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    1. • The adjective ‘fine’ is complement of the

    2. ” The interests of partners should complement each other and not clash

    3. complement of gunners, a rough and ready crew, led by a crusty old

    4. smugly at the perceived complement

    5. It had, perhaps, even long before his time, acquired that full complement of riches which the nature of its laws and institutions permits it to acquire

    6. It deserves to be remarked, perhaps, that it is in the progressive state, while the society is advancing to the further acquisition, rather than when it has acquired its full complement of riches, that the condition of the labouring poor, of the great body of the people, seems to be the happiest and the most comfortable

    7. China seems to have been long stationary, and had, probably, long ago acquired that full complement of riches which is consistent with the nature of its laws and institutions

    8. But this complement may be much inferior to what, with other laws and institutions, the nature of its soil, climate, and situation, might admit of

    9. In a country which had acquired its full complement of riches, where, in every particular branch of business, there was the greatest quantity of stock that could be employed in it, as the ordinary rate of clear profit would be very small, so the usual market rate of interest which could be afforded out of it would be so low as to render it impossible for any but the very wealthiest people to live upon the interest of their money

    10. No part of the annual produce, however, which had been originally destined to replace a capital, is ever directed towards maintaining unproductive hands, till after it has put into motion its full complement of productive labour, or all that it could put into motion in the way in which it was employed

    11. They can however, complement each other

    12. When his mammalian meal was sadly limited or difficult to capture some days, he would have to diversify his diet, attempting to track down birds, snakes, lizards, and especially in the fall and winter months even complement his normal intake with a few fruit and vegetables

    13. That's why Ustra has the Gammadil, and why that ship and her complement of crew and conscripts is treated with such kid gloves by the rest of the fleet

    14. Entering into a male versus female debate is counter-productive, as both genders complement one another

    15. Doctors, lawyers, engineers, social workers, clerical officers, teachers, home makers, and others, all complement one another

    16. The living room was already illuminated by the ‘mood’ OLED spotlights of green and blue; curtains partially drawn, encrusted with smaller glowing versions to complement

    17. The train was already there, giving plenty of time for him to leave it on the carriage area, but already the compartment had its full complement of bikes and folded minicars

    18. I: -- Ensuring that all the aspects mentioned above are incorporated into one book in the correct order, so that all these qualities are perfectly intertwined and complement each other, and that each letter remains in its original designed position for at least 2,000 years after the book is completed

    19. was stricken with fever and soon the ship’s complement was

    20. complement of men for the Shenandoah was fixed at 120, even though they were well short of that number on this day in

    21. They are also architectural elements which are employed to complement a

    22. complement garden landscape designs, as well as alternatives to the more stone based of

    23. cleaning that is a perfect complement for the fast paced lifestyles of many individuals

    24. complement was anxious to have them depart the ship as soon as

    25. Shenandoah now had a full complement of men to handle the many tasks before them in their search for and destruction of

    26. complement one another perfectly

    27. "It'sa complement," Makis said from behind me as he lay one of his huge paws on my shoulder

    28. Keeping a complement of girls, Brian explained was the most difficult aspect of management of a brothel

    29. When he glanced toward the stern, he realized that the ship still carried its complement of weapons, which Colling guessed would also include a couple of five-inch guns

    30. Company A’s four-man complement of medics was billeted in two small rooms adjoining the dispensary itself

    31. So, was this heir meant to be a usurper also? Or has this heir been conceived to be a complement to its elder benefactor? Should humility teach gratitude as well as fortitude, standing as they both are on the shoulders of all that has gone before them?

