line frasi

Scegli una lingua, poi digita una parola sotto per ottenere esempi per quella parola.

Frasi con line (in inglese)

1. I was out of line.
2. It was last in line.
3. She was of his line.
4. If he's say a line.
5. He is the new line.
6. Here I pace the line.
7. He was third in line.

8. He would tow the line.
9. This was the eddy line.
10. It was the same line.
11. This is a comment line.
12. Let's eat by the line.
13. It was a fine line I.
14. Seems a very thin line.
15. This is the second line.
16. One toke over the line.
17. Nagle on the other line.
18. This is the first line.
19. As a dead straight line.
20. Hate is the bottom line.
21. That is the bottom line.
22. The cows come in a line.
23. The line was still open.
24. Noble is on line two, Mr.
25. I hold a middle line view.
26. It reads, line by line:.
27. Mitzka was first in line.
28. He has tied me to a line.
29. It is the finishing line.
30. Dirty laundry on the line.
31. I was a bit out of line.
32. Just in the line of the.
33. Bottom line is you won.
34. A full line of party and.
35. Line the magnets up with.
36. My mouth a thin hard line.
37. Thus the line reduces to.
38. You’re out of line Mr.
39. Its first line of defense.
40. It remained his best line.
1. Be sure to put a lining.
2. My brothers were lining up.
3. The tin lining was intact.
4. He saw the sea lining the.
5. The people finish lining up.
6. Lining is hardened in stages.
7. The lining and stitching were.
8. The trees lining the road bent.
9. The rose bushes lining the path.
10. I see the fine lining around them.
11. Every cloud has a silver lining.
12. The lining had been sewed up again.
13. INDICATION OF CONDITION of the lining.
14. A Silver Lining to the Crash of 2008.
15. Surely they weren’t lining up to rape him.
16. This can be demonstrated by lining up dominos.
17. And all the caskets lining the walls joined in.
18. Well they say every cloud has a silver lining.
19. Supposing a lining takes about 1000 Kg of mass.
20. Gary said lining his wheelchair up with the ramp.
21. The money was lining the area a few inches inside.
22. He was just lining up an easy kill for his winger.
23. Lining every available wall in such space as was.
24. There were trees lining the avenue and the square.
25. The waiter, with the assistance of the men lining.
26. I know if it was me, I’d be lining up in a flash.
27. While patching the lining make doubly certain that.
28. The desperadoes were lining up for the attack again.
29. Acute diarrhoea can damage the lining of the intestine.
30. That was my main hope, the only silver lining to this.
31. Of course, that could rot the lining of the container.
32. The Preceptor stood before him, concern lining his snout.
33. Renal cell carcinoma develops in the lining of a kidney.
34. She looked around and saw a few dumpsters lining the road.
35. About 90% of the pools that get put in have vinyl lining.
36. The one about lining you up with Debbie’s sister Tess.
37. Yeah Monku, he said with tears lining up in his eyes.
38. Sometimes I find an unexpected silver lining to being sick.
39. While ramming the lining 3 types of ramming tools are used.
40. At the very end of the day, with blisters of blood lining.
1. I lined her up on north.
2. They were all flat lined.
3. I had a comeback lined up.
4. A fur lined riding cloak.
5. Birthdays are all lined up.
6. The walls were lined with.
7. Once again, he was lined up.
8. TV vans and cars lined both.
9. The walls are lined in books.
10. The corridor was lined with.
11. Huge boxwoods lined the dirt.
12. His face was lined and shrunken.
13. Lined up outside the gate and.
14. The others lined up behind him.
15. Her cloak is lined with ermine.
16. Big houses lined the river bank.
17. The group lined up as instructed.
18. She went down the road lined by.
19. Pour into 9 inch pastry lined pan.
20. It was lined with suits of armour.
21. Two huge cushions lined the walls.
22. No motorcycle police lined the road.
23. There were beautiful houses lined.
24. Weapons of nearly every kind lined.
25. Put cake in cake tin lined with foil.
26. The shirts team lined up for the hike.
27. Woven-feather panels lined the walls.
28. His face was lined and weatherbeaten.
29. Behind it, cat-tails lined the shore.
30. The ubiquitous palms that had lined.
31. Lachey took notes in a lined journal.
32. Flesh still lined the bones, many of.
33. He was now lined up for the last turn.
34. A low parapet wall lined the walkways.
35. The remaining shelves were lined with.
36. Now that you have your supplier lined.
37. The walls were lined with men—farmers.
38. They lined the bar counter and filled.
39. Hundreds of cars were lined up end to.
40. The walls had been lined with shelves.
1. The lines on my face.
2. The two lines of the.
3. Till she saw the lines.
4. But most of the lines.
5. Not in lines like words.
6. They all had a few lines.
7. And so penned the lines.
8. As all in straight lines.
9. So much for pickup lines.
10. Red lines are nothing new.
11. I simply ran out of lines.
12. I can't remember my lines.
13. Let’s look at the lines.
14. The lines are being drawn.
15. Cruise Lines out of London.
16. Then we set out the lines.
17. The following lines by Mr.
18. We have several lines out.
19. Took a couple of lines of.
20. He sketched a few lines.
21. The lines are clearly drawn.
22. Till she learned the lines.
23. And read between the lines.
24. Her body lines blend into.
25. Two fuel lines which they.
26. Nothing on the front lines.
27. With that in mind the lines.
28. I traced the lines back to.
29. But tell me about the lines.
30. Zia studied a few more lines.
31. The worry lines and crow's.
32. And write words along lines.
33. Laura helped Thomas run lines.
34. The remaining lines did not.
35. Then some wavy lines appeared.
36. We can see the power lines.
37. I traced the lines on his arm.
38. But most of the lines are a.
39. Something along the lines of.
40. Gray light and straight lines.

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