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Frasi con wedge (in inglese)

1. Serve with a lime wedge.
2. Then use the Wedge for.
3. You're crazy as a wedge.
4. Both Sue and I cut a wedge.
5. Make a wedge to fit the notch.
6. Another option is to do wedge.
7. They could not break the wedge.

8. Increase the angle of the wedge.
9. Decrease the angle of the wedge.
10. The wedge acted as a safety catch.
11. He slid the wedge off the boulder.
12. A wedge is formed, Secured in heat.
13. Wedge turns that end with skidded.
14. Wedge, is there another way in?
15. Her knees wedge under the glove box.
16. A good wedge of skin came out with it.
17. The wedge is totally necessary to get.
18. Start with your foot flat on the wedge.
19. Price has not yet broken out of the wedge.
20. With the wedge, though, blading is more.
21. Dantes saw that he must attack the wedge.
22. The first thing a wedge does is it gives a.
23. A good wedge of skin came out with it.
24. Heins gives a strong argument for his wedge.
25. She finally figured out that she could wedge.
26. Wedge hardens the middle portion of the mass.
27. Someone drove a wedge between Itam and Amelia.
28. He spotted the wedge of hryvnias on the table.
29. A similar pattern to the triangle is the wedge.
30. Remember, the kid needs a wedge to control his.
31. His heaven-insulting purpose, God may wedge aside.
32. On the far side of the summit lay a wedge shaped.
33. Nicole had proven to be a wedge between them, also.
34. The Wedge is the tricycle of skiing, and you have.
35. They just love to put a wedge between happy couples.
36. Richard and Sam were winning, with one wedge to go.
37. Mom had been the one to start the wedge between them.
38. Now he needed something to plug the wedge holes with.
39. A wedge of moonlight streamed in through the window.
40. In fact, she was more than their wedge into society.
41. It was the one and only time there had been a wedge.
42. Is it something that could create a wedge that would.
43. Then, wedge small pieces of wood into the base of the.
44. In other words, eventually, a skier's A-shaped wedge.
45. Form up into wedge formation, set course to my numbers.
46. The rising wedge breakdown: You will favor stocks where.
47. When your wedge turns are routine on the easy slope, and.
48. Square off the edges and wedge a door frame in place (d).
49. This was the best possible way to wedge into someone’s.
50. What the hell, Wedge? snapped Barret with annoyance.
51. Driven a wedge between a mother and her five children.
52. A rising wedge is bearish and a falling wedge is bullish.
53. Probably cause a wedge between them and they would argue.
54. When this happens, price prints a pattern called a wedge.
55. There are more red candles in the wedge than green candles.
56. Likewise, whereas wedge turners may have half their turn.
57. What’s going to happen about our money? said Wedge.
58. The ascending or rising wedge is our next classical pattern.
59. Biggs flippantly saluted Barret as he and Wedge hurried off.
60. It was something that drove a wedge between Matthew and them.
61. The General leading the wedge was almost through their lines.
62. It had a thick long body, wedge shaped head and a spiky tail.
63. The rising wedge accurately predicted a coming price decline.
64. The great wedge driven into the front was finally pinched out.
65. She peeled the cover off of a warm wedge of bed and patted it.
66. Top with shaved Parmesan cheese, and serve with a lemon wedge.
67. Wedge, and Jessie as they clambered anxiously aboard the train.
68. Finally, he scans for a wedge (similar to a triangle) pattern.
69. He looked at me like he’d prefer to wedge it down my throat.
70. Pretty soon the easy gradual wedge turns are shaped more like.
71. Ahead, he could see Biggs and Wedge by the gaping doorway, the.
72. It's interesting to juxtapose the timid wedge turner with the.
73. This will loosen the locking wedge inside the fork steerer tube.
74. Wedge had gathered around the table, reading over blueprints of.
75. Of course the UK government has a wedge, but that is absorbable.
76. The signal we receive from the wedge formation is direction only.
77. Jessie… comforted Wedge, his words seeming louder as the.
78. Some of us may have preferred the descending wedge interpretation.
79. At least two of the RSI, CCI, and OBV are falling during the wedge.
80. Position the patient in sitting with a wedge underneath their foot.
