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    1. · To realize that in the long run good and bad things are bound to cancel out each other

    2. There was Luron's Cloud, scheduled south this Nightday and the Bram Daring bound north on the eastern shore with Nightday breakfast

    3. They fell in behind a barge carrying hundreds of rolls of raw cloth bound on a day-long journey to the fashion shops of the south side

    4. While the above advantages are bound to result in better average performance of the investments, it must be clearly understood that this can neither compete with abnormal appreciation of a few shares nor escape the effect of a bearish market when share prices are lower than their purchase price

    5. point in the cycle of analysis and discovery that is bound to follow, be you the walker

    6. " He struggled weakly with the tangled tubes that bound him to the bed

    7. When the Presidente Lula departed Sol bound for 61Cygni, Glenelle was much younger than the woman shown by this android

    8. profusely, his broken ankle crudely bound and obviously causing him pain

    9. opening of the prison to those who are bound;

    10. As he passes out the door, he sees two other hooded men with a fifth hooded, bound man between them

    11. He was bound to listen beyond any reason or wisdom

    12. The diseased have ye not strengthened, neither have ye healed that which was sick, neither have ye bound up that which was broken, neither have

    13. His hair was bound but you could not call the wrap a turban

    14. Locked down with the shock, bound in chains of fear, I tried to break my bonds by lashing out at phantoms amid irrational bouts of bravado

    15. A small spiral bound notepad and a short, stubby pencil, just like the ones my father might use to mark his score when playing golf at Ouzai

    16. They bound my wrists and arms first, then my ankles and knees

    17. To make sure that I was secure they next taped my bound arms to my torso

    18. I lay prone in a metal coffin slung underneath a flat-bed truck, sheathed and bound, breathing with difficulty through my nose because of the tape over my mouth

    19. He was much closer to the ground this time and his wrists were bound behind him with barbed wire

    20. On that brilliant night there began the simplest and most direct of loves, a love that bound us together through the days to come

    21. The last he knew, she had left the Yakhan over two decades ago, bound for the North

    22. With Byram Hermosa from the shop, he cruised down the narrow canal between the thick roots of towering apartment trees and into the open lake, bound for the Yakhan, determined to cover the fifteen hundred miles in a native week

    23. When Son awoke, he found that his hands and feet were bound with golden

    24. I couldn't see them behind the mast I was bound to, only hear them, the crunching and tearing and their wet snorts and sputters

    25. Vatreel wasn't leaving til he filled his nest with some more hot box bound downriver, so they might be here a week or more

    26. as the black bound bite their cheeks and blood red lips stop sobs

    27. Land bound seagulls fly the rigor rhyme,

    28. Satan is bound by chains and thrown into a pit (Revelation 20:1-2, Isaiah 24:21-22)

    29. so say words in heavy bound history,

    30. Physically she was so desirable that this should be easy, intellectually he had to convince his mind that this was the only way he was going to keep Desa, but emotionally he could only think Desa was trying to find a way to loosen the strings that bound them

    31. waiting for his homeward bound sail,

    32. ‘No, but Berndt is bound to know

    33. You think that I am bound in some theory of chaos,

    34. tied and bound against the siren

    35. Since she spent parts of these Afternoondays with Yarin, that was bound to happen

    36. But she walked off like she was bound for the crew cabins on their side

    37. People will tell you, and it has been written, that bipolar or mentally ill people in general are bound to fail

    38. From somewhere behind the windmills came the usual jangling of goat-bells and shrill voices of the women, homeward bound

    39. The hangman, fearing for his own life, immediately cut the soldier down and untied the ropes that bound his hands and legs

    40. city and take the opportunity to visit local restaurants and shops you are bound to notice that

    41. They bound the finished documents in real red leatherette and hand embossed the government's coat of arms on each cover

    42. On every lap and in every hand there was a bound copy of the government document, resplendent in its full red leatherette glory

    43. The air was thick with the maniacal laughter and the sound of pages being torn out of the beautifully bound document

    44. He marched off but not before he bound the latch securely with the string, trapping me firmly inside

    45. It was almost the same in that room except that the men were bound not just by Greekness but more so - by the deep sense of kinship with their village

    46. You and father were bound by a friendship lasting years

    47. There’s bound to be something turns up

    48. ‘That’s fabulous news … you’ve completely flattened your son, Anna! He’s stunned, but he’s never quite got used to the idea that his mum’s an attractive woman who was bound to find another man sometime

    49. The truth was, however, that Lucy had known Alan since they first started primary school together, and although she had never thought of him in terms of love during the occasional friendships of their early years, now that they were both at senior school, now that they were bound up together by contract, she found that she did love her step-brother

