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    1. It was, I suppose now, a reflection of the turmoil and disorder in my head

    2. The only problem was that I had Bipolar Disorder and it had been deemed at a type 1, which of course is the more serious kind, judging from this story

    3. There are quite a few different types of the disorder and they are all individual

    4. Some people with Bipolar Disorder choose not to take their medication because of the 'high' they get from the disorder; it becomes like any high, and becomes an addiction

    5. They have a mental disorder (proven statistically, not through my own observation)

    6. This disorder is thought to run in families and at this point, it is probably impossible to tell how much of his family’s ‘visions’ were actually visions and what were the result of the disorder

    7. state of this disorder, the greatest, perhaps, of any in the police of England

    8. Here is an opinion that does not contradict the medical science but offers quite a different view: Members of the group that are considered victim of the disorder have been invaded by an immaterial entity that suppresses immediate reality and intoxicates the victim with irresistible obsessions and compulsions

    9. Rapists and serial killers will fall into the same medical category: they suffer from a disorder that affects behavior

    10. The next year's produce, therefore, will be less than that of the foregoing ; and if the same disorder should continue, that of the third year will be still less than that of the second

    11. disorder are probably the hardest things to fix

    12. They still continued to make war according to their own discretion, almost continually upon one another, and very frequently upon the king; and the open country still continued to be a scene of violence, rapine, and disorder

    13. They faced the crowds and would spot any disorder quickly and deal with the matter efficiently

    14. No other countries could support so great a disorder

    15. The disorder which this would occasion might no doubt be very considerable

    16. Not only no great convulsion, but no sensible disorder, arose from so great a change in the situation of more than 100,000 men, all accustomed to the use of arms, and many of them to rapine and plunder

    17. Every such regulation introduces some degree of real disorder into the constitution of the state, which it will be difficult afterwards to cure without occasioning another disorder

    18. Now Treated As A Psychiatric Disorder In The West

    19. To remedy this disorder, for such it was supposed to be, a law was made, restricting the quantity of land which any citizen could possess to five hundred jugera; about 350 English acres

    20. The blood, of which the circulation is stopt in some of the smaller vessels, easily disgorges itself into the greater, without occasioning any dangerous disorder; but, when it is stopt in any of the greater vessels, convulsions, apoplexy, or death, are the immediate and unavoidable consequences

    21. If but one of those overgrown manufactures, which, by means either of bounties or of the monopoly of the home and colony markets, have been artificially raised up to any unnatural height, finds some small stop or interruption in its employment, it frequently occasions a mutiny and disorder alarming to government, and embarrassing even to the deliberations of the legislature

    22. How great, therefore, would be the disorder and confusion, it was thought, which must necessarily be occasioned by a sudden and entire stop in the employment of so great a proportion of our principal

    23. In 1730, their affairs were in so great disorder, that they were altogether incapable of maintaining their forts and garrisons, the sole purpose and pretext of their institution

    24. The regulations of 1773, accordingly, did not put an end to the disorder of the company's government in India

    25. The former part of this institution, as long as it remained in vigour, seems to have been productive of nothing but disorder and confusion, and to have tended equally to corrupt the morals both of the clergy and of the people

    26. The same expedient was, upon different occations, adopted by several other American colonies; but, from want of this moderation, it produced, in the greater part of them, much more disorder than conveniency

    27. In those times of violence and disorder, besides, it was convenient to have a hoard of money at hand, that in case they should be driven from their own home, they might have something of known value to carry with them to some place of safety

    28. My family and friends did not understand the disorder, and I didn’t know enough to educate them

    29. deal of chaos and disorder in the country

    30. And further, with all respect to Mike Savage, liberalism is not a mental disorder

    31. Secondly, the white Nationalists really felt that they had a Noblesse Oblique—or need to carry what Kipling’s referred to as the “white man’s burden” in Africa as they had witnessed first-hand (this cannot be denied) the complete disorder and atrocious dictatorships which came to power wherever the Colonial powers granted independence to its colonies in Africa

    32. The military authorities punctiliously enforced trivialities to the letter, and it was surprising to see the laxity and consequent disorder in more important matters

