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    1. A trail of blood from her head mixes in with the gray gutter slush

    2. He couldn't believe Herndon was right about her, that she had been raised only to follow Ava on the trail of that cargo

    3. " That sounded rather small, but then again, she had managed to dig up what happened to Tdeshi on a trail that was twenty decades old, this was only fourteen

    4. This trail was so long and boring that her mind was really wandering

    5. That told him something, Ava's trail on the eyes had been blurred

    6. The exception was when there was news, a clue, a connection, a hint of warmth on the trail

    7. Interpol, it seemed, was already on the trail of this incarnation of Sammy the Shark where he had become invisible to Europol 12 months previously

    8. I sat up and wiped the salty trail of dried tears from my eyes and cheeks

    9. It is during as far as offering fruit and energy drinks in between and in some of the after-run socialising that I get some of the best addition, had cooling points that sprinkled you with cold water advice from strangers that I see on the running trail as they droplets as you ran through a tunnel

    10. See you on the trail!

    11. simple shapes that trail sad remorse

    12. whose seams trail thread on the air

    13. It would be easy enough to follow the herd's trail, Alan observed, and there was a good chance they would be somewhere on that route

    14. "Oh no, I've been grazing all day as I followed your trail

    15. laying the trail that runs

    16. When I finally heard you I realized you had fallen off before they stopped and I've been following their trail back ever since

    17. leaving a trail of sorrows in the long eared grass

    18. This plume here has the signature of a meteor trail

    19. by the trail tail of his twisted tie chord

    20. Then she cut a tiny whole in the bag so that the ground up lentils would leave a trail if she were abducted once again

    21. Even with eyes as big as compact disks, the wonder dog did not notice the fine trail of lentils leading all the way from the girl’s bed to the soldier's suite at the Ritz

    22. They followed the trail of ground lentils right up to the soldier's door, smashed their way into his room and had him arrested immediately

    23. ” she let that trail off

    24. Of course, if cheating is going on behind your back, then there must be a trail that could lead

    25. If you still think the traditional way is better, then go for it! When the pains of trail and error begin to pile up, reconsider using the online dating software, and help you avoid those painful

    26. ” Boras was calming down; “We shall pick her up in the morning and keep on her trail this time

    27. ' I let the sentence trail off, my stomach churning yet again

    28. say you are hot on the trail of a trapped emotion that

    29. trail of what you think is a regular trapped emotion

    30. Sonia followed the bloody trail; the man was trying to make it back to his master

    31. His master did not want to leave a trail that led to him

    32. in the bag so that the ground up lentils would leave a trail if she

    33. Once or twice in the early days she got out of the house completely and Bunty had to trail up and down the streets looking for her

    34. exploring, had trotted off down the trail about 50 or

    35. With the trail lost, she drove north on the back roads and across to the coast line

    36. He wished he remembered Tdeshi from his time on the faculty, but there might be some on the faculty who did, that was another trail they should follow up

    37. “Why do you want the trail to end here?” Jorma asked, “have you already found out more than you’re comfortable with?”

    38. horse’s back and continue on up the trail

    39. ‘If they’d found horses we’d have lost their trail by

    40. This trail just

    41. where the trail leads

    42. ‘We should make for the mountain trail

    43. word and navigated the trail as though it was day

    44. the others down the winding trail

    45. trail it’s plain for all to see that we’re too late

    46. “I think we should follow the trail to the Yakhan,” Jorma said

    47. Yeah, she had investigated from the Kassikan side before, but it seemed that they had already followed the trail back to the Kassikan

    48. “It’s important to me to follow the real trail to the Kassikan, not waste our time and break our backs with this

    49. Ava tried to convince him this meant they were on a hot trail here and should follow that

    50. Then he began, “In the long years before any European first set foot upon the trail to this land, a great chief, who was a cunning warrior and man of knowledge, led his braves to attack the treacherous people of dark mountains

    1. Johnny trailed Nancy, trying to quickly dodge the students faster than she was so he could catch up to her

    2. " he trailed off, something had occurred to him

    3. " Glenelle trailed off, understanding without being told

    4. Its ‘limbs’ trailed behind it from both ends as it came

    5. As they entered the transit, the plasma caught and trailed off the spikes on their three-dozen red hulls

    6. Post prandial coffee in hand, Kara trailed after Doris to the telephone and waited for her to call Angie’s number

    7. understand she is staying with you, since er, the …' my voice trailed off, unable to complete the sentence

    8. Through the narrow paths I trailed my fingers over her stubborn old walls just like I do at home, feeling for connection and warmth

