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Frasi con twig (in inglese)

  1. A twig broke behind him.
  2. He had heard a twig snap.
  3. Not a twig on it—nothing.
  4. A twig cracked now and then.
  5. Mistress Twig stood behind us.

  6. If somebody twig a trig of a.
  7. It was the voice of Mistress Twig.
  8. I heard the crack of a twig first.
  9. The wagtail hops from twig to twig.
  10. Twig had been with us all of the days.
  11. The occasional twig cracked underfoot.
  12. Another twig, closer this time, snapped.
  13. She thought she heard another twig break.
  14. As they flitted from small twig to twig.
  15. A wet twig snapped off to Rave’s right.

  16. You must have heard me step on a twig –.
  17. As I took a step away, another twig snapped.
  18. He faced in the direction of the snapped twig.
  19. A snapping twig interrupted their conversation.
  20. I didn’t really twig that she has passed out.
  21. Then he broke off the twig and took it with him.
  22. Mistress Prism and Mistress Twig did it so subtly.
  23. She untangled a piece of twig and sat staring at it.
  24. I told Islandia that I did remember Twig saying that.
  25. Being a twig, everything always looks awesome on her.

  26. The sound of a twig snapping in the distance stops me.
  27. The third to draw was Arthur and he got the short twig.
  28. The occasional twig slapping her face reminded her to.
  29. He breaks a twig off a nearby tree and tosses it high.
  30. The twig she'd used to brush her teeth lay in one hand.
  31. With that twig the worst I should fear is a splinter.
  32. It was then that a twig broke in the denser trees behind.
  33. But soon, her arm healed and spouted a tiny twig like arm.
  34. Before I’d driven back the last twig, spring had receded.
  35. He used his mouth to moisten the twig and then slipped the.
  36. She reached up and impaled the half-apple on a broken twig.
  37. Look out! The bottle’s hot! Here, wrap a twig around it.
  38. He picked up a small twig and ran its sharp end across his hand.
  39. And just as he started to turn he heard a twig snap behind him.
  40. He spoke with the twig sticking out of his mouth like an insult.
  41. Ceder reluctantly accepted the twig from his outstretched hands.
  42. A twig snapped at his feet and the deer's head shot up immediately.
  43. Sex role socialization and the nursery school: As the twig is bent.
  44. Outside, she heard something, a step, and a twig snapping underfoot.
  45. I'm an African man, and I like my woman built like a woman, not a twig.
  46. He positioned the twig carefully on the bedside table and took her hand.
  47. Mistress Prism and Mistress Twig arrived this day shortly after sunrise.
  48. Pa placed another twig an inch above the water and settled back to watch.
  49. Twig led Ivonia, with us all following, around the area in a large circle.
  50. She asked me if I remembered what Mistress Twig said about our apartments.
  51. What the heck was that? Zipping up, he looked around and found a long twig.
  52. The torsion on the clamp snapped the strong composite like a brittle twig.
  53. But no leaf must have separated from a twig because the silence was total.
  54. Within moments Mistress Twig had gathered me up and wrapped me in a blanket.
  55. A twig snapped somewhere to his right and he jerked his head in that direction.
  56. Then the old man stopped again and pointed to a twig that lay across the path.
  57. Yes, said Jai, wondering how a twig could cut through bone, good thing.
  58. And the moon: We have disposed it in phases, until it returns like the old twig.
  59. He had curly hair and a mocking smile, and he was picking his teeth with a twig.
  60. Islandia then asked how many days Mistress Twig had been here with us since then.
  61. The relay's just a dead twig forty feet up in the small branches of a tree outside.
  62. A twig broke; the snapping-sound still rang in her ears as she scanned her vicinity.
  63. He trailed along the fence and picked up the snap of a twig some way beyond, then a.
  64. Maybe they hadn’t heard, but on the tails of that thought came the snap of a twig.
  65. But… she stopped suddenly and turned to the side when she heard a twig break.
  66. Pa leaned out the door and placed a twig on the cat-walk, just above the water line.
  67. I had no clue about whether my First Cock might possibly outrank either Prism or Twig.
  68. He looked back up at Zoe, who was playing with a piece of twig wedged in the rock face.
  69. Mistress Prism handed Mistress Twig a leash, and Twig snapped it onto Ivonia’s collar.
  70. With the hermit busy grinding another batch of salve, Nerissa used a twig to write these.
  71. Deshavi’s foot snapped a twig and Trent looked around and showed surprise at seeing her.
  72. The snap of a small twig would bring a startled look back toward where they had come from.
  73. She started forward, into a face-full of leaves – a twig snatched at her cheek, ripping.
  74. You can turn this to advantage by inserting a twig into the nests and gently withdrawing it.
  75. She heard a twig snap in a way that was inconsistent with the rest of the sounds around her.
  76. Joey lifted the spear as shield, but the cossik snapped through it with its jaws like a twig.
  77. I grabbed a twig lying nearby and used it to pick the gun up, placing it in my coat’s pocket.
  78. A crushed twig, or a scuffed patch of earth was all he would need to send him off in the right.
  79. He couldn’t avoid making a crackling sound here and there when his hand moved or broke a twig.
