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    1. Ava had some trouble suppressing laughter

    2. He would keep it, he thought, along with what was left of that aluminum, for his trouble in whatever Tdeshi's ghosts were up to

    3. I’ve been having trouble sleeping at night lately

    4. She was having trouble keeping her mind on the financial conversation, especially if Venna was involved in the sexual conversation

    5. “Or I’ll be in even more trouble

    6. While it is difficult to plan a trouble free retirement, being better prepared will help us deal with the uncertainties more effectively

    7. We from Sol are really the brash young punks out looking for trouble aren't we? But this was fun

    8. I still stay up late but I don’t have as much trouble getting to sleep

    9. "I'm sorry to trouble you

    10. He's in trouble

    11. is not having any distractions, and I was in deep, deep, trouble on that count

    12. "A few years, he's a stray but he hasn't been trouble yet

    13. ‘The trouble is, the police can’t break Dan’s alibi

    14. What trouble could Peter have been in? But he was half smiling, his head turned a little to one side, looking at me sideways, as though willing me gently to come clean, to myself as well as to him

    15. I daresay you don’t have any trouble like that

    16. ‘Any trouble with yobs where you live?’ he asked, straightening up and starting to walk towards the house

    17. Do not be afraid of sudden terror, Nor of trouble from the wicked

    18. be with me in trouble; He will deliver me and honor me

    19. The trouble is he can’t prove it

    20. "How about it Sammy? If you have nothing to hide why would you want to cause a lot of trouble by throwing me out of here? Or even more foolish, attempting to assault me?"

    21. Euro Super Cop and he had been causing all kinds of trouble in mainland Europe where the big fish played

    22. Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble, And He saved

    23. You should have no trouble with him," coach said

    24. I was in deep trouble now

    25. ’ He said having trouble getting his words out

    26. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble

    27. My eyes on my mug, I listen as she goes on and on about what a pest he has been in the village since he was a teenager, getting girls into trouble left, right and centre

    28. So, good and early on Christmas Eve (so that we can park without too much trouble) we pile our passengers into the cars and set out for the church

    29. mouths!" I believe such an arrangement is inviting trouble

    30. "It is your plan, why should it be my expense and trouble to implement it?" Herndon asked

    31. He would get the economic data to him, but didn't want to call even that much attention to the trouble Alan could be in

    32. If they make you tear, your enemies will cause you trouble

    33. She ran her memory of the walk to the station through her head … assessing, trying to predict where the trouble might occur

    34. “Hi Bill, heard you had a little trouble with a couple of wolves so

    35. “Well, Catwhiskers, we are really in trouble now, I haven’t got the

    36. This is because their final return is at the end of the Tribulation – after the time of Jacob’s Trouble

    37. “We not in any trouble this time” said Cosmicblasto

    38. “Never mind that, if the Alderfolk catches us we are all in trouble

    39. “I think we will all be in trouble if he finds out” said Lardyme

    40. ‘We could make it on foot up to the touching place without too much trouble

    41. Please excuse this intrusion, but we see that you are in trouble and we would like to help

    42. SAMANTHA: You'd be in serious trouble then

    43. So back they went, repeating the process with more trouble with the pack since the spit of land was so narrow

    44. Jake let out a chuckle, saying that they were barely any trouble at all

    45. Nervously, I get my tawstones out and, aware that the men are standing by me, facing outwards looking for the first sign of trouble, I concentrate … there it is! Confidently, I move forward and put my hand over the crevice where I left the Element and give the Words

    46. What was it Auntie Agnes had said? Every now and then get up out of your seat and have a good stretch? Trouble was I'd only just sat down and now I was far too embarrassed to make a fuss

    47. The shoulder gave me trouble every time I moved

    48. For that single moment I hated him and was glad he was in trouble, and I suppose I even exaggerated my panic a little just to make Auntie tell him off and so make him feel bad and to punish him