    32. serve men but to complement them

    33. As could be expected, some had gone and others had come, but the complement was still intact

    34. You managed to find your perfect complement

    35. It proved to be one of the fuchuan type ships, again a naval vessel with a full complement of cannon

    36. There were only nine minghan commanders since one had been elevated to tumen command, but I had a full complement of one hundred jagun commanders

    37. In this jewel of Western Canada where the harmony of its astonishing natural beauty and the expected sophistication of a modern city complement each other, tourists can satisfy their needs of the city and, at the same time, surrender to the ardent desire of enjoying nature

    38. Bread and wine with sardines complement their tasty food

    39. You’ll have to complement it by studying too,” his father would say

    40. Ruminating on the younger generation’s abilities to cooperate and complement with an intelligence she had found so late herself, the aunt was silent

    41. you wish to play two together that"s fine, but ensure that they complement each other and are not

    42. you wish to play two together that's fine, but ensure that they complement each other and are not

    43. We stop to complement the two girls, and thereafter Emily pulls me toward the colorful shoe section

    44. The Movement spell can also be used in conjunction with the sails to move the ship at very high speed if you need to flee a superior force, but that is a dangerous operation requiring a full complement of experienced crew, and relatively smooth waters

    45. Several sets of 3D images (nonradioactive) floated over the group in order to complement his lesson with pictures and video

    46. He felt outdoor, being an out-of-home medium, reinforced and served as a perfect complement to television, and outdoor was an attractive investment due to its depreciation contribution to cash flow

    47. “Oh that would look great on you, with your red hair it would really complement your skin tone” Sam the sales assistant said

    48. “How much time do we have?” he asked Talia, who was experimenting with magically coloring her hair slightly different shades of blond in order to better complement the blue dress she had chosen

    49. A Sylvan battleship carries a complement of six hundred crew, eight hundred marines, and six dragons

    50. Then, and only then, would the full complement of airplanes and men be assembled at one base to perform on a full time, daily basis

    1. The meal was well complemented by our friendly,

    2. dress exactly, and the sprigs of ivy complemented her

    3. They complemented each other

    4. They were designed in a very attractive Craftsman-Stick Style that complemented their forest surroundings

    5. complemented by selected berries, leaves and flowers

    6. To match his playful character he had a contagious laugh that complemented it and once he started laughing it was impossible not to laugh with him

    7. Steve looked so sharp and handsome, that Maureen was excited to think that he was her man, and Linda complemented the two so beautifully that Hollywood couldn't have done better

    8. His will to live complemented his creativity

    9. Opening it, I found an exquisite orchid of a pale jade green that perfectly complemented the colours of my dress and my hair

    10. complemented and rounded out the other

    11. The perfume she always wore only complemented it

    12. complemented by what she’s wearing

    13. Each ring of dancers used slightly different movements that complemented each other with breathtaking beauty

    14. They complemented each other in positions of strength; Norman was the Chief of Intel, DeLong the executive officer to Commander, 7th Air Force; others held such positions as Fighter Wing Commander, Logistics Chief, and Personnel Director

    15. complemented Neu on his dress sense

    16. with verbal put-downs complemented by violent slaps across her

    17. clothing fit nicely and complemented her pretty face

    18. You, yourself even complemented how she had organized the security of the city and it's surrounding

    19. She allowed it to assume a wild and untamed appearance that complemented her young face and crystal-blue eyes

    20. A dinner roll and a bottle of Labatt Ale complemented the stew

    21. After Amigo complemented me, he showed me the palm of his

    22. manual work complemented each other, plus they were paid extremely well for the

    23. Their domination consisted of talented power hitters that were complemented by smooth, finesse pitchers

    24. Lady Jane, whose light grey silk gown with high, ruffled collar and pillbox hat that greatly complemented Lord Ashburn’s pin-striped, three-piece grey suit and dark grey silk shirt with bow tie, stood regally by her husband’s side with a steady but confident air; her entire appearance, with her hair flowing to her shoulders and her makeup coordinated with her attire, contrasted starkly with that of her counterparts, and her perpetual sense of superiority further alienated her from them

    25. � An electric hot plate and a small refrigerator complemented the mandatory tea kettle

