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Frasi con vindicated (in inglese)

  1. The young girl felt vindicated.
  2. Their dreams have been vindicated.
  3. In front of all you are vindicated.
  4. Thus am I vindicated in my actions.
  5. It had been vindicated by this notice.

  6. It's like being vindicated in one's faith.
  7. After independent investigations vindicated Dr.
  8. In that way Newton was vindicated and the cosmos.
  9. Caris felt that her contempt for Godwyn was vindicated.
  10. Tuer appeared vindicated and was about to say he was.
  11. God his defending counsel and redeemer had vindicated him.
  12. The Reagan Revolution vindicated the Conservative Movement.
  13. Bulstrode was vindicated from any resemblance to her husband.
  14. Now that she has been vindicated by the Braidwood Inquiry report.
  15. While the report clearly vindicated Read, the RCMP has refused to.

  16. In the end of the book of Job he was vindicated by God his redeemer.
  17. It didn’t take long for Koza to be vindicated in his Radian purchase.
  18. She seemed personally vindicated when I scuttled out on Tanner’s floor.
  19. Not just the ornaments, then, Caris said, her suspicions vindicated.
  20. He intended so to dominate the hearings that he would be entirely vindicated.
  21. Lattimore has been vindicated by scholars, but on Wallace opinions are divided.
  22. Don’t tell me, Billie chirped, delighted that she was utterly vindicated.
  23. Professor Heart appeared vindicated, relaxed visibly, and settled into his chair.
  24. Misan looked vindicated, but he would have clearly preferred all the pregnancies.
  25. All whom you have hurt are now vindicated, and I will raise my child without you.

  26. The good guys vindicated her, they all got turfed out, and the bad guys triumphed.
  27. He was five minutes into the future, where his life’s work had just been vindicated.
  28. But she is vindicated in the end by the fact that she is a woman, and a beautiful woman.
  29. She felt that swamiji’s regard for guruji’s prodigal son vindicated her own position.
  30. The US had denied him a visa for years, now they had bent before him—he felt vindicated.
  31. However, when she learned of Berniece’s troubles with Gladys, she felt at least somewhat vindicated.
  32. And be publicly vindicated after it is stolen again from the team they were screaming that really had it.
  33. So when a robber burst in the office demanding all of the promoters money, Peter, naturally felt vindicated.
  34. Hence I feel vindicated once more, but that will never make up for being forced to leave NM against my will.
  35. At length, pleased with herself for having resisted the seducer as well as the seductress, Roopa felt vindicated.
  36. He felt vindicated that he had indeed been abducted but he was frustrated that he had no specific recall of the event.
  37. Having been addicted to this type of reading since the early fifties, Van Vogts observation helped me feel vindicated.
  38. Koza’s cool analysis of Trina was vindicated as it reported strong earnings growth per share in the first half of 2009.
  39. When the news subsequently reports that the driver was speeding in unsafe conditions or was intoxicated, we feel vindicated.
  40. Our premise was strikingly vindicated by the financial history of the numerous railroads reorganized in the 1940s and in 1950.
  41. The stock price dropped with the crash of October 1987 to $8, and the bears were somewhat vindicated; some covered, some waited.
  42. Coast Guard vigilance was vindicated when Tropical Storm Allison struck Houston, Texas, causing the disastrous flood of 9 June 2001.
  43. For you the ogres will always be something of a sow's ear for a silk purse, and now that our army in Dalandaniss is slaughtered you feel vindicated.
  44. And the life and death of Jesus are the eternal proof that the truth of goodness and the faith of the spirit-led creature will always be vindicated.
  45. The ministers and congregations who have broken away will certainly expect to be vindicated in the eyes of both God and man (especially the latter?).
  46. Very often it will happen that an investment crowd’s views will be reinforced and apparently vindicated by some event external to the market itself.
  47. His three friends and his wife accused Job of sin, but he knows he had not sinned, and God, his redeemer, lived and in the end he would be vindicated.
  48. After Armstrong died, his widow vindicated him after fighting an additional 15 yrs in court to win his case; but a man was robbed while another lived to a ripe old age.
  49. Thus the wisdom of having courage in depressed markets is vindicated not only by the voice of experience but also by application of plausible techniques of value analysis.