    33. It was quickly apparent to the police that there was something far wrong with young Ollie Harris, and they were proven right when he was diagnosed with severe bipolar disorder

    34. Representative of the conservative element of the Cubans, the breach was serious, and only the withdrawal of Shafter and the appointment of General Wood averted further disorder and a threatened rupture

    35. As you can imagine the British Government (of those days, not today apparently) was not going to sit back and allow disorder in their colony though (as always) the politicians did not understand the threat as quickly as the military did and ignored the warnings

    36. Your sister is exhibiting PTSD, or Post-traumatic stress disorder

    37. She was treated once again for a bipolar disorder, had her

    38. her with a bipolar disorder

    39. Once the diagnosis of a bipolar disorder was made, each doctor she saw thereafter treated her for that diagnosis As The Eagle Cries___________________________ 39

    40. would be associated with a brain disorder

    41. of someone diagnosed with a bipolar disorder that they encourage

    42. “subterraneous cathedral” with its capricious and dazzling formations of columns and drenches, stalactites and stalagmites that spread out in glorious disorder and make of that labyrinth a true fairy landscape

    43. His other locker was also in disorder, but he found nothing missing

    44. What should he write? Schneider said he was suffering from an anxiety-based disorder, one that would heal over time

    45. Images of one or the other in completely disorder

    46. Or, an exceptionally well-developed interloper might wrest the prize in the temporary disorder attendant with this changing of the guard

    47. Allerton‘s provisional diagnosis is Paranoid Personality Disorder

    48. Should it be left to the level of a neural disorder? Is it simply honest differences between thinking men and women? From all the prior chapters we have explored the differences

    49. In this book, he describes that the liberalism (Leftist madness) displayed by President Barack Obama and the present Democrat party leaders can simply be described as a psychological disorder

    50. Obviously, autism is a neural disorder, so where in the brain is it? Autism disorder seems to be a part of the frontal lobe which we learned is the center of conscious thought

    1. A fly hovered above the disordered tresses, analysing and collating the data flooding the atmosphere, another joined it, debated landing but was deterred by a worm of hair borne on the cooler breeze crossing from the nearby seashore

    2. Societies used to religious or cultural strictures became disordered and its people lived in fear of others in the same city rather than the authority’s law

    3. ‘Your brain patterns are so disordered I virtually lost contact with Trevor

    4. John Meredith groaned and resumed his pacing up and down the dusty, disordered room

    5. He said he doubted that because they are so orderly and man is so disordered, but he was inclined to think that they could indicate natural events—like earthquakes, floods and such

    6. and disordered state of your brain, what you perceive is dis-

    7. By chance, or randomness, the entire universe must increase in entropy with time—must become more disordered and contain less usable energy over time

    8. naturally chaotic, disordered, faltering

    9. was a disordered stack of sheets he‘d been perusing through before her arrival

    10. The superhuman beings who confronted him on this mountain, and with whom he wrestled in spirit, and whom he defeated in power, were real; they were his archenemies in the system of Satania; they were not phantasms of the imagination evolved out of the intellectual vagaries of a weakened and starving mortal who could not distinguish reality from the visions of a disordered mind

    11. Rumor said that the mad poet Rinaldo had visited these pits, and been shown horrors by the wizard, and that the nameless monstrosities of which he hinted in his awful poem, The Song of the Pit, were no mere fantasies of a disordered brain

    12. They broke, throwing away their bows, and their flight disordered the ranks of the Kothian spearmen behind them

    13. His point of view, contrary to the general interpretation, was that Macondo had been a prosperous place and well on its way until it was disordered and corrupted and sup-pressed by the banana company, whose engineers brought on the deluge as a pretext to avoid promises made to the workers

    14. In spite of their disordered life, the whole group tried to do something permanent at the urging of the wise Catalonian

    15. disordered world, the media often turns thoughts into sound bites

    16. Once the body was a perfect mansion of the soul; m now it is all corrupt and disordered, and needs constant watching

    17. Scholars are faced with an onslaught of truths, refuted by as many counter truths, in a disordered metaphysical laboratory where every assertion is promptly contradicted

