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Frasi con unload (in inglese)

  1. He helped her to unload.
  2. Let’s unload your things now.
  3. Load and unload the dishwasher.
  4. You’re here stop now and unload.
  5. Could you help us unload them?

  6. Might as well unload, she said.
  7. Who's going to unload the van?
  8. He was too scared to stop and unload.
  9. Paul moved quickly to unload the boxes.
  10. Sergeant, Captain, unload the supplies.
  11. I'll unload the presents! Joseph Jr.
  12. Tom helped load and unload the stretchers.
  13. Immediately, he began to unload his cart.
  14. Have you unload all the goods yet?
  15. Max and Homer were about to unload the two luggage.

  16. I could unload nearly fifty, said the Patrón.
  17. It took most of the morning to unload and set up the.
  18. From the above eight Icons select Data Load / Unload.
  19. They simply did not have enough shuttle to unload the.
  20. I wanted to unload everything and do that properly and.
  21. Cecily dropped Christina off and helped unload the bike.
  22. Mathur to unload the bags of amenities and food and to.
  23. Ted told Harriet we should unload the car in the morning.
  24. Airport ground crews will unload your cargo now, Captain.

  26. In that case, just let me unload what we immediately need.
  27. The girls then ran over to help their brother unload presents.
  28. We made frequent stops to load and unload cargo and pay tolls.
  29. When the pilot had parked the plane, Harold started to unload.
  30. The driver can unload his tipper while the indicator light is.
  31. So, some smart money that is already invested, may unload now.
  32. Nipper, give us a hand to unload these panniers, called Pete.
  33. Captain Hawes wanted to first unload the summer’s harvest in.
  34. It was the place to come to buy a gun, or unload a car, or both.
  35. We drove into the street and before we even started to unload not.
  36. On the other side, watching the porters unload our cases were four.
  37. Driving over there to unload my possessions which would not be so.
  38. Leesa hadn’t planned to unload on Cali—it just seemed to happen.
  39. Where would this C-54 normally unload its passengers, Sergeant?
  40. Apparently deciding it was safe to unload his bitterness, he continued.
  41. Scot was about to unload on me when Clive firmly removed irate gentleman.
  42. She climbed out of the car and opened the rear hatch to unload groceries.
  43. All we had to do was unload, and have a nap, and think up our next stunt.
  44. The trucks were supposed to unload at Burton's and proceed to the Halifax.
  45. Then we will sort this further after you are able to unload your things.
  46. Off they went to help the cooks unload the gear for that peculiar profession.
  47. Johnny Dent stayed behind with a group of natives who helped him unload the.
  48. Then the boys began to unload the dozens of milk cans they had brought along.
  49. Allcock was directing porters to the correct compartment to unload their things.
  50. That would leave the TALUGA free to unload its cargo under the cover of darkness.
  51. Stone helped Dino unload his drums in their cases and load them into the elevator.
  52. If I can unload at that time, I’ll have a profit for the trade (I paid only $12.
  53. You put her down on the outside of the barrier and unload your things from the SUV.
  54. I ignored him, stepping around to the back of the SUV to help Joss unload our cargo.
  55. Soon, the train halted on platform number two to unload its load of weary passengers.
  56. Oh, leave them to it, Sally, go and unload the picnic stuff from the boot of the car.
  57. I wonder why Gregor is here to watch a ship unload? muttered Teal, thinking aloud.
  58. As we helped unload these endless bags and sacks, Andrew almost lost his gift of speech.
  59. Having failed to unload the chocolate on the baron, maybe he’s looking for another buyer.
  60. I’m the verbal-spit Smith Wesson, I unload with sick spit the quick wick could split a.
  61. I’m going to let John fly the chopper, help him unload it and then he can fly back tonight.
  62. It will unload the troops and return to England, perhaps making a stop in the south for cotton.
  63. Kareem’s group were instructed to load the truck, then walk over to the mess hall to unload it.
