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    1. anything more than the traditional educational system that never had them ask these questions, never asked them, “what do you want for your life?”

    2. · The retirement period could be further subdivided into phases such as (i) when you are still as active as earlier say till 65-68, (ii) you need to slow down and take-up less strenuous activities say till around 70-72 and (iii) the traditional retirement when your health concerns take over fully

    3. The approach should fit in the community context, reinforcing the traditional value of respect for the elderly in order to strengthen informal, family care for older people while utilizing their influence to solve day-to-day problems and obtain the cooperation of village population to the government

    4. A couple of other customers -- an enormous bearded BEDOUIN in traditional dress, a

    5. Terry Bolt, now dressed to the hilt in traditional garb, sits on one side of the bus, furiously studying a copy of the Koran and mumbling to himself

    6. The screen shows a scantily clad Indian girl in traditional, but rather skimpy, garb gyrating and singing

    7. An annoying nasal voice gives the call to noon prayer just as Terry Bolt - decked out in traditional garb -

    8. body went through exhausting procedures of traditional medicine and

    9. Tattoos are inscribed with needle and ink, but the Ta Moko is a design carved into the skin using the Uhi, a traditional chisel formed from a fragment of Albatross bone

    10. Even those who move still have links with their traditional roots and maintain these connections in the Moko

    11. His father didn't believe in Ju-ju, traditional magic and witchcraft, but his mother had always warned him to be careful; that it was for real

    12. I was undergoing the traditional

    13. How could I, a normal boy from the Beirut suburbs, a boy destined for the traditional path no matter how much I might stray in youth, how could I feel this warmth for a man who could as easily kill me stone dead as look at me? Breakfast almost became a dread moment, a mixture of the sublime and the abhorrent

    14. traditional braids, natural hair care and trying

    15. It was just like traditional Sundays at home used to be with every shop closed at this early hour and every house dozing

    16. A small, open-all-hours, traditional general store and two small, occasionally open shops seemed to provide most of the basics for the villagers

    17. These traditional settlements in the mountains have resisted all influence from the outside world to this day

    18. All of the political parties identified with her recent struggle, praising her for her actions, and she was held up as a paragon of good old fashioned and traditional values by the true blues of the political firmament

    19.  For those that love traditional and are romantics at heart, there is the ever-ready option

    20. To prevent this from happening, avoid the traditional pick up lines

    21. If you still think the traditional way is better, then go for it! When the pains of trail and error begin to pile up, reconsider using the online dating software, and help you avoid those painful

    22. His boat was a traditional wooden Aegean island fishing boat

    23. They were over the moon that their modest little estate could produce such wonderful produce and did not hesitate to tell everyone and anyone about the wonders of their traditional approach to gardening

    24. 'Oh, you think Parekh-ji is some old, traditional man who will force you to read

    25. traditional therapy cannot and does not attempt to

    26. remove them, although traditional therapy certainly

    27. During this time Tarak and Rayne were quietly joined in the traditional Ogatu way

    28. I began treating him with a traditional

    29. results with the traditional approach, I decided to

    30. reading of the patient’s health than traditional

    31. through all of the recognized traditional treatments –

    32. singing their traditional songs, well, it’s so moving

    33. she was held up as a paragon of good old fashioned and traditional

    34. wonders of their traditional approach to gardening

    35. and the traditional lucky rabbit’s foot

    36. They all enjoyed the traditional Harvest Festival, with the usual

    37. He’d heard that before and thought it was even spookier than traditional ghosts

    38. the village, manufacturing the traditional products of rustic ironworks

    39. “In this house, we like the traditional appearance of a wood-

    40. The windows on either side of the reassuringly immovable cast iron franklin stove were dressed in expertly woven curtains of traditional Shoshone patterns and colors, augmented by the appealing designs in the hanging blankets and spacious area rug over the polished hardwood floor

    41. It was traditional for young people – both men and

    42. understood that underground living was now more-or-less traditional,

    43. Belle set him to sorting yarns and threads for her blankets and rugs and stringing them on her traditional looms

    44. traditional gifts of flowers and fruit for the convalescent

    45. The cottage is built very much on traditional lines – as a child would draw a house, with a door in the middle and windows either side of the door, except that I have put a conservatory on the front to shield the front door from the elements and to catch the sun

    46. "So you really don't have any idea, what a strong traditional family you come from?" Jesse asked picking up her knitting from a basket on the floor

    47. Traditional holidays shall be observed

    48. "I started the company because the traditional publishing companies that I contacted about my

    49. and traditional music – you know, with fiddles and

    50. And they weren’t wearing quaint, traditional

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