    18. If you the worst of it is to be talking about advancements while being clinically disordered

    19. He has his wits disordered by his devoted reading of chivalric romances and sets out in search of knightly adventures with his companion, Sancho Panza, whose short, fat appearance contrasts with that of Don Quixote

    20. This firm system causes the seasons to be produced, and without it the zones will become different and the life will be disordered, rather impossible

    21. In these times, even a suggestion is a viral infection for the Mimetically Disordered: those who are addicted to memes of mass consumption

    22. Disordered thoughts that cascade through them,

    23. That small and flattened and disordered head, like a boy's head run wild, like something on fire, which emerged when she took off her hat

    24. A nurse came out from the principal Königsberg hospital and the disordered house at once became perfectly normal, too

    25. It was entirely contrary to custom for one's pastor's wife to walk in without having first inquired whether her visit would be acceptable; and when the Baroness perceived the sandy and disordered figure coming towards her down the long room she was not only annoyed but dismayed

    26. and sorted through his disordered thoughts, he reasoned that Miss Ling would eventually call,

    27. Robertlet and Ditti, walking along neatly to afternoon school, and suddenly aware of the approach down the street towards them of a disordered parent who not only did not stop but apparently did not see them, murmured to each other, being by now well instructed by their grandmother, the same explanation--_Engländerin_

    28. When we encounter ourselves in the media, on television or even the Internet, we find ourselves defective, diseased, and disordered

    29. The circumstances were not doing good to my disordered feelings

    30. An anarchy of individualism is upon us, and the vitality of disordered variety is more fashionable than the calm beauty of an ordered unity

    31. way of preparing and disposing the soul to rid itself of all the disordered

    32. and disordered, an another zombie starting chewing on the fat

    33. What a disordered state you are in!

    34. As he passed along towards Saint Antoine, he stopped at a shop-window where there was a mirror, and slightly altered the disordered arrangement of his loose cravat, and his coat-collar, and his wild hair

    35. It would be difficult to explain exactly what could have originated the idea of that senseless dinner in Katerina Ivanovna's disordered brain

    36. These two pieces of news excited Pulcheria Alexandrovna's disordered imagination almost to ecstasy

    37. Pure I came to him whom Heaven bestowed upon me, pure I shall leave him; and at the worst bathed in my own chaste blood and in the foul blood of the falsest friend that friendship ever saw in the world;" and as she uttered these words she paced the room holding the unsheathed dagger, with such irregular and disordered steps, and such gestures that one would have supposed her to have lost her senses, and taken her for some violent desperado instead of a delicate woman

    38. Thou free, thou cured, thou in thy senses! and I mad, I disordered, I bound! I will as soon think of sending rain as of hanging myself

    39. By that time, Marianne was rather better, and her mother leaving her to the care of Margaret and the maid, returned to Elinor, who, though still much disordered, had so far recovered the use of her reason and voice as to be just beginning an inquiry of Thomas, as to the source of his intelligence

    40. Yet we must acknowledge that we may sometimes cure disordered emotions by giving expression to them; and that they often gain strength when pent up within our own breast

    41. or his insubordination to the river-god, on whose divinity he is ready to lay hands; or his offering to the dead Patroclus of his own hair, which had been previously dedicated to the other river-god Spercheius, and that he actually performed this vow; or that he dragged Hector round the tomb of Patroclus, and slaughtered the captives at the pyre; of all this I cannot believe that he was guilty, any more than I can allow our citizens to believe that he, the wise Cheiron's pupil, the son of a goddess and of Peleus who was the gentlest of men and third in descent from Zeus, was so disordered in his wits as to be at one time the slave of two seemingly inconsistent passions, meanness, not untainted by avarice, combined with overweening contempt of gods and men

    42. After this he lives on, spending his money and labour and time on unnecessary pleasures quite as much as on necessary ones; but if he be fortunate, and is not too much disordered in his wits, when years have elapsed, and the heyday of passion is over--supposing that he then re-admits into the city some part of the exiled virtues, and does not wholly give himself up to their successors--in that case he balances his pleasures and lives in a sort of equilibrium, putting the government of himself into the hands of the one which comes first and wins the turn; and when he has had enough of that, then into the hands of another; he despises none of them but encourages them all equally

