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    1. but I can assure you that

    2. An event so important that it was worth a permanent mark on the skin, first to assure success, second to commemorate once it had taken place

    3. function when it has no elders, and what are measures such congregations can take to assure that it will eventually have a scriptural eldership in place? The church without elders-What is it to do?

    4. But I assure you, nothing of yourself, your true self, was permanently tampered with at all

    5. ’ He said quickly, ‘I can assure you of that

    6. And I assure you that it looks somewhat more complicated on paper than in practice so study the illustrations carefully, one stage at a time, and check your posture before a mirror

    7. I assure you no disrespect was intended

    8. 'Hey, what have you got to lose Lautrec? I can assure you this method is completely safe and you won't believe the positive difference it'll make to your life

    9. ‘I assure you I have no carnal designs on your body

    10. This will help to assure the two of you are on the same page

    11. "They were just part of my day, you didn't tell me when the cherub visited you and I assure you those were much smaller incidents in my day than that was in yours

    12. When this happens, and I assure you it will, I want you to be prepared

    13. There may be no answers, but I assure time will heal the wound

    14. I assure her that I mean it and am left in no doubt as to how she feels about moving in here

    15. There’s no doubt in either of our minds about this and we quickly assure her that it is exactly what we want

    16. In fact there was no sign anywhere on the building, but I assure

    17. Yes it is a bother, a necessary bother, but I assure you

    18. I have had the honor of his acquaintance for only a fortnight and I may assure you, there is no young man who can stand as his peer

    19. Allcock, I assure you I did my best on that battery of tests

    20. “So, what we have determined is this: You shall be installed in School House, an honorable heritage there, I assure you, and you will begin your studies with us as part of the Hundred

    21. Quite by happenstance, I assure you,” he corrected quickly, “and I naturally had to recommend the finest tailor in Redditch for Roger's needed wardrobes

    22. Sally is clearly upset but I hasten to assure her that there are worse ways to spend your life … married to someone you loathe for one

    23. 'A good try, but I assure you

    24. ‘I can assure you that I haven’t,’ said Henri

    25. ‘I can assure you that Godfrey is not a Jew,’ he said

    26. ‘Well, I can assure you that neither of the

    27. I can also assure you that our relationship was longer and closer than you have with your parents

    28. “This is the standard salary for this position, I assure you Mr

    29. ‘I assure you that we behaved with the utmost

    30. ’ He went on to assure them that

    31. I want to assure you of my continuing interest in this matter

    32. I assure you I am personally acquainted with astronomers who are very capable of making these measurements

    33. nothing I can do about it except assure you that – without

    34. "I assure you that in all the millions of crystals forged in the golden age, none had the ability to build an imaginary universe, even with a helmet

    35. Guillaume – and I can assure you that he’s a much less

    36. ‘You both wrong me – I assure you that I am,’ said

    37. "Our eyes on the Red Mage assure us that he nears his objective

    38. I have been outside and I can assure you, it is a complete goat orgy! People are killing for a can of soda

    39. ‘It will or it won’t, sergeant, but I can assure you, I will not harm her

    40. Varro and Columella assure us, that it was a most profitable article

    41. I assure you, the feverish one is drenched with sweat and other one is still

    42. Liquor and Drugs’, (so that was what SALAD was) I assure you

    43. problem, and assure my dad’s friend that it was alright, and that

    44. Assure your customers that it’s OK to feel unsure about buying

    45. Apologize, assure them it will never happen again and thank them for

    46. I assure you that it wasn’t meant as such

    47. "I can assure you, I'll put a bullet in you before you even see me

    48. I can assure you, they’re quite dead

    49. She’s seen to Eury’s every need, I can assure you

    50. I can assure you that this is not a spur of the moment thing for us both

    1. I assured him that I could undertake the role without affecting the

    2. You can still be assured of one thing though; I will never allow this book to be subjected to the humiliation of product placement

    3. The cover will be to the extent of the sum assured of the policy

    4. In case of medical insurance, the individual is covered only to the extent of the actual expenses incurred on medicine/hospitalisation (up to a maximum limit of the sum assured)

    5. This has forced them to curtail on such expenses and also reduce/do away with the assured returns on the pension schemes

    6. If your grandchildren know that you are available, then you can be assured that whenever a difficult situation arises, they won't hesitate to ask you for advice

    7. ' I assured her, pleased that my ploy has worked

    8. But Doreen assured me that he oversaw Dan putting all the stuff back into the cupboard and locked it up securely

    9. ’ I assured him, taken aback that he should doubt my ability to keep my mouth shut

