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    1. As I had left my Cat Woman suit at home that day, I natural y assumed that these comments were aimed elsewhere

    2. Menopause was assumed to mark an end in women's interest in sex

    3. ” Sam assumed his adoring look as he followed her to the limousine

    4. Some things had to be investigated instead of assumed, and now that he knew for sure the door was locked, he knew exactly how to proceed

    5. We had assumed he

    6. ‘I always assumed that they were mistaken

    7. I’d naturally assumed that she’d driven here

    8. they assumed that previous x-ray analysis was wrong, but i knew

    9. He kept smiling, and assumed the relaxed, legs crossed,

    10. Glenelle didn't really understand all of that, assumed she meant back to the main expedition

    11. He had a light breakfast, reviewed his plan for the day and then checked his voice mails There were three from unknown caller which he assumed were from his creditors

    12. had assumed the revolutionary name of Marat was, according to the press and the

    13. When the door to my cell opened and he squatted down in front of me I had assumed that he was as nonchalant about all of this as he looked

    14. I assumed, given that they had not put a bullet in my head yet, that I was valuable to them

    15. It was assumed they could find a large area with a climate like Talstan's that was uninhabited, they were easy to find on the low res maps they had

    16. They think they are leading the church closer to God, but are actually taking the church away from God because they have assumed a role that is

    17. Now if you assumed that they allowed twelve millivolt logic over there, you could get enough logic to run one soul at a time, serially

    18. Where once I had assumed that defiance through starvation might change things for the better, I now felt that an end was the only answer, my end

    19. I assumed that the journey west continued and I tried to think of places that they might have brought me to; Oxford, perhaps, or Reading

    20. I assumed this was where they held Menachem Dov

    21. Native astronomers assumed it had collided with a smaller asteroid in a solar orbit and that had changed its orbit

    22. We assumed at first that it was thunder, a spring storm rolling over the Cotswold Hills, perhaps, but then Menachem pointed down towards the road outside our building

    23. What about before you came across? Renald had jumped to the conclusion that you were looking into the problem of illegal immigrants … what if someone had picked up on that and assumed it was correct … yes, that would present a valid reason for someone to try to kill her

    24. I know I have assumed a lot in sending her across without permission, but thought it would save time – as well as being convenient

    25. The man who had assumed the revolutionary name of Marat was, according to the press and the revolutionary council, dead and buried

    26. Satan assumed that he had overpowered the Son of God

    27. The header assumed one already had a context set up that was bigger than the message

    28. I have to say that I still find it a mental leap too far to realise that you are Ambassador to a society that I always assumed was a myth

    29. New Speak, assumed the position and the style

    30. Any time that she would speak to me the truth straightforwardly, I assumed that she was bullying me

    31. ‘And who told you that?’ he asked, a sharp curiosity breaking through his assumed man-about-town manner

    32. (rather than to any supposed images of an assumed reality

    33. ’ Berndt replied defensively, ‘I assumed he would have told you

    34. She couldn’t remember a thing about the end of the evening and assumed that her bloke had buggered off somewhere

    35. In olden days she would have been called a witch, but the soldier, being thoroughly modern in his outlook, just assumed that she had wandered off from her care home

    36. From this Alan assumed that Ava had spoken to Elmore and Elmore had spoken to the captain

    37. There was a look of madness in every elected representative’s eyes, and the reporters in the gallery, having assumed they were in some way mentally sub-normal, were ready to hang on every word that the great politician might say

    38. "Using the entanglement ratios we assumed earlier

    39. ‘Where would we live?’ … then realise that I have calmly assumed it would be ‘we’ … he’s latched onto that as well, with a delighted grin, he reaches across the table and grabs my hand

    40. Of course he assumed their society would grow with souls from the planet, though they didn't age, millions died every year and at least some of the bodies could be recovered

    41. Lucy asked her step-brother if he was awake and receiving no reply assumed that he had fallen asleep at the table

    42. They both assumed that the song was being played on the television when they heard the now familiar first few notes settle on top of the thick walls of late afternoon air that folded around them like hot summer blankets

    43. circles too, although it assumed a slightly more hushed and

    44. They assumed, as did everyone else who had stopped to look at

    45. assumed that her bloke had buggered off somewhere

    46. soldier, being thoroughly modern in his outlook, just assumed that

    47. at least, I’ve always assumed that was the

    48. having assumed they were in some way mentally sub-normal, were

    49. ” I assumed that the emotion would be fear or

    50. ) It could be assumed that

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    assumed false fictitious fictive pretended put on sham counterfeit spurious hypothetical synthetic illusory understood accepted granted postulated