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    1. would be base upon superficial knowledge you have of that

    2. Using this glove I can deaden certain electrical pathways, and trace superficial surface currents for it to follow

    3. The superficial currents won’t last more than a minute, but it will be enough time for us to bypass the alarm and slip inside

    4. The procedure involves the removal of the epidermis and some superficial dermis while

    5. The superficial layers of skin are removed by

    6. This tones the deep and the superficial muscles of the back, and also relieves backache, helping to keep the spine young and supple

    7. ‘In the main they did, the worst that happened was that Adamant scratched his hind quarters when he was scrambling up the bank but it looks like a fairly superficial cut – one of the men said he would look at it for me

    8. 'Life is much more than a superficial scanning mechanism called “consciousness”

    9. be happy with superficial relations

    10. To dream that you are reading tea leaves means that you need to look pass the superficial and get to the core of the situation

    11. In the ultimate reality, the love that is referred to, is not the superficial kind, but instead speaks of unconditional love, where acts of love are carried out without any expectation of reward or praise

    12. At first glance Josh seemed to have only superficial injuries

    13. Logic was taught first; ontology came in the second place; pneumatology, comprehending the doctrine concerning the nature of the human soul and of the Deity, in the third; in the fourth followed a debased system of moral philosophy, which was considered as immediately connected with the doctrines of pneumatology, with the immortality of the human soul, and with the rewards and punishments which, from the justice of the Deity, were to be expected in a life to come: a short and superficial system of physics usually concluded the course

    14. The rest of the shrapnel and bullet wounds are slight by comparison they probably hurt but they are really only superficial in medical terms”, he laughed at this and his false teeth made a clicking sound like a demented land crab

    15. “I don’t mean to put horrible ideas into your head, but if life is so painful for you, why haven’t you killed yourself before now? Last night you could easily have killed yourself with that glass shard, but you went for superficial injuries instead

    16. She was attractive, of course, at least in the most superficial way

    17. Yet, though he was certainly human, he couldn't be sure what that meant beyond the more superficial attributes of physiognomy and physiology

    18. Rachel was focused on the superficial wound

    19. Luckily, it was only a superficial wound

    20. A few minutes later, there was that awkward moment of silence when everyone had run out of anything superficial to say

    21. It seemed that apart from superficial resemblances and some generic common traits, he had arrived at no particularly useful conclusion

    22. When I was satisfied that it would not be found in a superficial search, I closed and locked the folding garage door

    23. action we prove to others that ours is a superficial religion, not a true

    24. She discovered that she had gotten into a groove in her life, and had become comfortable in a superficial sense

    25. He could cover them up to blend in, but underneath that superficial layer were the secrets he had been hiding from Rajiv

    26. I suspect that that caused much of the superficial change among the people native to this land

    27. superficial and the hard scars deeper

    28. superficial and grab onto the truth

    29. Q: Yes, they come, short and superficial

    30. Do not ask superficial questions;

    31. Surely it is not the superficial

    32. Q: What makes me limited and superficial?

    33. M: As you have said, the similarities are superficial

    34. If Toby is as superficial as William, then there’s no point in actually trying to hook up with him

    35. Of course, he has seen places of greater beauty than that of his native land, that beauty that one can behold and admire because it amounts to a superficial beauty that represents one more experience in one’s life without becoming a part of it

    36. Similarly, one can behold and admire El Bierzo’s beauty, but it is neither plastic nor superficial, rather, it penetrates the heart, takes hold of the subconscious and becomes part of one’s life

    37. Sci–Coll's superficial meaninglessness betrays a deeper meaning

    38. could be a longstanding issue that underlies other more superficial issues

    39. mom and I, and that our relationship was very superficial

    40. half-broke, and I had almost lost my relationship with my wife, but deep down these are superficial, temporary residents of

    41. that religion and superiority may have been superficial

    42. me well and wanted to be a part of the superficial aspects of the

    43. aimless walks and superficial chats

    44. One Nung, Lochert, and Parker each received fragments into the fleshy parts of their bodies causing superficial wounds

    45. The wound was meaty looking, but appeared to be superficial as it was no longer bleeding heavily which was a good indication that no veins or arteries had been punctured

    46. The only damage was a superficial burn that followed the path the lightning took on the tree and the destruction of a bird house nailed to it

    47. The burns were superficial and have already been treated

    48. ”2 It is surprising that so many people, several of whom have achieved high positions in politics, business, labor, and entertainment have succumbed to the sugary, superficial tenets of the Socialism idea and have worked hard to subvert the system of Capitalism

    49. It is shallow and superficial personalities that

    50. the solutions were superficial and vague

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    casual cursory passing perfunctory superficial trivial hypocritical insincere delusive lone dishonest hollow tame