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Frasi con overtop (in inglese)

  1. We moved out easily overtop the snow on them and headed south.
  2. The Western Kingdom’s cities sit overtop a highly unstable area.
  3. I squeezed her hand gently, as my thumb stroked overtop of hers consolingly.
  4. Flint’s hand smacked overtop of his eyes, now why had he gone and said that?
  5. I blinked in surprise at the back of her head as the wind whipped by overtop of us.

  6. I whipped the chain out and overtop the rope and caught the other end with my free hand.
  7. In astonishment, all turned to the forest to behold a rider on a flaming mount appear overtop the trees.
  8. He screeched insults at the bear, which hearing, the bear reared up and seemed to me to overtop Rocinante.
  9. He then pushed the plastic overtop of the blue glowing amulet, which he then tossed into the center of the room.
  10. My right hand rested on top of the other machine pistol that was held level to my right side by a sling overtop my shoulder.
  11. And behold after a little I see an array of many men coming and in the midst of them one man of so remarkable a size as to overtop the tower.
  12. What you see currently was constructed over four hundred years ago overtop of an even older Castle that was dated back into the medieval era.
  13. Susori’s fingers squeezed overtop my shoulders consolingly as her face appeared off to the side of my shoulder, You’re not mad are you?
  14. When she’d regained consciousness a couple days prior she’d been laid out in the brig, aboard the pirate star cruiser, with Moraine cooing overtop.
  15. In an effort to not flip over and un-pants themselves in abject humiliation both brothers locked a hand to each other’s overtop of April’s head in a desperate grip.

  16. She watched Zax plunge through the straggling clusters of wounded, the V-shaped ridge of his tail sweeping a wide path, decimating those he hadn’t trampled directly overtop.
  17. I ran my fingers overtop the risen letters on the cover, House of Horrors before I finally realized that I hadn’t thought of it, it was thinking of me… demanding my attention.
  18. The pirate crew only for a brief twinkling of time held back before they closed in to stare at the unrolled scroll in the Captain’s hands from overtop one of her bony shoulders.
  19. Durstan lifted a puzzled gaze from where the huge log had rolled off his wedge bar, and he peered at his friend overtop the section of trunk nearly the diameter of his full height.
  20. The light switch was flipped on and several seconds later I found myself with my head over the edge of the bed overtop the basin that Talaric had used to wash away dried blood earlier.
  21. I forced myself to leave the scene of the slaughter of my enemies to be drawn up into a whirlwind of color that retraced me back up to the bar-Trinity that was hovering cloaked overtop the city.
  22. I was flying backwards and unable to tell where I was heading and my landing would have been much worse if it hadn’t been for Larc half catching me out of the air, when I was overtop the other warehouse’ s roof.
  23. It was disgusting! I mean, seriously, who would knowingly create such a bland and awful tasting cereal and market it towards children, anyway? So, I scooped a few hefty spoonfuls overtop of this nastiness, and ate the rest of it like a champ.
  24. Heck we have two kids already and another on the way! What more proof do you want than that that we’re yoked together? Flint had missed his brother’s frantic kill sign motions from overtop of Asia’s head, but he knew he’d blundered when he was finished.
  25. With a throaty roar the river peeled back and mounted up into a wall across the length of the gorge until it overflowed overtop of us and formed a watery tunnel that glistened brightly with the refracted rays of the sun that had come out of hiding on this cloudy day.

  26. At each period of growth all the growing twigs have tried to branch out on all sides, and to overtop and kill the surrounding twigs and branches, in the same manner as species and groups of species have at all times overmastered other species in the great battle for life.
  27. As buds give rise by growth to fresh buds, and these, if vigorous, branch out and overtop on all sides many a feebler branch, so by generation I believe it has been with the great Tree of Life, which fills with its dead and broken branches the crust of the earth, and covers the surface with its ever-branching and beautiful ramifications.
  28. Don Quixote and Sancho were left alone, and the moment Samson took his departure, Rocinante began to neigh, and Dapple to sigh, which, by both knight and squire, was accepted as a good sign and a very happy omen; though, if the truth is to be told, the sighs and brays of Dapple were louder than the neighings of the hack, from which Sancho inferred that his good fortune was to exceed and overtop that of his master, building, perhaps, upon some judicial astrology that he may have known, though the history says nothing about it; all that can be said is, that when he stumbled or fell, he was heard to say he wished he had not come out, for by stumbling or falling there was nothing to be got but a damaged shoe or a broken rib; and, fool as he was, he was not much astray in this.
  1. Alternately climbing out of the darker shadow of one hill, then plunging down into the next, they trudged along until, while overtopping another of the few that were left, the brief hint of a silhouette of a mounted rider coming from the north slipped into the darker shadow of lower ground just ahead of them.
  2. Hence trees would be little likely to reach distant oceanic islands; and an herbaceous plant, which had no chance of successfully competing with the many fully developed trees growing on a continent, might, when established on an island, gain an advantage over other herbaceous plants by growing taller and taller and overtopping them.
  3. Yet I could not, without pleasure, behold, and even venture to feel, such a length, such a breadth of animated ivory! perfectly well turned and fashioned, the proud stiffness of which distented its skin, whose smooth polish and velvet softness might vie with that of the most delicate of our sex, and whose exquisite whiteness was not a little set off by a sprout of black curling hair round the root: through the jetty springs of which the fair skin shewed as in a fine evening you may have remarked the clear light through the branchwork of distant trees overtopping the summit of a hill: then the broad of blueish-casted incarnate of the head, and blue serpentines of its veins, altogether composed the most striking assemblage of figure and colours in nature.
  1. They seemed to quicken their pace as they overtopped the hill, landing with a.
  2. Lofty as it was, this wall was overtopped by a still blacker roof, which could be seen beyond.
  3. Floodwall failures mainly occurred when the surge exceeded twenty-five feet and overtopped the structures.
  4. Just then, the woman from the elevator trundled over to a trashcan already overtopped with junk and deposited her rubber plant at the center.
  5. Exactly why he did this was not made clear, for the day of the book play is over, and there was nothing in Nancy Stair that overtopped the gently commonplace.
  6. Good things lost amid a wilderness of weeds, to be sure, whose rankness far overtopped their neglected growth; yet, notwithstanding, evidence of a wealthy soil, that might yield luxuriant crops under other and favourable circumstances.
  7. The one from the Provincial Assembly, more restless and uneasy in its corporate expression, was overtopped by the big face of Don Juste Lopez, soft and white, with prominent eyelids and wreathed in impenetrable solemnity as if in a dense cloud.
  8. But it is well, her better judgment countered, as the rushing flood overtopped the first level, and only sloshed vainly against the unfinished second, that they had started the second level on the upriver side without having finished all of the first.
  1. At one’s feet springs the dark-green nettle, with its slender crown of flowers, while the broad-leaved burdock, with its bright-pink, prickly blossoms, overtops the raspberries (and even one’s head) with its luxuriant masses, until, with the nettle, it almost meets the pendent, pale-green branches of the old apple-trees where apples, round and lustrous as bone, but as yet unripe, are mellowing in the heat of the sun.

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