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    1. At least not his latest antic

    2. Trask knew he shouldn't, but his antic streak slithered to the fore

    3. Needless to say, I understood how humorous Mine antic was

    4. antic in their horny

    5. Antic - payments are received prior to date of invoice (Anticipated)

    6. Volkheimer’s antic ash-dusted face materializes in front of Werner, his rank insignia partially torn off one shoulder

    7. PEERING OUT OF the kitchen an hour later, Ralph counted the nuns and novices shuffling out of the dormitory and heading through the cloisters towards the cathedral, some carrying lamp s that threw antic shadows on the vaulted ceiling

    8. What might have ensued it would not be easy to say; but just at this very critical juncture, and while the drunken latheron was casting herself into antic shapes of distress, and flourishing with her hands and arms to the heavens at my imputed

    9. “Kunneqtiqut / What the fuck / Connect the dots / Jumbled up / On a tilt / Around a bend / Alone, Atlantic / Antic end

    10. There was an antic uproar of comment on this, cut across when the front doorflaps burst wide and Finn's wife, who rarely visited the sty, stepped in, glared around, and snapped: "Funeral's in an hour!"

    1. ‘I anticipate that your daughter will probably ring you tonight, Liz

    2. Nathan's part in this ordeal was something I did not anticipate, let alone prepare for

    3. ‘I haven’t mentioned it to JJ yet, but I anticipate that he would want to be actively involved in the Guild and the setting up of a school for performing arts

    4. ’ Berndt said quietly, ‘Though I anticipate that you … the High Guild … will want to have some sort of memorial gathering for him

    5. ‘I anticipate being able to move in next door at the beginning of July

    6. I have found it is wiser to anticipate Lord Boras’ actions

    7. I anticipate that he wants to be at home with her

    8. She was certain now that her husband could read her mind, or at the very least anticipate her thoughts -- thus her growing need to entice his advisor Onk into her service

    9. "You anticipate trouble don't you?" Thom asked, seeing the worry lines on her face

    10. If you can anticipate what your customers likely objections are, and

    11. Even though he knew he was being watched, he didn’t anticipate Serian's appearance

    12. Their movements seemed to anticipate his thoughts

    13. If it was designed outside of time and space, it should be able to anticipate questions that would be asked in the future (well after it was written) and also provide answers from within the same document

    14. Further to this, the designer had to anticipate the languages that would emerge, as well as the numbering system that would be associated with the letters of the alphabet that would be used

    15. He would need the ability to anticipate and have knowledge of future events, at the time when the books were written, to be able to design and construct this masterpiece

    16. He would also not only need to anticipate the language involved in the construction of the Bible, but even the values associated with the letters of the alphabets

    17. D: -- The person who hid this message in the Bible had to accurately anticipate the following aspects, millennia before they would actually occur:

    18. We also know from previous chapters that the Bible contains the ultimate truth and that it will anticipate any relevant question that you could ask and also provide the answer to it, either in the surface text or hidden in a code that one could search for with the proper software

    19. and a time for all on board to anticipate a change for the better in the coming days ahead

    20. It was all coming back to him, the blocks, the ability to anticipate movements

    21. The directive described the significance of – what humans would term – the butterfly effect: how a small action can eventually have massive consequences that not even the wisest elder could anticipate

    22. The trick is to anticipate what is inconspicuous under any and all circumstances

    23. If the Darangi didn't know what they knew then somehow they could anticipate the next move

    24. The army at San Juan knew the enemy was before them; but owing to the lack of orders, no officer knew what to anticipate

    25. Furthermore, The Beast lacks the intellectual dexterity needed to anticipate, if not directly control, the dynamics of change

    26. “It was impossible to anticipate this,” he retorted

    27. ‖ In what manner, for example, can we be certain of mutual love? Are demonstrable expressions of love sufficient proofs in themselves? Are outward appearances genuine or do such expressions proceed from affected emotions or selfish motive(s)? Does an act of love anticipate a reciprocity of tender feelings or is (that) love for an individual, apart from ―loving‖ that individual, expressed less for its own sake rather than the sake of the beloved? At what juncture does Reason, justified by Faith, provide us with some measure of certainty that we may rely upon without imposing limits or placing conditions on that love?

