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    1. “Don’t tell me”, Billie chirped, delighted that she was utterly vindicated

    2. He felt partially vindicated

    3. Their dreams have been vindicated

    4. proves could be vindicated by divinity (faith)”

    5. It had been vindicated by this notice

    6. It's like being vindicated in one's faith

    7. ” ChériAna was smiling a most vindicated smile

    8. A temporary monopoly of this kind may be vindicated, upon the same principles upon which a like monopoly of a new machine is granted to its inventor, and that of a new book to its author

    9. vindicated in their positions

    10. Having been addicted to this type of reading since the early fifties, Van Vogt"s observation helped me feel vindicated

    11. Given the advent of such things as deconstruction, post-modernism, critical legal studies, and the absolute absence of the teaching of history over the years since he made the remark, I"m sure he would feel vindicated

    12. The Reagan Revolution vindicated the Conservative Movement

    13. Lattimore has been vindicated by scholars, but on Wallace opinions are divided

    14. If the tuna cans were found, he would be vindicated and have the pleasure of dragging his man into headquarters on a charge that would stick, and if the cans weren’t there, no one would be the wiser that he had been involved

    15. The ministers and congregations who have broken away will certainly expect to be vindicated in the eyes of both God and man (especially the latter?)

    16. So when a robber burst in the office demanding all of the promoters money, Peter, naturally felt vindicated

    17. Now that she has been vindicated by the Braidwood Inquiry report

    18. While the report clearly vindicated Read, the RCMP has refused to

    19. “After independent investigations vindicated Dr

    20. Hence I feel vindicated once more, but that will never make up for being forced to leave NM against my will

    21. vindicated and devastated at the same time

    22. guess maybe I do want to be vindicated in some way, and that is

    23. Thus am I vindicated in my actions

    24. Coast Guard vigilance was vindicated when Tropical Storm Allison struck Houston, Texas, causing the disastrous flood of 9 June 2001

    25. ‘Ha! That surprised you, didn’t it? I know I sometimes appear uninterested in your affairs, but that’s because I’m committed to non-interference in your life and choices, and today I’ve been vindicated

    26. She felt that swamiji’s regard for guruji’s prodigal son vindicated her own position

    27. 2 It was at Magdala that the women first demonstrated their usefulness and vindicated the wisdom of their choosing

    28. No wonder they were led on into the further proclamation of that which vindicated their former devotion to Jesus and at the same time so constrained men to believe in him

    29. And the life and death of Jesus are the eternal proof that the truth of goodness and the faith of the spirit-led creature will always be vindicated

    30. vindicated, but I am so sad, that if this is all true, my nation

    31. After Armstrong died, his widow vindicated him after fighting an additional 15 yrs in court to win his case; but a man was robbed while another lived to a ripe old age

    32. In front of all you are vindicated

    33. He felt vindicated that he had indeed been abducted but he was frustrated that he had no specific recall of the event

    34. Misan looked vindicated, but he would have clearly preferred all the pregnancies

    35. kissing his cheek, feeling quite vindicated, for she was the only one of his companions 308

    36. Tuer appeared vindicated and was about to say he was

    37. He intended so to dominate the hearings that he would be entirely vindicated

    38. Professor Heart appeared vindicated, relaxed visibly, and settled into his chair

    39. While Rebecca felt vindicated by the tribunal’s judgement, she recognized that the Warriors, in defending her, were really defending themselves, and objecting to the arbitrariness of the camp commander and the Guardian Doctor

    40. The good guys vindicated her, they all got turfed out, and the bad guys triumphed

    41. Price been vindicated

    42. The US had denied him a visa for years, now they had bent before him—he felt vindicated

    43. At length, pleased with herself for having resisted the seducer as well as the seductress, Roopa felt vindicated

    44. When the news subsequently reports that the driver was speeding in unsafe conditions or was intoxicated, we feel vindicated

    45. The Hopi Indians would of course be vindicated for holding onto their age old beliefs,

    46. and they need to be vindicated just as much as the witnesses who showed up

    47. wound will not kill you, but you can wear your scar of shame the rest of your life!” Leone bellowed and glared at her, vindicated and unforgiving

    48. All whom you have hurt are now vindicated, and I will raise my child without you

    49. In that way Newton was vindicated and the cosmos

    50. vindicated and the cosmos took the blame for hiding mass and the contraction was reinstalled

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    absolved clear cleared exculpated exonerated vindicated