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    1. But the Arcturus Corporation threatened to kill

    2. Corporation had gathered; here before them was Jojo, Maria, Chuma, John, Shona,

    3. Arcturus Corporation, no doubt

    4. whatever I say, because the Arcturus Corporation has all the Spacesuits here right now, and the entire space-ship is about to automatically close all the air vents in a few

    5. Great work, Ghazali, deciding to turn off all the power today; you helped the Arcturus Corporation without even knowing it! Thanks for that,” Zeke said

    6. “No, and I don't think that the Arcturus Corporation has anything to do with

    7. Eidolon Corporation the Distress Signal that the sailor had found in the middle of the ocean

    8. more to help the Eidolon Corporation rescue the survivors still living on the Eidolon Spaceship

    9. Eidolon Corporation, and now it was the Arcturus Corporation

    10. Sorensen Incorporated was a subdivision of the Arcturus Corporation, and that they

    11. had been planning to destroy the Eidolon Corporation and take them over for a very

    12. Corporation, Zeke Conrad, who was currently on the asteroid right now

    13. Corporation out of the way, The Arcturus Corporation could put its plan into effect

    14. Meanwhile, back on the Asteroid, Zeke Conrad and his fellow Arcturus Corporation

    15. The corporation behind this was the powerful FAT CAT

    16. They held up signs showing the benefits of the Fat Cat Corporation

    17. Briefly thumbing through each it seemed to Emma that the head of a large corporation must’ve helped

    18. The same statutes of apprenticeship and other corporation laws, indeed, which, when a manufacture is in prosperity, enable the workman to raise his wages a good deal above their natural rate, sometimes oblige him, when it decays, to let them down a good deal below it

    19. The bye-laws of the corporation regulate sometimes the

    20. sufficient to purchase the freedom of any corporation

    21. part of corporation laws have been established

    22. In order to erect a corporation, no other

    23. act as a corporation, without a charter, such adulterine guilds, as they were called, were not

    24. laws and the corporation spirit did not prevent it

    25. country, is not altogether owing to corporations and corporation laws

    26. Corporation laws enable the inhabitants of

    27. The majority of a corporation can enact a bye-law, with proper

    28. that of his corporation, but that of his customers

    29. apprenticeship may oppose it in the one case, and both that and an exclusive corporation in the

    30. obstructed by corporation laws

    31. Where there is an exclusive corporation, it

    32. They were generally at the same time erected into a commonalty or corporation, with the privilege of having magistrates and a town-council of their own, of making bye-laws for their own government, of building walls for their own defence, and of reducing all their inhabitants under a sort of military discipline, by obliging them to watch and ward; that is, as anciently understood, to guard and defend those walls against all attacks and surprises, by night as well as by day

    33. " Country gentlemen and farmers, dispersed in different parts of the country, cannot so easily combine as merchants and manufacturers, who being collected into towns, and accustomed to that exclusive corporation spirit which prevails in them, naturally endeavour to obtain, against all their countrymen, the same exclusive privilege which they generally possess against the inhabitants of their respective towns

    34. As it is the interest of the freemen of a corporation to hinder the rest of the inhabitants from employing any workmen but themselves; so it is the interest of the merchants and manufacturers of every country to secure to themselves the monopoly of the home market

    35. She assigned them lands generally in the conquered provinces of Italy, where, being within the dominions of the republic, they could never form any independent state, but were at best but a sort of corporation, which, though it had the power of enacting bye-laws for its own government, was at all times subject to the correction, jurisdiction, and legislative authority of the mother city

    36. the fall of LDP, the ruling party of Japan for over 50 years and the collapse of the Enron corporation

    37. Regulated companies resemble, in every respect, the corporation of trades, so common in the cities and towns of all the different countries of Europe; and are a sort of enlarged monopolies of the same kind

    38. The usual corporation spirit, wherever the law does not restrain it, prevails in all regulated companies

    39. The different taxes levied by the company, for this and other corporation purposes, might afford a revenue much more than sufficient to enable a state to maintain such ministers

    40. But the directors of a regulated company, having the management of no common capital, have no other fund to employ in this way, but the casual revenue arising from the admission fines, and from the corporation duties imposed upon the trade of the company

    41. The East India company, upon the redemption of their funds, and the expiration of their exclusive privilege, have a right, by act of parliament, to continue a corporation with a joint stock, and to trade in their corporate capacity to the East Indies, in common with the rest of their fellow subjects

    42. Cellacom had always been a fair corporation, one of integrity – at least relative to most others

    43. Acushnet Sawmills Corporation with officers Jonathan C

    44. Hawes was named president of the corporation

    45. "I guess the West End Corporation won't go without their dinners to-morrow

    46. Every now and then we read in the newspaper that a union or someone accuses a foreign corporation of such things

    47. Why should we be? I am convinced, because I saw it with my own eyes, that in Nigeria every foreign Corporation is raided over the December period just before Christmas by the tax officials

    48. Why? Because the tax officials work on commission and you the foreign Corporation is an easy target

    49. It is very easy to see if that is the case with telephone records but of course not illegal for it is their patriotic duty to report what the nasty foreign corporation does in their country

    50. It can also mean your corporation wants to move into Africa or someone you represent wishes to make an investment

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