    49. There followed a succession of visitors, all of whom took the utmost trouble to check on the children’s health and on their background

    50. It is worth a little trouble and exercise, is it not, to maintain one’s health? So practice this head rotating exercise whenever you have a quiet moment and can perform it inconspicuously

    1. a state where you are not afraid or troubled by anything

    2. John seems still a bit troubled from his

    3. Even in my most troubled times I was

    4. Mohammed comes in, his face troubled

    5. My feelings towards this strange new world in which I existed, and more especially for the young man holding my life in his hands, troubled me greatly, adding volume to the already flooded sea of confusion upon which I bobbed along

    6. The church of Christ at Corinth was troubled by many problems

    7. He was long dead by these troubled times, having succumbed to the extremes of AIDS in the mid-eighties, to outraged popular disgust, especially amongst his former female admirers

    8. "It was seriously scary, back in the late troubled times

    9. "You're from back then?" Desa knew Luray was old, but the troubled times ended over a century before Knume was born

    10. Her thin skirt was already dry enough so she wrapped that around her and strolled forward to find Alan trying to convince Luray to tell of her adventures in the Troubled Times

    11. Luray's tale was one she could understand and appreciate, she knew of the Troubled Times

    12. were greatly troubled, long after the event

    13. Berndt looks across at me as Wiesse says this, his expression alert, his eyes troubled

    14. He appeared to be troubled about something

    15. If, therefore, you have a nervous temperament, and who has not in these troubled times, and you suffer from symptoms of eyestrain, you may be able to overcome these symptoms simply by learning to relax

    16. ' His voice was a troubled voice and almost too faint to hear

    17. Their joy filled his heart and he was troubled no longer

    18. I consider what I recall … in the middle of the night, by the light of the lightstones dimly lighting the room, I had seen Berndt sitting on the edge of the bed … concerned, I had sat up and reached over to see what the problem was … at my touch he had turned, his eyes dark and troubled

    19. It is a troubled relationship we have shared for

    20. The final straw for Helen Roach came one Saturday morning when Lucy announced to her mother during a now rare and troubled family breakfast that she had entered a competition advertised in her favourite music magazine, the prize being the chance to meet the mystery singer

    21. rocked her gently until she drifted off into the troubled land of her

    22. They troubled a farmer for lunch

    23. If you are in a troubled relationship, for example,

    24. 5Yet because this widow troubled me, I will avenge her, lest by her continual coming

    25. “This chair is a good place for you, for anyone with troubled hearts," I said

    26. 6And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these

    27. troubled family breakfast that she had entered a competition

    28. But the wicked are like the troubled sea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire

    29. ’ He replied seriously, his eyes troubled

    30. Yassap looked troubled, but shook his head, ‘No

    31. He was clearly still troubled by that concept

    32. The hallways and elevators were crowded, most people who knew him in these halls knew him as professor Mithrandir who taught Troubled Times History of the Ttharmine Basin 218 (The Dark Lord and his fall) and 221 (The Wars of Magic and their aftermath), both very popular courses that he taught faithfully until the starship age

    33. He prefers to stay in the light in these troubled nights of binge drinking chaos and unprovoked menace, although in his head he can still see the hard fist of his youth dealing out a solid and immediate form of justice to the kids in the hood

    34. interested in what troubled his young friend

    35. Lising was still out investigating Tahlmute, but so far all she’d really reported on was a troubled relationship between him and his girlfriend

    36. Then she could be sarcastic or she could chide Jock for his unthinking bloody alpha male priorities and hormonal negligence, and then, as soon as he tries to pour oil on her troubled waters, as soon as he infuriates her with his calm, business voice, she will know that everything is fine and dandy

    37. Maybe they would look a little different and her tales said there was violence there like in the Energy Age or Troubled Times

    38. It was soothing for her troubled nerves

    39. There was another side of her mind that troubled her

    40. The cures for aging had been lost to most of the population during the Troubled Times

    41. It was not lined up with the circle, it was older than that, back to the late troubled times, the time of Oliar

    42. "What is it?" She questioned lowering herself to his feet, and looking up into his troubled face

