line frasi

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Frasi con line (in inglese)

  1. I was out of line.
  2. It was last in line.
  3. He is the new line.
  4. She was of his line.
  5. If he's say a line.

  6. Here I pace the line.
  7. He was third in line.
  8. This was the eddy line.
  9. It was the same line.
  10. It was a fine line I.
  11. He would tow the line.
  12. This is a comment line.
  13. Let's eat by the line.
  14. This is the second line.
  15. One toke over the line.

  16. This is the first line.
  17. Nagle on the other line.
  18. Seems a very thin line.
  19. Hate is the bottom line.
  20. The line was still open.
  21. The cows come in a line.
  22. That is the bottom line.
  23. As a dead straight line.
  24. It reads, line by line:.
  25. It is the finishing line.

  26. Mitzka was first in line.
  27. Noble is on line two, Mr.
  28. I was a bit out of line.
  29. Dirty laundry on the line.
  30. I hold a middle line view.
  31. Just in the line of the.
  32. Bottom line is you won.
  33. He has tied me to a line.
  34. My mouth a thin hard line.
  35. I was the only one in line.
  36. Its first line of defense.
  37. You’re out of line Mr.
  38. None of the long line of.
  39. Thus the line reduces to.
  40. Hold the line a minute.
  41. It remained his best line.
  42. The supply line is vital.
  43. Line the magnets up with.
  44. The bottom line is this.
  45. A full line of party and.
  46. He hated this line of talk.
  47. Line tray with wax paper.
  48. Think of it as a life line.
  49. I saw two zombies in a line.
  50. Yes, in the line of duty.
  51. This line still bothered me.
  52. Bottom line, there are too.
  53. Now for a line with W-words.
  54. On that line put five marks.
  55. It was in my line of vision.
  56. He was from the Adamec line.
  57. Of the properly slanted line.
  58. And then the line went dead.
  59. The bottom line is to keep.
  60. This line is a C++ statement.
  62. Everyone in line was friendly.
  63. Many non-Jews took this line.
  64. Here is the whole number line.
  65. Somewhere along the line you.
  66. Bold the subject line too !.
  67. Cut the line to the Sea Wolf.
  68. I moved into his line of sight.
  69. Just get to work on that line.
  70. As usual, the bottom line is.
  71. There's a line, at the bottom.
  72. Down the line, Tony worked a.
  73. And the last line called the.
  75. I’ve forgotten my next line.
  76. Only one line marked the paper.
  77. No, stop that line of thought.
  78. I put Omi's line on hold and.
  79. The Dangler stared at his line.
  80. A line quickly snaked to the.
  81. I could be like the life line.
  82. A pause at the end of the line.
  83. We just crossed the state line.
  84. This line has another keyword.
  85. A blue line cut across the sky.
  86. It may affect your bottom line.
  87. Adding to this, the dune line.
  88. When you read, That first line.
  89. That is why the first line is.
  90. Oh goody, she finished the line.
  91. If ever there was a line that.
  92. I've heard every line possible.
  93. Theobald smiled across the line.
  94. Kay set her lips in a thin line.
  95. Gunt's our last line of defense.
  96. Another person came on the line.
  97. This will open the Command Line.
  98. Put the party line in textbooks.
  99. Now that’s a familiar line.
  100. Take a look at the line in bold.
  1. Be sure to put a lining.
  2. My brothers were lining up.
  3. The tin lining was intact.
  4. He saw the sea lining the.
  5. The people finish lining up.
  6. Lining is hardened in stages.
  7. The lining and stitching were.
  8. The trees lining the road bent.
  9. The rose bushes lining the path.
  10. Every cloud has a silver lining.
  11. I see the fine lining around them.
  12. The lining had been sewed up again.
  13. A Silver Lining to the Crash of 2008.
  14. INDICATION OF CONDITION of the lining.
  15. Surely they weren’t lining up to rape him.
  16. This can be demonstrated by lining up dominos.
  17. And all the caskets lining the walls joined in.
  18. Well they say every cloud has a silver lining.
  19. Gary said lining his wheelchair up with the ramp.
  20. Supposing a lining takes about 1000 Kg of mass.
  21. The money was lining the area a few inches inside.
  22. Lining every available wall in such space as was.
  23. There were trees lining the avenue and the square.
  24. He was just lining up an easy kill for his winger.
  25. The waiter, with the assistance of the men lining.
  26. I know if it was me, I’d be lining up in a flash.
  27. While patching the lining make doubly certain that.
  28. The desperadoes were lining up for the attack again.