  64. The father would back the family van very close to the front door to load and unload the children.
  65. Finally the time arrives when the armada of space craft come to unload the starship Grailem is on.
  66. Voices could be heard outside of the command building as men began to unload truckloads of engines.
  67. Panicking tremendously, Elizabeth kept on uttering words just to unload the heaviness from her chest.
  68. It is with a great sense of satisfaction that I unload the shopping from the car back at the cottage.
  69. In four days I have spent only twenty-five sous, which I earned by helping unload some wagons at Grasse.
  70. A few kids ran to help him unload smaller melons; the atmosphere was more that of a picnic than a class.
  71. Then we had to unload everything and dig out sufficient bedding and so on for Liz to cope for the night.
  72. Shall we unload the other case? the reverend queried as he collected the other case from the foyer.
  73. The train can only afford to wait for as long as it would have taken to unload the booty, which will.
  74. I kept looking up to see if a bus load of tourist wasn't suddenly going to park and unload near our car.
  75. Many of the wounded asked them not to unload the carts but only to let them sit on the top of the things.
  76. To unload your holdings on the basis of what the indexes are doing is ridiculous given this basic concept.
  77. During the summer of 2009, ships waiting to unload at China’s booming Qingdao Port were lined up 10 deep.
  78. After I unload these cattle and fleece, I intend very much to get reacquainted with her, that's for sure.
  79. As the robots unload the cargo Grailem drops to the ground and slowly edges his way out from under the truck.
  80. The other members of the band were setting up by the time we got there; I’d helped unload Alastair’s gear.
  81. It took the better part of two days to unload Blondie’s ship where Katherine’s had only taken a few hours.
  82. It was almost midnight when Travis helped unload the Kirkes at their doctor-friend's large house in Westmount.
  83. In a very little while the wagon was near enough to the levee break to unload some of the timbers needed there.
  84. He quickly assembled a crew to unload the soda fountain components, uncrate them, and move them into the canteen.
  85. Cornell's sisters was overheard to remark that it would be a dreadful thing when the ship began really to unload.
  86. Waters here come on let’s have a hand to unload it come on get off your asses and get your bloody fingers out.
  87. Merthin directed the owner to unload his stone in the pasture and ferry his cart back across the river to the town.
  88. The big man began to unload packages from the plane while the slim man secured it to anchor points with steel cables.
  89. He could also see a few cranes at the side, that were used to unload the ships, and a long cargo ship moored nearby.
  90. As to the matter of payment for the delivery of this cargo, we are prepared to offer you this ship once we unload it.
  91. That son-of-a-bitch! back off, you bastard! I’ll slow down and when he passes, I’ll unload the canon on him!.
  92. When a load comes in from the warehouse, we can unload it off the truck and take it directly to the aisles for stocking.
  93. Three of the drones began to unload the cargo, while the fourth climbed into the passenger cabin to retrieve our backpacks.
  94. Then home to unload, count the taking for the day, freshen up, and then decide what they would do to celebrate that evening.
  95. There were also no lighter service barges and only a few stevedores to help unload the ships waiting their turn at the wharf.
  96. After helping her and the crew unload the vans and put everything back in the shop, Liu had declined; as she’d expected him to.
  97. After a season or holiday is over, the unsold items can be bought for almost nothing because the stores simply want to unload them.
  98. They stand at the door for a few seconds when Stef impatiently says; �Use your key; we need to unload and get the car out of sight.
  99. It was basic enough, archers would unload their quivers from the rooftops while below them, the streets filled with the walking dead.
  100. Alright, I promise I won’t unload the clip into his ass, but I will shoot him in the knee caps if he doesn’t hand over the money.
