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    1. A trail of blood from her head mixes in with the gray gutter slush

    2. He couldn't believe Herndon was right about her, that she had been raised only to follow Ava on the trail of that cargo

    3. " That sounded rather small, but then again, she had managed to dig up what happened to Tdeshi on a trail that was twenty decades old, this was only fourteen

    4. This trail was so long and boring that her mind was really wandering

    5. That told him something, Ava's trail on the eyes had been blurred

    6. The exception was when there was news, a clue, a connection, a hint of warmth on the trail

    7. Interpol, it seemed, was already on the trail of this incarnation of Sammy the Shark where he had become invisible to Europol 12 months previously

    8. I sat up and wiped the salty trail of dried tears from my eyes and cheeks

    9. It is during as far as offering fruit and energy drinks in between and in some of the after-run socialising that I get some of the best addition, had cooling points that sprinkled you with cold water advice from strangers that I see on the running trail as they droplets as you ran through a tunnel

    10. See you on the trail!

    1. The smell of hops trails out of the room behind him

    2. while up above my head the vapour trails dissipate slowly

    3. lifted on waves of warm air and smoke trails

    4. Trails of giant ants, cockroaches and fright-filled cats, ducks and chickens and a cockerel, all sharing the heat there with a new-born kitten, lying dead in that graveyard of dead houses

    5. trails, necessitating frequent drinks from the water flasks they had

    6. It wasn't so very long before the three of them, each upon their own horse, would go for short rides along some of the Tahoe's many trails

    7. “I’ve ridden those trails with Yise,” Alistair interjected, “They’re

    8. He meandered under the spreading boughs of hardwoods and along shrub-shrouded trails until he saw The Lake

    9. A few couples were ambling the paths and trails here and there

    10. White Feathers, Jameson---my best friend, and Titania were riding the mountain trails southwest of the Great Tahoe

    1. Johnny trailed Nancy, trying to quickly dodge the students faster than she was so he could catch up to her

    2. " he trailed off, something had occurred to him

    3. " Glenelle trailed off, understanding without being told

    4. Its ‘limbs’ trailed behind it from both ends as it came

    5. As they entered the transit, the plasma caught and trailed off the spikes on their three-dozen red hulls

    6. Post prandial coffee in hand, Kara trailed after Doris to the telephone and waited for her to call Angie’s number

    7. understand she is staying with you, since er, the …' my voice trailed off, unable to complete the sentence

    8. Through the narrow paths I trailed my fingers over her stubborn old walls just like I do at home, feeling for connection and warmth

    9. ' I trailed off

    10. The strap from my bag drooped out of the boat and trailed across the sandy soil on the other side of the lighted doorway from where I crouched

    1. Kevin pointed to the black and white tattoo trailing up her arm

    2. "What is that? A fish?" I point to the black and white tattoo trailing up her bicep

    3. the young bride, sat back in her chair, slowly trailing her hand away from that of her

    4. trailing veins and cables, ground out one last phrase on behalf of the revolutionary

    5. As he flew across the breaching ship’s bow, through the dome he thought he glimpsed Chief Horcheese’s head and torso strapped in the command chair with a thousand cables trailing out of her, like a spider that had become its web

    6. Floor panels lay exposed here and there, with the guts of the place, cables and wires, exposed and trailing across the floor

    7. Perched on a silver spike, trailing leads and luridly coloured pipe work, Citizen Marat’s head stared back at the committee chairman with eyes as clear and blue as a bright summer afternoon

    8. In a corner, Citizen Marat’s severed head, trailing veins and cables, ground out one last phrase on behalf of the revolutionary committee of the brotherhood of new men before dropping its eyelids and falling permanently silent

    9. trailing the ribbons that floated once

    10. “Didiera they were both old fellas, but one of them came trailing

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    Synonyms for "trail"

    trail lead track train chase chase after dog give chase go after tag tail drag drop back drop behind get behind hang back shack tarry linger dawdle draw loiter scent spoor hunt down pursue trace

    "trail" definitions

    a track or mark left by something that has passed

    a path or track roughly blazed through wild or hilly country

    evidence pointing to a possible solution

    to lag or linger behind

    go after with the intent to catch

    move, proceed, or walk draggingly or slowly

    hang down so as to drag along the ground

    drag loosely along a surface; allow to sweep the ground