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    1. Senior Citizens who meet a wider cross-section of people are more likely to have healthy relationships than those who move in a closed circle

    2. That and the distinct impression they were going in a large circle

    3. The print on those pages was really fine but his name had the yellow circle

    4. Their membership list appeared, his name was surrounded by a bright yellow circle

    5. The members of the group turn and shuffle a little to let us into the circle

    6. It seemed to circle with the lead animal coming back to face the driver and the re-entering shuttlecraft

    7. As about the reward, in this case it is socialization: the integration into a circle of friends, the avoidance of loneliness

    8. Yet, it didn't take me long to understand that certain pupils are already professional dancers! Sometimes, the teacher tells them to dance in a separate circle, so that the rest of us can see “how people dance”

    9. Alice, who is a really good dancer, still remains at the rear places of the circle -just like I do, of course

    10. Indeed, no one dared second my sister and there was a lot of hubbub in the class, until Alice left the circle and walked away in indignation

    11. Rania, a mediocre dancer, has also been promoted to the fourth place of the circle – probably because she has managed to join the clique

    12. I can hardly stand at the rear of the circle now, as the others are clearly unwilling to hold my hands

    13. Especially this morning, she revealed to me many things about herself: She is 23 years old, very sociable and popular, with a large circle of friends! I talked to her about myself too, adding a fib or two, that I also have many friends and that I often go out to discos and clubs

    14. It was given off by the fabricators mounted to the Lula's great top plate, a sandblasted foot of soft iron in a circle, meant to soak up all the snowflakes they would hit

    15. Parrot: If you hear this bird chattering, beware of a treacherous person in your circle; if a young woman dreams of a parrot, she should investigate the origins of her lover before marriage, or she will have a nasty surprise too late

    16. Abery’s a very small village only a couple of hundred people in all – mostly sheep farming - but there’s an interesting stone circle … quite a large one - I don’t know what the place is called here on Earth

    17. You have to go under streets to get into this circle on all sides

    18. He could examine the still-growing circle in finer detail when the shuttlecraft passed over the area every four hours

    19. The interior of the compound was a pleasant open circle of well-maintained grass dissected by gravelled paths around which the four two-storey warehouses were arranged

    20. "I think when the shuttle flew around in that higher altitude circle it put a fear into those beasts that wasn't going to leave them til they'd run to the next climate zone," Alan said

    21. He slunk back a bit and began a slow circle of their fire

    22. The trunks of this clump of keltoids formed a rough circle about fifteen feet in diameter with the fireplace right in the center

    23. " She still moved on, making a circle around the campsite grove, still looking for something edible

    24. She went out the front, seeing nothing she started to circle the building calling for the dogs

    25. There were so many streetcars you had to dodge them; and the many passengers hopping on and off at this busy circle

    26. There was a second story of walkway all around the circle

    27. She sits in the centre of a circle,

    28. Jake will have to feign leaving his camp and then circle back and attack

    29. Turning to face us both, drawing us into a circle with him, he gazes earnestly at both of us without speaking for some minutes

    30. Now let's sit all together!' - and we had to arrange the tables in a circle

    31. From a room at the back I was waved in to join a larger group of young men in another candlelit circle

    32. It was almost a circle, with large stone arches all about curved inward; Lord Tarak was standing there waiting for them

    33. The Princess looked confident pushing through the water making a line for the south but then, to my confusion and astonishment, after a few minutes I saw her begin to slow and come about in a steady wide circle

    34. "At the very basic level,"Ava continued, "impulses travel these circuits in a steady state, the pulses circle their group of neurons and the pseudo-particle that emulates does not undergo a state change

    35. Simon is standing in the door, this tragedy outside his sphere … I glance up at him and smile at him through my tears, drawing him into our circle

    36. Her outer layers were crawling away from her inner core, and with each repetition of the circle she tried desperately to make herself smaller and smaller, until she could reduce her presence in the world no more

    37. Katie’s the first to break out of the family circle and Ben’s a creature of habit

    38. The room is a giant circle within a circle

    39. The circle turns

    40. The circle mainly

    41. somewhere, but al a circle does is to al ow you to move around within it

    42. upper part of the circle

    43. During most of our time spent within the circle, we exist somewhere

    44. degree within the circle

    45. I burst thru a door into a dimly lit room with a sunken circle of six thrones with ornate helmets hanging over them, helmets connected by fibers to a huge onion of glowing crystal at least fifteen feet high right in the center of that circle of thrones