81. Wedge near the barrier opposite them, scouting the helicopter’s.
82. Slowly but surely, we waded toward the doors, where the main wedge.
83. Hope had brought up the point about Thomas trying to drive a wedge.
84. It was hard to see through the hazy air, but a wedge of combatants.
85. I couldn't talk them out of it, they were convinced that the wedge.
86. That wedge breakdown sell trigger signaled the end to CSCO's uptrend.
87. Doctor Herron then shoved a wedge inside to prevent it from closing.
88. Finish with your heel lifted off the wedge and standing on your toes.
89. Pretty soon, you'll be linking wedge christies without any traverses.
90. Alan sat beside him and handed him a cup of ale and a wedge of cheese.
91. Position the patient in a standing frame with a wedge under their feet.
92. A falling wedge is bullish and is made up of lower highs and lower lows.
93. Example of a falling wedge in a bullish trend in the Japanese yen chart.
94. I was assaulted by some Philistine wearing a cheese wedge on his head.
95. A rising wedge is made up of higher highs and higher lows, and is bearish.
96. The sand wedge, though, can be used to get a ball out of a tricky situation.
97. Prices broke out of the descending wedge five days before the earnings release.
98. Position the patient in standing with both feet on a wedge and a table in front.
99. Ensure that their leg on the wedge is kept straight and both feet point forwards.
100. Position the patient in supine with an abductor wedge placed between their thighs.
1. Note also that there is a little, wedging (e.
2. Then he tried wedging his beak into the trigger.
3. To wit: you see a lot of kid ski classes wedging.
4. With a bit of dynamic momentum, straight wedging should be.
5. The three weeks before it broke out were all wedging up slightly.
6. He lifted the rattling bag of tricks, wedging the cracked plastic base.
7. When it drifts upward instead, this is called wedging action, and it is not constructive.
8. Pocket pivots occur after wedging in a stock, such as we see in Yahoo! (YHOO), shown in Figure 5.
9. As quick as a cat, she scooted up, wedging her knees under Laura’s shoulders, incapacitating her.
10. Kaya’s dead weight yanked against his shoulders, wedging his ankle deeper between the pillars above.
11. As mentioned earlier, a cup with a wedging handle is also usually a faulty, failure-prone pattern, as you can see in the Global Crossing Ltd.
12. The rocks were slippery with half-thawed ice, and when she carelessly stepped on the edge of one, her foot slipped, wedging between two rocks.
13. Sometimes this can occur after the stock has been wedging upward, in other words moving higher within its pattern on successively lighter volume.
14. As it tried to break out in late February, it was not pulling back but was instead wedging along the lows for three weeks as it drifted higher on light trading volume.
15. He had climbed up, pulling the ladder up behind and wedging a board between the folded piece and the edges of the opening, praying that they, whatever they were, would not find him.
16. I think of how he disguised that part of himself, wedging books between his headboard and the wall in our Abnegation house, until he dropped his blood in the Erudite water on the day of our Choosing Ceremony.
17. I attempted to wash my hands with water from my bottle, dousing the sponge as I did so, and then squeezed it out, pulled down my shorts, squatted on the road, and pushed the sponge into my vagina as far as I could, wedging it against my cervix.
18. This sort of technical action is often seen in down trending situations, and often a stock that is acting this way can be shorted at points where such declining-volume, or wedging, rallies move into resistance at their 50-day or 200-day moving averages.
19. The wedging action in late March and early April provided an improper context for the April 7th pocket pivot buy point, while the tight, sideways price action in late May and early June provided a constructive and proper context for the correct pocket pivot point that occurred on June 20th.
20. Note how the downtrend from the mid-$50 price area down to the $20 price level is characterized by small, short rallies that show declining volume as the stock moves up (wedging rallies) which are then followed by downside price breaks, which actually increase volume as the stock moves lower.
