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    1. "When I unwrapped them this spring I found an aluminum stuck in the treads

    2. She looks like she’s stuck in one paralyzing thought, like when a squirrel freezes up in the middle of the road

    3. his spear stuck in the ground at his bolster: but Abner and

    4. The principal stuck her head out of her office, “Johnny Clunker, I will see you now

    5. Clunker, are you coming or not?” the principal asked again with an irritated voice as she stuck her head back out

    6. “I would have known all about it if I wasn’t stuck in radio silence land,” he pouted with a completely straight face, something that only Ackers could do

    7. I stuck it out for a good while, but it was making me ill … in the end, I let my house out and moved away

    8. Silence landed on the wall and stuck to it, orientating herself and getting ready to pounce

    9. They were stuck with each other at the time

    10. Replace sticky mat when roaches are stuck on it

    1. you don’t ever spark the match can you create fire? Yes, I get it, you can rub sticks together, but you’re still taking action when you’re rubbing the sticks together

    2. She sticks her tongue out at me

    3. Once she caught her breath she found some tiny sticks more by feel than sight

    4. In this most affluent of cultures on this world, more than half the population cooks with the dead sticks that fall from the trees

    5. He didn't say a thing, just kept tossing sticks he snapped off into the fire

    6. He continued to throw sticks in while she got settled

    7. " He continued to throw sticks in the fire

    8. backtracks quickly, sticks his head inside the room

    9. Dave sticks his head out the window

    10. He takes off his hat, sticks his head inside the car abruptly as if to look around

    1. Everyone was focused on the fight except for Ackers, who turned his head and looked at the sword sticking out of the wall

    2. She still has a couple strands of purple hair sticking out of her knuckles

    3. The boy held out the paper in answer, his mouth still open as he looked at the weird gadget sticking out of the front door

    4. ’ I said automatically, sticking on a smile

    5. the already sticking boot release with the heel of his right hand, and heaved at the

    6. Ricci and Ahmed share a Jacuzzi, their heads sticking up out of a mountain of foam

    7. The sticking point was native passage thru the territory

    8. The pressure sensitive ones like his had little plastic bumps sticking out of the plank and the wood was well finished instead of rough-sawn

    9. The driver of this last example of a long since fallen British automotive empire splashed disconsolately towards the rear of the vehicle, depressed the already sticking boot release with the heel of his right hand, and heaved at the tailgate with his left

    10. He had to find some way to get her to understand that he wasn't sticking to Desa because he thought Desa was such a vastly superior person, it was because of the Christial monogamy conditioning

    1. Scar couldn’t tell how she was able to stick to the wall like that, but it mattered little

    2. Some lizards and insects can live either way, but they can only stick to the walls

    3. A big enough stick to use as a club

    4. He'd always wanted to be a monster since he was little, but Peter had gotten his head beat with the reality stick one too many times (that's what Ma called her favorite cane) and he knew a panhandler was all he'd ever grow up to be

    5. He watches while Bush racks the balls, takes up a stick and chalks the end of it

    6. He points at the pool table with his stick

    7. He walks over, lines up his stick on the cue ball, expertly sinks a shot

    8. pitch was interesting but hardly your average bit of foreign cheese on a cocktail stick

    9. "She popped it with a stick years ago, but don't tell her dad she said that, please

    10. "You've been ringing around everyone in the fuckin' county to stick their nose into police business and what good has it done you? Nothin'

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    stick in English

    pierce penetrate puncture spear stab impale gore pin rod branch stalk switch shoot pole bat billet adhere cling hold cleave cohere abide persist remain

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    stick joint marijuana cigarette reefer spliff control stick joystick peg pin amaze baffle beat bewilder dumbfound flummox get gravel mystify nonplus perplex pose puzzle stupefy vex sting adhere cleave cling cohere bind bond hold fast stick to deposit lodge wedge stay stay put stick around stand by stick by pierce penetrate puncture spear stab impale gore rod branch stalk switch shoot pole bat billet hold abide persist remain