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    1. No passenger ships had sailed since noonmeal, the next packet out was the Jemson's Luuker and she was ready to cast off so he had time for only the most cursory look but he did not find Venna or anyone answering her description on board, nor did he find her in any of the watering holes along the docks were someone would wait for a vessel's departure

    2. "If it does any sophisticated skin capacitance readings or anything but the most cursory retinal scan, this android won't pass

    3. There was a pawnshop around the corner and he might get a few pounds for it, he thought, so he took the phone out of his jacket and gave it a cursory inspection

    4. hand in a cursory manner

    5. gave it a cursory inspection

    6. “We don’t know that, we don’t know what section of the house she lived in, we’ve only had a cursory look at the main apartment

    7. The date for the initial round of testing was published and all hopefuls were provided a cursory outline of the subjects which were to be assessed

    8. devoid of even the most cursory interest, but the

    9. assessed the girl’s symptoms, gave her a cursory

    10. Just before exiting, the Legion’s flags, hanging on all sides of the room, soon caught her cursory glance

    11. he turned to exit the alleyway, the Argonian stopped the thief with a cursory tap on the shoulder

    12. After another cursory scan he was allowed into the waiting room, to be greeted by the not-sure-if-she-was-real receptionist

    13. A false impression easily discounted with the most cursory knowledge of the cosmos

    14. But with even a cursory understanding of their abilities, such a bulky thing as a space craft was not really necessary for interstellar travel

    15. She gave him a cursory look, then settled back into her chair and returned her gaze to the view

    16. No field hospital was equipped within specified distance, and the wounded were placed under shelter of a sand-bank, in the San Juan creek lying for hours awaiting cursory attention

    17. But it just does not have even the most cursory bit of evidence to back it up, and only the most ideologically blind still believe in it

    18. They were cursory checks through her handbag and overnight, not much in the way of searches, but they were there, nevertheless

    19. It was rather a cursory overview of each tribe as it had been found with some rather presumptuous and even jaundiced interpretations of them

    20. I opened the outer shell and did a cursory inspection

    21. cement columns, members of the cast busied themselves with a cursory review of their most difficult lines

    22. Lucy would respond with a cursory, “No

    23. This is because these beliefs rarely bear even the most cursory examination without crumbling to dust

    24. No ‘tablets of stone’ morality stands up to even cursory examination

    25. It only takes a minute, or a cursory glance, at the list of physical symptoms

    26. A couple of cursory inspections in the early years soon become pointless, then nonexistent

    27. "Denson," says Steng as they are conducting a cursory examination of the body and site,

    28. As expected, it is cursory

    29. After a cursory check of the interior he wound down the window and said gruffly, „Either I pay you for it, or I don"t want it

    30. We’re close enough to them here that the soldiers who came gave only a cursory search, but we’re far enough from any spring training grounds that the Kiridae haven’t spotted us

    31. Xin had finished charging her reactor, and was nearing the Earth when her cursory scanning mode picked up the space anomaly forming halfway between the Earth and the Moon – a space fold! No! It was too soon, and in the wrong location! It should have been hours from now, and outside the system

    32. After a cursory look round the two officers checked the kitchen

    33. After a cursory introduction, he brought Ellett up to speed with the day’s events

    34. After a cursory look around this section that yielded nothing he climbed up into the cab of the tractor and searched that

    35. That was all I could handle, I performed a cursory scan of

    36. And I could tell, even at a cursory glance, that those footprints were too big for Third to have made them

    37. I performed a cursory check of the open area on the ground

    38. A short while later, I went ahead and did a cursory scan of the

    39. cursory search of every single room in the frat house

    40. It occurred to me that I had already taken a cursory look at the kitchen on our way to the roof, and noted it was dry

    41. A cursory scan revealed a white ball of cloth towards the middle

    42. From the cursory way the crew of those ships had visited her and from the pitiful amount of supplies they had left behind them each time, Tammy suspected that they only wanted to know if it was time to dispose of her remains

    43. Suddenly, he stumbled across a ticket with the first two numbers matching his cursory search

    44. He gave it a cursory glance,

    45. cursory glance, but that was all

    46. He gave the wound a cursory

    47. Wickland accepted the papers and, after a cursory glance, placed them in his desk drawer, which he locked with a key from his key ring

    48. cursory search of the surrounding alleys for Boots, but were pulled away from this task by the urgent

    49. Count Humfrid, a stocky man with long beard and hair, gave Foulques’ group a cursory glance at first as they were about to cross path

    50. He gave Hurd's comment a cursory smile

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    casual cursory passing perfunctory superficial