    9. ' I trailed off

    10. The strap from my bag drooped out of the boat and trailed across the sandy soil on the other side of the lighted doorway from where I crouched

    11. The people waited in silence, polite and sincere, and after each vocal contribution, aided by the whisky, each voice trailed away to be taken up anew by his neighbour and transferred on and on around the table

    12. ,' his voice trailed off as the

    13. Startled Tarak blurted out, “By Hagar, you are good Denair! Serena always said that you had the strongest psychic ability …” he trailed off remembering

    14. ” he trailed off

    15. In another corner of the sheet was a doodle of a dress cut so low that both cheeks and both breasts were exposed, yet it had a long train that trailed across the floor behind, but was open beyond the crotch in front

    16. ’ he trailed off

    17. The officer was trailed by several others, including Duty

    18. ’ he trailed off,

    19. ’ his words trailed off as the

    20. Alistair and Yise walked together around the pathways, trailed by

    21. Her voice rang through the little hall in a triumphant appeal, then fell into echoing supplication, and gathered itself in the air into a crescendo of glorious beauty, and then, as quickly as it had begun, it trailed into silence

    22. ” She trailed off frailly

    23. ” She trailed off, genuinely unsure

    24. I don’t want…” Monica trailed off, and then she found herself falling to her knees, crying softly on the cold wooden floor

    25. ” Matt trailed off

    26. As he trailed off down the hall she considered following, but only for the briefest of moments, she’d have to keep her distance

    27. I—” His voice trailed off into the stillness of the night

    28. Rivers of tears had trailed down Joe’s face, but now it seemed that the well

    29. grabbed for the flowing blond hair that trailed behind her, and snapped her back to

    30. "They just called me the other day, the doctor said that her Grandmother was killed, and since there wasn't going to be anyone there, to help her, she would—" again his voice trailed off into nothing

    31. Brice's finger trailed a crack, following its path as it wove through the misshaped stones

    32. As she trailed after her along the corridors

    33. Hairs sprouted from his ears, but trailed the competition with his nose

    34. I had an urge to lick the moisture that trailed down the planes of his stomach

    35. ” I walked into the field of flowers and trailed my fingers against them

    36. I kneeled at the edge of the water, trailed my fingers through it, and watched as it came alive

    37. When the waves reached her neck, a long trail of green smoke trailed from her mouth like a snake

    38. incessantly, trailed by that limping dotard Philemon

    39. I have needs, you know…” Her words trailed off as she realised that she was coming onto him! The red glow in her face deepened

    40. His usually strident voice trailed off to little more than a whisper

    41. “Put the bridge on auto; we'll hear it all before leaving the system!” The Elf exclaimed and followed Song from the bridge, trailed by Mim and Yula, then the others as they set their stations for their absence

    42. As they headed into the Saronic Gulf, she saw Stenarch arrive on the dock, trailed by a score of guards

    43. ” Her voice trailed off into a whisper, cracking with sorrow

    44. The conversation trailed off and Danny soon found himself reminiscing about the Sapient Realm

    45. The red-headed Nord’s voice trailed off with the realization that he may well have spoken too much in unknown company

    46. Ben followed next and Jodie trailed behind, lost in her own thoughts

    47. Deformed arms trailed here and there

    48. Tzgarr’s voice trailed off as he focused on Noah

    49. My voice trailed off and Walt grunted again

    50. " As her voice trailed off, I realized that was the most I'd ever heard her say at one time

    1. Kevin pointed to the black and white tattoo trailing up her arm

    2. "What is that? A fish?" I point to the black and white tattoo trailing up her bicep

    3. the young bride, sat back in her chair, slowly trailing her hand away from that of her

    4. trailing veins and cables, ground out one last phrase on behalf of the revolutionary

    5. As he flew across the breaching ship’s bow, through the dome he thought he glimpsed Chief Horcheese’s head and torso strapped in the command chair with a thousand cables trailing out of her, like a spider that had become its web

    6. Floor panels lay exposed here and there, with the guts of the place, cables and wires, exposed and trailing across the floor

    7. Perched on a silver spike, trailing leads and luridly coloured pipe work, Citizen Marat’s head stared back at the committee chairman with eyes as clear and blue as a bright summer afternoon

    8. In a corner, Citizen Marat’s severed head, trailing veins and cables, ground out one last phrase on behalf of the revolutionary committee of the brotherhood of new men before dropping its eyelids and falling permanently silent