1. It was wedged under a rock.
2. Wedged between his left hand and the.
3. She became wedged between the mighty.
4. The wedged shape characters leapt out at me.
5. Dan’s wheel chair was wedged into a corner.
6. If nothing else, it wedged the cargo in place.
7. He wedged them in his waistband and swam back.
8. I’d found it a few days ago, wedged into the.
9. Mike Teal was wedged upright in the narrow space.
10. The poor old air conditioner wedged into the back.
11. Hiss wedged his luggage behind a seat near Locke’s.
12. Carter wedged his manly hands into the crack of the.
13. The fisherman planted his rod into the sand, wedged.
14. Some of the containers had become wedged, and the ship.
15. Just in time he wedged himself between the three crates.
16. He looked down to see Xavier's knife wedged in his flesh.
17. As I entered, a sturdy odor of phenyl wedged me in snout.
18. The city itself was wedged between waterways and swampland.
19. Therese picked out a small pebble wedged against the shoe.
20. He wedged himself into the tube and kept clambering upwards.
21. Elowen’s help, he moved the wooden chest and wedged it in.
22. Kill with a sharp stick wedged in the bait to lodge in gullet.
23. Thicke stopped in the tiny entrance as though wedged into place.
24. She stared down at the old man wedged between the sides of the.
25. There should be a blanket wedged into a crevice right above it.
26. He opened his jaws and wedged his teeth carefully around the box.
27. I’d wedged it into Monster’s frame, up over my right shoulder.
28. Simla, wedged in a corner on a pile of cushions wasn’t buying it.
29. He wedged the gas cap into the nozzle handle and came back to Josh.
30. Ryan pulled on the handle to open the door, but it was wedged shut.
31. Music thumps from a ghetto blaster wedged into the crotch of a tree.
32. The city itself was wedged between waterways and swampland.
33. I made to shut the door, but she had wedged the toe of her shoe in it.
34. That promise was wedged in her brain: sudden springlike temperatures.
35. Kevin said, The blocks it sits on are wedged to keep the belt tight.
36. Caramarin threw himself prone, unslung its stock and wedged the Kalash.
37. Only Grandpa, Granny and Seaboy, wedged between his parents, were there.
38. The Butcher was quick and had a foot, a work boot, wedged in the doorway.
39. They grab wafers between which are wedged lumps of coral and copper snow.
40. Thinking that if he became wedged in the gap I would have to climb over.
41. I slid the knife from my boot with a free hand and wedged it in the crack.
42. He saw that the front of the boat had wedged against sand, soil, and grass.
43. Furthermore, there is no some other space "wedged" in that, in which we live.
44. She sees John standing wedged between the beefy frames of Abdullah and Akbar.
45. The upper half of a broken lamp wedged them in, its charred wick still present.
46. A double berth was wedged against the wall, starched sheets pulled over the beds.
47. Other prisoners reluctantly reshuffled until he was wedged somewhere between them.
48. It was one of the manticore’s quills, broken off but firmly wedged in his flesh.
49. Wedged between the metal and the porcelain there was a small scrap of folded paper.
50. I wedged it in between the street and the cover and pried until my eyes lost focus.
51. How can one push on? They are stuck there, wedged on the bridge, and don’t move.
52. Loofah sat on a small swivel chair at a desk wedged between two padded room dividers.
53. It was fun, Serena said from the passenger seat, a soda wedged between her legs.
54. At one end of the mesa was a row of ten thick metal columns, wedged tightly together.
55. The idea of being wedged between a couple of oaks, her bare butt protruding into the.
56. The house was a narrow three storied building, wedged at the rear of the dole building.
57. Sylvia dropped her shoulder to the door, wedged a foot against a deck plank and heaved.
58. He looked back up at Zoe, who was playing with a piece of twig wedged in the rock face.
59. My airwaves were wedged under Zacchaeus’ arm; all I could manage was a gurgling sound.
60. Some type of metal device was wedged into the doors, holding them shut from the outside.
