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Frasi con relieve (in inglese)

  1. You will be able to relieve.
  2. Adi came to relieve me of that.
  3. It might relieve some of his guilt.
  4. Water can help relieve constipation.
  5. Something more than relieve himself.
  6. I was waiting for Hip to relieve me.
  7. He sensed singing would relieve the.
  8. No doubt, she had to relieve herself.
  9. They can also reduce and relieve pain.
  10. This wil relieve your conscience and.
  11. Use onions to relieve allergy symptoms.
  12. Crying is a good way to relieve stress.
  13. Helps relieve the symptoms of menopause.
  14. That appears to relieve you a good deal.
  15. This wil help relieve some of the stress.
  16. Only there was no one to relieve Guarnak.
  17. You can relieve us of your hateful moods.
  18. I’ll relieve Fielding by the park later.
  19. That would relieve me of a lot of concern.
  20. These helpers can work as aids to relieve.
  21. Emotional eaters use food to relieve stress.
  22. And by accepting that, it helped relieve.
  23. They al visibly slumped with relieve, even.
  24. Later on, it will relieve itself with thirds.
  25. In order to relieve breathing and open the.
  26. I told Monkey Mother I had to relieve myself.
  27. Mitchell sighed to relieve his pent up stress.
  28. This will relieve the pressure on the nerves.
  29. At six o'clock Van Helsing came to relieve me.
  30. He then suggested some exercises to relieve.
  31. Olin smiled at the man to relieve his anxiety.
  32. You can relieve me tomorrow morning about ten.
  33. Cam hurried over to relieve her of the boards.
  34. But---- It will relieve things over here a bit.
  35. They relieve each other like soldiers on guard.
  36. Yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress, a.
  37. Another officer came to relieve Constable Bloom.
  38. When we relieve the non-reacted situations, we.
  39. I tried to relieve her before hand but I failed.
  40. Sally could hear him relieve himself and grumble.
  41. But he must do something to relieve the pressure.
  42. It would relieve stress, and improve self-esteem.
  43. Calms the brain and helps relieve mild depression.
  44. Now if you’ll excuse me I need to relieve myself.
  45. It was used to relieve headaches, fevers, and pain.
  46. When you are relaxed, you relieve stress and your.
  47. Travis hugged his stinging hands to relieve the pain.
  48. Relieve my agony in the back corner which was gross.
  49. Aromatherapy can even relieve tension and calm nerves.
  50. So I decide to relieve my masculine tension manually.
  51. I thought he was going to relieve himself right there.
  52. Albans to relieve the congestion of the home counties.
  53. To relieve the discomfort, soak the area in warm water.
  54. The vasoconstrictive action of caffeine helps relieve.
  55. Long enough for the Assembly to relieve him of command.
  56. We have no other choice but to relieve him of command.
  57. The totally unexpected purring didn’t relieve my fear.
  58. They’d removed the piece of skull to relieve pressure.
  59. As it is, they talk together and relieve their feelings.
  60. Attempting to relieve some of the pent up tension there.
  61. High had volunteered to relieve paramedics who were on.
  62. My watch lasted an hour before Gwydre came to relieve me.
  63. I’ll be glad when the new shift comes to relieve us.
  64. Smoking often is used to relieve pain and shock, as seen.
  65. I found a place to relieve myself and joined them in time.
  66. That does not help, so they try more medicine to relieve.
  67. Meditation is a skill to help you relax and relieve stress.
  68. This flushes out your sinuses and helps relieve congestion.
  69. I’ll send the Macneil twins to the barricade to relieve.
  70. Could you untie me so I can relieve myself? she said.
  71. You will learn to make changes with how you live, relieve.
  72. Treat all injuries and relieve pain with drugs if available.
  73. I let out a loud belch that seemed to relieve the bloating.
  74. Calms the brain and helps relieve stress and mild depression.
  75. When he eventually ended the foreplay to relieve their eager.
  76. It can relieve bloating and constipation and aid weight loss.
  77. Is this normal? How can I relieve myself of these urges?
  78. Here is another exercise which will not only help to relieve.
  79. When we reach this state, we relieve our mind of unpleasant.
  80. Something they invent to relieve themselves of responsibility.
  81. I hope it is one that gives me more time to relieve myself.
  82. He rang Fielding’s mobile and arranged to relieve her later.
  83. They are a gift from heaven to relieve our lives from boredom.
  84. This can help to relieve constipation and help with digestion.
