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    1. Soon Ava continued on up to the house and Venna came quickly down the remaining path

    2. speculative basis so they could appreciate my continued “normality”

    3. The only part of Jorma that continued that thread of the conversation was his eyebrow, his voice asked, "Do you miss your beach?"

    4. their continued and rather inappropriate use of the word

    5. may have created a step like, lose 1 pound, and you continued adding in

    6. I readjusted myself to this “new time” and the day continued without event until we agreed to meet for an evening meal at 1900

    7. “You’ll find everything you need is there for the numbers to make sense,” Henry continued, when he really should have just stayed quiet

    8. As he spoke, the large image on the wall of the elevator continued to broadcast his image even though he was standing right in front of them

    9. He continued to argue about it, trying to convince her the missing aluminum was going to disrupt the world's economy

    10. And now all I see are bread crumbs,” Ackers continued

    11. Hate to be with her on the battlefield,” Silence continued

    12. She continued to cling to the wall, her feet and one hand used to hold her up, she still had her other sword strapped to her back, waiting for the opportunity to use it but feeling helpless without both weapons in her possession

    13. “What’s going to happen now?” Big Petey asked with wide eyes as Red continued to hold all four of the beeping and flashing square grenades

    14. “We better get out of here,” Nancy said as the guards continued their fight with Big Petey and the rest of the team

    15. He continued to carve water into the great grey maw of the tunnel

    16. Scar continued to walk toward the throne and the androids continued to close in on him

    17. The boy continued to stare at the gadget

    18. Ackers took off the glasses and continued to stare at the Chip

    19. He continued to throw sticks in while she got settled

    20. " He continued to throw sticks in the fire

    21. The United Order showed up with over two dozen soldiers who are now tearing the house apart to find it,” Nancy said as she continued to watch the house

    22. An elderly woman nearby is (CONTINUED)

    23. Since then, he has acquired a sort of cult following which surged in the 60’s with the peace and Earth-loving hippies and has continued on into the 80’s and 90’s with New Ager’s buying the bulk of the over million bottles hand packed annually

    24. " He stared at doostEr, but continued, "I was already Ava's lover when I helped him purchase that property

    25. The simplicity of the outside construction is continued in the interior

    26. He continued thrusting into her

    27. He put the phone to his ear and continued thrusting

    28. The waltz continued without time, almost without end, but as

    29. Poor Will just sucked it up and continued on

    30. Being without any support he continued to set his hopes

    31. "The plan was to pummel mortal technology to the point where they would volunteer to ascend," Ava continued

    32. "The Presidente Lula was in contact with the Yakhan from 2332," Ava continued to lecture on stuff Glenelle had missed while she slept in backup

    33. Soldiers sweep (CONTINUED)

    34. I simply continued to live

    35. With each vision of destruction, the man continued to roar out his

    36. that, Jesus continued to teach in synagogues and preach the Gospel of the

    37. We continued to encounter and suffer from the same problems as

    38. She continued to study the planet, but was determined to continue with the evolutionary trees and leave the sociology alone

    39. In the absence of human companionship, the most interesting thing continued to be the planet

    40. He continued to live without living

    41. She paused, and as there was no response from the girl in the back, she continued

    42. "As you can see,” she continued, "I don't really have a lot of things, and I doubt that any of this stuff is what you're looking for

    43. "We never knew," she said, but before he could say more she continued, "You know what the natives call our vessel," she answered herself

    44. He continued to curse the dog that dared to stalk his halls

    45. She continued to hold his arm, there were three minutes and some seconds now

    46. Solar activity not stopped, and continued its rapid

    47. Rather than adjourning early, the Haadij continued the discussions about the logistics of setting up a seed colony in the Kassidorian wilds among the astrophysicists and any others of the crew who wished to remain and listen or participate

    48. He just despised the thousand year wait but the more he listened, the more it sounded like they were going to get either that, or a continued voyage to the next terrestrial planet at Altair

    49. I continued to shout and flame in my head, but the venom was spent

    50. I assumed that the journey west continued and I tried to think of places that they might have brought me to; Oxford, perhaps, or Reading

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