  80. A twig is an oak tree, I admit as small of a tree as one can be, but an oak tree never-the-less.
  81. He was always dependent on her that he was just a simple, breakable twig connected to the mother.
  82. He brushed bits of twig from his jacket sleeves and tried to brush off the memory of the unbroken stare.
  83. Surely a girl like me should kneel before a big strong man rather than a female like either Twig or Prism.
  84. She was no more: the trembling skeleton of a twig burnt in the fire, an odour of rosewood and wetted ashes.
  85. You may tell by looking at any twig of the forest, ay, at your very wood-pile, whether its winter is past or not.
  86. Islandia asked me to think back to our first morning in the hut when Mistress Twig and Mistress Prism talked to us.
  87. He still doesn’t twig that it’s me that’s holding him and holding him inches from my face in the first place.
  88. On his way home, as he was riding through a green thicket, a hazel twig brushed against him and knocked off his hat.
  89. Hunter is the little boy who loves baseball so much that even a small twig and a tiny pinecone become a bat and ball.
  90. The man rose to his knees and then to his feet, his bones popping like a civilian breaking every twig on a nature hike.
  91. So still and perfect was the silence that even at that distance above I distinctly heard a twig snap beneath his tread.
  92. And as our ears and eyes are opening, so the twig will grow with the potential of producing fruit, in this case, acorns.
  93. Ay, every leaf and twig and stone and cobweb sparkles now at mid-afternoon as when covered with dew in a spring morning.
  94. If Amonas was indeed mad, he would have probably gone berserk and snapped his neck like a twig in the best case scenario.
  95. He advanced carefully, trying not to make a sound, but stepped on a twig and caused a loud crack to ring through the air.
  96. I could feel his influence rolling over me, sweeping me up in it like a twig in a flood, but I pulled back, away from him.
  97. He grasped everything in his hands and slowly raised himself upright still scanning every tree, bush and twig around him.
  98. He stood almost holding his breath in his painful intensity, straining his ears for some crack of twig or rustle of grass.
  99. He turned to see Guinier propped against a large mossy rock, breaking off pieces of a twig and tossing them into the water.
  100. He is peering over Hoenir’s shoulder and through a magnifying glass, a magical device Hoenir is holding over a small twig.
  1. This notion that I was in some unspecified way gifted, based on me twigging who had stolen her.
  1. Something twigged within Caesar but he held his tongue.
  2. I twigged it, knew it; had had the gift, might readily have prophesied it—for when I clapped my eye upon his skull I saw it.
  3. When I said to Molly the man at the corner of Cuffe street was goodlooking, thought she might like, twigged at once he had a false arm.
  4. Pin pricks of light glittered in the growing darkness, unusual clusters that had me confused until I twigged they were not stars at all but lights from mountain houses.
  5. At last, he twigged me so smartly as to fetch blood in more than one lash: at sight of which he flung down the rod, flew to me, kissed away the starting drops, and sucking the wounds eased a good deal of my pain.
  1. The turgor in the twigs.
  2. Branches and twigs and things.
  3. The latticework of twigs and.
  4. I heard snapping of twigs ahead.
  5. From twigs she saw husks hanging.
  6. Twigs cracked and leaves crunched.
  7. They cleaned their boots with twigs.
  8. She continued to collect the twigs and.
  9. Let the twigs snap and the leaves crunch.
  10. Place the clay on a pile of sticks and twigs.
  11. Ma came out and built her little fire of twigs.
  12. Consolidate with turf or with twigs and leaves.
  13. This led to shoving leaves and twigs into its.
  14. It sounded like the snapping of twigs underfoot.
  15. A stomping and crushing of leaves and twigs was.
  16. Somehow the twigs and leaves had been magically.
  17. But then he stands, and his knees crack like twigs.
  18. Then she stripped a few long thin twigs off of them.
  19. Byron leaves and stiff twigs shielded him perfectly.
  20. Twigs snapped under his heel and the black mulch of.
  21. I then pecked at the ground and began to gather twigs.
  22. He had twigs in his hand and went drumming the plates.
  23. The papa was glad that the birch was covered with twigs.
  24. Take any tree and split off one of its branches or twigs.
  25. Rhone searched the floor for small twigs and pine cones.
  26. Pile on some twigs so I can see, he said to Hazel.
  27. Rocks and twigs tore my hands as I pulled myself forward.
  28. She thought she heard snapping twigs and heavy footsteps.
  29. Nyla stood up and brushed the dirt and twigs off her pants.
  30. Out of the trunk, the branches grow; out of them, the twigs.
  31. Tiny gaps within the countless leaves and twigs allowed us.
  32. Chimpanzees removed the leaves from twigs before using them.
  33. The twigs of the trees at its foot were stretched out stiff.
  34. Twigs cracked on the other side of the bushes, and Hal tensed.
  35. He stood up and gathered some twigs with which to start a fire.
  36. The huge figure blundered past in a shower of leaves and twigs.
  37. Lezura gently lowered Joey onto the ground of leaves and twigs.
  38. Jade was striking a flint to a bunch of dried leaves and twigs.
  39. A thick bed of leaves and fallen twigs crunched underneath him.
  40. One of them climbed on the willow and broke off a lot of twigs.