    28. to anticipate his rhythm and it worked

    29. Ten thousand years ago it was important for us to anticipate

    30. As long as the gunners knew what to expect, they could anticipate the maneuver, and bring the gun to bear at the proper time

    31. I tried to anticipate the problems that might develop

    32. Plan, anticipate, defend, attack and win

    33. anticipate it? At what point does a person come to think about his own death, and

    34. ” Leaving us to anticipate the older son’s change of attitude in the face of this loving reassurance and his renewed willingness to continue to do what his father asks of him, to help him celebrate the good news

    35. Trying to anticipate what the foliage ahead might be able to produce, he became lost in thought, as he trudged along

    36. ‘If you calm down, Aidme could re-link with your mind, then perhaps he could better anticipate the information you need

    37. Quote- "In a very real sense, if a reasonable standard is not adopted in this matter, we anticipate that substantial cement capacity may move overseas to the detriment of industrial

    38. They could anticipate what humans would or would not do, based on the common past

    39. It is the simulation, the code already compiled, a complicated list of commands that anticipate and address a thousand different outcomes

    40. The Founders did not fully anticipate that the Supreme Court would someday create laws

    41. Irrespective of the number of years you have loyally served an organization, if you don’t anticipate the changes around you and make necessary adjustments in your skills, tempera-

    42. By the time Ganook came to visit the next spring, Carlotta and I were so attuned to each other, that we would anticipate what the other needed and finish each other’s sentences

    43. But never did I anticipate making the first move

    44. Classical scholar and author Tracy Lee Simmons foresees that we can anticipate only “a bland, homogenous ignorance” in the student exposed to such a regime

    45. “This is not something I had any control over, I didn’t anticipate this

    46. M: Not to anticipate is best

    47. But, at the other end, what visitors can always anticipate are the charming old days of that marvelous city where the environment encourages them to recline into the past and live history

    48. While I anticipate objections from the legal and accounting professions, that will economically be affected, this should / must not be delayed and should include elimination of the IRS!! Thanks to technology, the taxing transactions could be handled on a daily basis and require virtually ‘no overhead’

    49. The counter to this is that we wish to develop the skills and capabilities of all our team members, so a dip in short-term productivity, as a result of cross-training and staff development, is acceptable, as long as we anticipate

    50. "In a very real sense, if a reasonable standard is not adopted in this matter, we anticipate that substantial cement capacity may move overseas to the detriment of industrial employment, environmental protection, and infrastructure needs in the United States

    1. ‘I anticipated that I would be shattered after yesterday

    2. I’d been told he had a view but … wow! This row of houses is built over halfway up the side of the hill overlooking the village and is considerably higher than I’d anticipated

    3. I swallow … I’d anticipated this

    4. JJ returned some ten minutes later, his appearance hitting Kara harder even than she’d anticipated

    5. It felt good to be dressed again, and the bruising didn’t look nearly as bad as she’d anticipated

    6. Karalintze, Reading between the lines of your message, I gather that your little task has proved to be more challenging than anticipated

    7. It is more difficult than I anticipated but I achieve it and by the time Berndt knocks on my cabin door, I have the words firmly in my mind and am just putting the finishing touches to my appearance

    8. Although the weather here is dry (thank goodness), it is considerably cooler than it was in Spain and I am feeling it – much as I anticipated

    9. I hadn’t thought of that … Shit! this whole thing is so much more complicated than I anticipated

    10. He had to wait quite a bit longer than he anticipated to give his presentation

    11. As Gary anticipated, with the aid of Ben and the girls, he gets the bus packed in just over an hour

    12. The roads aren't as busy as I anticipated they would be so we have a fairly easy run across country to Portishead

    13. It’s all moved on rather faster than I anticipated …’ he falters to a stop

    14. ‘I mean, we’re not exactly kids in the first throes … I sort of anticipated that I’d be more mature … less frenetic … but it’s not like that at all

    15. hmm … Bunty never did anything by chance, Miss Grey, if she left all her documents like that, she must have anticipated someone going through them as you are doing, which means it was a deliberate act on her part … in that case, I feel she would have wanted me to help you as much as I can

    16. Selling the house was a lot more complicated than I anticipated and I had to speak to him virtually on a daily basis at one time

    17. The next indicator of the rising tide of ill will toward the Livingsons, which if it had been at all anticipated they did not need to wait long to encounter, occurred on the first evening after the arrival of the Lodges' inaugural guests

    18. Then as it was anticipated, though far more delayed than expected, Tania and Poly at last stood on the dock one morning refusing to budge without some explanation

    19. Taking up the carpet isn’t as difficult as she anticipated

    20. wondered if the attackers had anticipated some kind of

    21. He should have anticipated this

    22. You are something of a returning son here, as we have anticipated your arrival these many years

    23. This time, it was Kaitlyn and Chloe who studied both the Baedecker, and a purchased volume on the architectural history of the city of lights, for the tours they anticipated in Paris