  1. Unloading of cargo from the A1was.
  2. You will have no troubles unloading.
  3. They started him unloading packets of frozen food.
  4. Trucks never stopped unless loading and unloading.
  5. How would you like to proceed for the unloading?
  6. I scooted over away from the unloading ramp and told.
  7. Shuttles had finished the unloading of the Arton Four.
  8. He sees a few men down the street unloading a small van.
  9. Have the troops get their arms, and let's start unloading.
  10. Martha placed her purse on the counter and began unloading.
  11. All of that unloading of boxes in the compound, he surmised.
  12. He pushed aside his reverie and started unloading the overly.
  13. She moved to the checkout line and started unloading the food.
  14. But the work of unloading, once started, could not be arrested.
  15. Started like young Jackson there in the stores unloading wagons.
  16. Apart from the unloading of the ship, nothing else has happened.
  17. He took it out again and stripped it down unloading the cartridges.
  18. As they were unloading the cart into the barn, Nathan Reeve arrived.
  19. March 20, 2125: Priority had been given to unloading A1because Mars.
  20. I showed him around the cabin and then he started unloading the truck.
  21. Then, of course, we had to oversee the unloading of all the furniture.
  22. Hey, Tracker, are they unloading what I think they are unloading?
  23. Robotic manipulators whirred back and forth loading and unloading cargo.
  24. All you have left to do is coordinate the unloading with the dock master.
  25. Charles said the men are unloading supplies and equipment this morning.
  26. He remembered one Sunday when Alice was unloading a guitar from her VW van.
  27. Sergeant Kasam was drinking from his bottle while directing the unloading.
  28. John the android is meanwhile unloading various boxes and bags from the ship.
  29. P A F ships attacked the landing sites even as the transports were unloading.
  30. Berndt settles Adamant into the stall beside her and begins unloading our bags.
  31. The ramp slid to the ground, and ship’s personnel started unloading equipment.
  32. Unloading the two pigs to their new quarters Pregnant female and very thin male.
  33. Hurrying back, he found the main group loafing after having completed the unloading.
  34. The cart was full enough, so he started wheeling it to the nearest unloading station.
  35. Harold was still unloading when I swung open the passenger door knocking him out cold.
  36. Ralph left Alan Fernhill to supervise the unloading, and walked towards his new house.
  37. Going to the motel and unloading their luggage in their room took less than ten minutes.
  38. That, and in the mechanics of unloading big crates onto the quay in forecasted squalls.
  39. We would have to trail them like beagles and spot their unloading without being spotted.
  40. As Grailem suspected the unloading is carried out entirely by robots and he bides his time.
  41. Wagons were hurrying in both directions down the middle, loading and unloading at the edges.
  42. Our driver began unloading packages and provisions from the boot and seemed to take forever.
  43. As I moved into the checkout line, I began unloading the five cases of cat food from my cart.
  44. With the unloading of the barge now going smoothly, Moshe left the details of the hod loading.
  45. Tea? I proposed, with Lizzy unloading the shopping into the fridge in the service kitchen.
  46. Unloading and unpacking: This is when your clear instructions could save tons of valuable time.
  47. For lack of room to put them, several of the Titanic's boats, after unloading, were set adrift.
  48. No I don't, we'll be standing the last shift, that takes concentration, then we'll be unloading.
  49. The rebels were all heading toward Greenwich Square, where the airship was still unloading soldiers.
  50. The two women finished unloading Michelle’s car and put everything into one of the spare bedrooms.
  51. As they were unloading the truck, she asked, What about the kayaks? I’m not hauling these things.
  52. The robot places the case on the end of one of the benches and walks back to help continue unloading.
  53. Keeping close to the microchip's cases he watches the efficient unloading of the craft by the robots.
  54. She had a few bags slung over her back, as though Lauderay’s man hadn’t got round to unloading her.
  55. Every ship that comes through has to cast here for customs and it's a right haul unloading with longboats.
  56. The unloading of their whaler boat and of their heavy luggage would start as well no sooner than tomorrow.
  57. Stevedores immediately swarmed over the cargo ship efficiently unloading everything into nearby warehouses.
  58. After unloading and accepting a celebratory coffee and cake, we drove back over the rise and down my drive.
  59. We carry all the bags into the kitchen and start unloading, but I keep finding things that aren't ornaments.
  60. I brought both pistols back up and began unloading them into the remaining live occupants of the mangled SUV.
  61. It would take them a while to work at unloading the rock just as it had taken us a lot of time to put it there.
  62. He went to work as a stevedore at nine shillings a day, loading and unloading the ships that came into the harbor.
  63. That was the plan, but the Communications troops got drafted for so many unloading details—they never made it.
  64. With unloading complete the cargo doors close and the craft taxis out of the huge building and out onto the runway.
  65. Now then, unloading the ingots from those galleons at the port of Vigo would have been a violation of their rights.
  66. He traced the production line, the berry receiving area, the cauldrons, the overhead track and unloading system….
  67. With a little thought, and a dash of TLC, you’ll be unloading that same tent after camping trips 20 years from now.
  68. W Beach seemed to have turned into a giant stores depot and the tasks of unloading these supplies seemed never ending.
