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    abrupt frases de exemplo


    1. Our last transfer had been short and abrupt

    2. Terry's cheeks went a very bright shade of red and he came to an abrupt and ball-less halt

    3. Ken first became aware of the haunting but strangely comforting melody down at his local pub one evening a few weeks after Alan’s rude and abrupt departure

    4. abrupt and ball-less halt

    5. rude and abrupt departure

    6. "You here for the samples?" he asks, abrupt and sharp

    7. Kassim came to an abrupt halt where the trees

    8. An open mouth and abrupt silence within

    9. contentment at this abrupt plan or maybe to the fact that they had a plan at all

    10. The road made an abrupt right turn over it

    11. He came to an abrupt stop when he came to the word 'fuck' (yshi)

    12. "Wait!" He called, too shaken by her abrupt departure to remember to take the truck out of gear before, reaching to pull her back in

    13. John paused again partly because of the priest’s abrupt response, as if the

    14. " her plea was met with an abrupt stop

    15. at night of those collars, and how abrupt the results would be with their use

    16. She spoke his name almost reverently and if his head wasn't throbbing with every breath he took, he would have leapt at the chance to chastise her for her abrupt change of heart toward mages

    17. Alec was thankful for the abrupt end to his words, but much less so when he saw the shadowed hand wrap around the man's neck

    18. She came to an abrupt stop

    19. Helez came to an abrupt stop and blushed at the thought of what her younger sister might have witnessed in the stables

    20. It was all so abrupt

    21. Life was so unfair and unpredictable; anything good could come to an abrupt end at any moment

    22. The animal cocked its head up and down and in various abrupt angles in vacant observation

    23. This means that the shift from one polarity to the next and vice versa is not abrupt or instantaneous

    24. Kurt said quietly, “I’m sorry if I was abrupt, but you hit a nerve

    25. Scott hurried out the back gate, his backpack bouncing from the abrupt turns, convinced this visit was a mistake

    26. A few feet from the elevator entrance, Sebastian came to an abrupt halt, holding up a hand to stop Aspen

    27. “How did you know about a baby?” Joseph asked, his voice abrupt and harsh

    28. ‘Enter,’ came her voice, more abrupt than he had expected

    29. She felt guilty about sounding so abrupt

    30. Again we came to an abrupt halt and I for one was not the only one that was glad because I don’t think we could have made it much further

    31. It’s a real mess!” she said in her abrupt, untactful way

    32. The weather would change like anywhere else in the world, but it seemed more abrupt at sea

    33. After so many years of fighting, the end was abrupt, but welcomed by all

    34. The lift halted with an abrupt Jolt, sending a surge of adrenaline through his arms and central regions

    35. He then lit it with an abrupt flick of its switch

    36. William commenced walking again and then he stopped and looked again at the waterfall in the distance and the abrupt end of the canyon

    37. Rounding the corner of the bar, he came to an abrupt halt and stared hard at the floor for a few moments, his face twisted in concentration

    38. A bizarre urge to laugh uproariously was stifled only because, with each rapidly taken breath that would begin it, came a painful and abrupt sensation deep within her center of a heated cable drawing taut

    39. He had been scared, I realized with abrupt clarity

    40. Using his younger brother Mikie’s passport photo as a guide, she got out the scissors, chopped off his beard and cut his hair into a flattop and, just like that, his existence as Shannon Henderson came to an abrupt end

    41. The jeep rounded an abrupt bend in the road

    42. Startled by the abrupt sound, she shook her head, smiled an apology at the driver and ran across to the smooth green carpet of campus lawn

    43. The nurse, possibly sensing that she had been too abrupt with me, softened and told me to come with her to the nursing station

    44. Running through the hallways, from room to room, she came to an abrupt halt

    45. The beast let out a strange yelping noise, as its momentum came to an abrupt halt

    46. It made an abrupt turn and went on its way, on a new course some degrees in deviation from the original

    47. Jevon’s frantic pace came to an abrupt halt, in front of a carved stone doorway

    48. LP’s response was sudden and abrupt

    49. It felt abrupt and violent, but it seemed the Pilgrim had good reason for it

    50. The sound of sleep ended in an abrupt snort

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    Sinônimos para "abrupt"

    abrupt precipitous sharp disconnected sheer craggy hilly bold blunt brief boorish impatient precipitate curt