  29. That was my main hope, the only silver lining to this.
  30. Of course, that could rot the lining of the container.
  31. Acute diarrhoea can damage the lining of the intestine.
  32. Renal cell carcinoma develops in the lining of a kidney.
  33. The Preceptor stood before him, concern lining his snout.
  34. She looked around and saw a few dumpsters lining the road.
  35. About 90% of the pools that get put in have vinyl lining.
  36. While ramming the lining 3 types of ramming tools are used.
  37. Yeah Monku, he said with tears lining up in his eyes.
  38. The one about lining you up with Debbie’s sister Tess.
  39. Her eyes were on the old brick buildings lining the street.
  40. Sometimes I find an unexpected silver lining to being sick.
  41. At the very end of the day, with blisters of blood lining.
  42. Mist swirled around the structures and trees lining the road.
  43. In animal studies, banana powder protects the lining of the.
  44. Nobody, either on the ship or lining the shore, was saying a.
  45. He again pulled his pliers and pulled back on the door lining.
  46. Decongestants cut down on the fluid in the lining of your nose.
  47. The white poles lining the road flew by them, shining as they.
  48. They walked through the great oak trees lining the gravel path.
  49. High weeds protruded through the dirt ground, lining the walls.
  50. The lining had been of red silk, but was a good deal discoloured.
  51. Cass stands tall gazing at the coffers of booty lining each shelf.
  52. Just because I have found a silver lining to grass burrs does not.
  53. There were several openings in the cane break lining the Rio Grande.
  54. Men scurried around the area, dragging supplies, lining up weapons.
  55. Ananya had told me that my IIT tag was the only silver lining in my.
  56. Ruby peered into the dark emptiness between the trees lining the path.
  57. D&C is the removal of the contents and inner lining of woman's uterus.
  58. If the egg is not fertilized, the lining is shed during menstruation.
  59. The cat's large ears were erect, long tufts of hair lining the insides.
  60. Chondroitin sulphate (CS) is a major component of the lining of joints.
  61. The cells lining the bronchi produce excess mucus in response to the.
  62. Within minutes all seats were taken and people began lining the walls.
  63. What will happen now? Walt inquires quietly, lining up beside me.
  64. The lining had, perhaps, been washed once, but I would not swear to it.
  65. The clouds had flattened a bit, with silvery gray lining their bottoms.
  66. Indeed, the cars lining the street seemed not so much parked as aborted.
  67. It also avoids emotional wear and tear on your psyche and stomach lining.
  68. Before Roman could ask what the handles lining the interior were for, he.
  69. He puts his hand on the rock next to him, his fingers lining up with mine.
  70. It is said that vitamin B12 helps to boost the endometrium lining in egg.
  71. Put it in an inside sport-coat pocket, tearing the lining in the process.
  72. This dark cloud of anguish and misery was itself to have a silver lining.
  73. Lining the sides of this tunnel were wooden racks, from floor to ceiling.
  74. Lining the wall are tapestries that glitter, glow and almost seem to move.
  75. The technique is used to destroy the uterine lining, thereby starving the.
  76. In forming a blocking it resists the flow or the gravity or space lining.
  77. The skin of his forearms prickled coldly against the lining of his jacket.
  78. The feel of the lining did not tally with the design and cut of the velvet.
  79. Endometritis is defined as infection or inflammation of the uterine lining.
  80. The boiler has a lining of sheet copper, or tin, to promote the ebullition.
  81. Vinnie scanned the assortment of unopened crates lining the rented warehouse.
  82. That way, the inflamed pouches in the lining of the colon can heal properly.
  83. Sandpaper ripped at the tender lining of his throat but he didn’t feel it.
  84. He realized he had a thick jacket on, made of soft cow hide with a wool lining.
  85. If current leak is higher, it is a warning that the condition of the lining is.
  86. The idea was to hit 80 before ramping a speed bump into the headlights lining.
  87. Nearly all cancer of the bladder begin in the urothelium (lining of the bladder).
  88. Peptic ulcers are erosions or open sores in the mucous lining of the stomach or.
  89. Mal had built a masterpiece this time, the contents molded right into the lining.
  90. She was unpicking the lining of a dress, and the strips were scattered around her.