  85. Oh! where my aching heart relieve when griefs assail me sore?
  86. And apparently they had to relieve themselves like regular men.
  87. How can we help ourselves to relieve some of this conditioning?
  88. These are released by the body’s neurons intended to relieve.
  89. Sheila felt relieve to hear these satisfactory comments from Mr.
  90. He cheated people by saying that only Falun Gong could relieve.
  91. I’m to relieve her of weapons and escort her to his office.
  92. My mother at one time bathed in the water to relieve back pains.
  93. Acupuncture is most often used to relieve pain and heal the body.
  94. When trying aromatherapy to relieve migraines, keep in mind a few.
  95. At his feet was the unsavoury character that had tried to relieve.
  96. Miracle! Another lifeguard came to relieve me, but, instead of.
  97. You relieve everyone’s stress with your trashy, tasteless jokes.
  98. Chiropractic care is a safe, non-invasive way to relieve migraine.
  99. I will gladly relieve you of some of that burden, I would imagine.
  100. There are also two important points on each ear that relieve stress.
  1. It was both relieving and.
  2. You are there drying my tears, Relieving my pain.
  3. A relieving feeling passes around Jaden’s body.
  4. Some had to go back to duty, relieving the others.
  5. I have become adept at relieving myself in this way.
  6. I came very close to relieving myself right about then.
  7. After relieving herself with the help of the nurse in the.
  8. It has a totally relieving and beneficial treating effect.
  9. I discovered he had an aid to relieving his sexual appetite.
  10. The only comfort I had in relieving my anxiety was that surely.
  11. Are you sure you want Cory relieving me at 5:00? he asked.
  12. Relieving them of their weariness, soon the train came into view.
  13. I reach up with the intent of relieving the pain through massage.
  14. Q: Still, you are in favour of relieving suffering, even through.
  15. A strenuous task, but feasible, thanks to our relieving each other.
  16. After relieving J T on watch, Captain Darwin assessed their situation.
  17. She heard the sound of water trickling, "Are you relieving yourself?".
  18. A man she did not know was relieving himself against the outside wall.
  19. High amounts of other B vitamins have shown mixed results in relieving.
  20. If the ruptured disc does not begin to heal with rest and pain relieving.
  21. He now realised that the chances of relieving 6th Army intact was hopeless.
  22. Seeing him now, even with the tense situation looming, was relieving for me.
  23. They might think that Ugl®k's shoulders needed relieving of a swollen head.
  24. This would occur by relieving businesses of onerous health care obligations.
  25. An excellent herb for relieving tension and stress without causing drowsiness.
  26. Humiliated, he quickly dropped his pants and sat, relieving his aching bowels.
  27. Thankfully, Chuck arrived with lunch at noon, relieving Thomas from his thoughts.
  28. Standing knee deep in water, Alec was casually relieving himself in the fountain.
  29. The reason for relieving Ouellette of his duties was an allegation that he had an.
  30. Her fingers closed on soft fabric, and a relieving sense of stability pervaded her.
  31. For centuries mint leaves have been used as an aid to digestion as well as relieving.
  32. We are a little early, but we should find the sentries we are relieving fairly easily.
  33. There is nothing like employment, active indispensable employment, for relieving sorrow.
  34. He began pacing, both with the intent of relieving his boredom and having some exercise.
  35. Camomile: This herb is good for relieving Stress, Calming Tension and Promoting peaceful.
  36. Essential Oil--lavender has a soothing and calming effect on the nerves, thereby relieving.
  37. Alex pauses and then hears the sound of a man relieving himself unsteadily in the bathroom.
  38. They are ideal for relieving that hungry feeling quickly and picking you up in the process.
  39. Purified khellin was shown to be helpful in relieving angina in preliminary studies in the.
  40. There was rain again that night, relieving their thirst, but it also made Nerissa shiver hard.
  41. A preliminary trial found that acetyl-L-carnitine supplementation was effective at relieving.
  42. His face felt hot, and Joey took off his helmet and was immediately met with relieving cool air.
  43. The effects of this attack were instantaneous, and to the scout and his friends greatly relieving.
  44. Thanks to the Cubans, daily reports of the relieving column from Manzanillo reached headquarters.
  45. This study found that huperzine A was not effective in relieving symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.