    43. disordered curls, irregularly shading a face, on which all the roseate

    44. my person in the disordered motions of it, during his view of me asleep,

    45. She was bending down over the cradle arranging the coverings which the restless movements of the child had disordered

    46. It is more than probable that, in the disordered state of his thoughts, he would soon have fallen into some suspicious, if not fatal, error had not his incipient attempts been interrupted by a fierce growl from the quadruped

    47. At other times as he thought of this marvellous system, it presented itself to him in such an aspect of almost comical absurdity that he was forced to laugh and to wonder whether it really existed at all, or if it were only an illusion of his own disordered mind

    48. When he asked what should such fellows as he do crawling between earth and heaven, he was encouraged with loud cries of "Hear, hear!" When he appeared with his stocking disordered (its disorder expressed, according to usage, by one very neat fold in the top, which I suppose to be always got up with a flat iron), a conversation took place in the gallery respecting the paleness of his leg, and whether it was occasioned by the turn the ghost had given him

    49. With my heart beating like a heavy hammer of disordered action, I rose out of

    50. They knew they were not the genuine articles, but they were better than nothing at all, and so they gave up the practice of giving all their money to the old girl to give to the landlord and the other harpies, and bought beer with some of it instead; and after a time their minds became so disordered from drinking so much of this beer, that they cared nothing whether the rent was paid or not

    1. This is when I began remembering "entropy" (the natural progressive disordering,

    2. But, even if the cards should be superseded, which seems unlikely, there are unruly powers blowing life into storms, disordering sedulous mornings, and uprooting the stability of the afternoon--

    3. But the vapor of a limekiln would come between me and them, disordering them all, and it was through the vapor at last that I saw two men looking at me

    1. Men are more likely than women to respond to stressful experiences by developing certain stress-related disorders, including hypertension, aggressive behavior, or abuse of alcohol, or hard drugs

    2. Women are particularly susceptible to developing depression and anxiety disorders in response to stress as compared to men

    3. free from any disorders of this world

    4. It also exerts a healthy pressure on the kidneys, thereby correcting any disorders in their function

    5. I place the ‘King of Asanas’ in this chapter on disorders of the respiratory tract because in the relief and cure of such ailments as asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, nose troubles, and sinus troubles it has no equal

    6. The regular practice of the Headstand helps to relieve insomnia, tension, nervousness and anxiety, poor circulation of the blood, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, hay fever, headaches, female disorders, and lack of energy

    7. Having just described, in this chapter on disorders of the respiratory tract, one of the most difficult of the Yoga asanas, I will now describe a really easy one which will present not the slightest difficulty

    8. This is not an exercise for women during pregnancy or who have any internal disorders, and people with hernia should practice it with extreme caution

    9. Trjkonasana is not a very strenuous posture but all the same I do not advise it for women with any kind of internal disorders or for people suffering from hernia

    10. This is far from the case, however, and far too much devitalized and unnatural food is being consumed in this modern world with the result that an appallingly high percentage of the population suffers from constipation and other disorders of the digestive tract

    11. Vitamin D controls the calcium content in the blood; excess of vitamin D results in a number of disorders, including diarrhoea, depression, and severe toxic disturbances

    12. For the busy housewife and mother who has little time to spare, these movements act as a time-saving beauty treatment, a toning up of nerves and muscles, and above all a means of relieving her internal disorders

    13. frustration tolerance), and other anxiety disorders

    14. The disorders which generally prevail in the economy of the rich, naturally introduce themselves into the management of the former; the strict frugality and parsimonious attention of the poor as naturally establish themselves in that of the latter

    15. The seasons, for these ten or twelve years past, have been unfavourable through the greater part of Europe; and the disorders of Poland have very much increased the scarcity in all those countries, which, in dear years, used to be supplied from that market

