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    1. Envitta took a liking to Kostiya and managed to beguile him into running away with her

    2. 11 Yes speedily he was taken away, lest that wickedness should alter his understanding, or deceits beguile his soul

    3. 5 He greeted Seth with a beautiful smile, and began to beguile him with fair words, saying to him, "O Seth, why abide you in this mountaine For it is rough, full of stones and of sand, and of trees with no good fruit on them; a wilderness without habitations and without towns; no good place to dwell in; But all is heat, weariness, and trouble

    4. 5 He greeted Seth with a beautiful smile and began to beguile him with fair words saying to him "O Seth why abide you in this mountaine For it is rough full of stones and of sand and of trees with no good fruit on them; a wilderness without habitations and without towns; no good place to dwell in; But all is heat weariness and trouble

    5. Triangle, he will Lie in all these Things, and deceive and beguile the Exorcist in these

    6. “That happiness which both initially and finally beguile the

    7. though she still can beguile with a glance

    8. And rightly so, the sun emperor waits on your ejected sky, to jumbo-pack your campaign with clever head-ammo: In the cinema house well at the end of noon, a magick movie plays, on the big screen of the moon: A circle twists a Hades mandala, in the sorcery of beguile

    9. But there was no harm in his way of saying this: it was said laughingly, and to beguile the time

    10. By these words of his the travellers were able to satisfy themselves of Don Quixote's being out of his senses and of the form of madness that overmastered him, at which they felt the same astonishment that all felt on first becoming acquainted with it; and Vivaldo, who was a person of great shrewdness and of a lively temperament, in order to beguile the short journey which they said was required to reach the mountain, the scene of the burial, sought to give him an opportunity of going on with his absurdities

    11. The better to beguile

    12. His age might have been eighteen or nineteen; he was of a merry countenance, and to all appearance of an active habit, and he went along singing seguidillas to beguile the wearisomeness of the road

    13. were superior to my station?' that I now began to read, to beguile the tediousness of solitude, and to gratify an inquisitive, active mind

    14. to be allowed, according to promise, to beguile the tedious moments of absence,

    15. expences, not permit her to beguile in society, a wearisome, joyless life; for over their mutual fortune she has no power, it must all pass through his hand

    16. I procured some books and music, to beguile the tedious solitary

    17. It was a strange way of killing! not by inches, but by fractions and hairbreadths, to beguile me with the spectre of a hope, through eighteen years!"

    18. The extraordinary intensity of his gaze seemed to attract it, beguile it, and draw it more surely than if he had it in tow!

    19. Years passed away before the traditionary tale of the white maiden, and of the young warrior of the Mohicans ceased to beguile the long nights and tedious marches, or to animate their youthful and brave with a desire for vengeance

    20. Wemmick and I beguile the time and the road, until he gave me to understand that we had arrived in the district of Walworth

    21. At this Christian modestly smiled, and said, This man, with whom you are so taken, will beguile, with that tongue of his, twenty of them that know him not

    22. In his office, Amory would have had only the separate phone-lines Regan had mentioned and maybe a pen and some paperclips with which to fiddle and beguile, but here there were coffee cups, sugarcubes, napkin rings, steak knives, long spoons designed to reach the bottom of milkshake glasses … all of which he handled restlessly while leading Keith through a half-hour of Welcome to the Family chitchat

    23. It was a strange way of killing: not by inches, but by fractions of hairbreadths, to beguile me with the spectre of a hope through eighteen years!’

    24. Parted lovers beguile absence by a thousand chimerical devices, which possess, however, a reality of their own

    25. haughty listlessness on a sofa, and prepared to beguile, by the spell of fiction, the tedious hours of absence

    26. But he desired not to beguile

    27. No sooner do the Cabinet perceive that any potion, which they intend to administer, is loathed by a considerable part of the majority, and that their apprehensions are alive lest it should have a scouring effect upon their popularity, than certain under-operators are set to work, whose business it is to amuse the minds, and beguile the attention of the patients while the dose is swallowing

    1. He wanted to be taken in, wanted to be beguiled by unquestionable reason

    2. 13 And the Lord God said to the woman, What is this that you have done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat

    3. 25 And it came to pass, that in the morning, note, it was Leah: and he said to Laban, What is this you have done to me? Did not I serve with you for Rachel? therefore how then have you beguiled me?