    10. ’ I assured her

    11. ’ I assured him with a grin … it’s nice to see him

    12. ’ I assured her, thinking that it would have been kinder if Jack hadn’t lived to fade slowly away with emphysema – he’d not found life at all easy and it had cut me up terribly watching him degenerate into frail helplessness

    13. ’ Molly assured me

    14. ’ I assured him, hoping the wooziness I’m experiencing will pass off … I’m not in the habit of fainting and don’t want to start now

    15. ’ He assured me with a sad smile

    16. Yes, I assured her that you have an up to date burglar alarm and man-eating rotweillers loose in the grounds

    17. ’ I assured him

    18. ’ I assured him as best as I can

    19. ’ He assured me, taking a stick from my hand

    20. ’ She assured me, resuming her seat on the bed

    21. deep and endless, a calling wind from the birth of time itself, assured and confident

    22. ’ I assured her, feeling more contented than I have for longer than I care to think

    23. The sound of him; deep and endless, a calling wind from the birth of time itself, assured and confident

    24. The step of the man was not quite so assured, with hips and knees

    25. He assured her it was and proceeded to show her just how real

    26. ’ Wiesse assured him, ‘I have checked him out most carefully

    27. ’ I assured him as Joris mutters something about my land legs being pretty good too – Gilla bats him over the head with the cloth she is holding, giggling at his comment

    28. ’ Drens assured us

    29. I shall try my friend, he assured her

    30. Lmore assured them that the recipes were as authentic as you'd find in this basin and this place would be considered a little touristy but would still draw plenty of business in Trenst itself

    31. Despite my arguing myself blue in the face for the chance to spend some of the money I have been assured lurks somewhere for me, Betta refuses to forego what she calls ‘the fun of dressing her new daughter’

    32. My mother assured me that I wasn't as she was grounding up more Atavin to put in my orange soda, the only thing I chose to ingest at this point for some reason

    33. Ichor thanked Sarah for taking a hit that was meant for him; he hovered over her till he was assured that she would heal

    34. ’ He assured me, picking his way through the building as though he is familiar it … yet, I know he has never been here before

    35. Jake assured him they would meet again soon

    36. “But I’m in my fifty’s, this can’t be!” Dr Paul assured her that she was, and that she had to be wrong about her age

    37. And so he praised the document that he couldn't read and assured all who would listen that it was perfect

    38. James assured him, Valotin and I are getting by ok

    39. ’ I assured him as he throws my bags over Sefir’s shoulders and fastens them in place

    40. James thanked Daowyn for his concern but assured him that he was just fine

    41. ’ I assured her several minutes later, looking at the list she’s dictated – how are we going to get all that into the car?

    42. ’ I assured him, wishing that I was feeling as confident as I hope I sound

    43. The two-bar was not effective in heating such a large space, but Annie’s great-aunt assured her that the rooms were lovely and cool in the summer, which would be a blessing worth waiting for

    44. They had tested it already and assured Duncan that it would protect Earth from the Scathers

    45. “Don’t worry my mate, it will prove what we already know,” he put his arm around her protectively and assured her, “you are one of us

    46. assured all who would listen that it was perfect

    47. She assured her it would be accepted in their year 5713, where Yellelle lived today

    48. Matai returned to Miners Hold and assured Lord Boras that everything was in order

    49. “The men have trained long and hard sir, they are ready,” assured the commander

    50. a large space, but Annie’s great-aunt assured her that the rooms

    1. I moan about this to Wally on Monday when I see him and he assures me that the village garage is okay, stressing that they have a good reputation and going on to mention that it’s where he takes his car

    2. Anyway, she assures me she has backed me up to Mr Gryparis by explaining to him the reason for my absence

    3. “I have no reason to lie to you,” she assures me, as if she could read my mind

    4. By the time I catch up with Sefir, Berndt has settled her in a makeshift stall, hobbling her more from the point of view of preventing her doing herself any damage than anything else, as he assures me quickly

    5. He assures me he has a sleeping bag

    6. She assures me that she can cope and again asks if Rob is all right

    7. She assures me that she means it

    8. Your father assures me you have traveling money for this journey,” said Mr

    9. She assures me that would be fine and rings off

    10. Jane assures him that we will pass the information on and shows him out

    11. Pat assures me he's really going to live in my house because she said his parents in Saudi Arabia have already decided this is where he will live

