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    1. because her suitcase had been dirtied

    2. Raymond dirtied his drawers in the Bush/Gore election campaign

    3. saw herself washing Ali’s clothes dirtied along the journey

    4. "Regardless, she sullied him, dirtied him

    5. with the bottom of the trouser legs tucked into their dirtied white socks

    6. Molly, sweet Molly, of long pigtails and dirtied bare feet, stepped heavily in her ivory dress as she moved to wed a dead man

    7. Then I dropped down and hid the noose beneath the loam, and dirtied the rope so that it blended in the dark with the trunk

    8. Beside one of the openings into the hold of the ship, a large, black patch dirtied the red deck

    9. At the top of the dirtied stairs, his toes squished into deep, gooey mud, but he took little time enjoying the luxury of actually feeling something other than pain

    10. few moments later L€ne stepped into the room, her face dirtied

    11. Then the sacred act of sex: meant only for reproduction; meant only for the best of each species to propagate and in doing so improve the health and strength of the species as a whole; which is supposed to happen only at the pinnacle of virility and maturity by the best of the species, at the best time, for the best reasons… when this biological-genetic law is violated and dirtied: everything as far as gratification and intensity of experience is concerned: everything after the act of sex is down: is an anticlimax; is worse and less

    12. If your intentions towards all living creatures is clean, and not dirtied by envy, or fear, or hate… if your intentions towards Nature are clean; and not dirtied by selfishness, arrogance, insensitivity, indifference, etc: the Nature and all living creatures will treat you as you treat them… This is why wild animals do not need to shampoo their hair, or wash themselves to clean themselves of parasites

    13. " With that advice, he wiped his soiled hand upon the joker's dress, such as it was--quite deliberately, as having dirtied the hand on his account; and then recrossed the road and entered the wine-shop

    14. It was a yellow box on two large wheels, that, reaching to the tilt, prevented travelers from seeing the road and dirtied their shoulders

    15. Rick’s past was being dragged through the muck, and Private was dirtied by association

    16. They were now splattered with the same violet stain that dirtied her sink

    17. Apparently, Marilyn told the reporter that Ida took the money from her because she had dirtied her clothing

    18. The little girl was dirtied

    19. She's dirtied my new shawl

    1. dirties the soul or makes it impure

    2. He lives a clean life, never dirties his hands

    3. Inside Gary saw a row of coat hangers, where clean overalls were hung, and dirties left on the shelf underneath

    4. To judge yourself and to judge others is a preoccupation of the mind that dirties the heart and subsequently obscures the soul

    5. Now, more than ever, you could feel him running right up to the edge of the Seven Dirties, longing to jump:

    1. While perhaps receding in the popular imagination, the image of the "dirty old man" that chases after young women has not disappeared

    2. Do not allow dirty water to enter the ears

    3. Do not touch the eyes with dirty fingers, dirty cloth, etc

    4. He then pushed everything back on top of it, burying the Chip under a mountain of dirty clothes

    5. coastline atop a tidal wave of cheap beer, dirty hookers, and salt water

    6. Some of us reached for the beer bottles, some for the dirty hookers

    7. John turns, gives the man a dirty look

    8. The Young Psychologist shoots Dave another dirty look, turns back to John

    9. "How many poor slave traders did you have to kill Lieutenant Petrakis, to save those dirty child sex slaves?" She imitated the young reporter with an exaggerated whine

    10. A little-used mop stands in a bucket of dirty water in the center of the floor as if it were long ago forgotten there

    11. This dirty Shia, he jealous

    12. It was an aching desert, the gravel was a dirty brown, the noon breeze was still stifling

    13. John sits upright on a dirty old mattress on the

    14. I thought the other team was playing dirty by trying to get away with as much as possible

    15. Even that far below a dirty old burner like that, she was likely to pick up some damage to her flesh, unless they were still running on fans and thrusters when they passed over

    16. "The containment will be hot awhile, I might pick up some neutrons from a dirty old thing like they were flying

    17. The scruffy engineer - no older than thirty but as dirty and smelly as any old street bum - worked seventeen hours a day and dreamed about work during the rest