  69. With short positions when markets are failing, too many investors are unloading as markets fall, creating instability.
  70. I fully authorize you at once to assume the command of the Pharaon, and look carefully to the unloading of her freight.
  71. Going down two levels, Tina found Denise Lonsdale supervising the unloading of the crates of rare metals with three men.
  72. These trailers were never towed behind a car, but arrived on big flatbed trucks and after unloading never went anywhere.
  73. As Abi and I are unloading the shopping, Ben re-appears looking calm and reports that he has carried out my instructions.
  74. It's just that the constant loading and unloading of the magazine is tiresome, and is not good for the ammunition, either.
  75. John, listening, sat down on the steps of the unloading platform, shut his eyes, shook his head, and bellowed with laughter.
  76. After a few seconds both groups head for the C-17 and start unloading the crates of equipment we brought from Pioneer Base.
  77. Less than one hour after the start of the unloading, the first American ground convoy was leaving the quays for Ramat David.
  78. After unloading the final shipment, there was a methane explosion at the sewage company, which killed your father instantly.
  79. Across the street, a film crew was busy unloading camera equipment from a truck and laying out the pieces before a building.
  80. Coast Guard expertise led to nautical engineering modifications which made oil tanker navigation, loading and unloading safer.
  81. Jamie took his son down to the McGregor Shipping Line, and pointed out half a dozen ships loading and unloading in the harbor.
  82. The loading, pushing the cart, and unloading the crystals at the bottom of the pit was tiring and his muscles had become sore.
  83. Do you recall who was charged with the responsibility of providing communications for the petroleum unloading operations?
  84. They found Prince Varek unloading the last of his bricks off his back and walking to the mouth of the cave to retrieve some more.
  85. Me Elijah and Johnny were on one of the makeshift piers unloading what Johnny informed us was an old trawler that had just docked.
  86. On the day following his liberation, he saw, at Grasse, in front of an orange-flower distillery, some men engaged in unloading bales.
  87. The head principal tried to grab the microphone from Lunarey's hand, yet Lunarey shoved her aside and kept on unloading at the crowd.
  88. On the other side of the wharf was the USS LANGLEY, which was busy unloading through a side ramp the vehicles of Ingrid’s air group.
  89. Mom, you could not possibly understand what happened today, so let’s just put the gas in and go, I said unloading the canisters.
  90. Charlie had assigned his father and Chef the task of unloading the van while he sorted out the tables and putting the display cases out.
  91. Saburo went to join his master near the mules as ashigaru soldiers were unloading the bundles off the mules and opening them on the ground.
  92. Unloading the gun, she handed it back to Terry and saw Carolyn standing a little way back from them, a wide smile plastered across her face.
  93. The unloading of the convoy once in Manila harbor will however take many days, during which those ships will be very vulnerable to air attacks.
  94. The cargo doors open out into empty space showing more Starship‘s behind waiting in the queue as one of the unloading craft lands on the deck.
  95. Unloading the ration trucks, captives saw beans, vegetables, and other nutritious fare, yet at mealtime, these items were almost never in their bowls.
  96. There was one thing that never failed during the unloading and swimming and that was the Turkish artillery that bombarded the beaches at every chance.
  97. It turns out that a scumbag named Hermie, whom I saw one year later unloading a load of furniture at Peppertree Apartments, took charge of the MBR.
  98. I stand feeling like a spare part, watching the unloading of the wagon and revelling in the not unpleasant scent of hay and horses which permeates the air.
  99. Into the depths of the truck, and subsequently surrounded by equipment too ponderous for unloading except by oversized forklift, they concealed the cocaine.