  91. Here also we have OUR usual problems of gas, inclusion, lining wear & loss.
  92. It was unkempt, a row of crushed beer bottles and soda cans lining the windowsill.
  93. One of Magnus’s apartment keys is safely tucked into the lining of Ciere’s bra.
  94. Each refrigerated human storage shelf lining this eerie corridor was still closed.
  95. There were photographs lining the walls and awards were tucked away in every niche.
  96. It had burst open, and lay on the ground, showing a tin lining that was waterproof.
  97. Then, kneeling, she rubbed the iron on the sack lining of the hearthrug vigorously.
  98. He climbed the stairs and lost himself in the shadows of the trees lining the path.
  99. The car’s beams sliced white blades through the ash trees lining the forest drive.
  100. There was a squat snub-nosed little pistol resting in the velvet lining of the case.
  1. I lined her up on north.
  2. They were all flat lined.
  3. A fur lined riding cloak.
  4. I had a comeback lined up.
  5. The walls were lined with.
  6. Once again, he was lined up.
  7. Birthdays are all lined up.
  8. The corridor was lined with.
  9. The walls are lined in books.
  10. TV vans and cars lined both.
  11. Huge boxwoods lined the dirt.
  12. His face was lined and shrunken.
  13. Lined up outside the gate and.
  14. The others lined up behind him.
  15. The group lined up as instructed.
  16. Big houses lined the river bank.
  17. Her cloak is lined with ermine.
  18. She went down the road lined by.
  19. Two huge cushions lined the walls.
  20. It was lined with suits of armour.
  21. Pour into 9 inch pastry lined pan.
  22. No motorcycle police lined the road.
  23. There were beautiful houses lined.
  24. Weapons of nearly every kind lined.
  25. Put cake in cake tin lined with foil.
  26. The shirts team lined up for the hike.
  27. His face was lined and weatherbeaten.
  28. Behind it, cat-tails lined the shore.
  29. Woven-feather panels lined the walls.
  30. Lachey took notes in a lined journal.
  31. The ubiquitous palms that had lined.
  32. He was now lined up for the last turn.
  33. A low parapet wall lined the walkways.
  34. Flesh still lined the bones, many of.
  35. Hundreds of cars were lined up end to.
  36. Four poker tables lined up on the far.
  37. The walls had been lined with shelves.
  38. The walls were lined with men—farmers.
  39. They lined the bar counter and filled.
  40. Now that you have your supplier lined.
  41. The remaining shelves were lined with.
  42. The crowd pressed closer and lined Main.
  43. The crowd that lined the streets, as He.
  44. Rotting wooden bunk beds lined one wall.
  45. Sweat saturated their slacks and lined.
  46. Turn into pastry lined 9-inch pie plate.
  47. Bushes lined the outer edges, with odd.
  48. Plastic garbage bags lined the sidewalks.
  49. There was a single bench that lined the.
  50. Gray doors lined the end of the basement.
  51. It was very old and lined with red velvet.
  52. Kerosene-lit mirrors lined the walls of St.
  53. Tears lined up on the margins of her eyes.
  54. Her hair was white and her face was lined.
  55. The shore was lined with shade trees and.
  56. I wonder who hes lined up for this trip.
  57. Teddy bears great and small lined the wall.
  58. A skin of tabby lined his winter waistcoat.
  59. A place where cots upon cots were lined up.
  60. Swirls and spirals lined the furnace doors.
  61. He lined the spears up beyond the brush-line.
  62. Many of the women and older children lined.
  63. Some of the paths are lined with false and.
  64. He lifted his lined face and tried to smile.
  65. She stood in a room lined with marble columns.
  66. I was in a beautiful tree lined neighbourhood.
  67. A faint orange lined the horizon to the east.
  68. Brooms and cleaning supplies lined the walls.
  69. I lined them up and went back in the living.
  70. Black and gold marble columns lined the room.
  71. The walls were lined with armours and swords.
  72. Every saber was lined along a horse’s neck.
  73. Put fried leaves in a plate lined with table.
  74. Nine neatly rolled joints lined the container.
  75. Rose bushes lined the right side of the house.
  76. Cars lined the streets near the church every.
  77. The streets were lined with those he tortured.
  78. His face is drawn and lined, with a red flush.
  79. I lined them with eyeliner to look more awake.
  80. This cave is man made and is lined with slate.
  81. Drop mixture by teaspoonful’s onto lined pan.
  82. I got a treat lined up for you this weekend.
  83. Piles of church magazines lined the sofa table.
  84. Kiss the soft cheek now lined with age and care.