    50. and princes were bound and gagged and shown at trials, where their

    1. Force Nouveau, was bounded by the fragile skeleton of sanity marked out by Citizen

    2. From here I can see the village lying snugly in its valley bounded by hills on all sides, the largest lying to the south – Crook Peak with it’s knob of rock on the top

    3. His existence, such as it was in the bosom of La Force Nouveau, was bounded by the fragile skeleton of sanity marked out by Citizen Marat’s regular outbursts

    4. She finally finished and bounded out of the cave

    5. The dog gave a quick bark and turned and bounded after it

    6. The stupid thing held it's burning tail up out of the water as it bounded across the stream screaming and ran zigzag into the night, howling so pitifully

    7. Fields bounded by low stone walls stretch off into the distance

    8. Miss Jones, as the last of her line, lived a quiet and shrouded life that was bounded by the tightness of good old-fashioned values and good old-fashioned friends

    9. ” They quickened their pace, and bounded up the stairs noisily

    10. shrouded life that was bounded by the tightness of good old-

    11. He bounded up the stairs to the second mezzanine and then stood at the rail taking a breather

    12. The landlord, however, whose estate is bounded by a kelp shore of this kind, demands a rent for it as much as for his corn-fields

    13. They always bounded off an instant before the arrows hit the rock walls where they’d stood

    14. It sprang away, then bounded up a rock-strewn slope

    15. He bounded down the stairs two at a time and reached the messenger as he dismounted

    16. Prisoners bounded up to him, shaking his hand and congratulating him on his recent victory over Collier

    17. Laws are not self contained; that is to say, bounded by their own authority or judgment

    18. Willie bounded to his feet and ran to the door

    19. Slikit would have been hard put to tell you his exact age, he'd forgotten that long ago, but in his mind's eye he was still the lithesome young badger who'd bounded along forest tracks without a care in the world

    20. A well-order society requires the cooperation of all its citizens; that they work at resolving their differences in manner bounded by common goals, apart from common ideology, if that society hopes to flourish and sustain itself

    21. His dog bounded in after it, splashing him with water

    22. there came a loud bark and from out of the woods bounded

    23. Lobo! He wagged his tail and bounded over to meet me

    24. She brushed them away with her hands and bounded towards the great hall

    25. The skinny apparition from hell giggled again, then bounded to the deck to slash at the air between

    26. Its teeth were bared and it bounded straight for the defenseless horse

    27. It bounded towards her, quickly moving its enormous frame

    28. She bounded down the stairs and beamed a large smile when her eyes met her Uncles

    29. A guy in gumboots, looking like he was straight out the comic series Foot Trot Flats, bounded around acting like he was in command

    30. Scram bounded off the wall, dive-bombing the carpet

    31. She had bounded up in her excitement and so, presented him again with a full view of her loveliness: her rearranged hair, and the shortness of the wrap, around such a slender waist

    32. Trim houses lined up behind unnatural green rectangles, bounded by fences

    33. Taser finished and bounded back into the backseat

    34. And every time the love bounded further along the hearts

    35. Often the road would be bounded on both sides by fields that were full of locals planting or clearing to plant

    36. Manda picked up the candle and bounded across the room

    37. “Let’s go guys!” he exclaimed as he bounded up the stairs two at a time

    38. bounded by a three-layered membrane which acts as a protective

    39. (Etham means bounded by the sea

    40. known is a bounded space with personal rules and procedures for its fulfillment

    41. So I decided that the best solution was to have a gentlemen agreement which was stronger than a contract in that bounded me and Lea together forever

    42. At the precise moment of contact the horse, refusing to be so directed, lurched and bounded away, lifting the runner off his feet and into the air

    43. Slowly but surely, moonlight revealed that which lay below the upper part of the ridge that bounded the western edge of the lowlands, much of which still lay unseen below

    44. Moshe bounded down to confront the leader, whose head had quickly turned in the direction of Yigal’s shouted call, just in time to see all Moshe’s men descend upon his outnumbered troop

    45. “Ride like your life depended on it!” Unbidden, his mount, once again wild eyed and near panic, suddenly bounded into motion alongside the other stampeding horses and riders

    46. “What'll we do about the stake?” Yigal asked as he and Benjamin bounded over the side

    47. The commander bounded to his feet in the joy of seeing me there as I went by, and shouted,

    48. Moshe bounded down to confront the leader, whose head had quickly turned in the direction of

    49. suddenly bounded into motion alongside the other stampeding horses and riders

    50. Tim bounded up, his tail wagging, pleased to be taken notice of once more

    1. "The shuttlecraft!" he came bounding to her and snatched the phone from her head

