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    1. untouched by the arch trickery

    2. He told me they were not what they seemed, and that there was trickery and double-talk

    3. From them he had learned the truth about the Elders; their lies and trickery, and manipulation of the population

    4. Fizzicist can you take this bag of trickery and burn it?" said she in anguish

    5. ‘What trickery is this? How did you get hold of

    6. of the psychological trickery)

    7. She hobbled hurriedly over to Mercer, helping him to his still shaky feet and urging him to use whatever trickery he had employed against her earlier, to render himself invisible again and more freely make his way to the cave

    8. It was so fascinating to see what incredible trickery the hairstylists used and what they could do with a simple head of hair

    9. Elijah: Sorcer and Rumu would never do such a thing? What kind of trickery is this?

    10. Kerry, in 2005, dredged up allegations of Republican trickery and voter scare tactics in a speech before the League of Women Voters: “Last year, Paradise Lost_____________________________ 129

    11. “She raped my son by trickery, and because of that he is dead!!!” Alilia screamed as she turned on him

    12. “I was thinking that my son is forever dead because she had raped him by trickery, and so I cursed her to be raped until the end of days

    13. Rather than your having raped my son by trickery, it is more true to say that since he did not heed your refusal, he was about to rape you, though you would not have considered it such

    14. “When it seemed that Talia had raped my son by trickery and caused his death, Yzandra’s ordeal seemed a fitting punishment

    15. It may be foolish to think you can befriend trickery, reckless to believe you can win the heart of lady luck, but here among the dock rats, what’s there to lose?

    16. He thought how this trickery might be turned to his advantage

    17. The trickery goes further

    18. Oh, God! What chilling treachery doth armor fear in trickery

    19. There can be trickery, false promises, someone who has trouble discerning the end of truth and the beginning of falsehood, which makes him a liar

    20. “What trickery is this!” he cried out, staring uncomprehendingly at a row of cushions plumped and arranged to resemble human form

    21. He glared up the slopes, hesitated, and then turned down the trail in the direction he had been going when halted by Khemsa's trickery

    22. Whatever webs of conspiracy were drawn about him, whatever trickery and treachery ensnared him, this knife was real

    23. What new plot was this? What new trickery? What new fiendish plan? Did Komadze suspect her intentions of running? Was this a malicious game? A cat and mouse affair, before the kill?

    24. pennies for this ardent piece of trickery

    25. and the trickery and the

    26. “What trickery is this?”, interrupted the King

    27. Spirit next resorts to Trickery, by arranging unusual events or manipulating a person's awareness to bring the inexplicable into their field of vision

    28. Thereafter, I used a bit of trickery to get her off my back

    29. The sense of danger was a very sobering one, even against whatever trickery he was using

    30. invisible through holographic trickery, and sent it to its designated corner, hovering just one centimeter from the ceiling

    31. “Yes and we will have none of your trickery this time,” T’Pau said, waving a

    32. The crowd was all trickery of light, but if Garcia wanted, he could embrace them and the computer would make them

    33. What trickery was this?

    34. “What is this trickery?” she asked

    35. me go, witch? Why would you do that? Is this some sort of trickery?”

    36. weapons accounted for and I don't want any attempts at trickery, at least not

    37. Due to the fact that the master of trickery and deceit will come back to

    38. hereditary: overused werewolves are very much the vagabond, theories for trickery and

    39. I can’t really say why, but right then and there, looking at the two of them staring at each other, I gave up trying to figure out if they were involved in some sort of trickery

    40. with trickery had been due to my uncertainty about the psychic visitations

    41. So He didn't do anything wrong, and He didn't lie or use trickery or anything like that

    42. “This is more trickery—the word trickery of women

    43. I said to Dark Singer, “Let us not be caught up in what you call the trickery of women

    44. “What kind of new trickery are you up to with this flattery, River Mother?”

    45. Exercise caution in your business affairs, for the world is full of trickery

    46. He shifts the blame for everything to the unreality of an event, to trickery, or he obtains a desire to learn all these unknown things for the sake of his own mercenary interests of megalomania satisfaction

    47. �But how would a charge of that magnitude even fit on the refugee ships? Are we sure there wasn�t some sort of trickery involved?� asked Rinard suspiciously

    48. No lies or trickery – I like the idea of that

    49. If what was done by the performer of this trickery was really something physical, he would not stretch out his hand to people at the end of the show, begging for one or two pounds, and similarly, a magician would not take a financial reward for his trickery when performing in theatres

    50. This is in stark contrast to the magic trickery that is practiced by the magicians

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    chicane chicanery guile shenanigan trickery wile hanky panky hocus-pocus jiggery-pokery skulduggery skullduggery slickness duplicity deception artfulness craftiness cunning double-dealing