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    1. It was true, several layers of tough tape had already worn thru on his old ones

    2. with God in a true sense of this term

    3. If that is true what

    4. But that's not true! That is a thought, which is a belief

    5. “You know, that’s not really true,” Kevin interjects

    6. [I should point out that, whilst the situations described above are true, they are presented here as an amalgam of the actual events for the sake of simplicity

    7. The true presence of God will always

    8. With all of his panic and desperation behind it, the horn blue loud and true

    9. But when you practice being true to your commitments and acting with integrity more and more in your life, then your life will get easier

    10. our true love for God

    11. our true sense of worship

    12. If it was true that God is impress with how you look, He

    13. From what I’ve heard and seen of the prison conditions, this might have been true

    14. My theory turned out to be true in Micah’s case

    15. The true test of

    16. reveal the true intentions of our heart

    17. True religion is concerned with belief in a supernatural power

    18. This is another true test of your

    19. If Onidas's aim was true, the infection would travel to the giant’s heart in a day or two

    20. Yes, it was also true that she found herself more compatible with Herndon in a quilt than she remembered

    21. Same thing is true about other hobbies

    22. I had come to accept as true, that Dan and I were going to be together

    23. The same thing is true about all our investments

    24. It could be that only The Order of the Wolfians knows Blitzer’s true purpose, if anyone does at all

    25. He was ready to face his fate, a true hero to the end

    26. If you feel that some of this rings true for you, why not try the following to put the zest back into your relationship

    27. I also have found it to be true that by controlling the ants, you obtain a greater control of the aphids that are attacking your roses, etc

    28. This is also true for common diseases

    29. This can’t be true

    30. His parents were Seventh-day Adventists, citing that Saturday was the one true day of worship according to God’s law

    31. Yoga, Meditation, community singing of songs in the praise of one lord or the other, and spiritual discussions etc are not identified with one religion but are adopted by individuals based on their experience with regard to its good effect on physical and emotional health and in search of true happiness

    32. Most human beings have been trained to ignore their true selves

    33. ‘Bloody hell … so the rumours are true, then

    34. Without strength and without a word from his one true love, he slipped away

    35. Realise always that the true spiritual effects are to be seen in the exoteric life of service

    36. I’d been a mess when I heard about the accident, refusing to believe it was true … Dan had been great, liaising with the authorities for me and arranging for their bodies to be brought home from Spain and everything

    37. say that it was I who taught Cesare Borgia his charm, but that is not true

    38. What I tell you now was true then and is true for you today

    39. The lucky ones discover friendship and when you are true friends then love can last

    40. The highest influence (‘Satvik’) results in true happiness or enlightenment

    41. You may have said to yourself, “Whoever wrote this had to have escaped from a loony bin,” which is entirely true, but at a closer glance the apparent madness of Emanuel Bronner, 88, of Escondido, California, is in fact complete sanity

    42. “The soap that crossed America on quality alone,” and it’s true, the Bronners have never spent a penny on advertising or marketing their soaps, but have relied solely on word of mouth and unsolicited articles for their word to be spread

    43. But such a bald statement, though true,

    44. The daze you get when the news you've heard is just too unreal, too painful and too final to be true

    45. That may be true

    46. true treasure of the rest of your new life will be a close relationship

    47. self-seeking; to joy and laughter without the aid of alcohol; to the true

    48. surgery, he can be a true master of the scalpel and he can use the

    49. to be true? Because the Holy Spirit is present every time Jesus is spoken

    50. Even when it seems that nothing is happening, it is not true

    1. Chief Redthunder sent one of his braves to the fort under a flag of trues

    2. This man came here under a flag of trues

    3. A man under a flag of trues is to be treated with dignity and respect no matter how much you hate him

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    Sinônimos para "true"

    true true up dead on target straight on-key truthful lawful rightful genuine unfeigned dependable honest reliable admittedly avowedly confessedly equitable just sincere honourable faithful actual real factual veritable trusty trustworthy loyal unfailing accurate correct precise exact agreeing proper appropriate fitting right desired legitimate adjust place shape