61. Ariel glimpsed a white thing wedged in a fork in a fever tree, a sharp line against the.
62. All the poles, quickly wedged against the bow of one and the stern of the other, damped.
63. I tore off one square of toilet paper, folded it, and then wedged it underneath the sink.
64. It leaped several times, accelerating, but finally got stuck, wedged between two boulders.
65. PULASKI EYED AGAIN the rolled-up tabloid wedged between the passenger’s seat and the door.
66. I could still recall getting wedged into the old brick barbecue in her parents’ backyard.
67. He wedged his body into the crook between her head and shoulder, prying to expose her neck.
68. I panicked and tried to pull it free but it was proper wedged under the bulk of the blanket.
69. Gathering the sticks in a compact bundle, he wedged his poniard hilt between them at one end.
70. Patch swung me over the windshield into the laps of Molly and Dolly wedged amidst a huge pile.
71. Stacey had wedged himself up into one of several large cavities between the tall metal trusses.
72. Wedged between the seven bowls of God’s wrath being poured out on the earth in Revelation 16.
73. It took the monster on the back of the neck and wedged between vertebrae to cut the spinal cord.
74. Cindy lay crumpled on the slanted floor of the cab, wedged between the backseat and the divider.
75. Slowly Thorin shook off his dreams and getting up he kicked away the stone that wedged the door.
76. The charged bolts wedged into the rock flesh of Petra and her kin but they remained unencumbered.
77. I had a great night’s sleep wedged between Joe and Martha, and when I got to the Hall at 8:30 a.
78. He rubbed his weary eyes and pushed the window that had been left wedged open by a small tear of.
79. He’d examined the car at the scene and reckons it was a grenade wedged under the driver’s seat.
80. The handle of a knife was protruding from the skeleton’s ribcage, firmly wedged between two ribs.
81. Then, probably, the gas was poured over the victims and the can was wedged behind the seats—.
82. The door was wedged open, and just inside Dawn, the secretary, was sitting at her desk, wiping tears.
83. But that luscious mouth that had been wedged between her legs under an hour ago was still talking….
84. Traps: Set by water for small crocs or catch on line with a stick wedged in the bait to lodge in gullet.
85. His parents had found him much later, curled up in a corner, wedged into the eaves, shaking and sobbing.
86. He came to a shuddering halt, his face wedged between the accommodatingly chubby thighs of the Watcher.
87. But the rock was too heavy, and too firmly wedged, to be moved by any one man, were he Hercules himself.
88. A piece of splintered bone has become wedged between the teeth and gum, causing a massive infection!.
89. Silas was in his nest, a stack of old newspaper from Grace wedged in a nearby crook where branch met trunk.
90. We managed to get the tent to rest on some of these rocks, and wedged our bodies into the cracks between them.
91. He firmly wedged himself between his brother and the dark-haired woman, and glared at the younger man sternly.
92. The anchor was up but the ship was tied with strong rope attached to two large metal poles wedged into the sand.
93. Emerson turns around, and there’s Teddy, wedged between the two girls, with his tongue out as he smiles again.
94. Yes, sharp on top but smooth on the bottom where it was wedged into the ground, it was the size of a large brick.
95. As he sat in the hut, wedged between his Uncle Pat and his son, Sean, Rafferty for the moment forgot his troubles.
96. The fact that he noticed his necklace wedged behind the mattress when he awoke that morning didn’t help matters.
97. Position the patient in sitting facing the frame of the Uppertone with their hands wedged in the Uppertone handles.
98. Niches in the cargo were sought where the shields could be wedged for more support than now-weary arms could manage.
99. The two collided, wedged together somehow, and spun into the ground where they both disintegrated into a huge fireball.
100. Ethan wedged the ladle’s wooden handle into the doorjamb as though it were a crowbar, leaning on it with all his weight.