    9. trailing the ribbons that floated once

    10. “Didiera they were both old fellas, but one of them came trailing

    11. trailing marks of green on late winter frost,

    12. trailing the feather’s tip across the face of old Beltway with

    13. The eldest, a girl about twelve, stepped forward, her friends trailing like the children of Niobe, and guided me to the door of a large grey building back on the central street

    14. Pottery vases and dishes trailing ribbons and silken cord stood before effigies of tulips and lilies in pink, white and turquoise behind rows of ornate glassware balanced on the shelves

    15. Several potted plastic plants filled in the gaps amongst fresh jasmine trailing round the room from every hook and pin

    16. A spinning hook will be trailing off the end of it

    17. Harry was as organised as ever, trailing a small, wheeled

    18. but trailing clouds of glory

    19. She watches as he conscientiously crosses and re-crosses the small area of grass, concentrating on neatly trimming the herbage and careful to avoid cutting into the trailing cable

    20. He lets the bouncer drop his full weight onto his front foot and as the man lifts his trailing leg to make the final step towards his prey, Alex moves

    21. trailing, that they just seemed to disappear

    22. Following after like a puppy, she grabbed several apples as they passed through the kitchen, and quickly shoved them into her pocket before picking up the second can and trailing him to the truck

    23. Adrien drove the first crane hauling four flatbed trailers that carried shipping containers with the air compressor trailing behind

    24. walking, her habit trailing in the mud

    25. trailing sadly behind their new escorts

    26. Gunt was still lumbering back to his feet when Nathalia leapt out to meet them, a flock of old and crippled soldiers trailing behind

    27. One year later and the spore has blossomed into a thriving example of a Patagonian trailing creeper

    28. At his request, a program of defoliation is begun to eradicate all traces of Patagonian trailing creeper from Central Park

    29. Where was the evidence that anyone else had ever been here? When Scott had passed the waterfall he’d left footprints trailing to this point; there was no avoiding it

    30. Often I would give chase and, trailing her by a few feet, I’d say, “Ashley, Ashley

    31. He followed his teacher with the two Guardians trailing behind until he met with Carl and Wil in a red-painted hallway with large tapestries of farm scenes decorating the walls

    32. He was aware of Torkhan trailing him, aware of his unease over facing the Great Lord

    33. Hayley made a soft hissing noise when she noticed them trailing behind them but did not try to stop them with further words

    34. Jean followed with Terese trailing after them, along with a host of Guardians when a gathering of Ael Tarael stepped into their path

    35. He could see her singing passionately, her voice cracking as he heard, rather than saw, the tears trailing down her cheeks

    36. They moved at the same time, him jumping from his seat and running to the stairs to descend to her level, her moving hurriedly across the stage, dress trailing behind her, to reach the steps and meet him on the descent

    37. rock, and the trailing salvo of warheads

    38. Yet as soon as they were out, Cheeryup crouched and hissed to the boys, “Follow me!” She stole behind the structure, Wyll and Floppy trailing her, and made her way to a window that was half-open

    39. crazy quilt trailing in the snow behind her

    40. There it was: my phone, sitting on the center of the table with a plug trailing from it

    41. Each float had on its back either live music or enormous speakers and trailing behind, hundreds danced to hip swaying Latin beats encouraged by young people in colorfully fringed costumes, shaking maracas to the beat

    42. All around, the ballroom went silent, the conversations among those who had already been proven trailing off into silence as all eyes turned to the reluctant woman

    43. This was a curious trailing indeed, though somewhat scary and of course dangerous… a good enough reason (beyond park regulation) for me not to slide my hand along the spine of that elegant animal

    44. She returned one early morning trailing a new boyfriend, and Tiny snapped

    45. “This is the trailing edge of the elevator

    46. Wherever they were going didn’t matter now because Lyra was quite happy just sitting in Troy’s arms, her hand trailing in the water

    47. “How much longer do you think the Huns will last?” asked the nearest reporter, a pince-nez-wearing dandy with a trilby hat and gaiters, pin-stripe seersucker suit, and a long, trailing, golden watch chain

    48. King checked with his 2IC once more and they both ran back to the rocks, trailing a wire behind them, Hunkering down, King nodded and Watts turned the handle on the detonator

    49. The lights of a boat slipped in silence over the calm surface of the water, trailing a wake that widened to reach across the harbor

    50. Trailing from his left hip were the remnants of a leg that sharks had reduced to shreds of meat, gristle and vein

    1. The smell of hops trails out of the room behind him

    2. while up above my head the vapour trails dissipate slowly

    3. lifted on waves of warm air and smoke trails

    4. Trails of giant ants, cockroaches and fright-filled cats, ducks and chickens and a cockerel, all sharing the heat there with a new-born kitten, lying dead in that graveyard of dead houses

    5. trails, necessitating frequent drinks from the water flasks they had

    6. It wasn't so very long before the three of them, each upon their own horse, would go for short rides along some of the Tahoe's many trails

    7. “I’ve ridden those trails with Yise,” Alistair interjected, “They’re

    8. He meandered under the spreading boughs of hardwoods and along shrub-shrouded trails until he saw The Lake

    9. A few couples were ambling the paths and trails here and there

    10. White Feathers, Jameson---my best friend, and Titania were riding the mountain trails southwest of the Great Tahoe

    11. "Why don't they leave better trails?"

