his wife and step-daughter, but apart from the odd brief conversation he preferred to occupy his time with work, well away from the sounds of the radio

    48. Start by writing a brief description or bulleted list of the type of life you wish you could have

    49. stresses of normal life, Jack and Jill’s brief flirtation with political

    50. He had included a brief note about this favored captain of his, and his highest praise

    1. “Not to worry, the scientists have been briefed thoroughly, by me

    2. “Well, you’ll probably be briefed about this, but let me explain

    3. Tom and the others had been briefed about the import/export

    4. They had been briefed

    5. understood, and they had been briefed on them during one of the

    6. spies would have made sure they were properly briefed

    7. meal he briefed the others on his morning’s endeavours

    8. This was linked to the highest government security organization, it was their job to know of every security matter – and indeed he had been briefed by their representative before embarking on the project, there were considerable issues regarding espionage

    9. The next day we were once again briefed on what was going to happen during the attack Major Danby told us

    10. Soon after Captain Waddell briefed his crewmembers on news

    11. They hadn’t been briefed on the situation they found themselves in now

    12. “It has occurred to me, Commander,” she said casually, “that when you briefed us earlier

    13. He had, however, been briefed extensively of his mission

    14. At the next stop, Manna briefed the other two adventurers on the salient points of his conversation with Jayana

    15. As I said, I’ve been fully briefed

    16. New employees must be briefed on arrival what to do

    17. I guess you have some questions, but you will be briefed in the dirigible

    18. When I suggested just that, all I’d gotten was two sets of awkward looks, with Jules adding with some hesitation that “you’ll be briefed by higher echelons”

    19. “You’ll be briefed about that

    20. I had been briefed in hurriedly on what the current tactical situation was: Eileen was holed up around the gateway on the after-world’s end

    21. Be reminded of course, that the Castigator is always briefed on our meetings and though we have been given executive control of the Holy Campaign, whatever course of action we decide on has to be ratified by His Piousness

    22. This one wasn’t properly briefed, he saw it in an instant

    23. He had only been briefed on them

    24. “I know that General Zalith has already briefed you on the official line, and told you all that you officially need to know

    25. He said, “Sir, the Dark Knights were hesitant about this mission when we were first briefed

    26. He briefed the new Chief Justice extensively on the pending Brown v

    27. “Keep tracking it, the President and I are having a private meeting after he is fully briefed on this situation

    28. Perhaps they hadn’t briefed their boss

    29. Perhaps they hadn’t briefed their boss appropriately beforehand or truly had ideas

    30. I’ve briefed these boys so that you’ll arrive just as the court members begin to get there

    31. He absently crumpled the can in one hand, tossed it in the trash, and said he was ready to be briefed

    32. The F-100 pilots assigned to War Zone Charley Three made several nose-holding �peeyew� remarks as they were briefed by the two men

    33. Tony briefed him on the

    34. Each flight had a fifth man, a spare, who was briefed with the rest, with an airplane loaded for the strike

    35. Lastly, they heard an air battle high up and saw a stick figure in a parachute plummet into the jungle to the north in an area they had been specifically briefed was free of enemy movement

    36. He had been briefed a month earlier an encounter such as this might occur in his region

    37. You may have not been briefed, as this is classified information

    38. They apparently briefed him

    39. Besides the men need to be addressed and briefed, for some of them it will be the first proper combat that they have seen

    40. "You'll be briefed there

    41. of the specialists briefed me on all the details and gave me instructions that had to be followed

    42. Michael returned to the meeting and briefed those present on the latest development

    43. He said we will be fully briefed at the meeting

    44. The familiar gravely voice of the PM was loud and clear “Have you been briefed on Operation Riverstorm?” “Yes Sir, briefly two days ago

    45. Bors briefed his eldest son, Torvald, about the disappearance of the Dire Queen from Arkadia

    46. I’d called Barry and briefed him on what I had found out about our mystery man, Mr

    47. “The director personally briefed the Secretary yesterday,” Jersey informed me while I sat in his office

    48. “Yeah, Lieutenant Fung briefed us on that case

    49. the morning, he snuck away from his hidey hole and briefed the others then took

    50. Roger continued, “Now listen, Nick will be fully briefed with the details and will address the workforce at the end of the next set of shifts until everyone’s been updated

    1. "Well, I thought you would want to be thoroughly informed in advance and I saw that you had signed in but not signed off on the briefing forms so it struck me as strange

    2. They made sure that he could cross-reference the relevant sections with his own briefing notes and that he could quote verbatim from all of the sections and paragraphs that would support the arguments he was to make in his speech

    3. them huddled together at the end of his pre-battle briefing

    4. own briefing notes and that he could quote verbatim from all of the

    5. Needless to say, Naria was late for her morning briefing; a first for her

    6. Altera had just finished briefing Naria on the events that took place during the night when word came by courier that Lord Tarak was fine and would recover

    7. At the regular morning briefing Sergeant Miller runs through the usual range of operations for the oncoming day shift

    8. In the briefing room Felina3 was trying to access the records shortly before Dan went missing, but all she could find was a very complicated uploaded virus which had deleted most of the names on the database!