1. Cut each into 6 wedges.
2. Cut the tortillas into wedges.
3. Cut pizza into wedges and serve.
4. Cut into wedges and serve warm.
5. Cut each round into eight wedges.
6. Wedges were hammered up the boots.
7. Remove and serve with lime wedges.
8. Core apples and cut into wedges.
9. Cut into wedges and serve immediately.
10. Slice into wedges and serve immediately.
11. Clean the cabbage and cut it into wedges.
12. X to form eight pie-shaped wedges in the.
13. Repeat with any remaining tortilla wedges.
14. Cut the lemon into wedges and slit green chillies.
15. Place the pineapple wedges into a large mixing bowl.
16. On them sweat heavy wedges of pale yellow cheesecake.
17. Spray both sides of the wedges with the cooking spray.
18. Sprinkle one side of the wedges with the cinnamon sugar.
19. However, this is the same for all clubs, not just wedges.
20. But not all ascending wedges will be so elegant and clean.
21. Immediately it appears: four wedges on a plain white plate.
22. Cut the dough into pie-shaped wedges and roll, beginning at.
23. I grab one of the summer dresses, a white jumper and some wedges.
24. Cut into wedges, sprinkle with castor sugar, and pile on a plate.
25. Nathaniel can drive wedges between his relationships with some.
26. Two more wedges removed put a noticeable sway into the belt length.
27. Wedges are another favorite, due to their high reliability as reversals.
28. I’m expecting her to fall of the couch, but my pillow wedges contain.
29. The biggest trunks could swallow a hundred wedges before they’d creak.
30. Violence is the door the Book kicks through, sticks in a foot, and wedges open.
31. First the wedges would go in, like needles, he said, in the hide of an elephant.
32. Wedges and higher numbered irons are used for bunkers, or for high arching shots.
33. Rising wedges can have a flat top like the ascending triangle shown in Figure 10.
34. He twirls in reversed directions a clouded cane, then wedges it tight in his oxter.
35. Gary needed two wedges and Donna – destined to be the loser – still needed four.
36. The first was to have laborers drive conical shaped steel wedges down into the holes.
37. For example, the chart for Tsingtao Brewery had one rising wedge and two falling wedges.
38. On finishing his day's work, he put his beetle and wedges into a hollow tree, and went home.
39. Depending on the trend direction, there are falling and rising types of wedges (as in Figure 4.
40. And if my life here continues as it has been, it may soon be the least of the wedges between us.
41. The rising wedges that formed in CPFL Energia and Oriental Financial were truly textbook examples.
42. As soon as I was happy with it I pulled on my wooden wedges and jumper and through on some beads.
43. Wil seized the Power and unleashed a blast of golden flames that tore through the dark wedges of demons.
44. Spread the tomatoes, carrots, and onion wedges in a roasting pan and season with salt and pepper to taste.
45. Public divisions into political parties drives wedges into growing divides; stressing conflict instead of unity.
46. Combine lemon wedges, mint sprigs, green chillies, ginger, black salt and muddle the ingredients with a muddler.
47. Cut tortillas into 12 wedges or 3x1/4-inch strips and place in a 15 1/2 x 10 1/2 x 1 inch ungreased jelly roll pan.
48. I joined with Arthur the next morn, down at the training ground, training infantry in Roman style front-line wedges.
49. The pitching wedge and the sand wedge can be used in the place of a chipping wedge, yet another in the family of wedges.
50. The first question which he asked after the return of his reason, was, whether his sons had brought in the beetle and wedges.
51. However, neither of the falling wedges was reliable; they signaled possible uptrends, but in both cases these did not develop.
52. In the display was a selection of cheesecakes of differing flavours, pre-cut into small wedges for the customer to choose from.
53. A plate of nibbles arrived, delicate little wedges of brie and Camembert, salty crackers and squares of high cocoa plain chocolate.
54. The interior of the empire, during the whole period of the Achæmenidæ, continued to employ wedges of precious metals in exchange.
55. Then some of the Sea-Artists would drive Wedges betwixt the Enemy’s Rudder and Sternpost, jamming it and making Escape impossible.
56. At the time appointed he went into the field, and began with a beetle and wedges to split the timber, out of which the posts and rails were to be prepared.
57. Okay, I had been wearing a flannel shirt, along with my favorite faded Levi’s and a pair of well-worn boots, whereas she’d had on a denim mini-skirt, tight top, and wedges.
58. With all the javelins launched, the wedges formed up tight, arrow-headed, where the rushing Picts fell into the gaps between the wedges, trapped between the teeth of our infantry.
59. As Lucinda talks about Dante and Marie, the front door opens and Tom wedges himself back into the packed party, and when he smiles at me across the room, my heart flies out to him.
60. Ravenously devouring gigantic wedges of cheddar and imported Swiss on a freezing night of reality more real than a cold gun, green naked men and women poured out of undulating walls.
61. From late January into most of February 2007 GME wedges up in its base formation before bursting up through the 50-day moving average with the requisite pocket pivot volume signature.
62. A few were already at work, farther along the site, and Ralph could hear the dull thud of hammers driving wedges into cracks in the rock, splitting great slabs from the mass of stone.