  50. No wonder they were led on into the further proclamation of that which vindicated their former devotion to Jesus and at the same time so constrained men to believe in him.
  51. He supported the policy of a small navy, and vindicated the establishment generally from charges of waste or extravagance, though he was friendly to reform wherever necessary.
  52. Whether the specific differentials in price/earnings ratios are justified by the facts—or will be vindicated by future developments—cannot be answered with confidence.
  53. On the contrary, for the purposes of the present argument, I may admit that pecuniary calculation ought to be put out of the field, when spirit is to be shown, or honor vindicated.
  54. Never has this tone taken possession of the Church, but some epoch of judgment has vindicated the reality of the government of Him 'whose feet are like fine brass burning in a furnace.
  55. A temporary monopoly of this kind may be vindicated, upon the same principles upon which a like monopoly of a new machine is granted to its inventor, and that of a new book to its author.
  56. If only the Titanic had rammed that piece of ice (which was not a monstrous berg) fairly, every puffing paragraph would have been vindicated in the eyes of the credulous public which pays.
  57. He would be unwilling to tax the land to support the rights of the sea, and was for drawing from the sea itself the resources with which its violated freedom should at all times be vindicated.
  58. In the end of the book of Job God his redeemer vindicated him, and Job saw God standing at his side; day in the King James Version is not in the Hebrew, it was added by the translators.
  59. Indeed, had it been wholly neglected by the Chief Magistrate, from the critical situation of the country, and nature of the rights proposed to be vindicated, it must have pressed itself upon our attention.
  60. Given the advent of such things as deconstruction, post-modernism, critical legal studies, and the absolute absence of the teaching of history over the years since he made the remark, Im sure he would feel vindicated.
  61. If the tuna cans were found, he would be vindicated and have the pleasure of dragging his man into headquarters on a charge that would stick, and if the cans weren’t there, no one would be the wiser that he had been involved.
  62. While Rebecca felt vindicated by the tribunal’s judgement, she recognized that the Warriors, in defending her, were really defending themselves, and objecting to the arbitrariness of the camp commander and the Guardian Doctor.
  63. The only unpleasant feature of The Caldron and the Ruby is that suspicion of theft is directed toward an innocent person; but inasmuch as, in order to make a detective story, the innocent must be under suspicion and must be ultimately vindicated, this cannot be considered in the light of a defect.
  64. Still, Pulaski felt vindicated, and also disappointed; for a dozen pages or more, The Fireworkers could have been one of his Time-Life books, rambling on about pyrotechnics, China, Marco Polo … Where were these two getting their homicidal conspiracy? And how had he nearly fallen for it, even for a second? Was that how badly he needed to escape?
  65. Having described the genesis of their journey, and paid a handsome tribute to his friend Professor Challenger, coupled with an apology for the incredulity with which his assertions, now fully vindicated, had been received, he gave the actual course of their journey, carefully withholding such information as would aid the public in any attempt to locate this remarkable plateau.
  66. This brought out a third writer, who describes himself simply as a 'Presbyter of the Church of England, ’ and who was a much more accurate patristic scholar than Clarke; and he, with overwhelming force of citation, vindicated Dodwell's statements on the main question, and proved beyond reasonable denial that the earlier ante-Nicene Fathers knew nothing of the natural immortality of the soul as an apostolic doctrine, showing that 'Mr.
  67. Leonela required much pressing before she would go to summon Lothario, but at last she went, and while awaiting her return Camilla continued, as if speaking to herself, Good God! would it not have been more prudent to have repulsed Lothario, as I have done many a time before, than to allow him, as I am now doing, to think me unchaste and vile, even for the short time I must wait until I undeceive him? No doubt it would have been better; but I should not be avenged, nor the honour of my husband vindicated, should he find so clear and easy an escape from the strait into which his depravity has led him.
  68. Sunk down amid huge buildings which wall it in like precipices, with a graveyard yawning at its head and a river surging at its feet, its pavement teeming with an eager, nervous multitude, its street rattling with trucks laden with gold and silver bricks, its soil mined with treasure vaults and private wires, its skyline festooned with ticker tape, its historic sense vindicated by the heroic statue of Washington standing in majestic serenity on the portico of that most exquisite model of the Parthenon, and with the solemn sarcasm of the stately brown church, backed by its crumbling tombstones, lifting its slender spire like a prophetic warning finger in its pathway—this most impressive and pompous of thoroughfares is at once serious and lively, solid and vivacious.