    12. Pat assures me she's told his parents everything about us and has emphasized to them that we do have two dogs and a cat and a little grandchild and according to his parents and I guess according to Wesam that is fine

    13. The account of what was imported under register, he assures us, is exact

    14. It bears the evident marks of having originally been, what the honest and downright Doctor Douglas assures us it was, a scheme of fraudulent debtors to cheat their creditors

    15. “Pete thinks he has the problem cured, and assures us the Handley-Page airplanes are top-notch,” the Major continued

    16. interest of the moment assures commercial success to

    17. assures me that his intentions are honorable and I trust that her virtue is safe in his hands

    18. Trevor assures me we can do it without causing a tsunami

    19. Of course this is what every relative wants to hear, it makes them feel good inside to know that the minister (a man of God) assures them that their dearly departed is in heaven, with Jesus

    20. I have him working on a port at the moment and Theodore assures me it is going quite well

    21. The New York Times assures its readers that, “It should be clear by now that this scandal is only incidentally about forcing sex on minors

    22. assures me that great lengths of progress have definitely been made

    23. It is his arrogance, and the arrogance of his “fellow travelers,” that assures him that he is a modern-day Moses who can decide for the masses what they should and should not believe

    24. ” She assures him

    25. Your position as it’s leader is unassailable, particularly since your insistence on the informality of your position assures everyone that you’ve no interest in gaining power for it’s own sake

    26. And Tony again says thanks and assures them that everyone is part of this

    27. The force that assures continuity of attraction is love

    28. is that it is a type of pleasure, and this pleasure assures that the psyche

    29. negate reality because it assures her some pleasure

    30. This assures that any search for truth

    31. His ‘honesty audit’ assures all dates and revenue are reported precisely

    32. The ghee also assures the proper texture of the bread, so moisten

    33. The power that love has over all things comes with blessings when you pull this card; it assures you that if you hold yourself, your thoughts, feelings and body in a place of love, there is no end to the beauty that you will allow to flow into your life

    34. Such a childhood training produces a type of loyalty which assures me that you will go through with the course you have begun

    35. � Simon assures Stef when he does not reply; �It's a shame the money is here or it would be simple, I could call the Old Bill

    36. � assures Curly Pete as he brushes past Steve and enters the house

    37. � he assures as he disconnects the call

    38. � Barney assures Dippa in that same friendly tone though this is not how he feels

    39. She assures me that the Citroën is in good order and that no one else, except me, has put his or her hands on it

    40. Expressing his concern that the area appears too small, Irin Gspa assures him that many of the buildings will be removed so that he may land safely

    41. ” assures the nurse; “Could you remove the clothing that is necessary to show us these bruises please?” the question appears to Suzy to be a demand

    42. ” WPC Davenport assures

    43. ” the medic assures Lewis, still seeming to be annoyed

    44. However, a spokesperson assures me that the situation will shortly be returned to normal

    45. It comes to rest against a concrete ruin and, as his life drains away, he has no regrets, as his faith assures him that he and his beloved wife will soon be reunited

    46. ‘We are temporally out of brandy, as our supplies have been delayed, but Lucky assures me that it will be worth waiting for

    47. Archan assures the Shelto that everything will be okay, then exits the mouth

    48. “But that is all over now,” Tony assures me when he sees the disillusionment on my face

    49. “Will, would you be willing to make another attempt? Corbin has some tweaking on Gateway to do but he assures me that he can resolve the problem

    50. Since this stops everything until something is keyed, this assures that it will stay on the screen long enough

    1. I try to make her change her mind, assuring her that I have been in this cafeteria before, that the environment is alright, that there is no danger -in vain: Helen remains as solid as a rock

    2. I explain to her the situation once again, yet Helen makes clear she has no intention of paying for a trip she isn't going on – which means I will have to pay double for my share! Moreover, my good friend coerces me into assuring her I will take the money back no matter what

    3. about the proposal and left assuring them of the family’s

    4. assuring him that both of you would

    5. Finally, assuring himself with the satisfaction that all things would eventually be known, which were at present simply unknown and not in the realm of the unknowable, he rested

    6. She tried to dispel the thought by assuring herself with the fact he never spoke to her brothers, with the exception of Jake of course

    7. "After ascending, they pulled them up, assuring that the horde would be unable to follow

    8. Another elf entered the room: a cautious, white eye on the hallway behind her and a caring eye on the Magi and elves, assuring they were all safely deposited into the room