    46. inner core, and with each repetition of the circle she tried

    47. in the middle of the circle of men

    48. was alone in the circle of stones

    49. Poly and Tania danced in little circle holding hands and chanting one after the other, “You're adorable

    50. Petr and Matt entered the circle of monoliths,

    1. " Jaseem circled her, she smiled and posed

    2. The two goons by the door circled slowly and aimed punches and kicks at my frail body while the man stood over me and shouted out his frustrations

    3. It circled the ship, spearing each member of her departed crew with it's noon light

    4. circled high above her

    5. The bird circled once, twice,

    6. He circled around and then lined up on the trailer

    7. The humans clearly followed his progress as he circled them

    8. He circled the house and the surrounding town and ascended gradually heading for the mountains

    9. The dragon was high in the sky, circled around and swooped

    10. circled Buttercup so that Joe, Fred and the Queen could all wave

    11. Jake placed the trailer on the field, circled again, and then came in for a landing taking full advantage of the reflection of the sun to show off his great majesty

    12. They watched as they circled the area

    13. As Rah circled and came in for a landing he could see Michael and Lady Jennie waiting for him

    14. His animation circled them in red

    15. circled around him immediately

    16. The forest had grown back over the ruins that were once the suburban sea around Reston, except where a few yards remained clear and well armed families grew crops in the clearing, living in the circled hulks of old cars and trucks covered with tarps

    17. The warriors immediately circled the pair

    18. She circled Matai studying his face; she too recognized the mounting fear in his eyes

    19. It seemed that they had circled around, and they

    20. the chalk and went through the equation without hesitation, circled the answer at

    21. circled the cemetery and met again in the back of it

    22. The lady circled behind the young man without his noticing, as his eyes were fixed on the face and bodice of the young girl

    23. circled the corresponding word on the transcript

    24. forth in the breeze and birds circled overhead as if

    25. The globes melted in flickering flames and a slowly pulsating chord of many octaves circled the room, building with the flickering of the torches the pylons had transformed into

    26. Parmu brought out his smoking bowl and Lurain and Hunei circled close

    27. The dragon had been lessening its distance each time it circled and he knew that it was only a matter of time before it focused its efforts exclusively on them

    28. They circled furiously around his head

    29. I motioned Joss to the back of the house, and we circled around from opposite sides

    30. circled the new Earth

    31. Then he saw again the patrol boat, which must have circled back, come toward where he was sitting

    32. They circled the town several times and then swooped toward the west with the sun high above them

    33. For most of the day they circled some of the sites picked out by the Security people in Cumberland

    34. Warlock circled the Skimmer several times over the houses and then took off into the black ahead

    35. Russell’s hand stopped wiping Alex’s face as his palm circled and cupped her cheek

    36. It seemed all the tunnels circled around back to this room

    37. Jack's predicament circled around in his head and came back to the same place before starting out on its unresolved journey once more

    38. He circled Dad’s recliner, sniffing his shoes in passing, and then went to sit across the room and watch him for a bit

    39. I wandered away, but circled back after

    40. Fysto snapped his fingers and several large sailors circled Longleaf and his friends

    41. “Yes,” she said as she circled to the door

    42. ” As he spoke, Sicarius circled the area, head up, eyes scanning

    43. But instead of rescuing him, the helicopter circled overhead once, then unexpectedly disappeared out to sea, leaving him alone with the waves and the fast sinking inflatable

    44. ‘This too shall pass,’ Evelyn said as we walked to our cars to head out for the day, holding onto our skirts as a gust of wind circled the parking lot, teasing our garments willingly

    45. As the last crow left it circled the electricity pole twice, cawing its pleasure

    46. Presque’s attention circled back to the villagers' dabbling

    47. Once the contact was initiated all hell broke loose as the armoured cars circled around the terrorists pouring fire into them with the helicopter gunships directing them

    48. Each was a photocopy of a page of the classifieds and had the date and one ad boldly circled

    49. His hardness was still against my thigh, and his finger found my opening again, stroking me insistently as his thumb circled my clitoris

    50. It circled around and

    1. It can run circles around other computers, it can steal passwords, break encryptions, discover hidden security backups

    2. We can also act as watchdogs even within our own social circles and families

    3. This assertion has caused a stir in some of the more conservative circles of the unliving that consider Dracula the exalted father of vampirism

    4. John and Bush walk down the path that circles the lake

    5. He had plenty to tell, but hated to talk of these things outside certain circles

    6. He was handsome and wealthy yet they moved in the same show-biz circles

    7. one of the running pack circles, edging closer,

    8. In the centre of the floor was a pebble mosaic, a masterpiece in stones forming two huge circles, one enclosing a six-pointed star and six concentric circles; the other showed a two-headed eagle