  69. And so this diviner order of the Kosmos reigned through untold ages, while the earth swarmed with the mortal lives that sprang into being in successive bursts of the all creating Energy,—which never, by existing law, excluded itself from operating by introduction of fresh elements, but vindicated, even in a world of perishable plants and animals, both its love of continuity, and its absolute sovereignty and freedom,—at once in Creation and Destruction:—it may be bringing, as men say, life out of life, varying its forms under the pressure of external conditions, and achieving its present results by a gradual transformation of pre-existing types—though of this the fossil record contains no evidence —or, it may be, in the popular sense, creating, time after time, new tenants of the void, and causing the fruitful Earth to bear in succession the original distinct kinds of living things, out of which all sub varieties have sprung.
  70. The Hopi Indians would of course be vindicated for holding onto their age old beliefs,.
  1. I understand the difficulty there is in your vindicating yourself.
  2. Inacio may find proof of his theory vindicating, but the results were basically a dead end.
  3. The bully has been disgraced by an infant; and fear shall no longer restrain an abject world from vindicating its long violated rights.
  4. But it is difficult to see how average earnings of less than 5% upon the market price could ever be considered as vindicating that price.
  5. And yet he’s such an affectionate father, said Countess Mary, vindicating her husband, but only after they are a year old or so.
  6. Meanwhile rumors circulated very generally to the deponent's prejudice, and he was under the necessity of vindicating his character, and of correcting the author of those reports.
  7. He was anxious, while vindicating himself, to say nothing unkind of the others: but there was only one amongst them whose conduct he could mention without some necessity of defence or palliation.
  8. Not the plainest and most obvious sense of words must be permitted to stand before this supreme necessity of vindicating the divine dignity of man in one portion of his nature as an indestructible being.
  9. This bull of anathemas, scarcely less than Papal, is to be fulminated, in the name of the American people, from the high tower of their authority, under the pretence of asserting their rights and vindicating their wrongs.
  10. Sir, to us, it matters little whether our cities tumble into ruin by desertion for want of employment, by poverty produced by British wrongs and aggression, or, in vindicating the cause of our country, fall by a quicker process.
  11. It appears therefore that besides the fact that the usefulness of state activity is not recognized by all men, and is always denied by one portion of men, this usefulness has the peculiarity of vindicating itself always by violence.
  12. But, sir, as in my individual capacity, I feel at all times willing to make not only pecuniary sacrifices, but to expose my person in vindicating the rights and interests of my country, in my Representative capacity, I will undertake to say, that my constituents will do no less.
  13. I am not prepared to give up our rights, whether upon the ocean or upon land, whether commercial or personal; but I may differ in the means of avenging these wrongs, and vindicating those rights, and I shall ever differ from those who wish a navy to ride triumphant in distant seas, and, under a pretext of protection to commerce, doom the nation to galling burdens too intolerable to be borne.
  14. I cannot close this communication without expressing my deep sense of the crisis in which you are assembled, my confidence in a wise and honorable result to your deliberations, and assurances of the faithful zeal with which my co-operating duties will be discharged; invoking, at the same time, the blessing of Heaven on our beloved country, and on all the means that may be employed in vindicating its rights and advancing its welfare.
  15. She is worthy of sympathy? Is that what you wished to say, my good fellow? But then, for the mere sake of vindicating her worthiness of sympathy, you should not have insulted and offended a noble and generous girl in her presence! This is a terrible exaggeration of sympathy! How can you love a girl, and yet so humiliate her as to throw her over for the sake of another woman, before the very eyes of that other woman, when you have already made her a formal proposal of marriage? And you did propose to her, you know; you did so before her parents and sisters.
  1. Well if nothing else it vindicates my theory about a.
  2. It vindicates why I could not just walk away from those two nephews and five nieces.

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1. His need to vindicate himself with his mother begins.