    4. 18 For they vex you with their wiles, wherewith they have beguiled you in the matter of Peor, and in the matter of Cozbi, the daughter of a prince of Midian, their sister, which was slain in the day of the plague for Peor's sake

    5. cover the word "beguiled" in verse 13 of this chapter

    6. done? And the woman said, The serpent beguiled me, and I did eat

    7. (The word "beguiled" is Strong's H5377 and is nasha' and means to seduce

    8. Rachel? wherefore then hast thou beguiled me?

    9. (This means that he will be beguiled into idolatry

    10. With panting hounds beguiled of their prey:

    11. This deception is so deep within man because of the centuries it’s been adhered too, that so many believe the serpents’ message is truth, we were beguiled

    12. Many today have bought into the false assurance of salvation, and have been beguiled by that same serpent, (the mind), thinking it, the message from knowledge, will take us to the glorious union of our Christ, only Christ and His living inside us, can do that

    13. (3) But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve

    14. not wisdom or enquiry will be beguiled by this cult, and these are the chaff

    15. At the hustings thereafter, though she led her party to defeat, yet, abetted by the anti-Bharatiya Janata Party elements, beguiled by the age-old Indian realpolitik of settling the native scores with foreign hands, she staked her claim to become India’s Prime Minister

    16. We are beguiled by the shining trinket 164

    17. He, unencumbered, thrust his hands into his pockets and beguiled the way by shrilly whistling

    18. And thus it has come to pass that the 'veil is spread,’ the darkness thickens, and the unwary are beguiled on every side

    19. He said, "You throw!" And when they threw, they beguiled the eyes of the people, and intimidated them, and produced a mighty magic

    20. Cruncher beguiled the earlier watches of the night with solitary pipes, and did not start upon his excursion until nearly one o'clock

    21. As the omnibus contained only one other passenger, a sleepy old lady, Amy pocketed her veil and beguiled the tedium of the way by trying to find out where all her money had gone to

    22. begged to go back, but the magician beguiled him with pleasant stories, and led

    23. After breakfast, Catherine insisted on my bringing a chair and sitting with my work under the fir trees at the end of the house; and she beguiled Hareton, who had perfectly recovered from his accident, to dig and arrange her little garden, which was shifted to that corner by the influence of Joseph's complaints

    24. Did it still have comparable surprises in store for me? I felt sure it did, so inexhaustible is this series of underwater wonders! As it was, in the five and a half months since fate had brought us on board, we had cleared 14,000 leagues, and over this track longer than the earth's equator, so many fascinating or frightening incidents had beguiled our voyage: that hunting trip in the Crespo forests, our running aground in the Torres Strait, the coral cemetery, the pearl fisheries of Ceylon, the Arabic tunnel, the fires of Santorini, those millions in the Bay of Vigo, Atlantis, the South Pole! During the night all these memories crossed over from one dream to the next, not giving my brain a moment's rest

    25. However, while his friends were hoisting and pushing him up, the meeting beguiled the time by singing:

    26. Many pleasant pictures of the life that I would lead there, and of the change for the better that would come over my character when I had a guiding spirit at my side whose simple faith and clear home wisdom I had proved, beguiled my way

    27. Then wotted he nought of that other land which is called Believe-on-Me, that is the land of promise which behoves to the king Delightful and shall be for ever where there is no death and no birth neither wiving nor mothering at which all shall come as many as believe on it? Yes, Pious had told him of that land and Chaste had pointed him to the way but the reason was that in the way he fell in with a certain whore of an eyepleasing exterior whose name, she said, is Bird-in-the-Hand and she beguiled him wrongways from the true path by her flatteries that she said to him as, Ho, you pretty man, turn aside hither and I will show you a brave place, and she lay at him so flatteringly that she had him in her grot which is named Two-in-the-Bush or, by some learned, Carnal Concupiscence

    28. Perhaps in the case of The First Man I was transported more by language than by plot, beguiled by the hand of Camus

    29. She would remove those silk stockings that so beguiled him, complaining that they were too expensive to be ruined in the rashness of the act

    30. How could I have been so beguiled? How was it, when I saw the personal, the selfish point of view of the voice, that I did not suspect some impostor? Alas, I was no longer mistress of myself: I had become his thing!"

    31. In fact, much the same sort of movement and mixture went on in old England as we find in older Herodotus, who also, in telling what had been, thought it well to take a woman's lot for his starting-point; though Io, as a maiden apparently beguiled by attractive merchandise, was the reverse of Miss Brooke, and in this respect perhaps bore more resemblance to Rosamond Vincy, who had excellent taste in costume, with that nymph-like figure and pure blindness which give the largest range to choice in the flow and color of drapery

    32. She was an angel beguiled

    33. Finding that the social spirit had beguiled her into being rather late, she dressed hastily and went over to the parsonage rather earlier than was necessary

    34. My perambulations had given me, meanwhile, no glimpse of him, but they had tended to make more public the change taking place in our relation as a consequence of his having at the piano, the day before, kept me, in Flora's interest, so beguiled and befooled

