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    1. “You let me win,” she hissed under her breath, “I am well aware that you could have taken me at any time; why the deception?”

    2. There was no deception with him, what you see is what you got

    3. “In any business deal,” Kulai said, “there is the specter of deception

    4. or for deception to com in

    5. Avoiding Deception Other ways to keep on the path

    6. Sometimes we fall into the deception of thinking that we are

    7. received because of his deception (see 2 Kings 5:20-27)

    8. only open the door to deception and darkness

    9. get into deception because they think they are the only ones that

    10. other gifts in the body, we open ourselves up to deception

    11. was the poison of deception, and both Jesus and John the Baptist

    12. but I could see the deception in his heart

    13. There is also a deception that has crept into our beliefs that

    14. “About? You have the nerve to ask? After your deception nearly got me killed?”

    15. The way he bristled at the mention of the name ‘Roscius Avienus’, and then slackened with an almost forced conge-niality was a hallmark of deception that he had long since grown accustomed to identifying

    16. The deception is truly an act of benevolence aimed at reducing any trauma or shock a spirit might encounter upon entering a new environment

    17. He could just about manage deception by avoiding a subject, but if he was

    18. Let’s test this deception, he thought, grinding his teeth here

    19. Although of course it was perfectly understandable, he felt slightly ridiculous for having been – if only partially – taken in by this deception; only an illusion, which can be undone with sufficient reasoning

    20. It’s not really you, how can it be? You can only be an illusion, a deception created from my memory

    21. ‘I’ve studied you, your ability at deception, oh and the ability to leach from all those minds

    22. Monique stood facing the tall glass entrance, wondering whether to play along with the charade (both that of it being literally an illusion and not challenging the deception of father's life) or say something that would cause consternation within the household

    23. His dark eyes narrowed, and once again Amaranthe remembered his knack for sensing deception

    24. Assumptions by modern revisionists seeking to belie historical traditions, avidly supported by special interests with political axes to grind, however discredited such assumptions oftentimes are, may further promote muddled-headed thinking by ultimately winning the battle of ideas, however questionable their premises, by perpetuating falsehoods that, on the surface, oftentimes appear plausible to variable, ―discerning‖ young minds armed with partial knowledge, but sufficient enough to receive distorted impressions at their face value, rendering many vulnerable to questionable or unlikely propositions that bear little or no resemblance to the truth; advanced by (political and social) deconstructionists alienated from their (hated) customs, offering in exchange, contemporary standards predicated on historical fallacies, deception, inflicted reasoning and ignominious viewpoints

    25. Just what coward of a man abandoned her in this state, that you had to foist her off with this deception?”

    26. Kay searched for any sign of deception within Galeron’s gaze, but he seemed to be completely honest in his statement

    27. Taking shelter in that which consoles you only for the moment, soon revealed in the light of the morning to be a lie and a deception

    28. And even this they deny, for they love deception and the truth is not at all convenient

    29. and General Colin Powell used Sun Tzu's principles of deception, speed, and attacking the enemy's weakness

    30. One can find obvious Communist influence on neo conservatives, especially their propaganda techniques, willingness to use deception, and celebration of amorality in the name of winning long term goals

    31. But his enjoyment of the moment was tempered with the thought that Elizabeth was again at the center of some kind of deception

    32. He also felt uncomfortable being reminded he was using deception to further their goals; he almost cynically realized he would be a fool though if he did not make the best use of whatever luck threw in their way

    33. Either way, that would not be consistent with the deception he had in mind

    34. How the Moslems could play on that conflict isn’t certain, but if 666 represents the antichrist in some manner, then the conflict might represent a subtle kind of deception that might have attracted the Gnostics

    35. David’s sin is adultery, deception,

    36. I know how much I hated him for just a few hours of what I felt as deception

    37. Surely that counts as deception

    38. It then says that the “ashes” may be scattered, but it confirmed already that it is not ashes, but BONES WHICH ARE GROUND! I trust you see the deception here, not because I said it, but it is confirmed in a news paper hot of the press!

    39. relationships that society is full of hypocrisy and deception

    40. Of course, the widespread belief is that these horrific murders are the work of just one man, and the members of the club have gone to great lengths to maintain that deception

    41. There is much sin and deception in our land, but the goal today is not to look beyond yourself

    42. “The truth that peels away five hundred years of deception

    43. Lies and deception are built into politics as usual in Washington

    44. All experiences are an illusion; the mind and senses are a deception,

    45. Within minutes, those same faces clouded with doubt when he shared his suspicion, fallen angels disguised as aliens returning to Earth to plot deception and usher in apostasy

    46. will never know deception in this situation, will never consider this screen an illusion, and can

    47. True episodes of deception are often associated with feelings of surprise, and more, when the

    48. deceiver is a human being close to us, the initial unveiling of deception often brings with it the

    49. But why should deception hurt, and subsequently, be feared? A

    50. are proximately associated with pain, and it is this memorable pain that helps give deception its

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    conjuration conjuring trick deception illusion legerdemain magic magic trick thaumaturgy trick deceit dissembling dissimulation misrepresentation artifice chicane cheat chicanery trickery mendacity craftiness