    43. Glenelle wasn't as troubled by Alan's behavior as the others in the crew and was content to wait by the channel till he was done fooling around

    44. Calling troubled souls to freedom


    46. He told her a story of how he'd once had his brain implanted in a keda to escape a wizard hunt during the Troubled Times

    47. He was careful that she noted that Borlunth was as far as the orcs got in the Troubled Times

    48. But I needn’t have troubled

    49. Could he tell that she was troubled? The standard personification was very good at showing thoughts on a face

    50. "The ideas of the Troubled Times

    1. “Guy troubles?” he asked

    2. Tell me your troubles

    3. She has in her possession a fascinating diary written by her grandmother who came across during the Troubles

    4. I place the ‘King of Asanas’ in this chapter on disorders of the respiratory tract because in the relief and cure of such ailments as asthma, bronchitis, hay fever, nose troubles, and sinus troubles it has no equal

    5. What troubles your heart and mind so?

    6. More easily assimilated than any other food, it is especially beneficial to older people and those of you who are suffering from digestive troubles of any kind

    7. People with lumbago should also practice it as it brings relief from this and allied complaints, and those with constipation and digestive troubles would also gain much relief from practicing and perfecting the Spinal Twist

    8. She had dealt with her troubles

    9. they were the actual cause of his troubles

    10. That role had caused most of her troubles in all her relationships in this culture hadn’t it?

    11. With Sandini dead all your money troubles are over

    12. No responsibilities, no worries, no troubles

    13. In truth, these five kids had already had more than their fill of troubles

    14. troubles and deadlines and prison guards, and live to the minute, until that minute

    15. thought his troubles were over

    16. Though he would never admit it, Andrew was terrified of all the troubles his friends and he had faced, and his greatest wish was for a peaceful world where he could relax for once, a world where he would not be afraid to smile, or to cry, or to run


    18. long as I could, hoping my troubles would simply wash

    19. Could she trust him with her troubles? She didn't want to be the first to bring up the eroticism creeping into her thoughts

    20. police were to him at times, and about other troubles he has

    21. Phone home… the troubles I’ve seen…

    22. troubles started in the same way as your hero’s

    23. of some troubles, they know they are protected

    24. Could she really have forgotten that Euredon’s death was the event that launched so many troubles

    25. When she told them about Father and her family’s troubles, some good man

    26. What troubles him most is that he cannot even recall the dream

    27. Come on, what troubles you? Is it bad news?”

    28. Alternatively, the rainbow implies that your troubles are almost over

    29. • Helps us to look past our troubles during times of great stress

    30. The first of these is compassion, which in this philosophy is the ability to identify with the joys and troubles of others

    31. 7billion people unaware of their presence (at least the B’tari believed); struggling to fulfil their hopes, dreams, worrying about troubles that from up here seemed ever more starkly trivial set against what potential fate awaited

    32. Put simply, it’s a PR disaster and Earth Government want no further military involvement in the troubles there

    33. “This young lad has been in the fighting and he got wounded for his troubles so he doesn’t need a shithouse like you butting into a private chat and shouting the odds and neither do I

    34. When she came back Rosemary was still feeling somewhat exposed, having opened up her bag of troubles in front of her aunt

    35. with a panoramic view of the world, but isolated from its dangers and troubles

    36. I did not want to add to his troubles by not being perfect

    37. I could tell him all my troubles, and he always comforted me with a dependable purr and a sympathetic look in his golden eyes

    38. The trees, the neatly hedged off fields, cattle who seemed serene and oblivious to the troubles of the world

    39. Check his writings for astute analyses of the trouble with democracy, with especial reference on the troubles we bring ourselves

    40. Bernie continued to have his troubles with government

    41. L-Seven-Six had once said to him: ‘this will be the ultimate holiday, without the worries and troubles that afflict the real world

