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Frasi con abrupt (in inglese)

1. It was all so abrupt.
2. He was grave and abrupt.
3. He came to an abrupt stop.
4. Ant came to an abrupt halt.
5. She came to an abrupt stop.
6. The ram came to an abrupt halt.
7. In her usual abrupt way she had.

8. The abrupt end to their platonic.
9. It was irregular with abrupt turns.
10. I came to an abrupt stop and looked.
11. At this abrupt query, the man started.
12. An abrupt change in the construction.
13. LP’s response was sudden and abrupt.
14. Justin goes limp with an abrupt groan.
15. Sorry I was a bit abrupt earlier on.
16. The abrupt change of topic startled him.
17. An open mouth and abrupt silence within.
18. Although it’s abrupt, I think it’s.
19. Rose came to an abrupt halt and looked.
20. The voice on the phone was just as abrupt.
21. She felt guilty about sounding so abrupt.
22. His abrupt words, gave her reason to pause.
23. The fisherman jolted at the abrupt question.
24. The road made an abrupt right turn over it.
25. After abrupt cessation of psychostimulant.
26. The sound of sleep ended in an abrupt snort.
27. As if a strong hand had let go, the abrupt.
28. The jeep rounded an abrupt bend in the road.
29. Our last transfer had been short and abrupt.
30. Twenty feet in, Murdoch came to an abrupt halt.
31. An abrupt hunger weighed heavily in his loins.
32. Kassim came to an abrupt halt where the trees.
33. I think so: he is very changeful and abrupt.
34. The transition was so abrupt that Anne started.
35. Smiling, she recalled his abrupt move that had.
36. The black van came to an abrupt stop and Vinny.
37. Rose, startled, looked up and came to an abrupt.
38. Percival panicked, scared by the abrupt stillness.
39. The abrupt but corresponding increase of health.
40. Any abrupt noise these days made her come unglued.
41. An abrupt decline then follows that right shoulder.
42. He then lit it with an abrupt flick of its switch.
43. He had been scared, I realized with abrupt clarity.
44. Coming to an abrupt halt, her eyes widened in fear.
45. As she thought about his abrupt hushing of her, she.
46. Marie’s abrupt change in lifestyle began with the.
47. Seeing me he stopped, alarmed at my abrupt entrance.
48. Forty Seventh One and The 122 came to an abrupt stop.
49. Travis' pen came to an abrupt stop as he looked up in.
50. I felt the abrupt loss of his touch so keenly it hurt.
51. TOC! It was abrupt and assertive, and seemed to.
52. Yet his ultimate awakening was abrupt and crystal-clear.
53. Whether this abrupt change was caused by climate change.
54. The sun made abrupt lateral movements never seen before.
55. Surprisingly, it came to a sudden, abrupt stop in mid-.
56. My abrupt change in mood didn’t go unnoticed by Drake.
57. Mary vented all her frustration; I bent under the abrupt.
58. The abrupt change in subject slapped her like a cold wind.
59. But my cursing came to an abrupt halt because of a sudden.
60. They followed the tracks until they came to an abrupt end.
61. We were generally harsh and abrupt in our mutual relations.
62. I apologise for being abrupt with you earlier on the phone.
63. Before he could bring the blade down, an abrupt wind formed.
64. Look at the abrupt separation of cultivated land and desert.
65. It’s a real mess! she said in her abrupt, untactful way.
66. His reply was abrupt, but he handed her a key and told her the.
67. Gabriel asked himself was he the cause of her abrupt departure.
68. Alicia suddenly lets out another abrupt screech before I could.
69. He came to an abrupt stop when he came to the word 'fuck' (yshi).
70. It is an abrupt ending because the story does not end here at all.
71. As anticipated, the stairs came to an abrupt end at the sixtieth.
72. His mum came to an abrupt stop, near the mess that I have created.
73. Halfshaft came to an abrupt halt, the colour drained from his face.
74. Sally to an abrupt halt by the side of the road, only problem was.
75. What do you want? Though abrupt, the tone was not unfriendly.
76. Manda glanced over there and came to an abrupt stop when she saw it.
77. ATV began to bounce in a rut uncontrollably coming to an abrupt halt.
78. The platform beneath us came to an abrupt halt and I breathed again.
79. The noise went on for a few minutes and then came to an abrupt stop.
80. He sprinted down the passageway, coming to an abrupt halt at the door.
81. Hence the abrupt shifts from over-valuation to devaluation of others.
82. When Sam, Liz and Gabby entered the alley they came to an abrupt halt.
83. Can you please stop being so abrupt? His profile turned to her.
84. She gasped at the abrupt motion; I smiled taking her up on her offer.
85. The abrupt sound of the shower shutting off told him Jana was finished.
86. Kurt said quietly, I’m sorry if I was abrupt, but you hit a nerve.
87. The abrupt scream unnerved his wife and caused her whole body to shiver.
88. Late in his last lap, there was an abrupt slicing sensation in his ankle.
89. To avoid being too abrupt, I then spoke of the Aged and of Miss Skiffins.
90. Bonnie’s sobbing came to an abrupt halt as she opened her eyes wide in.
91. After so many years of fighting, the end was abrupt, but welcomed by all.
92. This was still an abrupt transition, indeed, for Francis from his retreat.
93. Madeleine made no other reply to his prayer than the abrupt question:—.
94. Visions of an ambitious and angry mother came to me with abrupt vividness.
95. Marina and Joey rode up to the head of the knights and made an abrupt stop.
96. I know that we have to progress, but that was really unnecessarily abrupt.
97. It sprinted in full armor, and then came to an abrupt stop at Tarac's side.
98. Running through the hallways, from room to room, she came to an abrupt halt.
99. If he addressed them, he was brief, abrupt, strange, and almost always rude.
100. Expecting the creature to run him down, it faltered, coming to an abrupt halt.

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