  46. There was nothing he could do to alter or control the situation, a thought he found strangely relieving.
  47. As he came to the end of his story, Dandelion remembered that he was supposed to be relieving Acorn as sentry.
  48. Studies show that Psyllium is highly effective in relieving lifestyle-related and functional constipation, but not in.
  49. Kiera’s strength was slowly returning, and the exertion from walking up the stairs was difficult, but somehow relieving.
  50. Hitler, now deeply concerned, summoned von Manstein and entrusted him with the mission of relieving beleaguered Stalingrad.
  51. This is to be effected immediately, with British units relieving in place the American units presently holding our left flank.
  52. Jesus looked them all over and, relieving the tension with a smile, said: I have greatly desired to eat this Passover with you.
  53. She threw everything she had into this new shield, relieving Mark of the strain of their defense, and he attacked with Lightning.
  54. Entering the ally, Adams undid his trousers and spread his hands on the wall, relieving himself with a satisfied groan of pleasure.
  55. Your new calmness of mind will make it unnecessary for you to turn to food for comfort or as a means of relieving tension or boredom.
  56. It has the effect of relaxing the nerves and relieving eyestrain, but it can also be used for the purpose of practicing concentration.
  57. At the moment when Gavroche was relieving a sergeant, who was lying near a stone door-post, of his cartridges, a bullet struck the body.
  58. When they finished he had a very bad headache that lasted only a couple of minutes and soon he was much improved, relieving our anxiety.
  59. Giving of yourself to others, relieving their suffering, and making yourself a beacon of hope are the keys to illumination, he said.
  60. In the morning after the hate and before the Welsh mob we were relieving left they started to clean up the trenches and we gave them a hand.
  61. After relieving me of a flask of urine and a test-tube of blood to be screened for diseases unable to be otherwise diagnosed, I was released.
  62. What I am hoping from your helicopters is to hit the enemy in the rear and from the air in the morning, thus relieving the pressure on Edson.
  63. After relieving the child of feelings of guilt, the conduct of the older offender must be explained in terms of his senility or his mental state.
  64. The effort failed because Hitler refused to agree with Manstein’s insistence that Paulus should break out westward and meet the relieving forces.
  65. I rose, and, from a gentlemanly idea of relieving his embarrassment, took up my station in the doorway, surveying the external prospect as I stood.
  66. Heyward was fain to wait until the verse was ended; when, seeing David relieving himself from the spectacles, and replacing the book, he continued.
  67. In the midst of this clamour and distress, a new bank was established in Scotland, for the express purpose of relieving the distress of the country.
  68. Relieving him of his trappings, which I flung down beside him, we left the poor fellow to his fate, and pushed on with the one thoat as best we could.
  69. A combination of carrot, spinach and apple juice is a powerful drink for cleaning the colon, relieving constipation and improving your skin conditions.
  70. Although most medications are proven to be safe, their effectiveness for relieving and eliminating the common ADHD symptoms has not been confirmed yet.
  71. Trini worked her way around Garcia, Tuer, and Troi and went to her station, relieving the Klingon that had been monitoring signals and data flows between.
  72. He was satisfied with his present success, and by three o'clock that day he had taken up his portmanteau at the turnpike and mounted the coach, relieving Mr.
  73. It was clear to him that when Brumvack was in such a state, relieving him of his club would be simplicity itself: Schnottblower would tiptoe over to the 220.
  74. Besides relieving colic, antispasmodics also decrease secretions of the sweat glands, salivary glands as well as secretion of the gastric and digestive juices.
  75. The three mast-heads are kept manned from sun-rise to sun-set; the seamen taking their regular turns (as at the helm), and relieving each other every two hours.