    42. There are troubles in the north, piracy and worst, and everyone has need to wear armour and learn these simple tools

    43. about how I got the scrap of paper, and how it had caused the most recent troubles

    44. Unlike a ludicrously surreal dream with its incoherence unquestioned, this bore all the hallmarks of normalcy, except it was an idealised version: troubles in easily resolvable forms, rather then any improved coping ability on his part

    45. The wraiths became the least of his troubles when he hit the suppression field

    46. The Temporal Directive had become a naive ideal belonging to a time when the known worlds were isolated or at least autonomous, a time when the troubles of a world could be observed

    47. The spirit shanties, of course, did a roaring trade; but if drunkenness existed on all sides, it led only to scenes of uproarious joy; they were far too happy at being home again and all their troubles over, for any quarrelling amongst themselves

    48. “Yeah well, enough of my troubles

    49. Two months later they left early to assist another Angel who had car troubles

    50. Personally I believe the Nationalists enjoyed the Zulu troubles for it was black on black violence, and they could point fingers at it as an example of how Africa works

    1. troubling him through all these years had he but seen it

    2. The woman's speech is mostly incoherent, but I can still get a sense of what is troubling her

    3. He must put right the one thing that had been troubling him through all these years had he but seen it

    4. Then she had a troubling thought

    5. Allcock's morning at the factory the next day was interrupted by a troubling wire from Malvern

    6. It was obvious, that Beth had no idea what was troubling Emma, for which Emma said a small prayer

    7. suggestion was troubling Jean

    8. So far it had all been polite, but she already knew a part of her hoped it wouldn't remain so and found that troubling

    9. “Something is troubling you, my good friend,” Ferguson lit his pipe and stared at Defoe

    10. troubling me lately and who better to discuss them with, than her

    11. If you are having troubling visitations by the way you could try Sage smudging your house as Shaman have long used this technique successfully to help clear the psychic atmosphere their ceremonies are conducted in

    12. Empty – as it would have been had the Imperial with the troubling smile not appeared the night before

    13. She found herself troubling getting it out with the ensuing sense of stress and panic

    14. The third scenario, even more troubling, is that there is some one or some people capable of so manipulating the minds of the Naud that they destroyed their own vessels out of blind obedience to powerful suggestion

    15. It was troubling

    16. His sense of urgency had been heightened all the more as the name of the troubling and still-yet unknown Imperial snaked into his thoughts

    17. ' In hushed tones he related his and the others' troubling inspections, “These

    18. It verified Martin’s suspicions, but something was troubling him about the meeting he had with Raoul

    19. Clearly this man had been through a traumatic experience; humans were not accustomed to time-travel, and certainly his encounter with the beings he called the Elusivers would have been troubling, even to a B’tari

    20. ” she tells him, but clearly something is troubling her

    21. Rachel was soon there with me, but I could tell that something was troubling her

    22. At least he wouldn’t be plagued by such troubling images of what amounted to a man committing suicide

    23. She was starting to remember, something he’d said to her on his first consultation that was troubling

    24. Torbin stood by the entrance for a few minutes, analysing the faint hint of doubt troubling his mind, before he put his metal finger on the comm-pad

    25. In making this demand, therefore, they consulted their own ease and comfort, without troubling themselves about the effect which it might have, in future times, upon the influence and authority of their order

    26. ‘These are troubling times,’ Parmayan said as he sat back down

    27. I needed that respite, because Sarah had become a troubling part of my daily worries

    28. There was something else troubling him

    29. story is more than a little troubling, so you may want to skip it and go on to my last example of the results of confidence

    30. The troubling story concerns my friend Kenny, who worked with

    31. ‘I can understand how troubling this must be for her,’ Gina said

    32. It was a troubling thought, but perhaps he might not have any choice

    33. Even more troubling is the growing number of people, themselves, crime victims, eager to enlist among the ranks of cop bashers

