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Woeful in una frase (in inglese)

Sheri's woeful mother.
eyes as they listened to the woeful tale.
We delivered them from a woeful scourge.
Jesus! The stink in there must be woeful.
It was very woeful moment for his parents.
For these We have prepared a woeful scourge.
Please don’t be alarmed, my woeful lady.

Woeful Danny the Dumpster and his family stuck together though.
"How dreadful this is," she murmured, looking at him with weary, woeful eyes.
And yet, it seems he was highly familiar with that woeful scribbler Hesiod.
Though bound to suffer in woeful states, they have hope of attaining eternal peace.
continued her woeful story, a tale that could complicate only the lives of the rich.
Sarah could see the woeful cringe that reverberated through her mother’s broken soul.
Captain Nemo’s submarine vibrating with his woeful dirge as it floated through the black.
Yelping, howling, caterwauling—these and other woeful cries are originating from this ossuary.
Troubled by such woeful omens, I set aside a little bit from my sister trying to digest the proverbial news.
As Superman shared his woeful tale of his life with us, he revealed the kryptonite that very nearly killed him.
And just to add to my woeful tergiversations on the brutality of the act, rape is not, I repeat not about power only.
pastor to follow you: neither have I desired the woeful day; you know: that which came out of my lips was right before you.
Who was the woeful, somber King James? He was the English King who had the cunning idea of settling Scots in Ulster Ireland.
Never did bough creak so mysteriously, and never did the far-away howling of dogs send such a woeful presage through the night.
She silently expressed us her woeful stories; though she dissimulated and did not speak a single word, yet she had revealed us everything.
6 Then came Jared with a woeful countenance wretched in mind and body and sorrowful at having been separated from the bodies of his fathers.
6 Then came Jared with a woeful countenance, wretched in mind and body, and sorrowful at having been separated from the bodies of his fathers.
Our wise and eminent King has divined that you are the woeful victim of Blacke Magic, and as I look upon you I can see the truth of his augury.
Then he’s all mine, the Carnival of Souls’ main attraction! Woeful and second-rate, to be sure, but to me, my dear, you’re still a prize.
The man who can say such things as this, exhibits most woeful ignorance of Christian theology, as laid down in the New Testament, and has very much to learn.
Oh, how I wish we did not, but we do, she said softly, letting her head hang low as a regretful woeful sigh came slipping from her frowning trembling lips.
“Ensign Jones!” she cried, “Ensign Jones!” The words were on her tongue but they couldn't escape, nothing escaped but the massive sobs and her woeful cries.
Jacques had been unwilling at the beginning; though his wife’s woeful letters had eventually sealed his fate, however, only at my word of not trying to commit suicide again.

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woebegone woeful deplorable execrable miserable wretched