  76. This tube, she said, pointing to the one leading from his head, is draining excess spinal fluid and blood, thereby relieving excess pressure from his skull.
  77. His Prussian majesty had probably, upon that account, thought it reasonable that it should contribute a good deal more towards relieving the exigencies of the state.
  78. The poor pastor bore his son for 2 years , one day his deformed son died relieving his parents of their burden,but tainting his father’s heart with bitterness and anger.
  79. In his (Grinder's) opinion it was disgraceful that a member of the council should deliberately try to wreck a project which would do so much towards relieving the unemployed.
  80. We went back to the same trench system and once again moved into the trench system relieving the Battalion that was manning them who made their way into the reserve trenches.
  81. Perhaps the neighborhood squirrels were mad because they could see campers relieving themselves in the woods and were like, Really, asshole? You just shit in my living room.
  82. It is not a matter of relieving physical pain, it is a matter of releasing previous guilt, previous obsessions, previous routines from which much of what occurs in the present is based.
  83. You will also find out very quickly that the local streets are in a rather disgusting state, while relieving yourselves may involve using some repulsive facilities, when there are any.
  84. Staring intently at the lighter patch of water ahead, he paddled his feet through the cold liquid, relieving the, pressure in his lungs by trickling small bubbles of air from his mouth.
  85. Throwing a last and lingering glance at the distant canoes, he laid aside his rifle, and, relieving the wearied Duncan, resumed the paddle, which he wielded with sinews that never tired.
  86. In April, I decided to make major changes in my team, relieving Tony Marcella as chief of staff in Washington and also replacing the manager of my congressional office in Rhode Island.
  87. When you get itchy fingers and feel that you simply have to do something in the market, think about relieving your itch by tweaking your protective stops rather than placing a new trade.
  88. The dozen humans are instantly incinerated, relieving their futile attack against Lady Equemev, and that is when Mark casts Concussion with a quick glance at the gnome attacking Lady Povon.
  89. He’d been remarkably ruthless about relieving the most obstructionist of those subordinates, too, despite the near certainty of bitter future feuds with their powerful families or patrons.
  90. Dorothea on her side had immediately formed a plan of relieving Lydgate from his obligation to Bulstrode, which she felt sure was a part, though small, of the galling pressure he had to bear.
  91. The operations of this bank, therefore, instead of relieving, in reality aggravated in the long-run the distress which those projectors had brought both upon themselves and upon their country.
  92. He spent a great deal of time in similar situations, seeking gold or demons or distressed virgins and relieving them respectively of their owners, their lives and at least one cause of their distress.
  93. Bulstrode's eyes of an ugly black spot on the landscape at Stone Court, but not relieving him of the dread that the black spot might reappear and become inseparable even from the vision of his hearth.
  94. Castillo moved his Cubans forward to El Pozo, where, under De Coro and Gonzales, they did efficient outpost work a mile beyond the American lines, thus relieving the soldiers from much arduous guard duty.
  95. Which is better for a doctor, to spend a night relieving the pains of injured and ill people or to spend it performing prayers even in Ka'ba? Of course it is better to spend it relieving the pains of people.
  96. You! What is this?! Who are you and where are you taking me?! It was only after she yelled out her question that she noticed the uniforms on the small group of men, the somewhat relieving red and brown.
  97. Thus it was a surprise to be warmly greeted by both Alger and Begum when they arrived to view and test the Mainframe and terminals, and sign acceptance forms relieving the engineers of further responsibility.
  98. That evening orders arrived for the Battalion and we were gathered together and told that we would be relieving a Welsh Battalion and taking over their section of trenches tomorrow while they went into reserve.
  99. For the busy housewife and mother who has little time to spare, these movements act as a time-saving beauty treatment, a toning up of nerves and muscles, and above all a means of relieving her internal disorders.
  100. Twenty above the limit and the occasional flash of siren saw him in Wellsford relieving nature and imbibing a vital supply of caffeine at a watering hole regular to him whenever he ventured north up State highway 1.
