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    1. He started to juggle the

    2. they still found it hard to cycle and juggle at the same time

    3. Cosmicblasto started to juggle the balls as, the bike

    4. and seamlessly took over from Cosmicblasto on the juggle

    5. Graham had to juggle being a taxi for the kids with running the house, poor sod, while his wife recovered … and of course, bumping into Dave yesterday … the service at the Abbey and everything … it’s given me a bit more of an insight into the man

    6. ’ She replied, while I try to juggle with the semantics of that last statement

    7. Angrily looking at her (from a distance) while she is laughing at him (from a distance) while thinking, I need to learn how to juggle 5 beer bottles while being pissy drunk in my boxers!!!

    8. With such a large number in front, you can juggle the smaller ones and still come up with a good-sized end result

    9. He had all those strike pilots to worry about plus five radios to juggle in an airplane that flew slower than the stall speed of the big fighters

    10. another thing he had to juggle in his daily routine

    11. I can juggle things

    12. She had to juggle things at home, but that was part of her ingenuity

    13. `Do you want her to bear such a burden? To juggle her wizard training, Izanami training, queen's training as well as a relationship not forgetting that she has to decide if this is her world or where you took her?'

    14. By this stage the whole thing had become a huge burden that we all had to juggle on top of our already dodging day to day lives

    15. He had to be flight of foot enough to juggle both successfully

    16. Not that you want to stop, mind you, but it’s sheer lunacy to try to juggle a dozen deals at one time when you’ve been doing it for less than a year

    17. contrary to the economy; executives will juggle the strategic advantages of these

    18. He could juggle complex figures in his head, and in stock related conversations, he exuded the confidence of an expert broker

    19. Most of our childhoods consisted of parents who mean well, but were trying to juggle their own lives and provide for us at the same time

    20. She leaps into his lap causing him to juggle his teacup

    21. This fella is an archeologist, but loves to juggle

    22. I said to her, "Let God juggle the

    23. juggle a situation, and what do you mean when you say I should not juggle it?" You

    24. juggle with the intellect

    25. When a meal can be cooked up in and then served from one pot after limited preparation, the time saved by not having to start a meal, juggle pots, pans and serving dishes is obvious

    26. The initial problem faced by single parents is how to effectively juggle their time between their job or jobs, their children and themselves

    27. Since their parents juggle their hours between work, home and their personal lives, the kids have more opportunities to exercise responsibility around the house

    28. Surreal as it was to see a rock star juggle four kids at a restaurant, Steven handled everything

    29. That's the juggle on which the p

    30. We were appreciative of the mental health protections in the Affordable Care Act—and also understood how he had to juggle our needs with those of the powerful insurance companies whose support was needed to pass the landmark bill

    31. I have friends who can juggle twenty stocks at once—this can be done, but not by me, and every serious trader must know his limitations

    32. These surveillance calls were the thing that made it hardest for her to be here—trying to juggle awareness and denial at the same time

    33. The twins were either polite or genuinely impressed that I could juggle the ball a little, even as they schooled me up and down the yard

    34. "Is this a juggle?" I said to him

    35. The busker finished his sleights and began to juggle

    1. They juggled 3 balls, then 4 balls and then 5 balls

    2. Harry called a cease to the passing; they juggled their own spheres and stopped

    3. in a glass box routine, while the clowns juggled bowling pins

    4. Clothier clambered into the basket and Fizzicist juggled a few knobs, then turned the propeller quickly, it coughed and spluttered twice

    5. Nordhellin musicians – both male and female – played flutes, harps, dulcimers, and drums while entertainers danced, juggled fire sticks, did back flips, and somersaults in brightly coloured silks

    6. An adjacent oil painting almost fell off its hooks and he momentarily juggled with it before catching hold and firmly replacing it

    7. Schneider is not alone in these ventures of juggled facts versus scientific integrity

    8. “Light them up,” the clown said as he still juggled the pins of fire

    9. ‘I juggled the numbers around a bit until I found this

    10. He tossed the sticks aside, picked up a grey stone and juggled it in the air a few times before throwing it away frustrated

    11. He juggled the pistol and lamp in one hand and helped me out with the other

    12. juggled as best it could be by the ego

    13. so that none of them could see what the other was doing; and they juggled of all things,

    14. instead of just individually juggling, they exchanged their objects as they juggled, first in a

    15. further they juggled randomly and the perfect timing of their juggled objects reminded me

    16. effortlessness with which they juggled their objects

    17. How came he dead? I'll not be juggled with:

    18. Chang drove one-handed and juggled her phone, but Reacher said, “We should pull off the road

    19. Françoise Rochais (France) successfully juggled seven batons in one go in 1999 and still performs with the same number of batons today

    20. Most individual rotations of clubs juggled while lying down (four clubs)

    21. David Cain (USA) juggled four clubs over his head while lying flat on his back, completing 10 throws and catches, while recording himself in practice at home in Ohio, USA, on 2 November 2012

