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    1. Dilly is not in the office – her boyfriend rings in and tells us that she has a tummy bug and hasn’t managed to keep anything down yet

    2. It's odd; despite the fact that I have a tendency to throw up whenever I’m emotionally stressed, I rarely catch tummy bugs

    3. oh hell! I shouldn't have been so adamant about my ability to avoid tummy bugs

    4. ‘I reckon that tummy bug has affected your brain, Sarah

    5. ‘No, with the tummy bug Dilly had

    6. It had red-and-white polka dots on its tummy

    7. eighteen years old, mommy shouldn’t have to pat his tummy and give him a drink

    8. little suspicious about the real cause of his upset tummy,

    9. and rubbing her tummy

    10. I’ll tie the arms under his tummy as I expect it will be quite windy outside

    11. “Got herself a great big tummy, didn’t she? We all know the Master was responsible, but

    12. Rishabh started laughing, clutching this tummy and looking at me,

    13. the world does not go dark, and the tummy bears it all without

    14. “Come and kiss my tummy,” she cried

    15. “I have a very bad ache in my tummy

    16. Dry my back and tummy for me

    17. His male cream shot out of his cock and struck her bare tummy, shot upward and struck at her titties, her face, even her hair

    18. Alfre, the Samoyed-retriever mix who’d come to us as an abandoned puppy with a shrunken tummy and bloody paws, formed a close bond with Autumn, and the two often napped together, the furry white dog curled around the full-figured tabby

    19. Does it cost more to have a face lift than a tummy tuck?

    20. After embracing me with her now slightly enlarged tummy she turned to Spencer and with one look burst into tears

    21. Slowly she turned in my direction, not looking at me but toward me, her hands clutching her tummy

    22. She looked up still clutching her tummy, her eyes brimming with tears

    23. I tried to wrap my mind around the idea of the baby in Dena’s tummy being a girl

    24. Green sheets were laid across her in such a manner that her tummy was exposed

    25. I stood over the crib for a few seconds watching as she squirmed and wriggled, it was amusing how she brought her bum up as she tucked her legs in underneath her tummy

    26. She did not seem very interested; all that seemed to matter for the immediate moment was the grumbling in her tummy

    27. Her navel gazed at me from the middle of her tummy

    28. She took his arm and rubbed her tummy

    29. ‘Makes the rest of you look like a pin man, even with that podgy tummy

    30. We go all the way to when I was in my mother’s tummy; some of the yelling pops up in my memory

    31. matter what shape her tummy was in

    32. When I attended Mike’s MHS graduation in mid-June, they did not bring the baby, and her tummy was washboard flat, so I had no idea that I was a granddad until Mike gave me a Father’s Day card with the hospital photo of Aubree date stamped upon it

    33. Mark let out a wordless shout of exhilaration, and released his grip on the armrests so he could hug Talia around her tummy, and she promptly laid her arms along his huge fore-arms and squeezed them tight

    34. He enjoyed the sensation for a moment, then slid his hands back to her tummy before the other elves noticed

    35. The tummy appeared with the cord attached and I yelled out:

    36. Raphael has hardly had a tummy ache at all, and there’s a

    37. One hand slid down Alilia’s tummy, and began caressing her loins through her clothing, the other stimulated the bound princess’s right breast

    38. She suddenly sat up, her hands on her tummy, with an air of absolute happiness

    39. her tummy – she considered herself fat

    40. �Please, honey, lie on yer tummy, an� try not to move around much,� Rosie said, as she blinked back the tears

    41. Still groggy, she thought, The snake is lyin� on my tummy

    42. She had a last glimpse of the lights of the airport buildings flashing past and gripped the arms of her seat; and apart from a strange feeling as though her tummy was being pushed against her backbone, she did not realize that they were airborne

    43. She then kicked her horse unnecessarily hard in the tummy and entered the barn much too fast, jumped down and tossed the reins to Johnny, who was grinning from ear to ear

    44. Please keep place in your tummy for the huge breakfast that Maggie’s got waiting

    45. He was trembling, and in the gloom Lorna saw dark wet drops on his tummy and chest

    46. He lay flat on his tummy and looked up at her most appealingly out of his soft brown eyes

    47. As I reached over and stroked her tummy, she loved it

    48. It was not to be wasted on petty activities such as shaving or brushing my teeth or, heaven forbid, filling my tummy

    49. The warm gooey cheese has coagulated, your eyes a bit bigger than your tummy, beer goggles and blind ambition, recall to an earlier time when you would eat as two at this time of the morning

    50. That mid-morning tummy rumble is distinctly different than the hunger experienced after a day of not eating

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