  1. I admit I was relieved.
  2. Oh, did I feel relieved.
  3. In truth I was relieved.
  4. I was so relieved, and.
  5. He was relieved of doodie.
  6. He smiled, as if relieved.
  7. I was relieved and happy.
  8. Relieved she raced to him.
  9. No, but I feel relieved.
  10. He breathed a bit relieved.
  11. He was relieved about that.
  12. I was relieved to hear that.
  13. I was relieved but puzzled.
  14. For a moment I was relieved.
  15. I’m relieved to hear it.
  16. And Daddy would be relieved.
  17. And Grace, my fears relieved.
  18. I felt relieved, yet puzzled.
  19. Knox looked relieved by this.
  20. She was relieved to see him.
  21. I heaved a sight of relieved.
  22. I think we were all relieved.
  23. The light relieved them both.
  24. He felt relieved and hopeful.
  25. The pain may be relieved by.
  26. Then, he would feel relieved.
  27. At first, Onidas was relieved.
  28. I’m relieved to hear that.
  29. Now the messenger was relieved.
  30. You must have been relieved.
  31. Jeff should have felt relieved.
  32. Petr was relieved to see the.
  33. His relieved smile says it all.
  34. Smythe looked relieved at this.
  35. Tracey was relieved about that.
  36. The men will be very relieved.
  37. His mother began to be relieved.
  38. She was relieved when Pam came.
  39. I think he was just as relieved.
  40. I was so relieved and happy to.
  41. He was relieved not to find any.
  42. He relieved the back-up of his.
  43. Ralph was surprised and relieved.
  44. Anne clutched his hand, relieved.
  45. Me, too, she said relieved.
  46. At once he seemed relieved and.
  47. I was relieved for my girlfriend.
  48. I should probably feel relieved.
  49. He was amazed and a bit relieved.
  50. She was relieved at my reaction.
  51. I was much relieved to hear that.
  52. He was relieved by the revelation.
  53. It's Dave, she thought, relieved.
  54. He was relieved but not surprised.
  55. Merthin tried not to look relieved.
  56. I felt relieved and eager to dive.
  57. He looked very happy and relieved.
  58. He grins down at me as if relieved.
  59. This is what this failure relieved.
  60. Well then, he looks relieved.
  61. Donna let her breath out, relieved.
  62. All in all he was relieved to be.
  63. Thank you, she said, relieved.
  64. They were relieved the ordeal was.
  65. Stinger was openly relieved, I.
  66. They all seemed relieved, for sure.
  67. He was more confused than relieved.
  68. Sex, she told Christine, relieved.
  69. I was relieved that they were okay.
  70. He relieved himself while he was up.
  71. Zarko was relieved, to say the least.
  72. I was relieved when the meal arrived.
  73. He exchanged a relieved smile with.
  74. He was, however, relieved again by.
  75. Dry-fish, I smiled with relieved.
  76. Relieved, Garcia headed for the door.
  77. Relieved kin had showered gifts of.
  78. Relieved, she went back to her shop.
  79. They are relieved from all anxiety.
  80. He gave a relieved nod then perked up.
  81. He looked really relieved and pleased.
  82. The man gave a broad smile, relieved.
  83. I was so relieved she was OK with it.
  84. Home! And relieved of the burden of.
  85. Nothing at all, I’m quite relieved.
  86. He felt somewhat relieved about that.
  87. Raymond becomes relieved to hear that.
  88. I was relieved and grateful that my.
  89. She was relieved when she heard the.
  90. She looked relieved when she saw him.
  91. She was relieved when he blinked twice.
  92. Somewhat relieved help was on its way.
  93. Thomas was relieved to have a reason.
  94. In truth, I was relieved that Go knew.
  95. Tina felt relieved when they stepped.
  96. Lola smiled lightly, her face relieved.
  97. I was so relieved knowing he loved me.
  98. Relieved for the moment, Peter set out.
  99. If anything, I was even more relieved.
  100. This revelation relieved the tension.
  1. It relieves the tension.
  2. The holy Qur’an also relieves these.
  3. Keeping the legs elevated relieves pain.
  4. This relieves me so very much, Brother.
  5. Frugal comforts excessive force relieves.
  6. It relieves me to hear you say what you just did.
  7. That relieves swollen nasal passages and congestion.
  8. It also helps improve sleep patterns and relieves stress.
  9. It minimizes distracting, negative thoughts and relieves stress.
  10. She walks over to the Necro by the door and relieves him of his weapon.
  11. Cedarwood oil benefits the skin by its sedating ability which relieves itching.