    12. Week Chezhervizhod ended with no live trails to follow

    13. He could see night sky and clouds, then he realised why - the ceiling was missing and bits of plaster boarding hung in trails

    14. The other positive thing about the construction of the trails was that they were secluded, away from the noise and vision of the small businesses and communal districts that lined the valley from Pittsburgh

    15. Railroads were built right through the mountains over trails that the original natives had used for centuries

    16. Then progressive Anglos realized that the trails in place could be used to explore once again the natural beauty and the terrain of this part of the earth

    17. Thus the old railroad beds that had been forgotten became the recreational trails of the early century

    18. The man who ran was white, which made the description valid because not many whites would be out walking the Laurel Mountain trails these days

    19. He could follow the Great Allegheny Passage directly to Cumberland or he could take branch trails that wound around the mountains which would take much longer

    20. 3) The Great Allegheny Passage is a newly opened trail that is one of the most spectacular hiking and biking trails in the country that covers over 300 miles between Pittsburgh, Pa

    21. A few of them were squirming trying to hold their guts in while some pulled their self back the way they had come with the aid of the grass tufts leaving trails of blood like garden slugs on the terrain whilst the few who hadn’t been hit turned and ran as fast as they could

    22. Incense sticks were burning, leaving powdery spiral trails on the chipped white paint on Sheuli’s windowsill

    23. Then, with rough trails cut branching from the road through the trees to the edge of the wood, several columns could have emerged simultaneously in the valley, formed line, and charged the hill with small loss, ready to face the enemy's main position

    24. Still, humans rarely screamed on dark trails for good reasons, and a moment passed before she coerced her legs into moving forward again

    25. ” Rumours reached the people later of supplies ad infinitum at Siboney, and a steady stream of fugitives started through the muddy trails to make their effort to reach the land of plenty

    26. Following money trails is standard procedure and nothing new when dealing with syndicates

    27. The money trails says it all and gives a lot of new leads for no terrorist lives in complete isolation

    28. That is how we follow money trails and link it with cell phones and different people

    29. “Well then, I just happen to have a stable filled with riding horses and the entire valley is crisscrossed with trails

    30. Beth rode for hours on the trails crisscrossing the mountains of Puriscal

    31. The front of the ivory linen jacket she had lent her was torn and stained by trails of it, and more matted her hair against the left side of her head while a steady drip fell from her elbow

    32. Two Syclers pushed their way out, leaving slimy, bloody trails as they followed the first Sycler out onto the sand

    33. There was a millpond, a broken water wheel, with a thin trickle of water from the head, falling through long trails of algae

    34. From there, both of these trails crossed

    35. ing part of this saga of those times, were the trails themselves

    36. the trails shot up at a steep thirty-five degree angle that was

    37. They remained on the highway but a short distance, then lurched and jolted over trails that hadn’t been traveled by motorized vehicle, other than Truman’s, for years

    38. There were no muzzle flashes, launch trails or smoke

    39. “The point is…” Christina’s voice trails off, and she tilts her head

    40. My voice trails off when he looks up at me

    41. I urged them to stay in the south for the winter along the merchant trails so I could find them or send them word

    42. wandering the trails of the Slums, Aerith praying aloud that the

    43. made out the trails winding their way through the sector in the

    44. trails existed amid the wilderness

    45. navigation along old and withered trails

    46. They always kept watch on the river and the trails, and whenever anyone was seen approaching, they would put out their fires and dissolve into the woods until the strangers had passed

    47. The island was heavily wooded, and there were no trails through the woods that I could see, so I turned right and walked along the coast

    48. The next morning, Silpitocle went ahead since we would be crossing one of the trade trails, and I made sure the men were rigged for silent marching

    49. He was glad since there were actually three trails close together and we had to cross them all before nightfall

    50. Mino: My king, I am afraid that since we have lost her trails over nine years ago, we could not find anything that would point us in the right direction

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