63. Not sure if the old bitch managed to intentionally cause it or if it had already happened to some degree before she came on the scene and she just drove wedges in the door to lodge it open.
64. Like a true queen she lay, with her plunder heaped high about her: silks, cloth-of-gold, silver braid, casks of gems and golden coins, silver ingots, jeweled daggers and teocallis of gold wedges.
65. Notice that as the stock finishes the handle it wedges up just a bit, logging a VooDoo volume signature as trade declines -36 percent and -37 percent below average on these two days, respectively.
66. The broad term pullback encompasses a large number of specific patterns: flags, pennants, wedges, continuation triangles, and many others, but the exact shape of the pattern is not that important.
67. Sitting in the sacred hush of the moonlight, we had long talks on sober subjects not at all related to “revolving wedges” and “guards back formation,” on which he had been wont to discourse.
68. As the steel wedges were driven ever deeper the stress of steel against stone would cause the stone to shear along the stress concentration line that had been established by the sequence of drill holes.
69. Faye remained silent while the waiter delivered their salads—crisp iceberg lettuce with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, black olives, croutons, and cheese wedges topped with a tangy honey-mustard dressing.
70. The most difficult aspect of trading rising wedges is similar to other patterns with slanting boundaries like symmetrical triangles and H&S patterns with slanting necklines: dealing with retests on a sloping boundary.
71. He immediately arose from his bed, went into the field where he had been at work a number of years before, and found the wedges, and the rings of the beetle, where he had left them, the beetle itself having mouldered away.
72. The great wrath of his onset had utterly overthrown the front of his enemies, and great wedges of his Riders had passed clear through the ranks of the Southrons, discomfiting their horsemen and riding their footmen to ruin.
73. The Nymloc and Jacoulra preferred to move in huge wedges, formations of a sort where their front lines pushed, hacked, and slashed with their claws and fangs, while those behind waited to take over when the front lines were defeated.
74. A trader using this approach might look for wedges, pennants, flags, boxes, ledges, head and shoulders patterns, and double tops and bottoms—these are only a few of the traditional patterns, and many more have worked their way into modern practice.
75. There are many variations of these converging ranges, which chartists describe as symmetrical triangles, ascending or descending triangles, wedges, pennants, and so on, usually with the qualification that volume is very important in these formations.
76. He hiked deep into the northwest woods, climbed up steep mountain inclines, and scrambled over jumbles of fallen trees, hauling with him a chainsaw, a peavey, a splitting maul, and assorted iron wedges jammed into his pockets, in search of salvageable wood.
77. Around us the army were amassing in tight ranks and formations, in the way Arthur had trained them, using a long battle-front formed into arrow-headed wedges with locked shields through which the men would thrust with their swords after all the javelins were cast.
78. Pursuing then his point, he soon, by violent, and, to me, most painful piercing thrusts, wedges himself at length so far in, as to be now tolerably secure of his entrance: here he stuck, and I now felt such a mixture of pleasure and pain, as there is no giving a definition of.
79. They had tried various devices, lashing with ropes and, later, when these failed, with steel hawsers, but there was nothing to which they could be made fast; finally, they drove wooden wedges under them, catching them in the brief moment of repose when they were full open, and these held firm.
80. Twelve hundred ILA members formed flying wedges and smashed through cordons of mounted police armed with tear gas and billy clubs, successfully shutting down the unloading of cargo by strike breakers, among them University of Washington fraternity boys and football players recruited by the steamship companies.
81. If a certain stable creative Impulse wedges in their dynamics, which decreases their quality (for example, egoistic “emanations” and “psychonations”), then their Inertia, in the form of burdening Energy-Information, affects the speed of propagation of flakses, they “come out” of the structures of iskon “Fields” and begin to “slow down”, being transformed into wave formations — photons.
82. The next page was part of the interview, but she ignored it, already knowing what was in there, she flipped to the last page with a picture of her in a haunted looking house in a red Alice +Olivia one shoulder jersey top with frayed silk chiffon on one shoulder, a white BCBG silk-chiffon draped mid-thigh skirt, and beige Tory Burch wedges with a caption on the side saying Scary Beautiful in the spirit of Halloween.