  100. They nearly dropped me unloading off the wagon, placed my box on a dolly and tilted me as they trundled it inside a vast Hall that echoed with their footsteps.
  1. Here I unloaded the kicker.
  2. Unloaded, it weighed only 4.
  3. A cab unloaded her at Penn Station.
  4. I handed her the unloaded MP7A1 and.
  5. After the last truck was unloaded, Lt.
  6. The containers are being unloaded.
  7. All the craft were being rapidly unloaded.
  8. They unloaded their pallets onto the crate.
  9. They were also to be unloaded by the time.
  10. I’m sorry I unloaded on you last night.
  11. Together they unloaded the coal in the yard.
  12. They unloaded their bags and waited some more.
  13. Miller and the boys unloaded the broken wagon.
  14. Only after I had unloaded it all by myself did.
  15. With the truck unloaded, Janey hopped back in and.
  16. The shuttle’s crew had unloaded most of the hold.
  17. We unloaded the car, left it there, piled into the.
  18. The overflowing catch was unloaded onto their boats.
  19. Some maniac just unloaded two rifles without aiming.
  20. They both said they thought the shotgun was unloaded.
  21. Even the soldiers who unloaded it won’t say anything.
  22. These boxes had to be unloaded back on Earth with fork.
  23. Dabbing her cheeks with a tissue, she unloaded her story.
  24. I highlighted the items due to be unloaded here in Cyprus.
  25. They unloaded the car, then Chinedu went to check on Emeka.
  26. He unloaded on two Rotham, killing one, injuring the other.
  27. The taxi driver unloaded the cases as Mick closed in to the.
  28. A shovel and the ore cart, which was about halfway unloaded.
  29. There is a garage so the cars are loaded and unloaded inside.
  30. Once the cargoes have been unloaded, I will carry you to.
  31. Then some boxes were unloaded, followed by an arsenal of guns.
  32. The containers were unloaded and moved to a private, bonded.
  33. He motioned for me to stay put while the airline unloaded the.
  34. I unloaded mucho stuff, donated 33rpm LPs to the public library.
  35. I pulled up my stock execution system and unloaded the underlying.
  36. January 19, 2108: Among the cargo Items unloaded from Mars Supply.
  37. After four trips in the hire van they finally got it all unloaded.
  38. My former PC printer was a Canon, but it was shot so I unloaded it.
  39. Before church she unloaded her news of the afternoon's social plans.
  40. The coffin was gently unloaded and placed on the cortège to begin.
  41. What is this, my dear? I hear that the luggage is being unloaded.
  42. He pulled the trigger and then unloaded a second shot into her brain.
  43. And the last of the sixteen boats was unloaded before nine o'clock.
  44. The two families unloaded from the van and headed into the farmhouse.
  45. Tonnage: cubic capacity of a ship expressed in tons loaded and unloaded.
  46. We unloaded our things at the motel, then headed to cousin Eva's house.
  47. Waterline: point to where a ship sinks in the water loaded and unloaded.
  48. The four Shuttle were unloaded and had also docked at the Earth Orbiter.
  49. In each case the men aboard unloaded supplies quickly and the ships left.
  50. They had pulled in, driven to the warehouse, and unloaded everybody there.
  51. Brandon entered the kitchen and saw Jaycee as she unloaded the dishwasher.
  52. They were waiting at the containers that had been unloaded weeks earlier.
  53. Quickly, they unloaded a large volley of pyrine oil missiles at the enemy.
  54. Once in the driveway the boys got out, unloaded the gear, and headed inside.
  55. Never mind the fact that an unloaded rifle can certainly be used as a club.
  56. I took a capsule apart and unloaded half of it and fitted it together again.
  57. Carmen stepped back as he unloaded the horse and then put her hand out to it.
  58. Suzanna joined her mother as she unloaded a shopping cart at the checkouts;.
  59. The cooks were feeding the first line-ups of men, and fuel was being unloaded.
  60. His goal now was to wait until the slave wagon was unloaded and sneak inside.
  61. No one spoke as we unloaded and retraced our steps to the edge of the cliffs.
  62. The containers were being unloaded and put on the concrete area near the ship.
  63. They choose not to confiscate the unloaded rifles that returning troops carry.
