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    1. I find that it is the most authentic and genuine form of Christianity available

    2. Saul towered heads and shoulders over everyone else; why did David intimidate him? When we study out the contradictions in Saul and David’s characters, we come to conclusions that the very thing that brings the Sauls to a boil is the foolishness that the authentic is unselfconsciously in God

    3. Lmore assured them that the recipes were as authentic as you'd find in this basin and this place would be considered a little touristy but would still draw plenty of business in Trenst itself

    4. “How authentic is this?” Ava asked Yellelle as she also made sure she was displayed proudly

    5. There were a few others passing in this hall, even one woman with an authentic Minoan costume

    6. There are many authentic records which demonstrate that, during the reign of that prince (towards the middle of the fourteenth century, or about 1339), what was reckoned the moderate and reasonable price of the tod, or twenty-eight pounds of English wool, was not less than ten shillings of the money of those times {See Smith 's Memoirs of Wool, vol

    7. was an authentic theologian

    8. I have not been able to find any such authentic records concerning the price of raw hides in ancient times

    9. Yes, authentic philosophers appear all the time

    10. but neither the authentic Greek one and,

    11. In the printed debates of the house of commons, not always the most authentic records of truth, I observe, however, that they have been accused of this

    12. The account of the French taxes, which takes up three volumes in quarto, may be regarded as perfectly authentic

    13. A simulation of the intricate engramatic patterns, therefore, did not seem authentic enough for the TIAR program to merge with

    14. As the plane continued to climb they entered a cloud with a purplish hue; mist curled its way around the wings and spiraled beyond, a diminishing vortex, in a way that didn't seem authentic

    15. Once, he had caused a man's (artificially represented) friends to turn against him: to reject his opinions, to eventually ostracise and abandon this person; a gradual process constructed to seem authentic whereby his strongly established notion of normality became divergent from his peers

    16. light, the authentic radiance of the Self

    17. He would sense if she began babbling idle chatter; it had to be authentic

    18. Elizabeth offered valuable tips on creating authentic scenes

    19. measurement, or what is actually perceived by the senses, is the only authentic basis for knowledge and that all other perceptual concepts or ideas must be considered problematic unless verifiable

    20. Meaning they are building a network of terrorists in your midst with no authentic contact except via the Internet

    21. But Mike imagined that, just as the poor bastard realized he’d lost control, with the reins torn from his grip and his legs flailing from the stirrups, he’d heard a much less authentic cry of alarm followed by the sound of Caroline’s unrestrained laughter ringing in his ears because, according to Caroline, it was just then that her composure broke and she sagged into her saddle, weakened by peals of laughter that the unfortunate oaf couldn’t have missed

    22. George followed Leon up to his suite more to humor him than anything else, but once there, the sight of numerous payoff checks, in addition to a semi-cryptic receipt from a downtown bank for eleven million dollars in cash ‘Ed’ claimed he had just delivered, all of which appeared authentic, sobered him

    23. All I know is the Sleeping Man’s done them himself with no tools, bare hands and all that insistence on authentic stuff

    24. As this innovation satisfies so desired need of social and behavioural change, we decided to apply as methodology principal fundamentals of this authentic economic model in the current economy

    25. Our slogan is “New better world is possible, because now there is authentic alternative system”, without being utopia or political demagogy

    26. There was an authentic tone to his voice

    27. It is authentic administration form in that direct payment doesn’t exist between the economic agents and social agents so that the economic market operates with efficiency and efficacy, that is, won’t exist more the situation that somebody receives the product and the other receives the physical money in exchange

    28. Despite being only the size of a small town, Windhoek was in fact a little city, an authentic metropolis - a meeting point for people from many parts of Europe, especially Germany, Israel and France

    29. Only a high steel picket fence stood between them and all the wonders of an authentic wilderness

    30. In this rapidly congealing context, it might be asked who then were the authentic visitors? The real visitors might have been taken as demons that brought misfortune and disease, or the very gods they celebrated in their rituals

    31. Therefore we can be authentic

    32. An authentic relationship with Him is

    33. “Is that a Pontins’ sticker in the window Hobbs? It looks really authentic? That caravan club sticker does it justice too

    34. round out the authentic Mexican selection

    35. It appears the unique details of this book are the really the truth and authentic, but it is difficult judging it, as with all

    36. documents, to show it is authentic, though the head of the Greek Orthodox Church in 2011 AD in Los Angeles, United States claims

    37. this book of Jubilees is authentic and as part of 'the real bible'

    38. Many acquaintances of my father supposed this anecdote to be authentic, taking pleasure in the thought of turning those they had mutilated in the war

    39. Located on a natural high ground of the same name, San Cristóbal Castle is an authentic strategic

    40. Of authentic medieval architecture, something anomalous and unique in the New World, it

    41. Any authentic visit to Manila must include, needless to say, the hustling and tumultuous Makati Center, the most important commercial district in the country

    42. Sun Yat-Sen Garden, the most authentic Chinese garden outside of China

    43. Choosing and maintaining an authentic and consistent tone of voice is one of the most important elements of your content strategy

    44. Authentic conversations will come across less sales oriented and people respect it

    45. Because it was so well-received, Mandy is again co-planning the second annual conference for October 2015: Invitation to be Authentic

    46. A major part of engaging with your audience is being open and authentic

    47. Ijyu was an authentic expert in the psychology of Evil

    48. equally authentic, in a single copy which shall be deposited in the archives of the

    49. “If I return to you after a few days, would you tell me by then if it is authentic or not?” I asked

    50. He took some pieces of authentic jewelry, cash of different denominations, and small electronic gadgets

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    Sinônimos para "authentic"

    authentic bona fide unquestionable veritable reliable valid authoritative factual official convincing verified actual legitimate true real pure