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    1. “That’s not even a very funny joke,” I say, smoothing out the ear flaps

    2. “That was a joke

    3. “That was another joke

    4. After that, mermaids became a running joke around the house

    5. Violet looked to her mother’s face to find out whether this was supposed to be a joke

    6. "That was a joke

    7. "I don't like the punch line of that joke," doostEr said

    8. logical examination of the moment might reveal the joke

    9. How would they know it was me? Might they not think that the guards had cottoned-on to them and were playing a joke? Were they even now expecting the doors to slam open and the night air to be filled with the dull thud of fists and boots and wooden stocks?

    10. Although Menachem continued to laugh and joke, although he strained so hard to contrive new amusements, the sudden and utter futility of my life was all that I could comprehend

    11. If he even made a joke about going up in the shuttlecraft to see the ship she threatened to leave with the children

    12. Strange, she thought, as if a logical examination of the moment might reveal the joke

    13. In the mid-60’s, a group of archeologists discovered a storage room for Herod’s dates and figs, and they undid the jars and ate them… and then visited the royal bathroom (the bathroom thing is a joke; didn’t really happen)

    14. hearing laughter but not the joke

    15. That was a joke! He was an idiot who screwed anything female; for him it was all about the chase

    16. Daniel was shocked for a moment and then got it… Good God, you made a joke, Daniel laughed and patted him on the neck, I don’t believe it

    17. For instance what was the joke Juan told you

    18. SAMANTHA: I really can't… (she stands up to tell the joke

    19. Now, If I told that joke, it would be considered offensive

    20. SAMANTHA: No, it would be considered a bad joke, but that's not the real funny part

    21. SAMANTHA: You're the only one who thinks I can tell a joke

    22. Drens cracks a joke with the man and explains who we are

    23. Wearing Manolis' sombrero had helped, amusing the holiday snappers but by then the joke was over, there was no one around and I'd had enough

    24. ' They exchanged smiles and shared the joke

    25. He cracked a joke with the Aussie guys playing pool

    26. Aussie politics are a joke anyway,' Fred said, killing the

    27. It’s no joke commuting into Bristol every day … am I likely to meet him in the near future?’ she asked coyly, replenishing my glass

    28. ’ Bill said – it is a standing joke in the office that Dave ought to print everything preferably in large letters

    29. “I couldn’t miss a chance to meet one of the mortal-made Angels in the flesh,” he belly-laughed at his stupid joke

    30. He laughed at the comment, as though making a joke

    31. Tania and Poly wanted to laugh but were unsure what the joke might be, really

    32. “It’s closer to volunteer work,” he tried to joke, “but I learn a lot that applies outside

    33. A moment of silence and it dawns on him; a joke, sick realisation, but then Ted thinks about it; cash from the Scots bastard, cash from this arsehole, it's the same thing

    34. The idiot had even swallowed the line about them wanting to preserve Chas’s good name … that was a joke!

    35. He’s conscientious of their personal lives and is at ease enough with them to joke around

    36. ****NOTE****This is a JOKE, The Almighty Arnold does not promote Sexism********

    37. “You’re a fucking joke, Hartman,” Johnny said as he too walked toward the

    38. He laughed at his own joke, but then turned to Monica, his face suddenly serious

    39. Elizabeth and Janine shared a joke next to the fire and

    40. the joke - if joke it was

    41. “Oh, I‘ve got this great joke! It‘s about a Doctor and a Clown; I don‘t remember how it goes, but the punchline is that the Doctor is unmarried!” Julia said

    42. He was a cowardly nobody; a living joke

    43. Johnny was always good for a joke or two—some of them

    44. Of course that was a total joke since we lived in a dictatorship run by the priests of the order of St

    45. Brodin replied with a booming laugh, even though Grandlefist hadn’t intended it as a joke

    46. So then they thought they would fly up to the sky, and have a joke there

    47. In the proximity of the One Elf hope seemed like a joke

    48. Hogan smiled with them, glad that their nervousness has dropped to the point that they could joke around a little

    49. With an inside joke among the aliens,

    50. The prophet was alert to the joke though,

    1. "I'll send Herndon in this boat," she joked

    2. “Not with the initiation, with a carnation!” another guy joked and I wondered: Initiation? What kind of initiation?