  64. The Osprey can cruise at 270 mph, and has a range of over 2,000 miles unloaded.
  65. I unloaded case after case to support our position and really blasted the guy.
  66. Hagan’s murder, so soon after she’d unloaded everything, had throttled her.
  67. They unloaded their outerwear in the entryway and sat down in the dim main room.
  68. He quick-steps through the cold, an unloaded five-round rifle over his shoulder.
  69. Bilo smiled down at the pundit holding her unloaded gun firmly against his head.
  70. Arriving towards evening in Seville, I had to wait for my rucksack to be unloaded.
  71. He had unloaded a wave of solid advice, all of which was being ignored, he feared.
  72. The TV sets for the new arrivals would be issued as soon as they had been unloaded.
  73. We waited until the last shot, when all their weapons were unloaded at the same time.
  74. Almost half of the caravan’s cargo still lay upon the sand of the oasis, unloaded.
  75. Bombs went off and Brady took a stance in front of a moving car and unloaded his gun.
  76. She had watched as an ambulance was unloaded by the shutters, and then rubbed her nose.
  77. His celebration was cut short as the Soothians unloaded with laser cannons and phasers.
  78. Samantha thanked him, unloaded her briefcase, made her nest, and kicked off her shoes.
  79. As soon as the gear was unloaded, Rory and I drove out and parked the utes a block away.
  80. Even bigger trucks loaded with heavy machines are driven into the buildings and unloaded.
  81. They unloaded the wardrobe cart and sent it to take wounded men from a house two doors off.
  82. But, the rifle had been unloaded and David had surrendered the gun he’d taken from Clive.
  83. ISS crew unloaded the capsule’s cargo and refilled it with items to be returned to Earth.
  84. The pool had been cleaned yesterday evening while the tables and chairs were being unloaded.
  85. When all of us were unloaded, there were twelve cripples placed strategically over the beach.
  86. As Pocock issued anxious instructions, they gingerly unloaded the shells from the baggage car.
  87. They unloaded the cart, in which Sammy, two bicycles and several panniers lay heaped together.
  88. The old man said it was his long standing habit to threaten his wife with the unloaded shotgun.
  89. They waved to him as he unloaded his tackle but left the suitcases onboard until darkness fell.
  90. Jess drove Mercury into town in the middle of the day and unloaded him near the police station.
  91. Nervous of security; which he had seen little of, Grailem waits as the truck is being unloaded.
  92. Alric let the woman go, and then she stepped back and watched as the coachman unloaded her bag.
  93. Some days they unloaded their thoughts and worries before her, and she laughed and they vanished.
  94. He unloaded his backpack; from it, he removed food, water, a table, chairs and dinnerware for one.
  95. Our driver will stop at my facility en route to the port and the container will be quickly unloaded.
  96. Once these ships will be unloaded, we will be in business here in terms of consumables and supplies.
  97. When Annette finally arrived, Samantha met her in the hallway and, whispering, unloaded the details.
  98. If the cargo on board the ship had not been unloaded yet, how did his corpse became ashes so quick?
  99. Hartle saw perforated boxes, with large holes all over them, as they were unloaded from a small truck.
  100. A prospector’s cabin from many years ago, my husband said as we unloaded the supplies I’d brought.
  1. She unloads both.
  2. She gets the horse home, unloads it.
  3. D -114-The trainer unloads the horse and puts him.
  4. Xzavier fires and unloads the mag from his heavily.
  5. Olaf jumps off his horse and unloads the leather backpack.
  6. I started saying she wasn’t a very nice person and Penny unloads.
  7. If the company unloads an asset, it generally shows up in the cash-flow-forinvestment section; or, maybe, the gross property and equipment line might drop by a similar amount.
  8. Accumulated depreciation can drop for several reasons: (1) the company sells something or otherwise unloads property that is depreciated; (2) the company changes the life of the asset; (3) the company changes the salvage value.

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