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Frasi con deplorable (in inglese)

  1. He gave us a most deplorable.
  2. They worked under deplorable conditions.
  3. And her reasoning, how wholly deplorable.
  4. Conditions for soldiers in just about any war are deplorable.
  5. The alarm caused a deplorable stampede at the divisional hospital.

  6. This was the response to the deplorable decision taken by the Judicial.
  7. Back in the real world, the deplorable state of affairs would not be the.
  8. You are aware, sir, of the deplorable condition of my husband's father?
  9. Now let me take that deplorable lack of knowledge further to our advantage.
  10. The deplorable politics led to revolt by the Italian people from 90 to 88 BC.
  11. Perhaps I shall explore that possibility when this deplorable affair is over.
  12. Its deplorable peculiarity was, that it was the faintness of solitude and disuse.
  13. By the time they reached Port Dickson their clothes were in a deplorable condition.
  14. Now, I am aware that there was a most deplorable occurrence in our house last night.
  15. Two of the most deplorable traits a person could have, according to Percival that is.

  16. So was I once overcome with deplorable laughter in church, only because a cat came in.
  17. Born to the prospect of such affluence! I cannot conceive a situation more deplorable.
  18. Dans behavior was deplorable, and he continually treated Mum like that over the years.
  19. No wonder the Austrians had ended up in their current deplorable state under Nazi guidance.
  20. The partial bind had led to a state of dependence which Ginger thought was simply deplorable.
  21. At once stage he even joined the PT Sergeant in discussing our deplorable lack of water skills.
  22. I was in dread the latter would give way to some violent outburst that might have had deplorable consequences.
  23. Thus says The Lord YahuShua: Those who knowingly celebrate Easter, and its deplorable traditions, hate My resurrection.
  24. The minimum returns for tenth decile are also deplorable, with their minimum 10-year return at an astounding loss of 16.
  25. No set of men, however ignorant, however stupid, could have placed the country in a worse or a more deplorable situation.