    35. After breakfast, Catherine insisted on my bringing a chair and sitting with my work under the fir-trees at the end of the house; and she beguiled Hareton, who had perfectly recovered from his accident, to dig and arrange her little garden, which was shifted to that corner by the influence of Joseph’s complaints

    36. But Liza was very proud, and suddenly recollecting herself and finding that she was saying a great deal more than she had meant to reveal, she paused, and relapsed into obstinate silence once more, and gazed at Velchaninoff with something like hatred in her eyes, considering that he had beguiled her into the revelations just made

    1. "Ah, then, I suppose you heard Haidee's guzla; the poor exile frequently beguiles a weary hour in playing over to me the airs of her native land

    2. “‘Maybe sad Love upon his setting smiles, And with vain hopes his farewell hour beguiles

    3. That beckons and beguiles

    1. The drinks in the bar had dulled his senses, and yet his environment – which initially seemed adverse and mildly intimidating – had taken on a beguiling quality, not least the girl asleep beside him

    2. It would rise again to tempt him with its beguiling promises of wonderful rewards, and all he had to do was listen; listen and let go

    3. 6 Beguiling with the falsehood and deceit of their lewd disposition the innocency and goodness of princes

    4. Her eyes were so black, black like her hair, and beguiling

    5. Club Flash, in the middle of the cavorting crowd, Sean and I are holding hands, smiling and laughing as we dance to the beguiling sound of drums and guitars

    6. Oh! the wind with soft beguiling

    7. ‘That’s true, Augur,’ Ishbel said impatiently, ‘but it has to be admitted that Elbert’s technicians have been especially successful with these two beguiling specimens

    8. The hot water washed the beguiling smell of blood from my skin, and the familiar soapy scent seemed to wash away the madness sloshing around in my head

    9. A beguiling smile assisted in the manipulation of others, but Desolé worried Sebastian would see through his superficial charm and refuse to cooperate

    10. But the Raven still beguiling all my fancy into smiling,

    11. offered a beguiling smile

    12. beguiling woman and the trap she was evidently laying

    13. Beguiling vaginas whose song makes us forget our native lands

    14. It was replaced by voices, tiny beguiling voices which told

    15. She took some time arranging the sequence and then started spinning a magic tale, in her enchanting voice, her beguiling smile and crazy, unbelievable accent, flipping the cards to illustrate events and predict the future in a performance such as I had never seen before

    16. Artaxis came to a halt within the room of smiling and utterly beguiling women and broadly gestured to one and all of them, “Choose any that you wish and as many as you want and they are yours to enjoy

    17. There had been a five minute standing ovation at the end, the mood of the piece, beguiling, those three hours in themselves reason enough to walk from Piccadilly to Nikitskaya, Nadia asking me afterwards, if I’d understood

    18. become quite beguiling to her, as had her interest in me

    19. Catherine told Hareton who she was, and where she was going; and asked him to show her the way: finally, beguiling him to accompany her

    20. Earnshaw sat, morose as usual, at the chimney-corner, and my little mistress was beguiling an idle hour with drawing pictures on the window panes; varying her amusement by smothered bursts of songs and whispered ejaculations, and quick glances of annoyance and impatience in the direction of her cousin, who steadfastly smoked, and looked into the grate

    21. He could half understand it: the good-humor, the good looks of elder and younger, and the provision for passing the time without any labor of intelligence, might make the house beguiling to people who had no particular use for their odd hours

    22. ” (Susannah, who well knew how to be gruff when the Occasion demanded it, had also at her Command the most honey’d and beguiling Phrases when such were necessary

    23. “I don’t understand one beguiling aspect of all this,” Jezzie said after she had listened to me tell Nina Cerisier’s story

    24. Earnshaw sat, morose as usual, at the chimney corner, and my little mistress was beguiling an idle hour with drawing pictures on the window-panes, varying her amusement by smothered bursts of songs, and whispered ejaculations, and quick glances of annoyance and impatience in the direction of her cousin, who steadfastly smoked, and looked into the grate

    25. "We didn't dream we'd see you, actually see you!" said the female, with heavily accented words, voice rich and beguiling and reverent

    26. It was with their capable tongues, quite as much as with their charming faces, that they scored their social triumphs in England, and it was mainly through their beguiling conversational powers that they both caught the attention of the present king and queen—at that time Prince and Princess of Wales—and aroused royalty’s prompt and lasting admiration

    27. Men dead to the operation of moral causes, had taken away from the poor slave his habits of loyalty and obedience to his master, which lightened his servitude by a double operation; beguiling his own cares and disarming his master's suspicions and severity; and now, like true empirics in politics, you are called upon to trust to the mere physical strength of the fetter which holds him in bondage

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