  85. The expansive entry way was lined with glori-.
  86. The central square was lined with leafy trees.
  87. His thick, black cloak was lined with dark fur.
  88. The cake tins should be lined with greased paper.
  89. The main drag was lined with shops and galleries.
  90. A row of black pillars lined the room’s center.
  91. To her horror, the walls were lined with mirrors.
  92. He wanted them to think he had some buyer lined.
  93. What do you have lined up this afternoon?
  94. Thousands of conventioneers were lined up on the.
  95. He put up his hood and zipped up his lined jacket.
  96. I don't even have a job lined up after graduation.
  97. The next pitch was lined into shallow left center.
  98. He hurried down the cobblestone path lined by the.
  99. Do you have everything lined out for Tuesday?
  100. The barracks lined one wall and the stables another.
  1. The lines on my face.
  2. The two lines of the.
  3. Till she saw the lines.
  4. But most of the lines.
  5. As all in straight lines.
  6. And so penned the lines.
  7. They all had a few lines.
  8. Not in lines like words.
  9. So much for pickup lines.
  10. Red lines are nothing new.
  11. Cruise Lines out of London.
  12. Then we set out the lines.
  13. We have several lines out.
  14. Let’s look at the lines.
  15. The lines are being drawn.
  16. I simply ran out of lines.
  17. I can't remember my lines.
  18. The following lines by Mr.
  19. Took a couple of lines of.
  20. And read between the lines.
  21. Till she learned the lines.
  22. Two fuel lines which they.
  23. He sketched a few lines.
  24. Her body lines blend into.
  25. The lines are clearly drawn.
  26. Nothing on the front lines.
  27. Zia studied a few more lines.
  28. The worry lines and crow's.
  29. But tell me about the lines.
  30. With that in mind the lines.
  31. And write words along lines.
  32. I traced the lines back to.
  33. Laura helped Thomas run lines.
  34. Then some wavy lines appeared.
  35. The remaining lines did not.
  36. Something along the lines of.
  37. I traced the lines on his arm.
  38. We can see the power lines.
  39. But most of the lines are a.
  40. Gray light and straight lines.
  41. Lines 269-474,Act IV, are in.
  42. He still remembered the lines.
  43. The lines sung over the phone.
  44. He calls them my beauty lines.
  45. Two Lines of Conduct Suggested.
  46. He saw between the lines and.
  47. The lines and questions were.
  48. I bet all the telephone lines.
  49. Colours and lines swirled and.
  50. Select the three web URL lines.
  51. Rhyme the lines and back fill.
  52. Finding hope in lines of rhyme.
  53. The lines and airwaves hook up.
  54. Increase the width of the lines.
  55. I can tell by the lines of her.
  56. Ideas were along the lines of;.
  57. The family lines of Noah's sons.
  58. Certain lines cannot be crossed.
  59. Worry lines etched his forehead.
  60. Decrease the width of the lines.
  61. Take a look at the lines in bold.
  62. Perhaps it's in the tired lines.
  63. He could read between the lines.
  64. Into this dream along the lines.
  65. The lines around his eyes were.
  66. He continued the last few lines.
  67. Up and over the telegraph lines.
  68. Tried to think in straight lines.
  69. They are not regular code lines.
  70. Sometimes I even had a few lines.
  71. They released two lines of rocks.
  72. On the bridge the crew lines up.
  73. I was thinking on the same lines.
  74. Following are a few lines on the.
  75. Teach added lines below the bass.
  76. So throw down those mooring lines.
  77. The lines are of eleven andseven.
  78. IGRP is assuming that both lines.
  79. Worry lines streaked his forehead.
  80. Where the rounding Pi curving lines.
  81. One of my phone lines began to ring.
  82. The ceremony goes along these lines.
  83. No TV, no Internet, no phone lines.
  84. The time for lines and boundaries.
  85. The last lines run the pool is up.
  86. There are hardly any border lines.
  87. They followed the lines but found.
  88. The same thing is true in all lines.
  89. Morse looked at the last four lines.
  90. So we have two different lines of.
  91. Then there are four lines smeared.
  92. Thomas remember his lines, all of.
  93. He pointed at the lines of numbers.
  94. Something along the lines about a.
  95. You need to read between the lines.
  96. Six lines can also be used to help.
  97. Since cruise lines have shifted to.
  98. Where the lines intersect models a.
  99. Other lines were more cryptic still.
  100. Some cruise lines have pulled away.

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