2. He left it to God to defend Him and to vindicate Him.
3. But I promised Cecilia I would vindicate her faith in me.
4. Marcy Pendleton! I have eyewitness testimony that will vindicate.
5. Against his advice, I chose to testify to vindicate my having taken the.
6. But on the one side there is no ceasing to accuse, nor on the other to vindicate.
7. And here I must vindicate a claim to philosophical reflectiveness, by remarking that Mr.
8. Eisenhower subsequently made many feeble attempts to vindicate halting his drive at the river Elbe.
9. A spiritual leader should not defend himself or seek to justify and vindicate himself, when attacked or slandered.
10. Shall we vindicate our independence at the expense of our social or moral obligations? I exemplify my idea in this way.
11. What was it that stood in his way? His unfortunate timidity He wished to vindicate himself in some way, to assert his manhood.
12. Apollo incites him continuously to vindicate his father Agamemnon, killed by Aegisthus, conspiring with his mother Clytemnestra.
13. Now, though the gentleman seems unwilling that any part of the House should say we, I vindicate the claim which I have to use it.
14. Maybe by saving her he could vindicate himself and bring a flicker of purpose to the years of disgrace and humiliation he’d suffered.
15. This country only required resolution, and a proper exertion of its immense resources, to command respect, and to vindicate every essential right.
16. I speak it with pride, the people of that section have done what they could to vindicate themselves and their children from the burden of this sin.
17. For example at the time of birth, where many mothers die of complications that are created, in my opinion, by the baby’s need to vindicate itself.
18. Job was accused of sin by his three friends and his wife, but he knows he had not sinned, and God, his redeemer, lived and in the end would vindicate him.
19. Not only did he not find any answer, but all the arguments were brought forward in order to explain and vindicate punishment, the necessity of which was taken as an axiom.
20. If you need to vindicate yourself, you're going to be too small, too small for the job God's got for you, and you have to learn how to let God vindicate you, just walk in integrity.
21. It were impossible to say what violent assertion the stubborn Hawkeye would have next made, in his headlong wish to vindicate his identity, had not the aged Delaware once more interposed.
22. But it has been denied that British influence had any agency in the late dreadful conflict and massacre upon the Wabash; and this is said to vindicate the British nation from so foul a charge.
23. Ulysses’ path is not a repetition compulsion, nor does he get lost in the labyrinth to wind up in the jaws of the monster, as often happens as a result of repressed hatred or the will to vindicate oneself.
24. One would think that if a man cared to seem Christian or liberal, he would at least cease to plunder and to torment his fellow-men with the aid of the government, in order to vindicate his claims to the ownership of land.
25. The meaning of this word would be met, should it be understood as referring to God, coming forth in a public manner to vindicate the cause of Job against all the charges and accusations of his professed friends; or to God.
26. The meaning is, that however long he was to suffer, however protracted his calamities were, and were likely to be, he had the utmost confidence that God would at length, or at some future time, come forth to vindicate him.
27. It is perhaps because I have not been born to the inheritance of that tradition, which has yet fashioned the fundamental part of my character in my young days, that I am so consciously aware of it and venture to vindicate its existence in this outspoken manner.
28. Emancipate us from the trammels of colonial vassalage; place us on the high eminence of a free, sovereign, and independent commonwealth; and we shall at all times be ready, with our lives and fortunes, to assert the rights and vindicate the honor of our common country.
29. They have been baffled in every peaceable step calculated to vindicate our rights, or redress our grievances, until, by the injustice of our foreign enemy, bottomed on the aid they calculated on receiving from our domestic foes, the Government have been forced into war.
30. He believed that it was time to have done with trifling, with a war of words, and with what had been termed gasconade; that the cup of expedients had been drained to the last dregs, and that a new mode of warfare became indispensable, to vindicate our honor and assert our rights.
31. Without looking to the parts which suffered most, the invasion of our rights was considered a common cause, and from one extremity of our Union to the other, was heard the voice of a united people, calling on their Government to avenge their wrongs, and vindicate the rights and honor of the country.
32. Then why—since the choice was with himself—should the individual, whose connection with the fallen woman had been the most intimate and sacred of them all, come forward to vindicate his claim to an inheritance so little desirable? He resolved not to be pilloried beside her on her pedestal of shame.
33. Many times when you stand up and do what's right, people will falsely accuse you, and treat you unjustly, and you'll find yourself with your reputation being knocked, and you know what happens when that happens to us? You know what's in every one of us? You want to vindicate yourself, stand up and prove I'm right, you're wrong! Character.