    26. The three apparent aspects of our being - emotional, mental and physical - can be complemented and enhanced by

    27. and saw in them a certain terror, complemented by a horrified facial

    28. that expertly complemented his chocolate-brown and cream pinstriped

    29. products or processes complemented each other

    30. The elderly man’s face was thin, but his white hair gave it a needed fullness and complemented the golden tan

    31. That invention was soon complemented by woodblock, or woodcut, printing; providing a

    32. metallurgy were complemented by Britain’s dominance of the seas to allow nineteenth century Britain and its still expanding overseas empire to stand head and shoulders above the rest of the world in wealth and power

    33. Jillian's antique newel table was solid and complemented the carved wainscoting of the living room and the roses molded into the ceiling

    34. listening to the names of the graduates as they were called forth for duty, complemented and or praised for their contributions and personal distinctions, and when the orchestra played and the choir sung, he allowed the music to fill him and connect him to the

    35. He said yes quickly, never looking beyond her body long enough to ask if tonight’s new tests complemented her long-running thesis

    36. Sees Through Night and Night Stalker were so clear in explaining the change that had taken place in their village and how the ways of watching and Ra complemented the ways of feeling and the Mother Goddesses that there was little that I had to do when I sat down with the villagers and talked to them about my life and the ways of the Mother Goddesses

    37. It really brought out his eyes and complemented his dark hair

    38. I complemented her on always wearing

    39. tuous surf and turf, complemented with plenty of Napa Valley

    40. During the school break when Lilit and Sofia met to talk, without saying that they hadn’t common ideas, they complemented each other on certain subjects, and this was unusual for the other girls

    41. complemented each other rather well

    42. are complemented by the actions of flavonoids along with saponins

    43. Being a parent is a 24-hours job, maybe complemented or supplemented but can never be replaced

    44. Just as it is vital to have healthy genes with positive traits and high intelligence, it is also vital that these has to be complemented with proper nurturing, and love to develop a wholesome, creative individual

    45. It complemented his fur

    46. The other pillows and cushions were made up in solid colors, which picked out or complemented the colors in the floral print of the bedspread and canopy

    47. She stood on the other side, dressed in jeans and a dark red sweater that complemented her light coloring

    48. bother, but in fact we were complemented but asked to keep

    49. The color complemented my complexion and dark brown eyes

    50. His swarthy baldness complemented a sinewy pair of tanned arms

    1. tans crisp and brown and complementing their gold bangles superbly

    2. Complementing this, his beak has been ingeniously designed, having a hook at the tip for being able to get a quick grip on his targeted dinner (got ya!), and then tearing it up with ease (no sweat, dude!) once he’s got it captured

    3. Selfless action and nonattachment go hand in hand, with one complementing the other

    4. Science has tried to take that a step further by complementing belief with extrapolation, and like an inchworm is moving incrementally forward by trial and error

    5. better, it a matter of enjoying and complementing the hard-wired

    6. There’s nothing wrong with complementing bottles with

    7. We’re complementing each other

    8. Looking in that direction, she saw Faye Underwood standing beside a cluster of Louis XV armchairs whose coverings precisely matched the wallpaper complementing the light paneling

    9. “This is really good,” Garcia said, complementing the hostess

    10. and other complementing sites to reciprocate your website’s link in

    11. interacting, complementing and supporting the overall process, outcome, success and

    12. Both of Them — Space and Time — cannot be manifested separately because the “ways” of Existence of one of these primary mechanisms of “the Operating System” presuppose an obligatory presence of the other complementing mechanism

    13. When love and intimacy will happen, complementing would

    14. We’ve selected two sports, baseball and hockey, which are perfectly complementing each other and giving you a formula you can operate year round

    15. hardship were close and fought their battles for survival in unison, their characters and temperaments complementing one another

    16. His blue polo shirt was complementing the blue of his eyes

    17. If Lavater had studied this visage, he would have found the vulture mingled with the attorney there, the bird of prey and the pettifogger rendering each other mutually hideous and complementing each other; the pettifogger making the bird of prey ignoble, the bird of prey making the pettifogger horrible

