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    1. rejection for the Tree Climber vacancy very badly

    2. Naturally, it is staggered so at any one time there is usually a vacancy or at any rate one coming up soon

    3. of the activities that didn’t stop with the vacancy of the

    4. Chloe was beside herself, so she resumed the explanation, “It seems that, in the States, there are not candidates of Harold's depth of talent and skill enough to be considered for the vacancy

    5. I walked out to him and looked at the arrow, reached to my mouth and matched the piece still in my teeth with the tiny vacancy in the fletching of this arrow

    6. admitted that they had a vacancy

    7. Alternatively, a vacancy represents something that is missing or lacking in your life

    8. I kept an eye on her as she watched the flames but there was a vacancy to her look that didn’t seem quite right but I shrugged it off thinking it was me

    9. He said he would get in touch with me as soon as a vacancy became available

    10. At that time most Americans thought even less of the Vice Presidency than most do now, and so no one pushed for the vacancy to be filled

    11. At a farmer’s market a few blocks from the square, they asked directions to somewhere to stay and were told that old Pani Macziewsie took in boarders and might have a vacancy in her house

    12. At the 2014 General Assembly, the Kirk was warned that it might have to adjust to a permanent 20% vacancy level in parish ministry

    13. The General Assembly of 2014 was told that the Church of Scotland needs to prepare itself for a more or less permanent ministerial vacancy level of 20%

    14. § 5th - In the cases of definitive vacancy, the substitute

    15. § 2nd - In case of vacancy, the substitute will assume the

    16. Not far away, at a school for severely mentally handicapped children, there’s a vacancy

    17. After years of vacancy, Potter County bought the building in 1995 and renovated it to house its offices


    19. Vacancy” in a wavering blue neon

    20. But there’s a vacancy at the central library, and I’ve been promised a job there

    21. In spite of his foolish plans and pointless courage, such as it was, the vacancy had outmanoeuvred him, by the gods and stars

    22. There was always a vacancy in the housecleaning sector, and it wasn’t

    23. " excuse me, about that advertisement for a waitress and kitchen hand is there still a vacancy?" Peter asked

    24. You can hear the vacancy in her tone, the same syrupy tint that rolls off of Ren’s tongue onto Dorece

    25. That vacancy had been well and truly filled by Sebastian

    26. They said they would have a driving vacancy coming up soon and would let him know in writing if he was the successful applicant

    27. advertisements, when she noticed there was a vacancy for a part time clerk for an international chemical company

    28. Whilst the vacancy had yet to be filled Alice was the person thought most likely to take this role

    29. “Are you and Aidan a couple now?” he asked me when I selected the application for the job vacancy in my shop

    30. Her voice died at the utter vacancy of his face

    31. Because one of our vacancies is a special vacancy, it was designed by the late John Nielson

    32. Those Vacancy Boards above were done this way

    33. If there is a vacancy then you

    34. A flash of lightning illuminated the entire parlour as he peered through the vacancy in the window towards the ground below where he caught a faint glimpse of a sporadic design of twinkling shards of glass and a small dark pool of what was obviously blood

    35. always a good idea to investigate and find out vacancy rates in

    36. length, and ask for proof of vacancy rates in the area

    37. greater chance of selling the house or filling a vacancy and

    38. When a job vacancy occurs, employers have to narrow a lengthy list of applicants down to the one person they’ll hire to fill the open position

    39. “Well I guess there’s no chance in hell of you filling in the vacancy spot for the maid, huh?”

    40. filling a vacancy created when someone had recently dropped out

    41. “See, there’s the matter of the vacancy in the City Planner’s office,” Grace said

    42. “The instinct of the heart is to will love,” he answered his own vacancy

    43. These are migration of a defect called VACANCY

    44. 'What's it got to do with salts?' asked Joey, his under lip of a measureless vacancy

    45. regular basis and can be the first to hear of a suitable vacancy with the

    46. I remembered how I was only a speck after all in uncomfortably limitless space, of no account whatever in the general scheme of things, but with a horrid private capacity for being often and easily hurt; and how specks have a trick of dying, which I in my turn would presently do, and a fresh speck, not nearly so nice, as I hoped and believed, would immediately start up and fill my vacancy, perhaps so exactly my vacancy that it would even wear my gloves and stockings

    47. Their faces were all slack and carried the expression of vacancy

    48. The black vacancy of detail that was Nigger trotting beside him seemed strangely front heavy

    49. But an Annalise--what was she to make of such a place? Is it not true that the less a person has inside him of culture and imagination the more he wants outside him of the upholstery of life? I think it is true; and if it is, then the vacancy of Annalise's mind may be measured by the fact that what she demanded of life in return for the negative services of not crying and wringing her hands was nothing less filled with food and sofas and servants than a grand ducal palace

    50. Nor would I dwell on it myself if it were not that its very vacancy and smallness was the cause of huge upheavals in Creeper Cottage, and the stone that the builders ignored if they did not actually reject behaved as such stones sometimes do and came down upon the builders' heads and crushed them

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