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    1. The doctors had put a tube in her nose and he could hear her breathing from any room in the house

    2. It had a line of blue, instead of red, liquid trapped inside a see-through tube

    3. Ackers carefully inserted the device into the crack on the door, and then he squeezed what looked like the blue mercury down the tube, out of the device and into the door

    4. He bounced off the deck below and the rail and fell into the charred, emptiness of the main tube

    5. "It's a damn good thing we found it's ass in a tube and didn't have to deal with it's beak," was the last thing Desa wheezed

    6. Nobody else seemed the least perturbed by the fact that there must have been a couple of hundred of us packed inside that metal tube

    7. And all was still in the tube

    8. Attached to the messenger’s leg is a tube – trying not to drop the bird, I detach it and hand it to Berndt, while I tentatively stroke the creature

    9. ‘Then we put it back in the tube and send the bird back

    10. ' She studied the tube of ash on the tip of her cigarette, aware of my unease, and then launched it into space with an unexpected blast from her lips

    11. We’ve both got our own ways of doing things … it’s the old toothpaste tube syndrome – one does something one way which makes the other completely incandescent with rage

    12. The first thing that you need to do is store the rod in the sock and a hard tube

    13. road were a Swiss army knife hanging from his belt and a tube of

    14. the glass of the television’s cathode ray tube

    15. “I didn’t know arithmetic had a dendrite growth rate,” Kulai said, “I’m familiar with flow rates in med tube and who knows what they’re talking about when I ask them a few questions

    16. Markham explained that the tube itself

    17. She decides that she needs sugar, so she breaks open a paper tube and adds its contents to her tea, something she has not done for nearly twenty years

    18. He has no interest in the visual arts as delivered through the cathode ray tube

    19. She waited almost a minute, then heard something garbled thru the tube

    20. It also had a speaking tube

    21. “She must be on duty now,” Ava said, remembering the voice at the end of that tube

    22. I sprung up from my chair and grabbed the tube, but before I could throw it

    23. He called at the speaking tube and was greeted by a woman’s voice that was oddly familiar, but definitely not Ava’s

    24. There is no gas, or special tube in which to destroy it

    25. channels on the tube, there was always a brief stop of curiosity on the Christian

    26. The plastic tube from the I

    27. The lighting must have struck her eyes at just the right moment, creating a blue twinkle within the glass tube

    28. He approached her tube and gently placed his hand upon her face

    29. Teacher Resources – You Tube - Pirates of the Caribbean – My Jolly Sailor Bold – Mermaid Song – udappkumara - 2011

    30. There were a lot of cup crafters and bottle blowers, some photoglass casters and tube layers

    31. The wall was alive with motion, hundreds of shadows scurrying up and down its dark tube shaped interior

    32. She knew it was a machine but it was something you could converse with and feel like you were conversing with someone, not a voice in a speaking tube

    33. She opened her bag and took out some bandages and a tube of Dermabond

    34. The roar increased in fury and over the Scrambletops flew a glistening silver tube belching oily smoke

    35. That was until the Sat morn when one silver tube came down low and scooped his kite, cloths and all, into the sky

    36. In front of them the glassy hallway opened into a large, tube shaped chamber

    37. Of the sea, caught in the hollow tube

    38. To see or use a test tube in your dream refers to your reaction to some situation

    39. Four black clad men jumped from the helicopter and set up a white dish with a long white tube extending from its middle

    40. They appeared to be listening to instructions on their headsets as they aligned the tube

    41. The strange dish and tube device on the roof had also been noted

    42. Once again he put the test tube into the pool and examined the water

    43. A wire connected the gun to the dish and tube on the roof of the van

    44. It extended a single white metal tube a few feet long

    45. The tube stopped just short of the central chimney stack

    46. The liquid ortonium metal then flowed through the tube and into the brick and stone of the building

    47. The blue globe was dropped into a short metal tube at the side of the lorry wall

    48. The ruro entered the tube and fused with Golf who was being stored in the compartment below

    49. It revealed a large white dish with a tube at its centre

    50. surfing in front of the boob tube eating junk food

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    metro subway subway system tube underground tubing electron tube thermionic tube thermionic vacuum tube thermionic valve vacuum tube tube-shaped structure pipe container package parcel cell conduit loom line shaft hose