    9. It circles above my head once then sets off, its route to the south east

    10. We move in opposite circles

    11. I don't remember climbing down into the courtesy boat in the harbour but before her goons pushed away, Daphne reappeared at the gangplank with one more thing to say, 'Before you go running round in circles with your Greek girlfriend and your pathetic little gang in your precious Sophia, let me ask you a question

    12. circles too, although it assumed a slightly more hushed and

    13. The phones keep me fairly busy and in addition to that, I have to deal with deliveries and the odd caller … and some of them are decidedly odd! The guy who keeps ringing Dave up about crop circles came in and tried to persuade me that I ought to let him speak with Dave

    14. He could well imagine Tdeshi moving in the same circles, but she would have arrived there via a different route

    15. The confused dogs trotted in circles sniffing the

    16. Mandy Hill was now a respected restauranteur with no little acclaim in the circles of gourmands and critics alike across four states

    17. I hardly move in those circles

    18. He watched, transfixed, as it slowly lost its grip on the grimy cold earlobe and tumbled towards the floor, merging in the small pool of water slowly gathering there; tiny radiating circles running from the point of impact

    19. A few more circles and the snarls began to fade

    20. Doris and her capacity for dealing with disasters was something of a legend in police circles at the northern end of the country, as Joshua Mganga had discovered when he came up for the conference

    21. One was a respected writer, and very influential in the circles of Sportsmen for his candid and considered opinions of many aspects of the athletic and recreational industries

    22. Hipolyta turned to our mother and said that her sister could walk circles around the Tahoe and not be tired out, it didn't make any sense that she should let Jameson walk while she rode

    23. ” then she twirled her friend in circles until the assembly was satisfied she was disoriented

    24. circumspect, and began making circles in the dirt with his

    25. If he spoke to her, before he started to trace small circles on her back, she didn't hear him

    26. His eyes had black circles as well

    27. In some circles, it's even proper to kiss, and not have it mean anything

    28. Jim drew small circles on her back

    29. evident in his fidgety feet drawing circles on the fieldhouse floor and in his

    30. glasses in the shape of perfect circles, a large bald spot that covered more of his

    31. His eyes were surrounded by large black circles

    32. “Its a tradition in family circles

    33. Alfred would understand soon enough how the circles were centered on Gordon's Lamp today

    34. informed that there is help for them in their own circles

    35. Don’t let yourself be dragged in the spiral of fashionable circles with the hope that it will bring you happiness

    36. But in our circles and many circle before was, as mad

    37. But in our circles and many a circle before us he was

    38. Wouldn’t you agree that the time has come to stop this nonsense of ‘more of the same’ that has taken you nowhere but in endless circles and dead ends on your journey? Haven’t you tired of being the rambling vagabond who always arrives, but never really gets there?”

    39. To dream that you are paddling with one oar indicates that you are going around in circles and headed nowhere

    40. To dream that you are running around a track implies that you are going in circles

    41. Alternatively, the dream forewarns that you are going around in circles and headed nowhere

    42. ” She considered for only a moment, then added, “I am, what was once known as, among those lofty ancient circles: a child of the 'First Water'---that is a fancy epithet meaning: No one's the boss of me! If I choose to continue down the path I've already chosen, so be it

    43. The animal walked around in circles half-out its crazed mind

    44. Of course anyone in such professional circles had no need to book their time weeks or months in advance, but this was the same day of her calling to request the meet

    45. Deanna had been staring at the light above, the defuse white concentric circles seemed to be pressing down on her

    46. The light came from hundreds of individual circles of light that had been created on the floor, identical to the one Hans had built to contain Mars and Rogan when they were under arrest

    47. There must have been hundreds, thousands? The bodies were all situated inside the circles, which ran in rings around the center of the room

    48. To the sides of the slab were circles which housed the missing gods

    49. There were some empty circles in the room, though

    50. The heat coming from all the magic circles was incredible, and Sebastian was surprised to see none of the captives seemed to be sweating, even in their unconscious state

    1. stopped her circling and drew close to Johnny, taking both his hands in her own soft

    2. Big Bang? The question is answerable only by an apparently endless circling of the

    3. What was out there before Big Bang? The question is answerable only by an apparently endless circling of the square root of our own experience or by accepting that there is an absolute version of an almost impossible conceptual device; nothing

    4. passed over Frinkstone Hill, before circling around and coming to

    5. As they came over the last mountaintop, Kate could see Michael lazily circling the small hill where the house was located

