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    1. Tahlmute and doostEr pretended to fall for it just to be polite until some of the local's started teasing them

    2. Thru most of his life he had never been as devout as he pretended

    3. Creditors were furious, they even went so far as to knock on their door and the couple pretended to be absent! So, Alice finally got sick and tired of this all and decided to ask for a divorce

    4. He pretended he was hiding a 'child of the streets' past but Bahkmar felt Jaseem knew less of the streets than he did and all Bahkmar knew of the streets was which ones to stay off of

    5. I pretended not to have taken the hint

    6. He pretended to stumble and fall down and threw his clothes all over

    7. It was a fantail nyobba, she saw that as she slowly approached the branch it pretended it was part of

    8. My old self would have pretended to be busy but the newer me smiled and tried to help

    9. She pretended to be annoyed and I asked her what he'd said but by then he was drowning our conversation and already out of control

    10. The file was disguised as toiletry experiments, but was way too big to be what it pretended

    11. The old lady pretended to put some in her mouth then pulled a face and held her stomach as though she was going to be sick

    12. She pretended to know more than he did about the subject and he jumped in and debated her about methods and theories

    13. He pretended he thought he didn’t know it was her at first

    14. 'Oh, I am so scared of the bat ball,' Mama said and pretended to shiver in jest

    15. If she lied and actually did know Tdeshi, how would she find out? If she remembered Tdeshi, she would probably jump when she saw Ava, especially if Ava pretended to be Tdeshi

    16. Xavier said he had pretended to be Captain Cheung's friend, so that he could work for him, and then turned the tables after Cheung had left

    17. He pretended he was looking for something or someone else

    18. Or pretended you had a stone in your boot

    19. I pretended to ignore her

    20. The story, what he told of it, jived with what he told Desa except that he pretended he believed it really was a bad RNAcid trip, at least he thought he was pretending

    21. probably pretended to be buying him off with it

    22. "He pretended that I'd lost it," remembers Vikki, still disgusted by her then-husband's actions

    23. The Greeks pretended to sail away, and the Trojans pulled the horse into their city as a victory trophy

    24. pretended to film her

    25. People were frightened at the time, but on looking back they rather liked it; it was exciting for country folk, and there was even a group of the younger men who pretended to admire him, calling him a "true sea-dog" and a "real old salt" and such and saying there was the sort of man that made England great at sea

    26. Where wages are not regulated by law, all that we can pretend to determine is, what are the most usual; and experience seems to shew that law can never regulate them properly, though it has often pretended to do so

    27. In cheap years it is pretended, workmen are generally more idle, and in dear times more industrious than ordinary

    28. The trade of Holland, it has been pretended by some people, is decaying, and it may perhaps be true that some particular branches of it are so; but these symptoms seem to indicate sufficiently that there is no general decay

    29. " The voice was gruff but pretended to be soft for the elderly woman's sake

    30. which they pretended to pay, but did not always really pay, in goods

    31. Those remoter counties, they pretended, from the cheapness of labour, would be able to sell their grass and corn cheaper in the London market than themselves, and would thereby reduce their rents, and ruin their cultivation

    32. Even in the caricature of native cold-weather costume that he was dressed in, there was no mistaking the machine that had pretended to be his father thru his childhood

    33. He gave the machine that pretended to be his mother no mercy

    34. In some parts of Lancashire, it is pretended, I have been told, that bread of oatmeal is a heartier food for labouring people than wheaten bread, and 1 have frequently heard the same doctrine held in Scotland

    35. "You don't need to tell me, I was part of that, maybe not as recently as I pretended, but still only a few years ago, dealing with a flesh life inside that habitat

    36. his part, pretended he was looking at something else the

    37. For the time being at least, she pretended to believe in starships

    38. But Nerissa didn’t want to ask him to say nothing, so she pretended that the purpose was to catch a cricket for him

    39. After the boy fell asleep, she pretended that she was tired, too

    40. , To oblige a creditor, therefore, to accept of this as full payment for a debt of £100, actually paid down in ready money, was an act of such violent injustice, as has scarce, perhaps, been attempted by the government of any other country which pretended to be free

    41. The government of Pennsylvania, indeed, pretended, upon their first emission of paper money, in 1722, to render their paper of equal value with gold and silver, by enacting penalties against all those who made any difference in the price of their goods when they sold them for a colony paper, and when they sold them for gold and silver, a regulation equally tyrannical, but much less, effectual, than that which it was meant to support

    42. I pretended to be drunk like usual, but the moly had blocked the tonic’s power

    43. Among all the absurd speculations that have been propagated concerning the balance of trade, it has never been pretended that either the country loses by its commerce with the town, or the town by that with the country which maintains it

    44. Nothing, therefore, it is pretended, can be more disadvantageous to any country, than the trade which consists in the exchange of such lasting for such perishable commodities

    45. Then Tragus would realize she’d only pretended to enjoy coupling with him and that it still was rape

    46. She pretended to be engrossed in her bathing to cover her reaction

    47. “Zarko!” She pretended to be shocked, but she wasn’t surprised

    48. As they give us their custom, it is pretended we should give them ours

    49. He grinned and pretended to think deeply for a moment

    50. There is no commercial country in Europe, of which the approaching ruin has not frequently been foretold by the pretended doctors of this system, from all unfavourably balance of trade

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    assumed false fictitious fictive pretended put on sham pretentious