    24. As they walked back along the lanes of the town to Clive House, she asked a question of him he had not at all anticipated

    25. Harry informed Olivia of their anticipated morning's activity, and reassured her, after seeing her skeptical look in response, that they would travel only on public thoroughfares and would return well before supper

    26. There, just stepping out of her train compartment was Chloe, three days ahead of her anticipated arrival

    27. Two travelers without a home harbor, but with a well anticipated destination: the Livingson Bungalow Lodges, Tahoe City, California

    28. When projects were completed or when held for anticipated funding---'plannae interruptus,' as the condition was internally dubbed, it was Harry who filed the plans and drawings away in the vaults for safe-keeping

    29. Fortunately, Henri had anticipated his reaction


    31. than we’d anticipated, but was well worth it

    32. than friendly reception, the problem had been anticipated

    33. and they anticipated that their progress would become

    34. Unfortunately, his success was greater than he anticipated, and he soon found himself dangerously deep within the undead ranks

    35. His limbs came at her, but she ignored them, as though she anticipated her allies’ aid and the limbs’ certain destruction

    36. Subversively anticipated and constructed with insidious precision, will Culminate in a sort of rupture, or breaking through from one side Into the other—the unconscious breaking through into Consciousness—or rather, unconscious becoming

    37. It was proving more difficult than he had anticipated

    38. But on feast days, which he always anticipated though she never saw him make calendar

    39. Zarko had arrived earlier than she had anticipated, so she thought this would be a good time to put her decision in motion before she lost her nerve

    40. It seemed that their arrival had not been expected then, though it was vaguely anticipated

    41. He looked to Mr Pinscher and was about to ask him if he anticipated a visit, when he realised that this might seem a foolish question to ask of a guest

    42. The three Naud vessels that did not show up, as anticipated, were the Borantus---Husim's flagship---the Gammadil and its wing ship

    43. For the third hour upon the rocky coast would confront him with recollections the likes of which he had not anticipated

    44. Deanna slumped back on the couch and watched as the holo projection of a news reader – sat (virtually) on the high back chair opposite – read news that was at once anticipated and expected

    45. “Sarah"s little belly is rounding out, but it"s still quite a while before the anticipated birth

    46. Now came the much anticipated laugh, though not quite as villainous as he expected, more muted

    47. anticipated, though when he thought about it, the only reason he'd assumed they were going

    48. We know today, using sophisticated instrumentation and advanced technology that the field of biology is much more complicated than people anticipated in the 1,800’s

    49. This mood of gloom was not what Torbin had anticipated

    50. People’s choices were anticipated and required at the same time to form part of the way in which history played out and to finally form part of the chronology recorded in detail in the Bible

    1. Another section from the Bible that specifically anticipates and addresses the Theory of Evolution is given in the passages below:

    2. If the Bible anticipates events that would happen in the future, should we not then measure information, doctrines and “facts” that are forced onto us in today’s world, against that which is written in the Bible? Should we search for truth and answers to questions about eternity anywhere else, if this Book is the only document on Earth that can be proven to have originated from beyond our space-time and provides ample information about the topics we would like to know about? Would it be wise to adopt beliefs that are based on human hypotheses and theories alone - especially if there is mounting evidence against those theories? Would it be wise to risk one’s eternal destiny to follow after conjured up human fantasies and philosophies that have no provable basis for authenticity?

    3. anticipates excitement and winning that only a degenerate gambler can know

    4. M: When the mind takes over, remembers and anticipates, it

    5. China has four nuclear power plants under construction and anticipates constructing one in four years

    6. Although Goins is not currently working internationally, he anticipates that this may happen in his career

    7. the task a dog anticipates its owner’s return because the bond they forge

    8. As he enters, he anticipates to himself, “Steng should be lying, passed out on the bed

    9. It is a valued servant that anticipates our needs,” all the Veiled replied

    10. unrighteousness with God?” He already anticipates what the common

    11. show that it anticipates the actual science that will be used in the far future to bend time

    12. fundamental analysis -albeit one that anticipates fundamentals rather than reacting to

    13. always secondary to the actions of the entire economy which the market anticipates

    14. Manpower has a poor year, but anticipates better future prospects, they have the option of

    15. On the other hand, the marginal benefits function anticipates

    16. Undeniably, a system that anticipates large capital movements would be superior to

    17. He says nothing as he impatiently anticipates the next command

    18. Those who have confidence in themselves, anticipates achievement does not feel stressed at all

    19. The smart seller anticipates these aspects of the buyer’s evaluation

    20. situations is to have a succession plan which anticipates an absence for an

    21. All these sorts of slides and tackles are as common upon the legal bench as in any type of sporting events that a ball has to change hands by acrobatic moves that anticipates what is going to happen out next