    2. So that was how she got here, a young woman bounding thru space on the shell of a dusty old starship

    3. They took off bounding out the door sliding across the hall rug to the stairs

    4. He came bounding out onto the porch all fresh and ready to go

    5. One of the twins came bounding out of the brush and just about knocked her over

    6. A few seconds later the ‘twins’ came bounding out of the building and jumped into the car

    7. They came bounding around the side of the house and almost upset the grill

    8. They came bounding into the chamber and sniffed and barked their approval over each egg

    9. As Abi gets to the lounge door which Jane is holding open, Ben comes bounding down the stairs, some sixth sense has obviously told him that something is going on

    10. Each girl took a corner of the large mat surface and with a few bounding steps, executed front handsprings into forward airborne somersaults

    11. Dumbfound she sat there, playing with the strap of her purse, trying to figure out what he’d ran off for, when like a streak of lightening Jim came bounding thru the door

    12. In waste and uninclosed lands, any person who discovers a tin mine may mark out its limits to a certain extent, which is called bounding a mine

    13. bounding down the stairs and embracing him with her

    14. We laugh uproariously at his antics, like the time he shot down the hallway like a bullet, bounding from the couch to the air hockey table and across the living room again, landing in a bowl of popcorn

    15. And, like a greased pig chase, there is no catching a cat that’s side hopping and bounding worse than a drunken bunny in headlights once it gets out into the grass

    16. Almost bounding his way to the doorway beneath the enormous, sweeping stone stairs he pushed the door open and skipped down the stone stairway into the depths of the building

    17. My heart started bounding, and I felt scared of what

    18. A large beast led the way, bounding into the darkness and away from the dancing flames

    19. They spun to see her bounding down the steps of the nearest

    20. “Where has the witch gone?” roared another voice, the voice of youth and battle and tooth and claw; the voice of wolves and hawks and bounding deer

    21. Mick bundled up and headed out with Salvation bounding

    22. out of nowhere a big golden retriever came bounding out of the

    23. her and turned toward where the dog had come bounding out of

    24. She spoke briefly to her parents, then led the way out, dog bounding happily

    25. “I saw them! I saw them, and I told the man!” he continued, bounding up to Moshe's horse

    26. The Irish clan was honest bounding energy

    27. He whistled a descending note, as if letting all the pressure out of his body, then he sprang into motion, sprinting straight ahead with bounding, herky-jerky strides

    28. A creeping fear sent him bounding up to the front door on which he hammered loudly

    29. As they stepped into the open there was a ripping crash in this thicket, and Conan, bounding aside and carrying the girl with him, narrowly saved them from something that rushed through the air and struck a tree-trunk with a thunderous impact

    30. A tall corsair, bounding over the rail, was met in midair by the Cimmerian's great sword, which sheared him cleanly through the torso, so that his body fell one way and his legs another

    31. It was the yelling of men and the clanging of steel that brought Conan bounding from his couch, wide awake and broadsword in hand

    32. Bounding through the door behind the throne, he saw an unexpected spectacle, in the crystal light

    33. Before the last torch had vanished down the black tunnel he was bounding vengefully up the stone stair

    34. Hearing the commotion, Wren came bounding into the living room still wet from his shower

    35. -Once the feet took on the shape of bounding, it was

    36. the two offspring were about to leave John came bounding

    37. He was intent on bounding and

    38. In a few bounding leaps he vanished into the darkness

    39. Electrochemical messages began to bounce around, bounding back from neurons yet to be awakened

    40. But again she spoke too soon as five more toral came bounding over the ridge

    41. Shoop’s slight frame was bounding over the bodies and was in the door in

    42. A few moments before he had been playing hide and seek with some of the other children bounding through the forest, laughing and running, hiding and being very quiet

    43. They ripped at the dirt and trod upon the grass, bounding up the hill toward the village

    44. Buster came bounding out of the cage, throwing both arms around his

    45. bounding into the trees with an anxious young wizard running along behind

    46. And then the pack was off again, bounding along the pathway, leaving the

    47. Or Matilda might come bounding out when she realised that he was back home again

    48. cal ed for Damon and was delighted to see his mate respond and come bounding over to him

    49. Damon came bounding over to me, he was covered

    50. Max came bounding down the stairs carrying a cardboard box

    1. Medical science has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last few decades

    2. As soon as Barney sees me, he bounds forward and throws his arms round my legs, nearly tripping me up

    3. "So are they supernatural or are you trying to tell me this fits within the bounds of reality?"