    9. We are about to go to the restroom when Grenwer said, ‘Dan and Reeas, will you please join me in the briefing room

    10. I have my orders and from what I was told at the briefing, this is a big one

    11. I’ve only had the same briefing as you

    12. During the pre-flight briefing there was never any mention of an escape pod

    13. Whistles had started blowing and the Sgt’s and Cpl’s were shouting at us to get over the command dugout for a briefing

    14. We were deployed in open line waiting for the order to move forward and CSM Domby was briefing us as we waited

    15. The following day we had our own problem the 42nd had landed yesterday the 5th and it was still landing today the 6th we had been called to a morning briefing and we were now waiting for Major Danby to tell us what was going on

    16. The Captain had just started his final briefing and we listened avidly as he said

    17. “I have to go on my inspection rounds at the moment but Sgt Barnes is more than capable of briefing you and I will catch up with you later on”, we saluted and he went off to do his rounds

    18. On the 5th of August we were gathered together again for another briefing and were told that we had to attack the Turkish defences yet again Major Danby said to us

    19. The next night Captain Thornley had a patrol briefing on so it was left to me to show our new Lieutenant Mr Jennings who had just been posted in where to pick it up from as he would be taking over the duty from the Captain

    20. Night fell and we got ready for the wiring party then after the briefing we got up onto the top of the parapet and led down from this position it wasn’t hard to see where the apron wire had been damaged by the shell fire this morning and we could see that there was a fair bit to do

    21. ” Shortly after me and Ted received another briefing from Lieutenant Pearson as he said to us

    22. “If you would be so good as to carry on with the briefing Charles

    23. After it was safe to come out Frank and I set off down the trench for the final briefing that Lt Pearson was going to give us

    24. He started his briefing saying

    25. We were now told that we would be returning to the front line and that we would stay there until the offensive kicked off and that today we would receive our first proper briefing for the attack and that we would be attacking the dummy trenches again this was greeted by a big groan from us

    26. ” After the briefing was finished we got once more to attack the mocked up trenches but this time we had men with flags simulating the creeping artillery barrage whilst we walked in a line behind it and wondered to ourselves what this would be like with more than seventy pounds of equipment on your person

    27. ” The briefing broke up and we went off to get ready for tomorrow each one of us with our own thoughts and more than a little fear coursing through our veins

    28. “Don’t worry,” N’robo had told him after the briefing, “the captain would never put her

    29. “We’ve been lucky,” said Jhordel, addressing the others seated about the briefing room

    30. Imbrahim started to leave with the others, but at the door to the briefing room he hesitated

    31. “There’ll be a final briefing in ten minutes,” she said, interrupting him

    32. briefing room to know what it was she was going to tell them

    33. Gonzalez knew from his briefing notes that there were two security guards on duty, and from the prominent nose and slight limp, this had to be Lynas

    34. Fucking idiots! Why didn’t they tell him that in his briefing notes

    35. Note it is basically the same all over Africa and part of a briefing we usually give to newcomers

    36. It is part of my pre-deployment briefing to warn against this type of behaviour

    37. Arriving back at the briefing tent; I looked around the room, and it quieted down

    38. The boys were sitting around the briefing room, most of them, when I entered

    39. Often I felt a long moment of dread, especially when walking into the briefing room, and seeing all those innocent young faces beaming after their latest escapade

    40. Despite the sunshine, it was still March, so I put on a sweater and went out and around to the briefing tent

    41. The Adj was taking good notes of virtually every briefing, lecture, and even a few ‘bull-sessions,’ along the way

    42. We figured at the briefing that the nine of us could clear this target in less than twenty minutes; and it would be preferable if it were ten or fifteen minutes

    43. Okay, so I lied, but in my experience you’re better off hearing about it in the briefing room, after lunch; and not before

    44. Someone commiserated with me, upon rejoining a group of men currently not involved in the operations at the fuel points, the re-arming points, the briefing rooms

    45. “Word is, the Flying Circus went about ten miles south this morning,” Dawley continued our informal briefing

    46. Our morning briefing indicated that this was the 16th Reserve Bavarian Infantry Regiment, and I had a personal score to settle with one or two of them guys

    47. “That might have sounded funny to some people in here,” he said, still gazing around the room to indicate he knew who he was talking about and disapproved, “because you conclude every briefing with these words

    48. Ten minutes later all of the troopers went through a full briefing of the assault plan so that everyone knew exactly what they were doing and could carry out the mission without any further orders

    49. Time for a briefing

    50. Tipping me a wink, he went on with the briefing, as all the men looked and listened eagerly

    1. Prince Ahmed, wearing furry slippers, a pair of boxer shorts with Snoopy on them, and a frilly bathrobe, sits miserably on the silk sheets of his huge canopy waterbed, while his portly, graying American lover, RICCI BAOLONI, cardigan sweater and cotton briefs, plays softly at the white baby grand piano nearby