    34. Clinton, is most troubling of all

    35. I am aware of the existence of other people who have a similar likeness to me that confirms my own existence‖ (Freely adapted from Rene Descartes) The troubling assumption with most (nihilistic) existential thinkers is the idea that the universe is fundamentally evil; without purpose or meaning and that alienated Man must overcome the evil dynamics of Nature through his or her own (determined) efforts or by exercising Free Will that ironically lends force to conscious expression

    36. The unsettling (perception) of being beholden to other people oftentimes engenders troubling notions of an individual‘s private failings that seeks its own outlet by projecting that individual‘s sense of frustration (and shame) on his or her ―benefactor‖ whether it be a family member, a close friend or someone more abstract like (the) taxpayer

    37. What has become troubling in recent years, however, is the ―in your face,‖ oftentimes violent, antisocial messages cutting across all segments of the population that have become commonplace

    38. Income disparities are not troubling per se, nor should they be, provided that increases in marginal family income(s) (based on performance) are comprehensive and that every (qualified) individual enjoys fair and equal access to market opportunities as they present themselves

    39. Clinton‘s betrayal of public confidence, too enumerable to mention, is a troubling reminder of the Republic‘s moral regression and indifference to standards of decency that its citizens need only look in the mirror to understand why this man has never been brought to task!

    40. How troubling it was reading about an event that took place recently during a soccer match between Scotland and Greece

    41. The concept of Eternity from a temporal perspective is troubling to the imagination inasmuch as it oftentimes seems that we are laid to 95

    42. Whether the (Holy) Scriptures should remain subject to generational contentions or modern interpretations, much in the manner that Constitutional Law is persuaded by the (legal) authority of evolving standards of decency, such arguments that otherwise provide recourse to alternative viewpoints, must be equally troubling as arbitrary viewpoints relating to Papal Infallibility or the Divine Rights of Kings!

    43. The de-emphasizing of Christ‘s Divinity by nominal ―Christians,‖ (Protestants and sadly, Catholics alike), stressing His good works and moral teachings (only); that is to say, His ―Humanism‖ in contrast with His Divinity, is troubling to traditional believers who correctly understand that without the Resurrection, the redemption of sin occasioned by His own self-sacrifice is meaningless

    44. 6) The Church‘s position on Immigration (Reform) and its antiwar rhetoric that is especially troubling to Conservative Catholics who believe that the Church should shy away from politics and stick to preaching

    45. A troubling (social) phenomenon has been gaining momentum in recent years: an increasing Islamic presence within the African

    46. Be that what it may, one of the more troubling aspects of this ―apostatizing‖ movement is underscored by its more extreme examples (Nation of Islam) whose members have parted company with America‘s social and religious traditions adopting, in many instances, racist attitudes toward Western Culture that most feel alienated

    47. More troubling, however, has been the emergence of Fifth Columnists who are using our college campuses, correctional facilities and, sadly to say, military establishments as recruiting (indoctrination) centers for advancing racist and anti-American viewpoints

    48. Even more troubling has been the feckless compliance of our political and social leaders who have placed political correctness ahead of common sense by providing fertile training grounds for the ―enemy within

    49. This scenario should be especially troubling to (otherwise) law-abiding citizens expected to operate under the rules and guidelines that these individuals casually ignore

    50. Whatever the so-called political or social ―realities‖ that engendered this ill-fated decision by the present Administration and its congressional allies, notwithstanding the program‘s perceived failings, this bill sets a troubling precedent for other (established) laws that might otherwise be ignored in the manner of ―break it now, fix it later‖ approach to law ―enforcement

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    difficulty trouble problem bother fuss hassle worry ail pain cark disorder disquiet distract perturb unhinge disturb upset inconvenience oneself trouble oneself discommode disoblige incommode inconvenience put out calamity distress misfortune woe trial tribulation harassment embarrassment molestation exertion pains annoy harass harry irk irritate pester