    3. “You won’t think any less of me?” He joked with her, but she noted he looked bushed already

    4. “Yeah this camp’s getting a little grown up now,” Ava joked

    5. Do we have a cup?” Knume joked while filling one from the collection in the tangled mass of bric-a-brac behind him

    6. They joked and laughed, exchanged stories and thoughts of all they had seen and hoped to see

    7. Tom and Sue used to giggle in complicity and joked that they must be jealous

    8. “You wouldn’t have that problem if you used a hammer, Grandlefist,” Brodin joked, pointing to the crystal brick that was “Hell’s Bane”

    9. "I still think one could make a better living out of renting beds down here," Klowa joked, noticing the way they held each other's ass as they walked away

    10. Joked the aliens: “You didn’t think you’d fly

    11. She may never want to wear her traditional garments again,” he joked

    12. He had been accused of a kind of moodiness throughout his life and while she joked about it, it nonetheless was a trait that aroused genuine annoyance in her from time to time

    13. She looked at me and her eyes were bloodshot with the harsh coughing she had been doing and she joked

    14. She smiled as he joked with her

    15. Shelagh had joked

    16. I joked with her telling her I had no money to leave her then I saw a tear film one of her eyes so I asked

    17. Some antinuclear campaigner, the commander joked, who, having failed in their life’s goal, has a new impetus to make another attempt in death

    18. ” Manna half joked

    19. She had laughed and joked with this man such a short time ago, and now he was dead

    20. Kay ran her eyes over the man before her, the man she had trusted, had joked with, had almost considered to take as a husband

    21. ” British student Samantha Morson probably thought she was being cheeky when she joked with the officer inspecting her bag

    22. More than a few observers joked that Bush is not very intelligent

    23. “I’d say that’s about…twenty-seven and a half feet,” his buddy joked

    24. “Long as it ain’t a bun,” he joked, trying to lighten her mood

    25. “Nothing beats a ball of string or a trail of bread crumbs,” joked the doctor

    26. “You should see the other guy,” he joked

    27. “Was there ever any doubt?” he joked

    28. In this business you learn to ask for three times what you actually need,” joked Wheatley

    29. “Better confess before it gets out of hand,” he joked

    30. Their hotel rooms at the downtown Holiday Inn were very comfortable, and Steve joked how they put him on one floor and Linda on another

    31. �Sure, as long as I lead,� Linda joked as she rose from her chair and the two started to dance across the floor

    32. There was much laughter as the fishermen joked and the women prepared food over fires up there between the trees, but year after year, the catch became smaller

    33. You'll be ok by yourself on Hallowe'en? Not a little bit scared of bogeymen?” her mom joked

    34. “His master’s voice,” he joked to the silent room

    35. Both equipments were required for the vessel’s overdue inspection, but, he joked, he simply avoided Costa Rica’s only Caribbean coast guard cutter by monitoring its radio operating frequency

    36. “I can only give the recipe,” I joked

    37. “Just the one?” Conal joked

    38. Trying to break the ice, or thaw out the room a little, I joked, “Did you hear Mrs

    39. Amonas had joked about how sorry he was for having been unable to find the pack of boars for which the piles of wood had seemed to have been amassed

    40. Blazin' started chatting to Chi Girl about her new NSR nameplate like it was a million dollar piece of jewelry, when she joked that she had just received a marriage proposal

    41. I gave her a manicure and joked that she owed me $80 because I was the best and she got the best

    42. Heating and plumbing were a constant challenge with Maintenance, who joked

    43. Kosmo joked about ghostwriters in the sky

    44. Students joked that the queen would remain seated until one of “her” girls left the residence still a virgin at the end of her stay

    45. “Even you’re skin is twice as white!” Xeila joked

    46. A young child sat among the three, giggling as they joked

    47. back to the day before when they had laughed and joked about the jacket

    48. “That was a thumping headache, I’m going to have to stop mixing tablets with alcohol,” he joked through a painful half smile

    49. An oversized ape of a man was busy mopping up the floor in the long term care ward at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary; he was receiving plenty of stares from bemused patients who joked between themselves about whether to mention he had missed a bit

    50. “Nurse shortages, whatever will they think of next?” joked one of the officers and they sat down to wait for the girl to speak once more

    1. Jokes of all shades in all languages get prominent place in newspapers and magazines

    2. However we have almost no jokes around our saints and the thousands of ‘Gods’ we have created for selfish ends like making money on their name

    3. As long as jokes do not insult our conscience and religion, it is meant to be enjoyed

    4. Here are a few jokes from the west where it is not unusual to cut jokes around religious leaders and mythological figures

    5. Many evenings have been happily spent by most of us in sharing such jokes with other elders of the locality or club

    6. He knew he was supposed to laugh at those jokes, but he’d never felt more humorless in his life

    7. Nick has got some really excellent crackers with interesting trinkets inside them and reasonably acceptable jokes … for crackers