    2. Over the next three or four days a succession of busy city types, who had invested in this run down part of the city in an attempt to make a killing on property prices in a rising market, brought around baskets full of striped shirts, frilly blouses and flimsy briefs to be ironed

    3. baskets full of striped shirts, frilly blouses and flimsy briefs to be

    4. She had on a little more clothing, briefs and a sports bra

    5. to the news on the radio, even those short briefs every hour

    6. He never wore underwear, though she had tried on several occasions to induce him to at least wear briefs, without success

    7. Standing in front of her in only his briefs, he looked at her inquisitively as if waiting for her to say something

    8. Then she carefully felt his cock through the cloth of his briefs

    9. The solicitor acting for these masquerading princes and forgers, found he could not weave a single mesh of the legal net required for a prima facie case, though he had twisted and contorted every clause of the laws relating to libel, and waded through briefs innumerable, in the hope of finding a precedent

    10. Bondage Briefs: Bondage Briefs is fifteen sizzling fantasies put to paper by Lordgrth

    11. ” For silly little whimsical fantasy try “Tongue Tied,” or the title story “Bondage Briefs

    12. There was a double pee-flap, just like a pair of briefs of the bikini type

    13. He wore what I’d call black briefs

    14. I didn’t like briefs because I didn’t like the ugly bulge

    15. A few seconds later, he stands before me in a maroon shirt with a matching waistcoat, briefs and nothing else

    16. “We will prepare and exchange briefs of the resources at our disposal

    17. He wore only gold colored silk briefs

    18. He can't be fooling with maps and strike briefs and debriefs

    19. The states filed court briefs that supported the intent of conservation and environmental groups to force the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Coast Guard to enforce ballast discharge regulations in coastal and inland waters (Meersman, “Great Lakes States File Suit,” 2004)

    20. He had put on some boxer briefs, which he quickly shed, and approached the bed

    21. He had pulled on his briefs, looking most thoughtful when

    22. Michael found his briefs and trousers and pulled them on, then

    23. Clarity and the girls saw through progressive news briefs on television conducting public opinion polls that the letter had hit the publicś sentiment right on target

    24. A black and white photo of me in my briefs appeared on the posters outside the theatre on Tuesday afternoon, and in the local Wednesday paper

    25. He lay upon his bed, stripped down to briefs after showering,

    26. The scale of remuneration reflected society’s values; being photographed in sexy briefs paid twice as much as wearing a suit; naked and alone paid four times as much; and performing naked with others would have rewarded me with ten times as much as standing in pyjamas

    27. young tart had just emptied my briefs and bent her head forward to use

    28. Cherybus had been reading his briefs after all and

    29. ” The TV interrupted the silence of her preparations with repeated the warnings and news briefs

    30. ” Ava sighed helplessly as Nicolas kissed her, then unbuttoned his pants and pushed down the waistband of his boxer briefs to reveal the throbbing erection she was desperate to feel inside her

    31. He reached for his briefs again, and Ashley bit him on the neck

    32. " After closing the door behind him, he immediately began to pull off his white t-shirt, and boxer briefs

    33. After scanning through three pages, he eventually stumbled across a small article under the Area Briefs section

    34. After sinking his teeth into a greasy, oversized cheeseburger, he turned the pages to the Area Briefs section

    35. Wearing only their briefs, Max and James climbed down the rope ladder and dropped into the sea

    36. Without a word, she climbed off Tom, used his briefs to clean herself, and threw them in his face

    37. He stripped to his briefs and told Star to stop the boat, while he swam around and cleaned

    38. I put my briefs and pants back on and lay down on the bed

    39. briefs and a brand new silky purple lace bra that was made of just

    40. a pair of briefs that would have fitted a three year old girl

    41. When he started to reach for a pair of white cotton briefs out of his dresser’s middle drawer, a creaking sound unexpectedly resounded from his doorway

    42. They put him into the tank with difficulty, Michael stripped down to his briefs

    43. Catherine took charge of all the domestic arrangements, helped more than usually by the military authorities, while Bill got on with clearing up his job in Cyprus, preparing written briefs and eventually – after only three day’s notice – handing over to his successor, Major Julian Evans

    44. She bent her knees as he did this and slipped off her briefs

    45. pre-dive briefs, fish feeding is strictly out

    46. has stripped down to his briefs

    47. Sound retreated to his own room and Cap’n stripped down to his briefs

    48. I have to admit even then, in the middle of this life altering realization, I was still looking down at her naked bottom half, except for her skin tight zebra print briefs, and thinking about doing to her the thing that got us to this point

    49. She removed his jeans and then stripped off his black Boxers briefs, looking away, and covering him with a blanket as quickly as she could

    50. He wore only a pair of black swimming briefs that were threadbare in

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