  26. It will make almost no difference to you besides outrage and of course the deplorable loss of life which goes with such an attack.
  27. Rather, the West now sees only what is deplorable and destructive, while it is no longer able to perceive what is great and pure.
  28. But not to worry, he, PT Sergeant Whomever, shall surely cure this deplorable inability by the grace of general Coetzee blah blah blah.
  29. That includes creating deplorable conditions of inadequate rest, breathing undesirable air, poor sanitization, and serve undesirable foods.
  30. She had underestimated these Americans and their social habits, deplorable they may be overall, but resolved not to make that faux pas again.
  31. His forgetfulness about the key would have mattered little upon any other occasion, but on this one day it has produced the most deplorable consequences.
  32. After that one deplorable bald word she said no more at all; and Ingram's passionate explanations and asseverations only every now and then caught her ear.
  33. I read that 32 white colonialists died which is deplorable for all deaths are it is less than what is murdered every day in South Africa (all races combined).
  34. The situation of this city and of this land was deplorable, but right now all my desire was engaged by this woman in a way that I had never experienced before.
  35. Gold said the annals of this Government, the last six months, commencing with the declaration of war, would be found the most interesting, the most deplorable.
  36. In her younger, juvenile days, before she was married, the prospects of a love affair with such a devotee would have been amusing, but now it was utterly deplorable.
  37. Straws, they had turned into, these men who used to be lovers; and deplorable as it was that lovers should end as straws, it was even more deplorable to try to cling to them.
  38. Tess had thirty pounds coming to her almost immediately from Angel's bankers, and, the case being so deplorable, as soon as the sum was received she sent the twenty as requested.
  39. The hospital itself was in a deplorable condition: the lawn beyond, covered with old dressings, excrement, and refuse of all kinds, must necessarily have proved a terrible plague spot.
  40. The boy told him, and Volgin went on towards the house, thinking how he would chaff Nicholas Petrovich about the deplorable condition of the village schools in spite of all his efforts.
  41. The situation was deplorable, but he knew it was not his place to interfere, despite the fatherly instinct within, urging him to offer comfort and guidance to this tormented young woman.
  42. Really something special and terrifying in a way! Unfortunately we were not issued with bayonets, and we made up for that deplorable oversight by purchasing the biggest knifes we could find.
  43. And how I resented the offhand manner in which the captain had extended his deplorable invitation! You would have thought it was an issue of going into the woods on some harmless fox hunt!.
  44. The deplorable thing is that they never go at what is the essential, the vital part of their task, they always go off at once into details instead of going straight to their mark, and this is their ruin.
  45. If he had not loved Jo very much, I don't think he could have done it then, for she looked far from lovely, with her skirts in a deplorable state, her rubber boots splashed to the ankle, and her bonnet a ruin.
  46. This has led me to formulate Tuchman’s Law, as follows: ‘The fact of being reported multiplies the apparent extent of any deplorable development by five- to tenfold’ (or any figure the reader would care to supply).
  47. I'd as soon put that little canary into the park on a winter's day, as recommend you to bestow your heart on him! It is deplorable ignorance of his character, child, and nothing else, which makes that dream enter your head.
  48. Ashley sent India money every week and every week India proudly and silently returned it, been in a deplorable state, but for Uncle Henry’s intervention, and it humiliated Pitty to much to the old lady’s alarm and regret.
  49. I’d as soon put that little canary into the park on a winter’s day, as recommend you to bestow your heart on him! It is deplorable ignorance of his character, child, and nothing else, which makes that dream enter your head.
  50. Charles Gould assumed that if the appearance of listening to deplorable balderdash must form part of the price he had to pay for being left unmolested, the obligation of uttering balderdash personally was by no means included in the bargain.
  51. The men were a little less outwardly frantic opting to roll their eyes at what they perceived to be the silliness that the females were displaying while secretly listening to hear if theirs was a name that passed as acceptable or deplorable.
  52. The question of the Native Tribes had been brought up incidentally in the Commission of the 2nd of June, and had been pressed forward actively by Alexey Alexandrovitch as one admitting of no delay on account of the deplorable condition bf the native tribes.
  53. He had come for her, but even more so God had intervened in the matters of the corruption of this place that had seemingly gone unchecked through the years of its deplorable exploitation of the masses of clueless people that populated the surface of the Earth.
  54. Even while taking account of their recent defeats and withdrawals, the standard of dress is deplorable and many of those soldiers have lost, or should I say threw away, nearly all their personal field kit, including their entrenching tool and their steel helmet.
  55. More interesting for me is the way in which the Murdoch Empire has been prepared to walk away from the publication and its 400 employees in an attempt to distance the group from the deplorable behaviour of the journalists who appeared to be prepared to do anything to get the story.
  56. Once past the frontier, Andrea proposed making money of his diamonds; and by uniting the proceeds to ten bank-notes he always carried about with him in case of accident, he would then find himself possessor of about 50,000 livres, which he philosophically considered as no very deplorable condition after all.
  57. Some time after my arrival in Flanders news came of the league that his Holiness Pope Pius V of happy memory, had made with Venice and Spain against the common enemy, the Turk, who had just then with his fleet taken the famous island of Cyprus, which belonged to the Venetians, a loss deplorable and disastrous.
  58. He had suffered, and he had learned to think: two advantages that he had never known before; and the self-reproach arising from the deplorable event in Wimpole Street, to which he felt himself accessory by all the dangerous intimacy of his unjustifiable theatre, made an impression on his mind which, at the age of six-and-twenty, with no want of sense or good companions, was durable in its happy effects.
  59. Yes, sir, with a full knowledge of what is past, and strong presages of what is to come, is it not deplorable to be compelled to think, that, in a very few months, perhaps in a still shorter time, American blood must be shed, to repel the hostile spirit of Great Britain, now rendered too manifest to every understanding; and worse than all, sir, to wash away the stains of our own unfortunate divisions and dissensions; and is it not wonderful, as it is deplorable, that the virtuous and patriotic American people, and sometimes called the most enlightened in the world, with the experience of the horrible consequences, through all ages, of the divisions of a people amongst themselves, should permit themselves from the same cause, to fall a prey to the same inevitable calamities?
  60. Now Alexey Alexandrovitch intended to demand: First, that a new commission should be formed which should be empowered to investigate the condition of the native tribes on the spot; secondly, if it should appear that the condition of the native tribes actually was such as it appeared to be from the official documents in the hands of the committee, that another new scientific commission should be appointed to investigate the deplorable condition of the native tribes from the—(1) political, (2) administrative, (3) economic, (4) ethnographical, (5) material, and (6) religious points of view; thirdly, that evidence should be required from the rival department of the measures that had been taken during the last ten years by that department for averting the disastrous conditions in which the native tribes were now placed; and fourthly and finally, that that department explain why it had, as appeared from the evidence before the committee, from No.

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