    22. anticipates the payment is due and pays it ahead of time

    23. controller anticipates that whatever the CPU is working on will continue

    24. As usual things drag longer than one anticipates and a month later I was still in Cairo but finally about to leave

    25. He anticipates what will happen by just

    26. anticipates the pressure and he is moving away

    27. lean into the wind, as though they have a mechanism in their bodies that anticipates the

    28. This depression can lead to a longer time trying to conceive a child than either party anticipates

    29. The same doubt is implied in the earnestness with which he argues in the Republic that ideals are none the worse because they cannot be realized in fact, and in the chorus of laughter, which like a breaking wave will, as he anticipates, greet the mention of his proposals; though like other writers of fiction, he uses all his art to give reality to his inventions

    30. Dantes had entered the Chateau d'If with the round, open, smiling face of a young and happy man, with whom the early paths of life have been smooth, and who anticipates a future corresponding with his past

    31. She anticipates their battle second most

    32. Whereas the buyer seeks to make a profit as prices rise, the short seller anticipates falling prices and hopes to cover the short (buy it back) at lower prices

    33. That is the volatility the market anticipates between now and November expiration

    34. This strategy anticipates either a large futures price move or a volatility increase

    35. , that the growth will be less than he anticipates, that over the long pull he will have paid too much for what he gets, that for a considerable period the market will value the stock less optimistically than he does

    36. He anticipates our actions and procedures

    37. This shows how MACD often anticipates likely momentum in either direction, and may diverge from what price appears to be revealing

    38. Extremely high IV usually means that the market anticipates news concerning some essential event such as a court decision, M&A announcement, new products launch, and so on

    39. What really matters is whether they are higher or lower than the “Street” anticipates; better to have a loss for the quarter which is less than the Street expects than to have great earnings which are less than the Street expects

    40. When the market anticipates an increase in market volatility, often the result is much higher VIX futures prices than where the VIX index is trading

    41. In the second half of the year, the company anticipates it will remain cash flow positive and achieve break-even or slight profitability, before the impact of charges associated with the Sterling Partners transaction and subsequent actions

    42. It encounters an alien word not only in the object itself: every word is directed toward an answer and cannot escape the profound influence of the answering word that it anticipates

    43. / The word in living conversation is directly, blatantly, oriented toward a future answer-word: it provokes an answer, anticipates it and structures itself in the answer’s direction

    44. Another and an equally gifted writer, Edouard Rod, paints with colors still more vivid the cruelty and folly of the present situation, but he, like Maupassant, feels the influence of the dramatic element, and neither suggests a remedy nor anticipates any change

    45. The gentleman from Delaware anticipates the most direful consequences from the occupation of the country

    46. The honorable gentleman who anticipates the destruction of the constitution, unless we shall neglect one of the great interests which it was intended to protect, considers the English Orders in Council as leaving our institutions firm and untouched

    1. ’ I replied; anticipating the next question, I went on

    2. He laughs to himself, anticipating her sweet response, but what she says to him isn't what he expects

    3. The other wolves also began closing in on Son and his horse, anticipating

    4. Jake, anticipating that this would be needed, had sent Michael earlier that morning to turn on the electricity, and to open the windows to air out the house

    5. Despite anticipating that the sound of the water flowing past my head as I sleep in the cabin bed allotted to me would awaken memories that would prevent me sleeping, I do manage to drop off and woke to find myself in a different world; the flat lowlands have been replaced by rolling hills which, even though the plants and animals show the ubiquitous signs of malaise I have seen elsewhere, is lovely to behold

    6. for the special date you are anticipating Feb 14th will turn out to be, this year!

    7. I take hold of Adamant’s harness, anticipating some resistance, but without turning a hair, he majestically stalks along the deck in the wake of his counterpart

    8. She realized she didn’t want to, that she was anticipating sex and would now be disappointed without it

    9. Worried for him, she handed him a mug of the hot drink she had prepared for all of them, anticipating they would want something, and watched as he gulped at the steaming liquid

    10. ’ He said by way of explanation for his presence as though anticipating her right to question his appearance

    11. He seemed to be anticipating the question

    12. anticipating the next instalment

    13. He surveyed the crowd and saw Helez and Darniil at the far end along with some other folk, all keenly anticipating the arrival of their kin

    14. pounded as she left a message with her secretary and started to leave, anticipating surprising him