    16. Thus, in the happiest and most fortunate period of them all, that which has passed since the Restoration, how many disorders and misfortunes have occurred, which, could they have been foreseen, not only the impoverishment, but the total ruin of the country would have been expected from them ? The fire and the plague of London, the two Dutch wars, the disorders of the revolution, the war in Ireland, the four expensive French wars of 1688, 1701, 1742, and 1756, together with the two rebellions of 1715 and 1745

    17. But though this institution necessarily tended to strengthen the authority of the king, and to weaken that of the great proprietors, it could not do either sufficiently for establishing order and good government among the inhabitants of the country; because it could not alter sufficiently that state of property and manners from which the disorders arose

    18. Studies of depression in the population show relatively high rates of affective disorders in healthcare workers, social workers, and nursing home workers, among others

    19. In her present condition, Great Britain resembles one of those unwholesome bodies in which some of the vital parts are overgrown, and which, upon that account, are liable to many dangerous disorders, scarce incident to those in which all the parts are more properly proportioned

    20. disorders upon the whole body politic

    21. They not only introduce very dangerous disorders into the state of the body politic, but disorders which it is often difficult to remedy, without occasioning, for a time at least, still greater

    22. The disorders in the government of Indostan have been supposed to render a like precaution necessary, even among that mild and gentle people; and it was under pretence of securing their persons and property from violence, that both the English and French East India companies were allowed to erect the first forts which they possessed in that country

    23. They found themselves altogether unprepared to stop or resist the incursion of Hyder Ali; and in consequence of those disorders, the company is now (1784) in greater distress than ever ; and, in order to prevent immediate bankruptcy, is once more reduced to supplicate the assistance of government

    24. The more they are instructed, the less liable they are to the delusions of enthusiasm and superstition, which, among ignorant nations frequently occasion the most dreadful disorders

    25. 12, on account of the confusions and disorders which this more popular mode of election had almost everywhere occasioned

    26. survive the hardships to which the bad conduct of their parents exposes them, yet the example of that bad conduct commonly corrupts their morals ; so that, instead of being useful to society by their industry, they become public nuisances by their vices and disorders

    27. Chamomile is very helpful in gastric disorders and inflammatory bowel problems plus it is the first herb to try for any variety of anxiety problems

    28. Native to Africa this root is used for arthritis and painful joint disorders

    29. Excessive doses may interfere with treatment for cardiac disorders and with hyper- and hypertensive

    30. It should also be avoided in pregnancy as it may stimulate uterine contractions, or if the animal is being treated for cardiac disorders as it may interfere with conventional treatments

    31. Modern conventions have apparently lost its (reasoned) capacity to appreciate, at their face value, the (potential) pitfalls of unbecoming attitudes although (seemingly) encouraging the flaunting of anti-social behavior that is typically provided refuge in recently minted (psychogenic) disorders

    32. such disorders if a therapy healed more than self-initiated triumph over the cause of

    33. It has come to the attention of this writer that living among us is an unregistered sex offender with untreated mental disorders

    34. He said that Adam was of ‗superior intelligence‘ however, he also had personality disorders

    35. Every process occurs without there to be socioeconomic sacrifices and without anybody loses any thing; besides it liberates the country of the high cost of the money, of the losses with coins exchange maintenance and of all disorders of the current financial and economic system

    36. annually, in other words, more than 1 trillion dollars in the last 5 years, without solving the problems of the income, hunger, social abandonment, misery and other socioeconomic disorders

    37. One is defined as Psychiatric disorders and the other is Disorders of Neural Development

    38. People with mental disorders often internalize their rejection or refusal expectations, and the

    39. The “spectrum” refers to a group of disorders

    40. Behavior Disorders and A Treasure Chest of

    41. and treatment of disorders related to move-

    42. Robinson believes Jaden is the conspirator and is causing the strange disorders in humans

    43. They are generally young and healthy, but have psychological disorders since they refuse to care about themselves

    44. disorders are very common problems, and there exists a variety of

    45. issues and disorders) sucks

    46. disorders for further tests before the disorder advances

    47. health list of disorders, but I feel confident that I’ve made my point

    48. other headache disorders combined rank in the top ten causes of

    49. The study was supported by National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NINDS)

    50. compiled by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

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