  12. The old lady relieves the high-flown benevolence of her husband with a good deal of spirit.
  13. This relieves stress and produces endorphins in the brain that make you feel relaxed and happy.
  14. She felt he was using her like a toilet where one relieves oneself then flushes the water and it's all over.
  15. Caraway, like chamomile and fennel, relieves intestinal cramping and, in this way, may ease symptoms of colic.
  16. Hurrying into the bathroom she relieves herself with a contented sigh, as she stands she hears the ringing of the doorbell.
  17. Therefore, the food coming from these animals relieves a great deal of anxiety from the consumer and preserves his good health.
  18. This tones the deep and the superficial muscles of the back, and also relieves backache, helping to keep the spine young and supple.
  19. For this reason, God says: ((Oh, My obedient followers! Contemplate the rain and how it pours over the land and obviously relieves you.
  20. Wright, supplementing with betaine HCl (a compound that contains hydrochloric acid) often relieves the symptoms of heartburn and improves digestion, at.
  21. Or, who answers the one in need when he prays to Him, and relieves adversity, and makes you successors on earth? Is there another god with God? How hardly you pay attention.
  22. Also, it relieves the justice of the penal cases that involve robberies, corruption and frauds, finally all the cases directly linked to the anonymous possession of the money.
  23. The relaxation of worship, or spiritual communion as practiced by the Master, relieves tension, removes conflicts, and mightily augments the total resources of the personality.
  24. Irish moss: This can be taken internally for its soothing and protective coating properties it can be used for colds and coughs plus it also relieves minor irritation in the throat.
  25. While those who believe, and work righteousness, and believe in what was sent down to Muhammad-and it is the truth from their Lord-He remits their sins, and relieves their concerns.
  26. Also Foliar feeding them will provide for them the fastest source of food and energy therefore it is important that you only feed them nutrition that relieves stress; and not causes it.
  27. We are taught as children that sharing is not only a fair thing, the right thing, but that it also relieves negative tension between individuals and creates a more harmonious environment.
  28. The bandit's laws are positive; a young girl belongs first to him who carries her off, then the rest draw lots for her, and she is abandoned to their brutality until death relieves her sufferings.
  29. After all, they’ve done a wonderful fucking job this far, haven’t they? Maybe it’s time the Inquisition relieves them of their onerous responsibilities before they lose the rest of the Jihad!.
  30. Regardless, selling options, whether done by yourself or by your money manager, automatically relieves you of many of the burdens and pitfalls that befall not only futures traders but also traders who buy options.
  31. The impersonal character of the securities market relieves this procedure of any ethical stigma, and it is considered merely as establishing a proper premium for shrewdness and a deserved penalty for lack of care.
  32. The stern-first icebreaking capacity relieves the strain on the vessel hull and engine structure involved in the traditional method of ramming ice bow-first, letting the weight of the cutter crush the ice, and then backing off full astern.
  33. In this verse, the couches are meant to be the pleasant things which man reclines upon in order to draw nearer to Al’lah, and there he gives a glad eye, that is he rejoices at witnessing that Godly manifestation which relieves the spirit of all grief and troubles.
  34. But as for the Islamic way of slaughter, it indeed relieves the slaughtered animal as the pressure decreases from /14/ to /0/, then the blood is released out of the animal by the body’s contractions until no drop remains inside it, then the slaughtered animal looks in its known rosy color.
  35. Suppose the inside perpetrator goes to room 666, relieves his junior conspirator, writes down the trigger codes for each package, takes off the outer wrapper, and then places the bombs in conventional shipping cartons with the address of a different federal installation and a hand carry instruction with a code for each, but no explosives warning, and delivers them on a push cart to the mail room.

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