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    1. ' he replied, frowning slightly and staring at the spoon he is fiddling with

    2. He ambles back, watches John fiddling with his wedding ring

    3. "Anyway, my sister wanted to be warned," she was fiddling with a ground-comm panel

    4. The girl visibly gathered her courage together, fiddling with the spoon in her saucer for a moment as though rehearsing the words she wanted to say

    5. Allowing the other pedestrians to pass, she paused, one hand on the post of the crossing for balance, and bent over fiddling with her shoe, her senses firing off warnings … she could smell danger

    6. Unfortunately, Cyberia’s appreciation of art and craft was based on the experience gained at her finishing school, where she had spent relaxed Wednesday afternoons fiddling with watercolours and making decoupage kittens out of old socks and yoghurt pot lids

    7. He’s fiddling with one of the shirts lying on the table

    8. Alastair is in the kitchen, fiddling with the oven

    9. spent relaxed Wednesday afternoons fiddling with watercolours

    10. ’ He replied fiddling with the beer mats on the table

    11. “Yeah, one of those shallow creeps who only care about making money!” The third fat-cat said, absent-mindedly fiddling with the golden penchant hanging around his neck

    12. Desa was fiddling with the controls on what would be the amp if this was an old time rock & roll gig in what Earth’s music history now called ‘the age of the electric guitar’

    13. Tell him, Helez,” Xonia prodded Helez who was fiddling with her hands in her lap

    14. The visitor nodded a polite acknowledgement upon seeing Mr Pinscher, and remained standing, restlessly fiddling with the tattered hem of his threadbare coat, as he waited his turn to speak

    15. “You coming now, Major?” he yelled up to Warlock, who was fiddling with the weather station

    16. By the time he made it to the bathroom, he could already hear Ronnie fiddling with the lock of the apartment door, like a metallic mouse building a nest inside the tumbler

    17. Rosemary sat, fiddling absentmindedly with Jack's birthday gift, turning it over and over with her fingers, without looking at what she was doing

    18. Although he is not guilty as charged of fiddling while Rome burned, I have it on good authority that during the burning he did sing his heart out

    19. He looked at his opponent, fiddling nervously with his clothes and sweating profusely, and all of Raven’s guilt and neuroses came flooding back to him

    20. She was fiddling nervously, a slight tremor in her fingers

    21. some stranger fiddling around with something that could as easily be programmed to kill you

    22. Dawn sat beside Sheena as she drove the car along the track, fiddling with the radio

    23. I stood by the driver’s door fiddling with the key, trying to get it into the lock of the door while trying to hold my handbag and my extra bag which held all my files, all at the same time

    24. He put his hands over mine that were fiddling with the napkin

    25. A nurse was standing beside the bed fiddling with a new machine with a different bleep

    26. ” Lee looked over his shoulder and smiled before going back to fiddling with the outboard motor

    27. He could see the doctor idly fiddling with some sort of paper on his writing pad

    28. She was sitting, propped up by lots of pillows, on the chair she sat in day in and day out, fiddling with the television constantly

    29. “It’s beautiful,” Manda said, fiddling with the knobs

    30. But despite fiddling with a few buttons, the radio's reception fails to improve

    31. There was a noisy table fan that the kid was fiddling with

    32. “Is that all you feel?” He quizzes, fiddling with my fingers

    33. “Ah the best kind” he said fiddling with my bra strap

    34. This loss was just another unanticipated, but huge, consequence of government’s ‘all-knowing’ management and fiddling with efficient production

    35. "You have a longer rest this time, because it takes more fiddling to get the cavalry through the foot ranks

    36. And what would that be?” She busied herself moving the beddings behind and fiddling

    37. “What or who is Jahna? There wasn’t anyone named Jahna on that job,” he countered, still fiddling with his phone

    38. Connie’s fiddling with her TV remote as he thanks her upon leaving

    39. No fiddling with

    40. Tonight whilst your partner is talking at you try fiddling with your phone, don't maintain eye contact with her, start working out what you are going to say to her in response to what she's said, but do it whilst she's still talking

    41. He looked at G then back to his hands, fiddling with his fingers as he struggled to find the right words

    42. “No, I was just fiddling around on the internet

    43. After fiddling with all

    44. Dan could see a few people around the building fiddling with some cables

    45. She was so urgent and so poorly Informed that she explained to them In another letter that there was no such state of agitation and that everything was the result of the lunacy of a brother-in-law of hers who was fiddling around at that time in that labor union non-sense just as he had been involved with cockfighting and riverboats before

    46. He was fiddling with the idea of calling in the

    47. master console and sat thinking and idly fiddling with the

    48. relationships and fiddling with Database objects

    49. As the two guards drove away towards the causeway Mr Hawk and Mr Crow pulled in along side the truck, they waited ten minutes for the guards to settle in, then Mr Hawk and Mr Crow both got out of the panel van and walked past the drivers door of the truck, Murray reached into the glove box and retrieved his leather wallet of lock picks and walked after them, they turned in at the second house along, well, not exactly a house, it was more along the lines of a mansion, the money they were about to steal wouldn’t even be enough to rent this place for a month let alone buy it, and they say crime doesn’t pay, Murray keeping his mind on the job, fiddling with the lock and thought to himself for what the owners had paid for the oak door you’d think they would have had proper locks fitted, they were inside in less than ten seconds

    50. Fifteen minutes later after a bit more fiddling with his probe he called to Mr Hawk and they carried the box out to the vehicle then went back in and began to carry the tool bags with the gear in out to the truck, Mr Hawk called Mr Crow to help load the truck, Mr Hawk and Murray were folding up the blackout curtain when Mr Crow said

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    fiddling footling lilliputian little niggling petty picayune piddling piffling trivial