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    vouch for

    1. Hence, the two witnesses who can vouch for your sound mind and no force being involved in the signing of the will

    2. Turning to Duncan he stated, “And you Lord Duncan, you vouch for him?” Both men turned and stared at Alexei

    3. ‘Ozzie here will vouch for you … it was self-defence

    4. "I can vouch for him on that

    5. “If you vouch for her on your reputation, I’m willing to hear

    6. The young farmer wouldn’t have left Ayrim had it not been for the guards sent by the Baron to vouch for the child’s safety (and everyone in the Whispering Wind vouched for the guards), but that assurance had come, and so he was without his son that morning

    7. There was the sound of metal on metal and we could just about pick up agitated sounds of conversation and I could positively vouch for the fear that the German wire party were feeling

    8. After serving with her for more than three years, I can personally vouch for that

    9. Crimpen? Can you truly vouch for both of them?”

    10. And when he does, he should exonerate me, and I could vouch for you as

    11. You were as safe as I could vouch for in such a place

    12. I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the following but I have heard it said that in the entire sweep of Scripture there are seven verses which are possibly against homosexuality, twelve verses against divorce, four against sex with a women who is menstruating, 2,350 about money and 300 about social injustice and the poor

    13. Today's modern medical fraternity would vouch for the fact that the

    14. “Besides that, I have Somonik here to vouch for my identity, and you can easily confirm his identity by conventional means, and we all know that he would no more lie about such a thing than turn into a tree

    15. Lovern knew the druids would support and vouch for his truthfulness if the king questioned his story

    16. "I will vouch for the boy and the safety of the Ophiotaurus

    17. I vouch for this on my honor

    18. I’ll vouch for that

    19. You might need us to vouch for your whereabouts

    20. We have to show the tapes to the cops, get Matthew and Hank to vouch for our upstanding characters, and hope for the best

    21. ‘Is there anyone who could vouch for his presence at home?’

    22. Pyx, it appeared, was the only person who could vouch for Amilla’s return on the previous day

    23. “Our rule requires that two of the higher Brethren shall vouch for every candidate; is any other Brother prepared to support this application?”

    24. “Our rule requires that two of the higher Brethren shall vouch for every candidate who presents himself for the second Path

    25. His Connemara, sense of wit and storytelling had not deserted him in exile, as anyone who knew him could vouch for

    26. He will refuse to vouch for the message’s authenticity, but he has no reason to doubt it either

    27. I can’t vouch for the ones who came with you,” Alina said

    28. “No one in town will vouch for him,” the Sheriff grumbled and glared down the back hallway

    29. ‘We can all vouch for that

    30. ‘Is that something you can all vouch for?’ ventured the detective

    31. Some I can vouch for 100 percent, while the others I have only read about

    32. I can vouch for that

    33. Hunting friends of the alleged assassin vouch for the 158

    34. I can vouch for his absolute honesty and integrity

    35. I can vouch for that because the pill I took at home may have seemed to help provide some relief, but at the same time I had the worst case of constipation in my life

    36. he insisted he could only vouch for me if I went home

    37. What many of you may not know is that Admiral Canaris was also part of a group of German officers and civilians secretly plotting the assassination of Adolf Hitler, something I will vouch for

    38. “I vouch for that

    39. that can vouch for you? Records of economic growth? Talk is cheap,

    40. The weeping woman claimed to be a good mother but who out of the group could vouch for her? Perhaps she was awful to the child? She certainly didn't look like the kind of parent he would have wanted

    41. Like I said, I can't personally vouch for this twist on the previous method, but I imagine it will have some effectiveness in making early rising an imperative for you

    42. The Organization was meticulous in their preparation of her background and had people in place to vouch for her

    43. “Greg Parkinson would vouch for that

    44. “She is Lady Lisbeth’s bodyguard and I can vouch for the fact that she knows how to use these

    45. “The lady here may vouch for your identity, sir, but I'm still going to need some extra confirmation

    46. The other, the niche marketers would vouch for the

    47. He was going to vouch for me in my hearing on Tuesday but now… well, now I'm not so sure

    48. Our investigating team’s chief producer Rohit Khanna can vouch for this

    49. It should have gone out and got college students with no party affiliations to vouch for it

    50. Those who won’t vouch for Islam, in particular the Christians, tend to debunk Muhammad for his ways of the flesh, and by extension the faith he founded as well

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