    4. He was within two bounds of them now

    5. that bounds the world away

    6. Technically he was, within the bounds of three-d reality he can shine a lantern on that native eye and it can pick up the network

    7. Terry's brilliance new no bounds once the tournament started in earnest

    8. “We have no need for contact with others; she oversteps her bounds; she goes too far!”

    9. True he complained about everything Queen Naria did, but even for him, this went beyond all bounds

    10. The old man knew he was stepping out of bounds, but still he persisted; he had seen the look of longing on Tarak’s face when he was with her

    11. Terry's brilliance new no bounds once the tournament started in

    12. He bounds off to ring them up

    13. His greed shows no bounds

    14. "Within the bounds of a Caribbean paradise, yes

    15. He seemed to go back to being content that she wasn't overstepping her bounds

    16. It probably would be so, if, in the rude beginnings of improvement, the market for the latter commodities was confined within as narrow bounds as that for the former

    17. As arts and commerce, indeed, gradually spread themselves over a greater and a greater part of the earth, the search for new mines, being extended over a wider surface, may have somewhat a better chance for being successful than when confined within narrower bounds

    18. Energy is the cement that bounds an entity to the human state of life

    19. The coffers of such a company, too, though they ought to be filled much fuller, yet must empty themselves much faster than if their business was confined within more reasonable bounds, and must require not only a more violent, but a more constant and uninterrupted exertion of expense, in order to replenish them, The coin, too, which is thus continually drawn in such large quantities from their coffers, cannot be employed in the circulation of the country

    20. But where he can spend the greatest revenue upon his own person, he frequently has no bounds to his expense, because he frequently has no bounds to his vanity, or to his affection for his own person

    21. When the two-leggeds first built their great ancient cities, their pyramids and temples, its jealousy knew no bounds

    22. the bounds of ordinary complacency, and

    23. moon base was off bounds so as to keep the

    24. As much as he tried to relax, his mind traveled all over the bounds of his memory bank

    25. to worry that she had overstepped her bounds with Rex

    26. ” I looked at the love of my life and the compassion I felt for her knew no bounds as I replied

    27. Absolutely disgusting female creature whose depravity and greed know no bounds

    28. Getting hit hard running out of bounds, and the refs tacked on another 15 for unnecessary roughness

    29. With 8 seconds to go at the 12, Reilly hit Oliva who couldn’t quite get the ball over the goal line before he ran out of bounds, stopping the clock

    30. Out of bounds

    31. It took enormous bounds that left wide gaps between the tracks, and its path was not entirely linear

    32. When I offered to play poker with him, his enthusiasm knew no bounds, but I made sure always to lose, which suited him just fine

    33. Dorian said, “It is considered out of bounds to attack someone’s cognate

    34. The intimacy grew by leaps and bounds and hour by hour

    35. No fucking broad was going to spit at him! He looked down into her eyes and read nothing but haughty contempt and rage without bounds

    36. His delight seemed to know no bounds

    37. The first introduction of them in this biblical story seems to be when they were selected among several others to spy out the Promised Land that resided somewhere within the bounds of the “land of Canaan

    38. When she showed signs of breaking her bounds, he went nuts

    39. His wondering intellect, within some indeterminate length of time, intuited an unnatural Presence apparently just beyond the bounds of his physical existence

    40. 5 Seeing his days are determined, the numbers of his months are with you, you have appointed his bounds that he cannot pass;

    41. 10 He has compassed the waters with bounds, until the day and night come to an end

    42. As our heart that raps and bounds

    43. 13 For he says, By the strength of my hand I have done it, and by my wisdom; for I am prudent, and I have removed the bounds

    44. bounds of her sexual behavior and makes sure she is always in control

    45. - A true love without futile interests, a love that knows no bounds

    46. Chabi knows that she has overstepped her bounds this time since she is not denouncing you in any way nor admitting to anyone that she has ever seen you

    47. without the bounds the shoots 11 of the vine and cast it outside; And when the Earth appeared out of the water, and Noah came out

    48. took Joppa for an haven, and made an entrance to the isles of the sea, 6 And enlarged the bounds of his nation, and recovered the

    49. An obsessive, compulsive schizophrenic with a sexual interest in his assistant, bounds and gags her before brutally stabbing her and then wakes up to recall nothing of the night before

    50. Luckily for him, this section was out of bounds for patients and he slowly pulled his victim to what looked like a highly secure area without attracting the attention of any staff

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    bounce bound leap leaping saltation spring boundary limit bounds edge confine restrict throttle trammel rebound recoil resile reverberate ricochet take a hop jump border destined apprenticed articled indentured bandaged directed compelled obliged brim end mete verge hop vault circle rim terminate