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Dirty в предложении (на )

  1. I gave her a dirty.
  2. It was dirty cop time.
  3. I no longer felt dirty.
  4. Do your own dirty work.
  5. Back in the dirty south.

  6. It was cloudy and dirty.
  7. John was a dirty blonde.
  8. I gave her a dirty look.
  9. He was a dirty old man.
  10. You need a dirty face.
  11. And anyway, I feel dirty.
  12. Dirty laundry on the line.
  13. Can’t have a dirty gun.
  14. He's just a dirty old man.
  15. She felt guilty and dirty.

  16. This snake is a dirty liar.
  17. Yet I feel dirty, stained.
  18. Reflected in my dirty heart.
  19. He is a puny, dirty wretch.
  20. This dirty Shia, he jealous.
  21. Her face was dirty and cut.
  22. This is a super dirty trick.
  23. Now came the dirty fighting.
  24. He is a dirty filthy animal.
  25. Ella gives them a dirty look.

  26. Dirty Feathers stuck to him.
  27. But he is a dirty scoundrel.
  28. It is a dirty little secret.
  29. Use this dirty trick to add.
  30. Ciere gives him a dirty look.
  31. Thus we come to this dirty.
  32. Sorren gave her a dirty look.
  33. He seemed really dirty to me.
  34. His fur was balled and dirty.
  35. It is dirty, but that will.
  36. He hated wearing dirty socks.
  37. I heard the guy was dirty.
  38. And that is what this dirty.
  39. He always got the dirty jobs.
  40. Her hands were dirty but her.
  41. Of course that kind of dirty.
  42. They were still wet and dirty.
  43. One mate my dirty flea collar.
  44. Dirty t-shirt and bare footed.
  45. Never fall in the dirty racket.
  46. She went out, with dirty caps.
  47. Those men are really dirty.
  48. My mother gave me a dirty look.
  49. But his sheets were dirty too.
  50. Her body was scarred and dirty.
  51. It is dirty, crowded and noisy.
  52. He's a dirty, low-lived fellow.
  53. Someone dirty has been here.
  54. He had no idea why he was dirty.
  55. Oh you dirty son of a bitch.
  56. Dirty places was not her thing.
  57. It’s a pile of dirty rags.
  58. Not to say he's a dirty old man.
  59. Use this dirty trick wisely and.
  60. The dirty device demanded words.
  61. Dress was seldom tacky or dirty.
  62. Her hair was a dirty, somewhat.
  63. I'm all clean come and dirty me.
  64. You also have a very dirty mind.
  65. Probably a dirty French whore.
  66. It made me feel incredibly dirty.
  67. Guilty and dirty as he imagined.
  68. His general appearance was dirty.
  69. She wore shabby and dirty clothes.
  70. I can tell you it is all a dirty.
  71. The man looked run down and dirty.
  72. Then, he flashed her a dirty grin.
  73. The building was gutted and dirty.
  74. It was in a pile of dirty clothes.
  75. His clothes were costly but dirty.
  76. Found in a bathtub of dirty water.
  77. Emily's hair was knotted and dirty.
  78. Over a dirty shirt and a gun?
  79. Before I tell you about this dirty.
  80. I also highly recommend this dirty.
  81. Another boss way to use this dirty.
  82. There stood a skinny, dirty old man.
  83. Sarah wore tattered and dirty rags.
  84. He was dirty and white in the face.
  85. At Scotty’s we played dirty Jenga.
  86. This is dirty water, she says.
  87. It was close and dirty in the office.
  88. Her hands shook; her face was dirty.
  89. If there are guests, they're dirty.
  90. So they did something dirty in Latin.
  91. Wet on one side, dirty on the other.
  92. I recommend use of this dirty trick.
  93. I highly recommend using this dirty.
  94. That was a dirty, horrible trick.
  95. Wonder why you call them dirty?
  96. I highly recommend this dirty trick.
  97. All the dirty things I made her say.
  98. Not my daughter, you dirty bastard.
  99. She threw her dirty clothes in the.
  100. She wore black, dirty and faded rags.
  1. She was afraid of dirtying it.
  2. I just can't see her dirtying her hands in any way.
  3. They wash themselves by dirtying water and then dumping the dirty water somewhere else.
  4. They pollute their own water by dirtying it with their own feces and urine and their own bodies.
  5. Had the creature been given a longer life-span and a more rapid method of procreation, it would have eventually spawned a new species of Quigg capable of not only cleaning things but also of dirtying things, allowing themselves to always stay alive, even if only to be caught up in a ridiculous loop of cleaning, dirtying, cleaning, dirtying, and so on.
  1. She's dirtied my new shawl.
  2. The little girl was dirtied.
  3. Regardless, she sullied him, dirtied him.
  4. Raymond dirtied his drawers in the Bush/Gore election campaign.
  5. They were now splattered with the same violet stain that dirtied her sink.
  6. Rick’s past was being dragged through the muck, and Private was dirtied by association.
  7. Beside one of the openings into the hold of the ship, a large, black patch dirtied the red deck.
  8. Apparently, Marilyn told the reporter that Ida took the money from her because she had dirtied her clothing.
  9. Then I dropped down and hid the noose beneath the loam, and dirtied the rope so that it blended in the dark with the trunk.
  10. Molly, sweet Molly, of long pigtails and dirtied bare feet, stepped heavily in her ivory dress as she moved to wed a dead man.
  11. It was a yellow box on two large wheels, that, reaching to the tilt, prevented travelers from seeing the road and dirtied their shoulders.
  12. At the top of the dirtied stairs, his toes squished into deep, gooey mud, but he took little time enjoying the luxury of actually feeling something other than pain.
  13. If your intentions towards all living creatures is clean, and not dirtied by envy, or fear, or hate… if your intentions towards Nature are clean; and not dirtied by selfishness, arrogance, insensitivity, indifference, etc: the Nature and all living creatures will treat you as you treat them… This is why wild animals do not need to shampoo their hair, or wash themselves to clean themselves of parasites.
  14. Then the sacred act of sex: meant only for reproduction; meant only for the best of each species to propagate and in doing so improve the health and strength of the species as a whole; which is supposed to happen only at the pinnacle of virility and maturity by the best of the species, at the best time, for the best reasons… when this biological-genetic law is violated and dirtied: everything as far as gratification and intensity of experience is concerned: everything after the act of sex is down: is an anticlimax; is worse and less.
  1. He lives a clean life, never dirties his hands.
  2. Now, more than ever, you could feel him running right up to the edge of the Seven Dirties, longing to jump:.
  3. Inside Gary saw a row of coat hangers, where clean overalls were hung, and dirties left on the shelf underneath.
  4. To judge yourself and to judge others is a preoccupation of the mind that dirties the heart and subsequently obscures the soul.

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