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Frasi con unfreeze (in inglese)

  1. I hesitated but I did unfreeze him.
  2. I was sent a pin number to use whenever I decided to unfreeze my account.
  3. That when I stepped off the train, all my old pals would unfreeze, run down, meet me at the station.
  4. Truth be told, it took Schnottblower some amount of time to unfreeze his locked knees as he saw the van hurtling toward him.
  5. The Fed was more concerned with skyrocketing unemployment, falling home prices, a weak consumer, and credit markets that have yet to unfreeze.

  6. In an attempt to unfreeze the credit markets and get money flowing again, the Federal Reserve announced on March 18, 2009, that it planned to buy $300 billion of long-term Treasuries over the next six months.

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  1. Hell had unfrozen over.
  2. The Illustrated Man, unfrozen, vanished among the tents.
  3. The frozen spinach (or fresh if you have that available) can be unfrozen in the.
  4. It can still see, hear, and think while frozen, making it very dangerous to be in its vicinity when unfrozen.
  5. For five days my patrols scoured the countryside and just when all hope seemed gone, a patrol noticed an unfrozen creek.
  6. A cavity would thus be produced between that superficial layer of frozen ground which was rising, and the unfrozen ground below.
  7. The Klaxworms were stirring, having unfrozen from their nightly freezing, prepared to begin another day of overpopulation-induced heatwaves and boiled organs.
  8. The surface of the ground, therefore, (without at all disturbing the unfrozen earth below,) was, by the expansive effort of the freezing water, pushed along towards the elevated spot.
  1. He swaps out the peanut for a gummy bear, rubs a little chocolate on Todd's face, and unfreezes time.
  1. Peter and Jessica yelled at him to move as the room unfroze.
  2. Giles picked up a jug of wine, and at last Caris’s mind started to work and her body unfroze.
  3. Out of these Eggs jump’d candied Chicks, flapping their candied Wings! Upon another Occasion, said she, her Mistress had caus’d the Table to resemble a lovely Greensward whereupon Trees burst suddenly into Leaf, Rivers unfroze, and Flow’rs pok’d their Heads above the Earth.

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