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Continued in a sentence

He continued as.
Then I continued.
She continued to.
Then he continued.
Then Tom continued.
The man continued.
I continued saying.

As they continued.
He continued anyway.
His blood continued.
He continued saying.
The queen continued.
The nurse continued.
His body continued.
The Major continued.
with the continued.
Then he continued:.
She continued , .
but continued to eat.
The scream continued.
It continued to melt.
We continued on the.
and continued to weep.
For the continuing.
He tried continuing.
’ he was continuing.
Continuing the growth.
continuing state of er.
be a continuing problem.
and then continuing to.
After continuing 158.
stop this from continuing.
but a continuing emanation.
Continuing The Lineage Of.
at the time of continuing.
Continuing the CSM said.
of breath before continuing.
Continuing his arguments Mr.
continuing to exit the room.
Continuing with the process.
the tunnel while continuing.
continuing on with the search.
Continuing his journey, KoK.
While continuing to trade, Mr.
Continuing with his account.
97 from continuing operations.
82 from continuing operations.
above was continuing at speed.
Emilia Herescu is continuing.
No use continuing now I guess.
He hesitated before continuing.
continuing clear and dry skies.
continuing to live with you.
He continues on.
He continues to.
So he continues.
Yet, it continues.
continues to show 1.
The vote continues.
The path continues.
continues to roll in.
The search continues.
continues to this day.
This cycle continues.
The story continues:.
as it continues, and 2.
The phone continues:.
The journey continues.
She continues walking.
The captain continues.
The street continues.
Science continues to.
And it just continues.
He continues to explore.
An Old Story Continues.
The story continues in.
The android continues.
continues to waste it?.
the story continues in.
She continues the story.
Lago continues: ….
She continues her speech.
So I continue.
I continue to.
We continue by.
As we continue.
He can continue.
Let us continue.
You may continue.
To continue the.
will continue to.
Continue this cut.
If we continue to.
want it to continue.
I had to continue.
b) Continue to snipe.
way to continue them.
continue by al means.
He didn't continue.
I continue to find.
They then continue.
May I continue?.
I will continue to.
But he did continue.
Continue to rotate,.
Can you continue to.
decide to continue on.
This cannot continue.
could continue in dry.
She let him continue.
And you continue on.
I'll continue for a.
And then continue on.

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