    8. Through it all, through the jokes and the bonhomie, all boys together in the relief trench, I couldn’t shake a nagging sense of indignation

    9. Through the jokes and the crude religious posturing, he almost seemed to want me to escape, or at least to try

    10. Ten minutes later, after sharing a warming moment with tea and cigarettes, throughout which Menachem told awful jokes, Robbie returned to settle us down for the evening

    11. Although between us two the stories and the jokes and the games continued unabated, nonetheless the days merged together and we all grew tired of this necessary but wearing role-play with the guards

    12. After the jokes came the razor slash, and we each comforted the other as the bruises and scabs healed

    13. that physics masters love to make jokes about in school labs

    14. she deals with the jokes

    15. one moment of forgiveness for the jokes of youth

    16. There was considerable traffic on the river and ships came close enough to shout river conditions to each other, as well as jokes

    17. she smiles, finds offence in jokes,

    18. She found their cabin occupied by Alan, Nuran and a stack of youth magazines from which they were reading jokes to each other

    19. The big mug of Tethar's keg juice half empty on the table was probably as much a cause of that as the jokes

    20. If it was texture and flavour and passionate music I wanted, I'd be a local with Zacharias, but if it was yelling conversation, jokes and silliness on order, I'd be in Virgenia's

    21. If your date has a sense of humor, try to laugh at some of their jokes

    22. Hopefully they won’t bore you with too many jokes but keep in mind that if they do it could be a sign of their nervousness

    23. She soon found that this shy little man, whose timidity was the butt of many jokes within her Light Brigade, had the finest mind in the realm

    24. She cracked wicked jokes or made

    25. Hopeful comics rehearse jokes, careful not to say anything above a whisper in case one of the enemy nicks a punch line

    26. The bolder one of the two does most of the talking and they exchange a few jokes and comments about the punters, all of which helps the newly founded foursome to settle into something approaching a rhythm

    27. “Chef Bottom! I can just hear the kitchen staff's jokes already!”

    28. one of them, out in the cold air, cutting lumber, measuring beams, having jokes

    29. Even though he laughed at my jokes and seemed not to be angry about

    30. at his stupid jokes and misuse of words

    31. Johnny the Killer had no chauvinistic jokes,

    32. They told a few jokes and finished the smoke but Klowa was off without eating

    33. show jokes are his lullabies

    34. He forced Hesper to remain, considering his triumph incomplete without someone to admire his lewd jokes

    35. One of my favorite jokes (which would offend some

    36. while keeping up a running banter of anecdotes and jokes with the audience

    37. She tired quickly of his off color jokes and advances

    38. We stood there for a bit talking and generally having a fine time as we told jokes and laughed a woman of about twenty two came over and spoke to us

    39. jokes, a few more comments about Plan B, I tell her, “I just happen to have a nice cold bottle of champagne chilling in my room

    40. They don't just tell the same jokes over and over again - just because they 'worked in the past'

    41. They have an arsenal of jokes

    42. They have an arsenal of TYPES of jokes

    43. “Herb, can I call you Herb? After all, we go back what, 5 years? All those times I busted your balls for being incompetent? How you never seemed to actually solve anything but somehow managed to take the credit for everything? The way I treated you with such disrespect every time I ran into you? The practical jokes, teasing you about your social ineptness, I know I’ve been an asshole to you and I’m sorry

    44. Dave jokes were usually filthy and they all came from his mother

    45. And you know what, the world did not stop turning and nothing much happened except a few jokes on why they also got divorced which I am not putting in writing

    46. They told each other jokes and did funny things and laughed their heads off

    47. We were standing around and telling the crowd in a (really, no jokes) calm and measured voice to be like rokkof it was also rough for the civilians were panicking

    48. So I decided the parachute would have benefited me more but luckily we always landed and had no cause to become long haired liberals to complain about their silly jokes

    49. You would think he would learn to have a thick skin as his first lesson in life for he always run the risk to be the object of jokes in books like mine

    50. If you wish to die; that is the place to make jokes, and fool around at! It is sacred, and non-brotherhood members not really that welcome either

    1. Joking apart, it would be the end of my career if there was so much as a hint of anything going on, and some of these girls are complete nightmares

    2. Over these days and weeks our guards would, by turns, sit and chat with us, joking and telling stories of life in the West Country, tales of farms and girls and brimstone preachers

    3. The morning after we received Aban’s note and we had left our agreement by way of reply, Menachem began the process of wheedling and joking with our guards to try and effect the desired meeting with our fellow prisoners

    4. anxious to be the joking hero, desperate to be sleeping in tattooed arms

    5. “Oh no! You realize we don’t have insurance?” she said in such a deadpan way that he wasn’t aware she was joking till she started laughing

    6. They made their way to the serving line joking and laughing with each other and proceeded to load their plates with a hearty breakfast

    7. ‘Gosh, you weren’t joking when you said it was tiny, were you

    8. ’ He drawled, leading us towards the back of the salon where there are cubicles for clients … when Jane said it was one of the top salons in the town, she wasn’t joking!