    15. Had money never been raised but by anticipation, the course of a few years would have liberated the public revenue, without any other attention of government besides that of not overloading the fund, by charging it with more debt than it could pay within the limited term, and not of anticipating a second time before the expiration of the first anticipation

    16. They have frequently overloaded the fund, even upon the first anticipation; and when this happened not to be the case, they have generally taken care to overload it, by anticipating a second and a third time, before the expiration of the first anticipation

    17. A large screen above illuminated blue; Monique approached, anticipating it to be the source of information

    18. He would close his eyes but find himself waiting, anticipating the battlestations alarm,

    19. Looking around, I spotted him at his desk, so I walked over, half anticipating some good news and half dreading the potential bad

    20. Perhaps it‘s the rarity of receiving them that makes us value them all the more; anticipating some favorable or direful tidings; giving pause to its contents; (should I open it now or later) or the tears of joy or sadness once the letter has been read

    21. Thomas waited a few moments, and sensing that William was anticipating his response, spoke softly and directly

    22. This was pretty heavy stuff! I went to work the following morning anticipating some rather lively discussions

    23. I lay there for about thirty minutes each time anticipating her breathing

    24. I felt his hands move to the laces of the corset, and I caught my breath as he untied them, anticipating the cool air

    25. She could imagine his thoughts jumping for joy, anticipating a felony cocaine trafficking charge

    26. As Steve dialed their number, his heart started beating faster as he was anticipating a positive answer from them to his questions

    27. Where was this fortune he was supposed to have? And when were they going to start enjoying the high living, fast lane lifestyle of a guy with bucks pouring out of his pockets the way his friend had described him to be? This wasn’t the beach she’d been anticipating

    28. When he slipped into bed beside Elizabeth, he intended to ask her the full names of Karol and the other Poles, but as if anticipating his thoughts, she said, “Jim, I think it’s best if you just know these men by their first names, in case you’re questioned

    29. ‘Yes! Yes! Come on, tell me more, you’re still not anticipating what I need to know – what is Russell confused about?’

    30. “We came up the stairs on the other side,” said Elizabeth, anticipating his question

    31. He had a cold stare in his eyes, anticipating something from Khevasiah

    32. Monique was approximately ten weeks pregnant and we were happily anticipating the arrival of our child even though we had a ways to go

    33. Mother Wolf and my Eagle are very present today, probably anticipating this ceremony with excitement

    34. How would I get through this special music, with congregation and visitors anticipating something wonderful? The choir relied on my strong voice and role as intermediary between organist and singers

    35. Anticipating Dacian’s intentions, she and Orphenn mounted, but not before Dacian yelled, “And how convenient that

    36. I am already anticipating planning our next anniversary trip, although it is still a year from now

    37. I forced all my fears from my mind with an act of will and concentrated on anticipating any need she might have

    38. and the young woman anticipating his question said

    39. 45pm to Heaven, calling at Angela, Henry, mr Pigeon” a little larghter was heard when the pigeons stop was named and a long line of stops were announced until the stop that the two had been anticipating hearing “Jasmin-Max” there stop was announced as though it was the same place, so what ever this place he named Heaven, whether it be the white gate image that Jasmin imagined from the Bible story or some other place, it was somewhere they were not scared to go to, this train felt loving; somewhere good and noble and full of light

    40. He rang Elizabeth because that was the only comforting thing which he could think to do in this moment Hearing the phone ring, his heart beat nervously anticipating how he would tell someone of the terrible act which he had been forced to commit

    41. Anticipating his questioning the accuracy of such a calendar I explained that as necessary an intercalary month was added to bring the lunar calendar into agreement with the solar calendar

    42. I followed Akua’s orders, sitting down onto the bed, anticipating his next move

    43. In their place, the field marshals of the Civil War, serving as its high priests as well, and perhaps anticipating a shorter attention span in the modern mind, require only Two Commandments: Be Not

    44. of, and addiction to, time, in our habit of anticipating a future in

    45. Her mouth had gone dry not anticipating having to point

    46. At least, I'm anticipating that until I hear voices downstairs by the entrance door

    47. I swallow as Zachary’s arms glide to Madeline’s, his lips anticipating hers

    48. The evening was cooling off and she could hear leaves rustling in the distance as if anticipating the forecasted rain

    49. Thinking is no longer the step-by-step progression of isolated thoughts that transiently manifest on a digital screen, but becomes the act of observing, anticipating, and constructing the field of thoughts and their intimate, directed relations

    50. I’ve stopped anticipating that it ever will

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