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    1. Most of the teacher, except for John and Russ, gaze up with vacuous eyes and gaping expressions, giving one the impression that they could possibly be drugged mental patients who have wandered off from an institution

    2. Bolt indulges them, a vacuous grin on his face - click, whir, click, whir

    3. woman is basically submissive, self-deprecating, and vacuous

    4. He thought of the vacuous, flat people with whom he had graduated from college

    5. To avoid beer-soaked, vacuous heterosexual evenings with other colonials staying at the Royal Oak and another Hotel down the road, I frequently soaked up the heat under the exotic dome of the Council owned and operated Turkish Baths which were in the same complex as the swimming pool and town gymnasium

    6. one but on the Monday following our date, she told some of her vacuous friends

    7. I stopped listening to his vacuous twaddle, merely grunting when it seemed appropriate

    8. alone with a vacuous expression on her pretty face

    9. Why, hasn’t it become burdensome already? Though vacuous, life was still a make-believe in the past

    10. person was not left with vacuous statements but actually shown

    11. “There is nothing worse than the armchair warriors who spout and mumble about how wonderful the war is, these vacuous idiots who have no kids over there, who make comments with nothing at stake

    12. A vacuous emptiness of words and breaths held the previously merry room hostage

    13. ” It proclaimed with a vacuous boastfulness

    14. Everything was going fine as expected and finer it could have went if vacuous B

    15. And then this entire generation of immature idiots mismanage their society so badly they usually destroy it from the inside out… leaving nothing but an empty vacuum for any other less sick culture to replace its totally corrupt, vacuous, lazy, dumb, incompetent culture with something more vibrant

    16. Until you have the total spiritual bankruptcy of modern American culture and its latest product of dehumanized humanity… where teenagers constantly complain of boredom because they have nothing else to do except go to the mall, watch TV, or play video games… where the only activities available to them are vacuous, meaningless exercises in pure distraction and abstraction

    17. It inspires us either to be active or non-active tools… either to work or vegetate in some vacuous, mindless, non-active, non-thinking, non-feeling, nonphysical way

    18. The expression, madly in love, is not a vacuous expression

    19. The latest modern ideal of feminine beauty is one of pure physical fitness, pure exterior image; with an empty interior, a vacuous look of stupidity, the arrogance of youth, looking down on all others less slim, less thin, less rich, less privileged, less lucky, less fortunate

    20. A celebrated tenor had sung in Italian and a notorious contralto had sung in jazz and between the numbers people were doing ‘stunts’ all over the garden, while happy vacuous bursts of laughter rose toward the summer sky

    21. ” He also said she was “poisonous and vacuous

    22. The negro slaves, freed from their field work on this day of interest and rejoicing, gazed with huge, vacuous eyes at the galleon riding in the harbor

    23. For all the preposterous hat and the vacuous face, there was something noble in the simple faith of our visitor which compelled our respect

    24. When he came up, he remained planted before me, smiling with a vacuous smile, but with a happy expression of countenance

    25. We talked about family duties and pleasures, children, the vacuous life led in such places as we were now in, our desire to return to Russia, to the country, and we both fell into a grave, gentle mood, which was still upon us when we reached the castle

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    vacuous empty hollow mindless vacant astonished muddled perplexed bewildered dazed confused