    6. upwards and after circling headed into the direction told

    7. Circling, out from the low bundled trees,

    8. and the predatory grin of circling,

    9. Minutes later we were soaring above Athens then circling towards the south like a migrating bird

    10. Always try to still the stream of circling thought and these gentle exercises will give you a manifold reward

    11. He told me to sit and relax and in doing that I got up after a minute and started circling him

    12. I think he was trying to make things better, however I starting pacing and circling him like a bull or tiger ready to pounce

    13. 'Where is the building?' I said to myself as I kept circling my lane

    14. The scientists won’t be touching the device circling Earth, she convinced them the result wasn’t worth the risk

    15. Out of the static, circling and repeating comes a phrase that Billy has heard too many times

    16. John walked around her slowly, circling his prey and devouring it from

    17. this he is within three feet of us circling at an astounding pace

    18. Nathalia lifted her head to the multilevel balconies circling the walls above

    19. forest and begin circling the town

    20. “Well, I did and you kept on calling me ‘Xonia’,” she said with a glint in her eyes, her lips pouting as she traced a finger down the side of his face, circling his chin and coming to a stop on his lower lip

    21. Our planet in fact is not stationary and exclusively blessed by the Divine in contrast with all other galactic spheres—much to our unjustified belittlement of them and exaltation of ourselves! In reality, the Earth spins around like one of those toy tops and travels around like one of those toy train sets, methodically and faithfully circling that hot, glowing ball in the sky that comes and goes on a daily basis, flaring up like my allergies and hemorrhoids that are just as regular and persistent as that shining, brilliant star we call the sun

    22. Still clearly apparent and circling like a satellite within the invisible sphere was the remains of the black creature, a dark globe

    23. varieties of pods were now circling the

    24. The field that surrounded the keep was guarded heavily, with patrols constantly upon the surrounding streets and circling the stone building itself

    25. His heels overhung the drop and for a worrying moment he teetered unsteadily, then Chris and Jeffrey caught his frantically circling arms and pulled him clear

    26. It’s a northeaster that was supposed to head out over Nova Scotia, but it ran into a front coming down from Canada and is circling over Atlantica

    27. “Thanks for circling over

    28. Restless thoughts swirled through my head like birds circling over the mountains of my homeland

    29. Russell and Glen were faced off in the middle of the floor, circling each other in concentration

    30. The moon was near full tonight, though Carl didn’t glance up once to see if any vampires were circling the skies above him

    31. Relief flooded over him as he saw her, unscathed and circling Millicent

    32. In the distance, in the circling heavy cloudscape he could see it: Light

    33. Several others were warily circling him

    34. Others were circling them warily

    35. Like a fearless giant bird circling the sky

    36. She found herself striding, then running, and she was up the steps to the wall, moving along the path, circling to the back, where she could stare out at the ocean, mourning the loss of one of her dearest dreams

    37. Circling the badger Slikit tutted angrily when a large thistle snagged his coat

    38. This tactical radio control is not the same as the circling fixed wing aircraft used as a radio relay system which started earlier in the war and I think called "Telstar

    39. Note that "Green Leader" was the call sign of the Rhodesian Air Force war plane circling the airport and "Dolphin 3" acted as a radio link to Rhodesia with senior Rhodesian military men on board

    40. Warily circling this new attacker, Brokin cursed his luck in having lost the element of surprise

    41. Brokin swiftly turned his attention to the guard circling cautiously in front of him, but his mind was still half-occupied with the badger guarding the keystone

    42. It was also standard procedure to turn you camouflaged hat inside out so that the day glow could clearly show the circling K Cars who you are

    43. He didn’t know the name of it, but it was either a woodpecker or some other bird, circling head-down and going around and around the branches of a small conifer

    44. They all dismounted, circling Frank as he stood silently watching them

    45. The second SUV jerked off to the left of the road before it hit the strip, circling around the blockade on the opposite side as the first pressed forward

    46. Growling in greeting, Mister crossed to the other dog and they began circling each other

    47. Elizabeth asked if they could see something of the city, and they left the hotel and strolled arm-in-arm among the crowd circling the round plaza close by the Polonia, known to the Polish as a rondo, where Marszawkovska and Jerozolimskie streets intersected

    48. Colling and Elizabeth started circling the rondo towards the Treskie Restaurant

    49. It was time to leave and they took off, circling the summit called Old Man Peak

    50. They could see that the car had lost control pulling out at the bottom of the looped section of the course; as emergency vehicles all converged on the spot and the camera zoomed in from the helicopter circling above

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