83. The treasure was there, heaped in staggering profusion—piles of diamonds, sapphires, rubies, turquoises, opals, emeralds; zikkurats of jade, jet and lapis lazuli; pyramids of gold wedges; toecallis of silver ingots; jewel-hilted swords in cloth-of-gold sheaths; golden helmets with colored horsehair crests, or black and scarlet plumes; silver scaled corselets; gem-crusted harness worn by warrior-kings three thousand years in their tombs; goblets carven of single jewels; skulls plated with gold, with moonstones for eyes; necklaces of human teeth set with jewels.
84. These included three 16 pound stone sledges, several Cleveland model tackle blocks with long lengths of stout rope, three Disston's type cross cut saws for two man tree cutting, four stone picks of seven pounds each, two toothed stone mason's hammers of ten pounds each, six pointed quarry picks, various steel wedges, a large stone cutter's saw called a Frig Bob, a smaller starting saw called a Razzor, a triangular file to sharpen saw teeth, two drill braces, a pedal operated grinding stone of 60 pounds for sharpening of the other tools, and an assortment of small hand tools.
85. Heads of social organizations, institutions, the concept of a Supreme head-being: God, the making of bread by cutting off the heads of grain, the head of a bed, the head of a burning cigar or cigarette: knocked of as ashes: getting ‘ahead’, the concept of progress as the most important thing in life, competition: getting ahead of your competition, the concept of competitive elimination: ‘heads will fall’, ‘if you are not up to snuff’, snuff: sneezing your head off by taking a pinch of snuff to clear your head, giving ‘head’ sexually, warheads, bombs, firearms, bullets, artillery: any weapon that shoots something: slingshots, arrows, spears, rocks, the heading of a page, a header in grammar, the heading on a page, the heading on a sentence, the heading on a paragraph, somersaults, head-over-heels, crowns, the crowns of Corinthian pillars, pillars do not have heads: all pillars are decapitated, all segments of pillars: all decapitated columns, the idea of decapitating pillars of the community, the idea of dethroning kings, the eating of fruit like grapes, apples, etc; all edible things like coconuts, papaya,, unpeeling the head of a banana and eating it, all vegetables in the shape of a head like onions, cabbage, lettuce, the picking of leaves, the picking of fruits, the picking of beans: all drug foods the picking of spices: creating every single drug we call food, ice cream cones, all ice cream in the shape of a decapitated head, all food portions in the shape of a head, all toppings on all food, decapitated flowers, the Rose Parade: hundreds of millions of decapitated heads of flowers, all fire with flames that are decapitated, all fireworks, the crushing of spices, the picking of decapitated heads like mushrooms, eating nuts, cracking their shell, eggs, corks and bungs used to seal barrels and bottles, the tops of bottles, the sealing and taking off the tops of bottles, jars; all tools that have a head, the head of a hammer, nails, the head of a nail, pounding the head of a nail, the cutting off of the heads of large trees before decapitating them, cutting off the heads of animals to kill them and eat them, all mathematics: the counting of heads, or I’s and adding them up, the using of tools to create decapitated segments, all sports, all balls used in sports, the hitting of all balls, ping-pong, badminton, bowling, bowling pins: the decapitation of bowling pins by a bowling ball, kingpins, kings, jewelry, stickpins with diamond heads on them, canes, walking sticks with metal heads, staffs, any artifact denoting being the head of something, scepters, globes, flyswatters, turbans, musical instruments that blare out sound: decapitating it; using holes in wood and brass instruments to decapitate the natural sound into a shorter wavelength, all fretted and unfretted musical instruments, pressing on a fret to make the note shorter, like a violin or guitar, drums, drumsticks, cymbals, the heads of shoelaces, the detached mentality called the ego: decapitated and disconnected from all the other needs and energy flows of a human being, the concept of life after death as a detached form of spirit, the structure of all hierarchy, all capitalist companies and corporate bodies being ruled and controlled by detached heads of business, the capitalization of letters at the head of a word or sentence or paragraph: especially in ancient sacred Christian texts: where the first capital letter is huge, the eating of fish by decapitating them first, the use of all drugs, narcotics wine, coffee, pills: to create a disconnection between the brain and the rest of the human being, the concept of anesthesia, using drugs to numb the brain or prevent it from feeling the body’s pain, all cultures that value stoicism, macho pigs who cannot love, the concept of the hero as a stone face refusing to face the truth, refusing to feel love, refusing to