    22. Most ping-pong balls juggled with the mouth

    23. On 19 November 2011, Milan Roskopf (Slovakia) juggled a total of three bowling balls in front of 350 witnesses

    24. He juggled the balls, each weighing 4

    25. He juggled her lightness, he touched her kneecap, suspiciously

    26. Poor Bobbie would have had a fit if he could have seen his nationality juggled with in this manner

    1. If you're a student who juggles weekly afternoon activities and doubt this would work for you, then try to see if you could minimize them into the school week

    2. He juggles his birthday and says he was born on the same

    3. Rips them in half, and juggles with the

    4. Rex hadn’t been in the office today so she had to juggles his clients as well as her own

    5. Cass juggles the clumsy load that is blocking his vision of the remaining step

    6. Another juggles grocery bags,

    7. It is bubbles, juggles and fumbles your Gladness, things to a letchard inc odyssey

    8. She juggles her batons like clubs instead of the typical spinning style used by baton-twirlers

    1. " Most women today are juggling a lot of obligations, with few breaks, and feeling the strain

    2. learnt everything they had shown them from juggling the balls to

    3. They would have to keep working on their juggling skills

    4. enjoyed the ball juggling

    5. Whilst Catwhiskers was juggling, Cosmicblasto started to tell

    6. had stopped juggling and started to drink his Tead

    7. Throughout this time, they also practised the juggling balls, but

    8. folk too with his juggling skills

    9. He started on juggling 2 balls,

    10. juggling Catwhiskers was standing

    11. She was juggling in vain with a pile of parcels and bags that seemed have a life of its own

    12. There are a couple of letters so, juggling the umbrella with my handbag and the envelopes I have just taken out of the post box, I struggle with the door key and let myself into the conservatory

    13. Then as if on cue, Harry called shift at every toss and the trio were juggling nine balls between them as if practicing for a circus act

    14. Lemoss rubbed his head briskly whilst juggling a hessian sack

    15. To dream that you are juggling indicates that you are trying to do too much at one time

    16. She trotted over to the Professor and the three of them stared at it with the same sort of disbelief and wonder that would be engendered by the sight of the Pope juggling live piranhas whilst balancing on a flaming tightrope

    17. balancing the people's welfare with that of her personal obligations and responsibilities is a juggling act she can't always essay with grace!” Tei was beaming

    18. The honour of a state is surely very poorly provided for, when, in order to cover the disgrace of a real bankruptcy, it has recourse to a juggling trick of this kind, so easily seen through, and at the same time so extremely pernicious

    19. Almost all states, however, ancient as well as modern, when reduced to this necessity, have, upon some occasions, played this very juggling trick

    20. I heard a gasp of appreciation as I knelt down, still juggling,

    21. I told her I could, then promised Billy I’d give him juggling

    22. juggling bottles and pouring glasses in front of an elderly white couple wearing

    23. Holland and began the challenging job of juggling motherhood and her studies, but by April

    24. As she finished, a rainbow leapt before us, juggling bowling pins that were all in flames

    25. He kicked up the pins with his oversized shoes and went back to his juggling

    26. Juggling a balance of interests, activities and pursuits is no trivial matter

    27. juggling act, launching them into the Set avatar, then catching them as they

    28. Americus encouraged us to sit down at his table, which was a blessing since Mariana was doing juggling with her shipment and was afraid that at any moment her delicacies were going to smash against the shining white marble of the floor

    29. At first it was fun because of the juggling elf, but that got old quick

    30. The crowd of people all clap and it gives the juggling elf a few minutes of rest

    31. These big projects are always complicated and need much juggling

    32. Jenny Highland bombed with her dance and juggling routine with some bizarre Indie music in the background

    33. Juggling classrooms, difficult parents and girlfriend, and keeping up with his commitments to the team as well as his good impression on Cynthia’s parents, he would deprive himself of sleep, cash and meals in order to fulfill his role for Cynthia, picking her up here and there, helping her with her essays, taking her out to suitably good restaurants and shows, et cetera according to her schedule and demands such as the demand to be fashionable vegan and alcohol free

    34. juggling three trays on either arm

    35. “This is not juggling," Jason said indignantly

    36. I literally had to perform a juggling act

    37. “I don’t have a problem with them, they seem ok,” Gulab shrugged her shoulders and held her hands out as if she was juggling

    38. “Excellent! I have to say that juggling past, present and future dates like this is a bit confusing to me

    39. And here he was juggling relationships trying to keep everyone happy, which was an impossibility

    40. I used the secret of vision to go from juggling on a street corner to putting together a stage show with large illusions, explosions, fire and lots of comedy

    41. It was often a juggling affair with

    42. Juggling four kids and a full-time job wouldn’t have been possible without that

    43. ” laughed the economist while juggling creation

    44. Jim started with hand-made juggling balls (knitted at home by his 90 year-old mother!)…

    45. with an unfamiliar health care system to juggling the advice we get from here and abroad, we thought we could use a baby tutor

    46. Juggling high-priced attorneys, they wanted to see the case back under Nevada rule as soon as possible

    47. Barnes’s juggling act was not going too well

    48. Besides not being that popular of an attraction on the Vegas stage show circuit, juggling four balls at once was not his forte

    49. Yes, I said juggling as in "circus juggler"

    50. to eat the fruit while juggling with one hand

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