  41. But he gave me yarn and twigs for setting Leode’s broken wing.
  42. The paint brushes were like useless twigs in this boy's thick hands.
  43. At first it was slight: a faded trail, the twigs that had hung over.
  44. World Tree thereincrease the number of various leaves and twigs there.
  45. The cracking of twigs and heavy panting sent a chill through his body.
  46. I could feel the twigs giving way beneath the tires, so I hit the gas.
  47. Name? I asked, noticing small twigs and bits of leaf in his beard.
  48. The twigs and blossoms trembled for awhile after the fall, and stopped.
  49. They howled their indignation and hurled leaves and twigs at the boats.
  50. She fed twigs to the fire, and the flames laced up and lighted the tent.
  51. When I saw it between the twigs of the slingshot, I released the pebble.
  52. I heard the crunch of twigs and the thump of something hitting the ground.
  53. See how the twigs are broken? It was thrown as a man might throw a pebble.
  54. After pulling the twigs and sticks out of my clothes and skin, the front.
  55. Dead leaves and twigs swept to one side, fallen branches and weeds removed.
  56. She put some small twigs on and soon had a few inches of flame springing up.
  57. Some of the smaller twigs snapped beneath it, making me doubt it would hold.
  58. He could hear small beasts making rustling sounds among the twigs and leaves.
  59. Ma had started a fire of dry willow twigs, and she had a pan of water heating.
  60. Ow, she muttered as leaves, twigs and seed pods rained down on her head.
  61. From behind her, the sound of crunching leaves and cracking twigs grew louder.
  62. She took two long twigs and stuck them into the hole underneath the small stone.
  63. Their caress was more exquisitely painful than any birch twigs or leather thongs.
  64. The animals made it thru the dark, one was chewing some of the smaller dead twigs.
  65. These could be pegged through with small supple twigs while the mud is still soft.
  66. Suddenly he heard some twigs snap, and he knew they had snapped under a human foot.
  67. The word taiga is of Russian origin; apparently, it means "the land of small twigs".
  68. His hair was tangled with so many thorns and twigs, it looked like a bird’s nest.
  69. They dropped two legs of a table upon the fire and a scattering of twigs and leaves.
  70. Before Columbus reached America, he saw birds and twigs which showed him land was near.
  71. The fellow's kinky wool was built up into horn-like spindles with twigs and dried mud.
  72. My fears became reality as I heard Dublin coming closer, his big hooves breaking twigs.
  73. Sidney was being dragged through the forest and the twigs were scratching her bare arms.
  74. Janet mused over the Paget family tree and thought about its various twigs and branches.
  75. It was a barren winter tree that reached for a stark sky with empty twigs and branches.
  76. On the ground nearby was a cage made of twigs and rushes containing three live chickens.
  77. Jack raced through the brush, his feet pounding over crunching leaves and snapping twigs.
  78. The trees rustled again and a small pile of branches and twigs sat in front of the cave.
  79. This time, it was the game of collecting old plates and twigs and hurling at each other.
  80. He put twigs and sticks on the fire and some heat and light radiated through the shelter.
  81. With its head bowed, the swan picked what little grass, twigs, and pieces of mulch it could.
  82. He lowered himself to the ground and knelt behind a bush, peering through the leafless twigs.
  83. The greyness is not slate, but a living mass of twigs and feathers and the underside of leaves.
  84. Nut sticks make such fine whips, but they do not last; while birch twigs are just the opposite.
  85. Then came a field of impenetrable waist-high bushes that seemed to have talons instead of twigs.
  86. When he returned, he piled the logs he carried into the hole along with twigs and small branches.
  87. It was arid and gritty, mixed in with bits of flint and twigs; there was even a pistachio shell.
  88. It grows to 24m (80ft) with a pointed shape, bears cones and has needles in tufts along the twigs.
  89. He put off his wooden shoes and pushed aside the twigs of the hedge until he had made a peep hole.
  90. Collecting dry twigs and leaves from around the edge of the mire, he placed these on top of the mud.
  91. Kerala watched, attentively, as Akenji assembled some of the smallest twigs and dried leaves in the.
  92. I learned those acrobatics by picking up twigs from the yard for our winter kindling, he offered.
  93. He needed to burn off dead twigs and branches on a regular basis and that’s where he used to do it.
  94. Putting the twigs in one pile, then cutting the branch in three pieces and putting it in another pile.
  95. But I thought that he might have covered it lightly with earth and twigs and finished his work at night.
  96. Looking around he can see the badly disguised footprints and scatterings of moss covered twigs and wood.
  97. When the twigs had caught well, they put on the brushwood, and in a few minutes they had a blazing fire.
  98. Darting his eyes back and forth, he stirred at the sound of twigs breaking as if someone was approaching.
  99. Her teeth sank away from her lips, the delicate fingers hung like charred twigs from her atrophied wrists.
  100. Malcolm can see where leaves had been thrown into the footprints along with moss covered twigs and branches.

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