    18. The dirty, yellow atmo pulsed with micro-discharges

    19. The dirty yellow clouds outside turned dim gold and then, just dim

    20. I carry all the dirty dishes out into the kitchen while Nick puts the chairs back where they belong

    21. Jordo was the last to get there and when he did, Paladin, Dirty, Holdout and Gush stood in front of the window next to the airlock, shaking their heads

    22. "The hell is going on?" Dirty said

    23. "Look at the stub-wings," Dirty said

    24. Once again I moved through a shadow world of stairs and blind corridors before being deposited, still blindfolded and ignorant, on another mattress roll, this one, like the others, a dirty cream colour

    25. If the water is dirty, prepare for failure

    26. Spring: A spring of clear water indicates riches, joy and success; if the water is dirty, it bodes problems and delays; a spring with no water means illness and failure

    27. Towel: If you are using a nice, clean towel, you will have good health and family happiness; if it is worn out and dirty, it means the opposite

    28. The catastrophes and failures of colonisation, the disastrous experiments with star drives, all those terrible bug hunts on far away worlds, we survived them all and gave the stars to you, and for what? Thanks? The only thing your masters ever worried about was whether there were enough conditioned and dedicated Barcs available to do the dirty work

    29. The rented oblivion, dirty carpets and sofas propped on bricks,

    30. dirty glass, flies on the hill tops,

    31. He had to have his face pressed to the animal's back to stay on it and its fur and hide were like dirty industrial carpet

    32. Fat men in combat trousers and dirty grey trainers

    33. The ‘twins’ came back with dirty feet and burrs in their fur

    34. weary folk with dirty faces, whose eyes

    35. In the end, I give in, throwing a dirty glance in the direction of the tormenter standing over me before subsiding against the pillow again

    36. from the itch and scratch of bare bulbs, dirty bed sheets

    37. But I have to say that I don’t know what it is that you have done to that man … I hope to goodness you don’t mean to do the dirty on him

    38. She was not the stuff of legend nor of heroism, being the sort of person who worried that she was letting her whole class down when her shoes got dirty, and here she was facing down three members of an alien youth culture, whose sole intent was to inflict grievous bodily harm on another vulnerable individual

    39. His suggestive comments and the grating, dirty laugh got on everyone's nerves

    40. He spread them in front of me and whispered something unintelligible and winked, giving another leery, dirty laugh

    41. He was shocked and hurt, feeling decidedly violated and dirty and angry

    42. I help Karen clear the main course, following her into the kitchen with the dirty plates

    43. ’ Alastair said as I stack the dirty dishes

    44. It will keep that dirty little secret to itself

    45. Ish and I exchanged a round of dirty looks

    46. ironing boards, a defunct Hoover and piles of dirty washing, nor

    47. waved to her with long and dirty fingers

    48. The streets were full of puddles and dirty brown mud where

    49. had backed up and was spilling a cold and dirty mixture of

    50. Ish's dad gave his son a dirty look and moved

    1. I just can't see her dirtying her hands in any way

    2. options for dirtying anywhere else other than the litter tray

    3. Had the creature been given a longer life-span and a more rapid method of procreation, it would have eventually spawned a new species of Quigg capable of not only cleaning things but also of dirtying things, allowing themselves to always stay alive, even if only to be caught up in a ridiculous loop of cleaning, dirtying, cleaning, dirtying, and so on

    4. They pollute their own water by dirtying it with their own feces and urine and their own bodies

    5. They wash themselves by dirtying water and then dumping the dirty water somewhere else

    6. She was afraid of dirtying it

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    Sinônimos para "dirty"

    begrime bemire colly dirty grime soil soiled unclean contaminating shoddy sordid cheating foul unsporting unsportsmanlike ill-gotten marked-up filthy lousy dingy muddied muddy pestiferous soiling defiled unsanitary black polluted contaminated base ribald disagreeable contemptible despicable grovelling low mean lewd lubricious amoral smutty immoral pornographic indecent rainy nasty sloppy squally stormy clouded dark dull sullied pollute stain defile sully tarnish smear