34. I am so placed that I not only have no desire to vindicate myself; but, on the contrary, I find it necessary to make an effort lest I should exaggerate the wickedness of the great among whom I live, of whose society I am ashamed, whose attitude towards their fellow-men I detest with my whole soul, though I find it impossible to separate my lot from theirs.
35. It was a great thing to assert, in principle, the liberties of this country; but it was also a great thing to vindicate them by arms; and we rejoice that Colonel Trumbull is still to proceed, under the sanction of government, to delineate other scenes, in which Washington and his illustrious American coadjutors, and the flower of French chivalry, were the actors.
36. Indeed, it may be that the position which I occupy gives me special facilities for revealing the artificial and criminal relations which exist between men—for telling the whole truth in regard to that position without confusing the issue by attempting to vindicate myself, and without rousing the envy of the rich and feelings of oppression in the hearts of the poor and downtrodden.
37. That, after the experience which the United States have had of the great injustice of the British Government towards them, exemplified by so many acts of violence and oppression, it will be more difficult to justify to the impartial world their impatient forbearance, than the measures to which it has become necessary to resort, to avenge the wrongs, and vindicate the rights and honor of the nation.
38. I venture to add a few pages on this subject in a spirit of reverent inquiry, rather than of dogmatic assertion; premising that with us this is not a question of speculation, but simply of interpretation, and that it is not desired to vindicate for such interpretations a larger space in thought than the subject to be examined occupies in the sacred writings; much less to encourage delusive hopes of purgatorial salvation in those who neglect the gospel if offered on earth, whose 'damnation slumbereth not.
39. If by some impossible chance a fraction of human society—all the civilized West, let us suppose—were to succeed in suspending the action of this law, some races of stronger instincts would undertake the task of putting it into action against us: those races would vindicate nature's reasoning against human reason; they would be successful, because the certainty of peace—I do not say peace, I say the certainty of peace—would, in half a century, engender a corruption and a decadence more destructive for mankind than the worst of wars.
40. To make an end, senor, these are my last words to thee: whether thou wilt, or wilt not, I am thy wife; witness thy words, which must not and ought not to be false, if thou dost pride thyself on that for want of which thou scornest me; witness the pledge which thou didst give me, and witness Heaven, which thou thyself didst call to witness the promise thou hadst made me; and if all this fail, thy own conscience will not fail to lift up its silent voice in the midst of all thy gaiety, and vindicate the truth of what I say and mar thy highest pleasure and enjoyment.
41. For the accredited Minister of a great and powerful Sovereign, whose character he in this country represents, whose confidence he shares; of a Sovereign who is not bound, and perhaps will not be disposed to uphold him, in misconduct; but who is bound, by the highest moral obligations, and by the most impressive political considerations, to vindicate his wrongs, whether they affect his person or reputation, and to take care that whatever treatment he shall receive shall not exceed the measure of justice, and above all, that it does not amount to national indignity.
42. Indeed, sir, look along your whole coast, from Passamaquoddy to Capes Henry and Charles, and behold the deep and far-winding creeks and inlets, the noble basins, the projecting headlands, the majestic rivers; and those sounds and bays, which are more like inland seas, than any thing called by those names in other quarters of the globe! Can any man do this, and not realize that the destiny of the people inhabiting such a country is essentially maritime? Can any man do this, without being impressed by the conviction, that, although the poor projects of politicians may embarrass, for a time, the dispositions growing out of the condition of such a country, yet that nature will be too strong for cobweb regulations, and will vindicate her rights with certain effect—perhaps with awful perils? No nation ever did or ever ought to resist such allurements and invitations to a particular mode of industry.
43. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, That in case it shall be deemed necessary, in order to vindicate the just rights, or to secure the safety of the United States, to invade the provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick, or either of them, the President of the United States be, and he hereby is authorized and empowered to issue a proclamation, addressed to the inhabitants of said provinces, assuring them, in the name of the people of these States, that in case the said provinces, or any of them, shall come into the possession of this Government, the inhabitants of such province or provinces shall be secured and protected in the full enjoyment of their lives, liberty, property, and religion, in as full and ample manner as the same are secured to the people of the United States by their constitutions; and that the said proclamation be promulgated and circulated, in the manner which, in the opinion of the President, shall be best calculated to give it general publicity.