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    1. The continued variability of the climate (wet and dry cycles) complicated by the resultant overcrowding may have made the private storage of food-stuffs increasingly hazardous and the maintaining of order more difficult

    2. When compared with similar sightings all would be remarkable in their variability, but each viewer would believe that only his was the most accurate

    3. Consist of numerous small causes of random variability

    4. Because of the intermittency and variability of the wind, conventional power plants must be kept running at full capacity to meet the actual demand for electricity

    5. It can hardly be denied that a factor of such volume and variability as home-consumed wheat would have a substantial influence

    6. as a starting point and struggles to understand the variability of our perceptions

    7. variability in the cost of care from one area of the nation to another, is

    8.  Understand the variability of a process

    9. Also variability may be interesting but it can be confusing

    10. It works together with business risk through the variability of operating income;

    11. Capital structure analysis adjusts for both the amount and variability of sales by

    12. the chain: demand schedules, variability of income, the probability of default and the

    13. dividends; the variability of income is increased

    14. The same theme of variability applies to the financial leverage ratio, which is

    15. magnitude of these deductions that will cause variability

    16. taxes are held constant, the variability of net income remains constant as well

    17. The variability is as much a function of the type of

    18. the potential amount and variability of earnings per share because net income and market price are not diluted by more shares outstanding

    19. While higher operating leverage ultimately increases the variability of EPS, just as

    20. of more variability because risk is not explicit; there are no indications of changes in fixed costs which can have long-term effects on production

    21. increases the variability of EPS

    22. A greater variability of earnings is the product of more

    23. variability in forecasts because it is essentially a mathematical version of Murphy ’s Law:

    24. Because, the simplest processes with the least causation or input variability are more likely to propagate independently than processes of increasing

    25. the variability of the changes is so great

    26. Finger and hand size had some variability depending on season, temperature, and health conditions

    27. “There is some variability when it comes to luck,” Tammas said

    28. understand the normal variability of the data during what is considered a typical operational

    29. approaching (alert level) or exceeding (action level) the boundaries of that “normal variability

    30. Project managers avoid unnecessary changes in priority by relying on buffers to absorb most of the normal, expected variability in the execution of tasks and projects

    31. amongst organic beings in a state of nature there is some individual variability

    32. significant variability in the rate of extinction between and

    33. function, characterized by unusual variability and depth of moods

    34. However, the balanced scorecard technique is fraught with uncertainties resulting from the variability in how indicators, metrics, and objectives are assigned

    35. If the Universe were finite in size: then there could be no permutations of variability, then there could be no quarks that behave differently from other quarks, then there could be no creative evolution of the Universe, then there could be no organic evolution, then there could be no Life on Earth and no human beings

    36. order to maintain the variability that is so inestimable on this

    37. "� We can say "Yes" to life in all its variability

    38. The variability of where the

    39. In keeping with his views, they have the property of variability

    40. difficult to determine because of the wide variability of its action and its tolerance

    41. Its universality: its democratic equality and constancy to its nature in seeking its own level: its vastness in the ocean of Mercator's projection: its unplumbed profundity in the Sundam trench of the Pacific exceeding 8000 fathoms: the restlessness of its waves and surface particles visiting in turn all points of its seaboard: the independence of its units: the variability of states of sea: its hydrostatic quiescence in calm: its hydrokinetic turgidity in neap and spring tides: its subsidence after devastation: its sterility in the circumpolar icecaps, arctic and antarctic: its climatic and commercial significance: its preponderance of 3 to 1 over the dry land of the globe: its indisputable hegemony extending in square leagues over all the region below the subequatorial tropic of Capricorn: the multisecular stability of its primeval basin: its luteofulvous bed: its capacity to dissolve and hold in solution all soluble substances including millions of tons of the most precious metals: its slow erosions of peninsulas and islands, its persistent formation of homothetic islands, peninsulas and downwardtending promontories: its alluvial deposits: its weight and volume and density: its imperturbability in lagoons and highland tarns: its gradation of colours in the torrid and temperate and frigid zones: its vehicular ramifications in continental lakecontained streams and confluent oceanflowing rivers with their tributaries and transoceanic currents, gulfstream, north and south equatorial courses: its violence in seaquakes, waterspouts, Artesian wells, eruptions, torrents, eddies, freshets, spates, groundswells, watersheds, waterpartings, geysers, cataracts, whirlpools, maelstroms, inundations, deluges, cloudbursts: its vast circumterrestrial ahorizontal curve: its secrecy in springs and latent humidity, revealed by rhabdomantic or hygrometric instruments and exemplified by the well by the hole in the wall at Ashtown gate, saturation of air, distillation of dew: the simplicity of its composition, two constituent parts of hydrogen with one constituent part of oxygen: its healing virtues: its buoyancy in the waters of the Dead Sea: its persevering penetrativeness in runnels, gullies, inadequate dams, leaks on

    42. And although you were perfect in most of the cognitive domains today, you showed a lot of variability in two of the tasks that were related to recent memory

    43. In this case, the increased risk from the fixed fractional approach is a good thing; nearly all of the extra variability is potential upside

    44. Note that in nearly all scenarios where the mean of the randomly sized scenarios is not much different from the nonrandom baseline, only the variability increases and it does so symmetrically, meaning that, in this case, standard deviations actually are a good proxy for risk

    45. Which of these carries more risk: a fund that will return 5 percent annually with a 10 percent standard deviation or a fund that will return 5 percent annually with an asymmetrical risk profile extending 5 percent downward and 15 percent upward? The second fund has dramatically higher variability, but all of the extra “risk” is skewed to the upside—in this case, variability is opportunity, not risk, as we saw earlier with fixed fractional position sizing

    46. While not a meaningful measure by itself, it is useful when comparing different trading techniques, systems, or patterns, as it shows how much variability is being assumed per unit of return

    47. A trader must therefore systematically trade the signals many, many times (say >100) to cancel out the variability and achieve the indicated mean returns reliably

    48. The best way to use volatility information is to treat it as an index - a number that measures variability in the market

    49. The price variability of bonds in general is treated in Chapter 8, The Investor and Market Fluctuations

    50. Intel earnings, given their greater variability, should probably be discounted at a higher rate

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