feel any emotion whatsoever, refusing to cry, the stone carvings of all the ancient Kings, the decapitated carvings of all Kings on coins, the insane idea of all kings ruling by only using their decapitated heads as decapitated coins to spread their authority, all stone busts, plaster busts, the stone faces of all heroes in modern media who refuse to feel human emotion, ping-pong, the computer game: pong, King Kong: the King cut off from State: King Kong falling off the Empire State building: all the video games that are based upon decapitated heads decapitating other heads, which are all based on the old arcade pinball machines that shot decapitated heads that bounced around scoring points hitting and scoring on as many stationary targets of decapitated heads as possible, the decapitation of hair… haircuts, shaving daily, cutting your nails, the idea of assassination as a political tool, the concept of character assassination used in all human societies to cut off people who are thought too uppity or stick out too much, and do not conform… the detached form of observation that only use instruments for the eye: microscopes, telescopes, star-gazing, stamp collecting, the collections of anything from bric-a-brac to gold coins, portraits, still pictures of decapitated heads, cameos, brooches, belt buckles, shoe buckles, still photographs of decapitated heads, talking heads, heads on celluloid talking, heads on screens, moving pictures of talking heads, the idea of a leader as a talking head, all pictures on money of decapitated heads, mouthpieces, microphones, the idea of one person speaking for another, speechwriters, lawyers, politicians, amplified music coming out of a loudspeaker, amplifiers of singing-talking heads, the idea of doing nothing but talking as being the only form of social activity allowed in polite societies, the heads of shoelaces, all knots, topknots, tying hair into knots, the idea of cutting up sounds into words, into letters, into decapitated abstract symbols of meaning separated from thee body of the meaning by segmentation, all segmented forms of tool-use, all tools that segment things into decapitated heads, all decapitated forms of awareness-thinking-feeling, all forms of specialization, all segmented ways of living-doing-seeing, decapitating the natural order of things into decapitated insane pieces: decapitating a family into age groups, decapitating a community into alienated isolated individuals, all mass butchery of living animals by cutting off their heads, morse code, ticker tape, all digitalization of signals into meaningless decapitated codes, the invention of the glass tube: the first decapitated head that could mechanically receive and send energy through nerves called wires, the invention of the transistor: the first sold decapitated head that could send and receive signals, the invention of microchips: tiny decapitated heads with their own tiny brain circuits that could perform more complicated functions than the first huge glass-blown giants called vacuum tubes: because there was nothing inside them, all glass blowing, blowing up molten glass with hot air and then decapitating it to make a glass vase or bottle, all containers from bottles, jars, gourds, ladles, to pitchers and teapots with decapitated lids, all containers, chests, holding treasure, wealth, valuables, all spices and decapitated herbs, all furniture made from decapitating trees, all houses made into decapitated heads where the people living inside them only use their heads and not their hearts or bodies, the steam engine: decapitating steam to explode out in puffs of decapitated destroyed power, all wheels, all round wheels used in machines, all watches, with dials pointing at the decapitated numbers of a disconnected circle, the decapitation of all circles into wedges, pie slices, the invention of the wedge, the invention of the axe as a metal decapitated head to stick on a wooden decapitated piece of branch, all idols, all icons, all figureheads, all abstract symbols representing the head, the pinnacle, the top, the apex, the height of anything, all hierarchical awareness and structures that deem the head as the most valuable, the best, the most noble, etc; Jack-in the Box, all boxes, everything that is put into a box or container, FedEx: the obsession of transporting boxes and parcels, the song; ‘Pop goes the Weasel’, all mass-produced goods that are boxed and shipped, the detachment of specialized labor and work, the creation of holes, digging, all mining, piston heads, engine heads, everything that is called the ‘head’ of something, the froth on the top of a glass of beer,: to be blown away, the use of all zeros and ones: as in Japanese Zeros decapitating American ships, zeros and ones being created and then decapitated inside computers, the use of all zeros and ones in mathematics, scalping, the taking of heads, the shrinking of heads: which the computer microchip is the latest evolution of, ….

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