    1. “With the complements of the Marchese, and he asks will you join him for a

    2. He would often spend up to five hours serenely munching away, consuming quantities reaching 150 pounds of the wispy delicacy each evening! (Yes, and that was without salad dressing, croutons, grated carrots, or any other complements that might be found in the typical buffet for those humans who are more health-oriented and inclined towards vegetarianism

    3. “Hear, hear and I will tell you something else it tastes marvellous there is a real tang to it that really complements it

    4. At that, the Halflings crowded into the shop burst into a huge round of applause for Rufus Lickspittle, showering him with complements and many pats on the back

    5. gorgeous in gray that complements his strong clean neck and wavy

    6. ” Berlinski complements this with his own reworded, less comprehensive observation, “No one has the faintest idea whether, in particular, the immense gap between what is living and what is not, between the organic and the inorganic, may be crossed by any conceivable means

    7. There are probably many other indications where the wisdom of the ages complements modern discoveries, but suffice it to say that together they, science and religion, would exert a far stronger influence on the concerns of Man than they do today, separated as they are, into selfishly disposed, unforgiving competitors

    8. The short layered blond hair complements his golden skin tone

    9. And this standardization of time perfectly complements the standardized calendar we’ve recently adopted

    10. Try to save the complements on her physical appearance

    11. products, you may be interested in a course that complements this one

    12. "Oooh," his father said, "that's a piece of work! I like the various peaks they put on there, it complements the whole look

    13. Picard sends his complements and asks if you require anything before they depart

    14. “Would you give my complements to Doctor Selar,” Tammas said

    15. desire and wrath are the complements of attachment and repugnance

    16. verse under discussion complements what was said before

    17. Each of them complements the other

    18. yagya, alms-giving, and atonement are but complements to this under-

    19. Be very observant of body talk gestures or tics that really complements, justifies or nullifies what is being said

    20. There is a strong base if each one will strive to be a person with strong determination and purpose of what he wants in life and be principled enough to find a mate that is compatible to what one personifies or even complements her level of compatibility

    21. “A few weeks ago, I leave the university and buy a bar, complements of

    22. Like when she discovered that as long as she slathers complements onto the kitchen staff, they will enthusiastically show her exactly how they make such a wonderful sauce and then they'll say, "Here, dear

    23. A mnemonic to assist in remembering which of the tests in a SLE flare-up is decreased is to think that lupus does not deserve complements when it flares up

    24. All Energies of higher vibrations consolidated in one Creative Impulse by these Cosmic Creators (scientists would call Them “quasi-particles”) form all that which, in its essence, is “opposed” in frequency to a state of “substance” (but actually mutually complements it!) characteristic of our Reality (matter), and that is why it is called antimatter

    25. After continuous thinking about it (), an image came into his head that complements the known (to you) properties of duvuyllerrtness by the presence, in the dynamics carried out between wave Configurations of Forms that structure different-type Realities, of certain interspatial mutually-penetrating diffusgentness that serves as the basis of formation of the dynamics of any of resopasons — common “zones” of the Creative Activity of Forms of many Realities

    26. Al of that is complements of the five major Networks

    27. In today’s competitive market, the web design should be so planned that it complements

    28. He even brought me a gift—a heathery violet turtleneck sweater to wear—and I notice it complements both the blanket and Desi’s deep green sweater

    29. The whiteness was maintained and we use sheep milk because it holds a natural sweetness that complements a mild and fine fish like turbot

    30. that function as substitutes for addictive drugs and complements to healthy living

    31. • Value and momentum strategies are especially good complements because they tend to be negatively correlated

    32. O’Shaughnessy’s ideal value and ideal growth strategies are great complements to each other

    33. Bonds can fluctuate in value as interest rates change – this is part of what makes them good complements to equities in times of turmoil, as bonds may increase in value while stocks decrease if interest rates are decreasing at the same time

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    accompaniment complement full complement wholeness entirety totality the works balance counterpart remainder addition reciprocal equivalent troupe cast crew team add to fill out complete culminate supplement cap correlate