    9. Simon laughs ‘You’ve got to be joking! I’ve been right out of it up until now but I understand that there is a council of war this evening at my brother’s so that happy state of affairs is going to change!’

    10. ‘You weren’t joking about being nervous about this meeting, aren’t you?’ he said, surprise colouring his voice

    11. I don’t think he drank to excess or anything like that, from what I’ve seen he was a little slow with his cup, but he was always joking around and playing for the women

    12. Boy, had that course been intensive! I remember the opening lecture and the tutor standing at the front telling us that we would not have time to party, get involved in love affairs or anything else during our year’s intensive course – and she was not joking … the course was a bi-lingual secretarial course with French

    13. He lets the sentence hang in his usual joking way

    14. have been joking, though

    15. ‘ Poor Thomas? You’re joking, surely? Never was a

    16. Henri couldn't work out whether his clerk was joking

    17. “I'm joking, there's no way that could work, the natives don't have any way to transmit credit

    18. Satisfied at their reassurances, she relented and enjoyed the rest of the evening, laughing and joking with them with all her heart

    19. I come stumbling out the door laughing and joking with a friend

    20. think that all Greeks are cheerful and joking

    21. it is for true, and, no, nobody is joking here, and that there is no

    22. “I know you’re only joking about your head,” she said as they walked back

    23. He was just joking with you

    24. I found Beth and told her about the strange behaviour at first I think she thought I was joking but when she saw the look on my face she dashed upstairs

    25. “You better get off and report to Beer Company orderly room and let them know your here otherwise they will be posting you AWOL and that’s a shooting offence”, he laughed as he said this to show me he was joking still I though the is right I better get off

    26. “Dad, stop joking with me,” his daughter was smiling at the

    27. ” She said, “He was fond of joking

    28. Bert and I looked at them thinking they were joking but we realised they weren’t then Bet replied

    29. “I love it Billy Boy but does this mean that we are engaged?” She held it out to me showing which finger it was on and I waited for the smile to come that would show me she was joking but it never came instead I saw a look of hop and love on her beautiful face

    30. This continued until the late hours, and all hands had a frolicking time singing, dancing, and joking around

    31. They took the chit and set off laughing and joking on their way to the stores and they had only just got round the blast wall and couldn’t have been far down the next trench when we heard a scream and a roar overhead

    32. “No I’m only joking I did it because I owed you for the number of times I volunteered you

    33. “You are not bloody joking this is no place for a well brought up young man like me to be”, and we grinned at each other

    34. I thought this shower of shit must be joking bloody hell it was me and Ted Wallace that allowed the last of our lot to escape instead of being slaughtered there and when these idiots recognised that I recon I will be owed an apology

    35. He was joking, of course, but it was nice to think someone enjoyed her weird sense of humor

    36. He sat in the limo until the time was up, smiling, laughing, and joking with the chauffeur

    37. You’ve got to be joking - the house overlooking yours

    38. their host showed he was not joking

    39. thought I was joking, and she laughingly shushed me out of the kitchen, saying that she would do my dishes

    40. Cowardly the poked and prodded the corpses with their swords, joking as they retrieved their weapons

    41. ” Was he joking? I really don’t know, and I made sure not to be treated by him if at all possible

    42. Actually he flinched and closed both eyes while shooting (something expected from female cadets—only joking)

    43. I was only joking

    44. Then it took some convincing and I thank God that he took me seriously for I said it in a joking way but was indeed very serious

    45. “You must be joking,” he coughed out

    46. “That’s the thing, I am not joking

    47. I was sure that I would find him in another wing of the hospital joking with the nurses or with the patients

    48. "You're bloody joking! You don't really expect me to wear this, do you?" But before I had the chance to protest further, he had nipped around behind me and pulled the jerkin up my arms

    49. Now, you have to be joking, right? After all, isn‘t this stretching the limits of the law to an extreme? I have lived in this residential neighborhood since my folks purchased their home in 1964 and cannot (ever) recall, in all that time, such strict parking enforcement carried to the letter of the law

    50. I had been joking at the time, but I realized that it was very possible with this man

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