    9. She shot him a wink, assuring him that even if there had been no rooms available, he would most definitely have a place to sleep that DRAFTChapter 9 155

    10. You must promise me love you must swear on Helen’s life and I will rest easy?” I replied assuring her that I would be on my guard at all times but I reminded her that he was not in my Battalion and it would be unlikely that our paths would cross

    11. (Recall Thomas Sowell assuring us that we cannot be retroactive mind readers

    12. ” She stole another look at the tactical screen, as though assuring herself that nothing

    13. Spencer caught up to me and with the edge of his navy blue shirt he rubbed off any ash that was left on my legs, assuring me, calmly and soothingly, that it was all removed before I attempted to walk the rest of the way back to the car holding onto him, trembling

    14. • The #1 Key to assuring you and your animal friends have a good life together!

    15. When I showed her the money, she had a second or two with herself before shaking my hand as if her life depended on it and assuring me that Mr

    16. She cackled, assuring him that she would never work the bars again, where she might have contact with anyone interested in her story, because of “a slight disfiguration

    17. Colling skidded to a halt, and Kwonowski told him to drive between the trees, assuring him that there was enough clearance for the truck

    18. Eclipse delivered her demonic words back to him in a tone less sharper, seemed like assuring for help, not knowing that her god was no longer on her side now

    19. I informed her father of my plan, assuring him my parents would pay for her to fly back every Christmas to visit him, until I was working and paying for this myself

    20. I returned to the inn in the evening for my meal and found the keeper bowing and scraping excessively and assuring me he wouldn’t dream of accepting any payment from me for my accommodations

    21. Theodore was also taken aback by the question, but the Khakhan had insisted, assuring him that he respected his opinion above that of his advisors

    22. Despite Akito assuring me that the fence was full proof, he decided to take other necessary precautions in case the charms failed or the fox managed to sneak through

    23. I sent the letter off with another note to Watomika assuring him that his son was still in good health

    24. I kept assuring him I understood it perfectly

    25. I was a bit overwhelmed by all this attention and wondered what he wanted from me, but I replied with all due gratitude and politeness, assuring him that I would report his kindness to the Khakhan

    26. I sent Giovanni home with a letter to his sovereign assuring that he had honorably served the ambassador and earned his gratitude

    27. assuring that patients receive the

    28. Danny kept assuring them that the frothing white

    29. Assuring her that I avoided women of the night during this trip, I was also assured by my parents that it would be the last trip I would take to New York during the remainder of my Lawrenceville stay

    30. experiencing hallucinations and whatnot by assuring

    31. from side to side, assuring it isn't sticking to the board

    32. agents they had just saved was a very assuring but sobering thought

    33. They chortled, assuring her they'd be decent

    34. They attacked the trim, deciding to ignore minor flaws, assuring themselves no-one would notice once everything had been newly painted

    35. In a last desperate effort, Jan laid out his blueprint for me, assuring me that by placing

    36. asleep and dreaming? Was I seeing things? As I lay, trying to collect my thoughts, assuring

    37. weeks, assuring me that they already had two other rooms in reserve

    38. On the beach, she looks around again, assuring herself no one is in sight

    39. Grandpa David placed his hands on his son's shoulder assuring him that everything would be okay

    40. “Or we can promote a decentralized world economy that would have the aim of assuring to every nation and region a local self-sufficiency in life-supporting goods

    41. 6 Before they left Gennesaret, Jesus instructed them regarding the miraculous feeding of the five thousand, telling them just why he engaged in this extraordinary manifestation of creative power and also assuring them that he did not thus yield to his sympathy for the multitude until he had ascertained that it was "according to the Father's will

    42. Pilate began his talk with Jesus by assuring him that he did not believe the first count against him: that he was a perverter of the nation and an inciter to rebellion

    43. Sitting up, Elise felt her face and neck assuring herself that she was intact and unhurt

    44. It appears he has known him for several years and he was assuring Pete that he was good for several ounces each week

    45. He sat beside her and, after assuring each other that all was well, Siri recounted all the events that had occurred during his encounter with Hatch

    46. Dunit, who was nearby, rested an assuring hand on her shoulder

    47. Years, we have, Ishan kept assuring him

    48. Coming out with a product means responsibility for assuring that no unsafe byproducts are indiscriminately dumped into the water or the air or onto the land

    49. The documentation accompanying the pills wasn’t very assuring

    50. After assuring Corey that the coast was clear we entered

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